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mini video, 10 let star ze, posnet ob snemanju rojstnodnevnega komada za ursko, domna ter malisa:)
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DIY drone gimbal using servos
Here i am with all the components to build a servo based gimbal so i decided to try! Connected the MPU6050 to the servo via an arduino, kinda worked, but after a bit of googling noticed that this is quite a popular project:) And that the servo accuracy is not quite up to par. It is useful for camera rotation, but too janky for stabilization. I also found a lovely gimbal with brushless motors built in for a reasonable price so i'll probably use this part and get pleasure from implementing the brains - the controller of the gimbal. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/shock-absorbing-2-axis-brushless-gimbal-kit-for-action-cam.html or this http://www.banggood.com/Light-2-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-With-BGC3_0-Plug-and-Play-Stabilizer-For-GoPro-SJ-Hawkeye-DJI-Cheerson-p-1104837.html?p=MY291110179142014129 I received my drone part from hobbyking (s500 based build) which was about $230 with everything beside the brains which i will build myself. I also want to add telemetry and video myself, with the help of the raspberrypi full hd camera which i hope to stream in realtime over wifi. Going to need a big antenna:)
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Logik - Detune
From the Monkorama compilation http://www.discogs.com/Various-Monk-O-Rama/release/769932. Also featured on Elektrotehnika Slavenika: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Elektrotehnika-Slavenika/release/81514 Added an old VJ session for blinking purposes:)
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Simple wire to wire soldering - Things I'm Working On Episode 1 Bonus Video!
An additional video related to my "interaktivalij" project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McDYHqKQejE) showing the soldering of the skinny wires of the GPS/compass module (https://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_428512.html?lkid=11194827). There is no physical pull on the wires so i didn't bother with the linemans splice, but it's still a nice tehnique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Union_splice Music: Johhny, from my 200x compilation https://logista.bandcamp.com/album/200x
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Chris van der Merwe - Freaky
Freaky - music video
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Vibe department VJjing, Music: Yeenga by Slavko Glamocanin
A VJ session i did for VibeDepartment for their party with DJ Aphrodite. VJjed with naprava (http://www.naprava.net/), started with a few prerecorded clips and realtime camera input of the actual party. The software features FreeFrame video effects and also allows for recording the video output and reusing the recordings in real time. The session was recorded in 2009, the song i made (with Impulse Tracker!) in 1999. Wow:) Put together for fun and to upload something (new:) to my channel.
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npStarter - custom RaspberryPi init system installation
A short video describing npStarter installation on an ordinary raspbian system running on a RaspberryPi. npStarter is a very basic init system for the raspberrypi, created to have full control of an otherwise fully functioning Raspbian Linux system. It replaces the systemd init system with its own setup routines and can also return control back to systemd for a full "normal" system. Requirements: - cmake (apt-get install cmake, I know it's just one file, cmake is a bit of an overkill:) - gcc Repository on GitHub: https://github.com/naprave/RaspberryPi For a quiet kernel boot your /boot/cmdline.txt file should look like: dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 elevator=deadline rootwait quiet logo.nologo The " quiet logo.nologo" keywords are the magic here.
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k4 vj set
A part of a vj set from k4, cant remember the date. Most prominent is the video recorded from "Pisma iz sedanjosti" (http://www.zavod-zank.si/korda/PiS/) and you can also see some live webcam (bad angle/light). Manipulated with naprava (http://www.naprava.net), the first effect is a plugin i made the same day, the grid colorizes depending on the movement of the video.
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Battery powered raspberry pi - Things I'm Working On Episode 1!
Things I'm Working On (TIWO!) is a series i started to motivate myself to post more and i'm sure you'll find something interesting in it, maybe even start a dialogue in the comments. In this video i present a project I'm working on with artist Jaka Železnikar, a doll which plays audio based on the gps location and compass direction of the doll. I connected an Anker power pack (chosen for its thermal and voltage protection;) to a speaker and a raspberrypi, which also has a gps/compass module integrated Jaka Železnikar: http://jaka.org/ and the project way back from 1997: http://www.jaka.org/1997/int/int.htm Gary Vaynerchuk https://www.youtube.com/user/GaryVaynerchuk GPS/Compass module: https://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_428512.html?lkid=11194827
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Spidey walking/strength test
Vertical flower watering spider basic prototype testing, strength of servos and general architecture. A basic thingiverse design (1603), scaled by 1.7x. Servos are now positionally calibrated, now i have to implement a keyframing system on the arduino to program the movements of a leg and all legs together.
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Vintage sounds from my "The very best of Logik" collection. http://www.glamocanin.net/sound/tvbol/
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Robovox prototype initialization sequence
@fact, liverpool
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Video streaming latency test
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OpenGL ES2 test
First toy thingie i made in OpenGL ES2, running on the N9, using Qt as a backend. Looked kinda fun when i made it so i decided to upload it to relax from the fragment shader madness:)
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RaspberryPi h264 encoding glitch
I was trying to setup video streaming from the raspberrypi (as it worked in the old days) and came up with some funky h264 encoding glitches! It kinda looks like a waterfall:) Not sure where exactly the problem is, i use raspivid to capture the encoded stream and pipe it into vlc for serving via http. Added some work in progress sound just to liven it up.
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Digital feedback
naprava with freeframe fx doing some subtle feedback http://www.naprava.net
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Raspisynth Demo
A quick overview of the synths functionality, currently it is set up as a rompler, playing 4 sample tracks for which you can tweak volume (0 - 400%) and speed. It is just a UI test, additions would be holding a button to enter fx editing mode, sample choosing, ... As i've currently got a 2in 2out soundcard in it (usb) i will probably change it into a granulator or something like that. http://www.naprave.net/en/blog/33/raspisynth/
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20090508 vibe aphrodite 05 blob
A part of my VJ set from the Vibe Department party with DJ Aphrodite. After intense tweaking this probably came about from a combination of Pete's ColorGlow and Wave effects... i love how it looks alive. I think there is also some refraction in it (and a hint of metaimage).
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Testing the serial interface from the arduino to the raspberrypi, with a basic saw based synth. Recorded just for fun and semi-nappy hair purposes:) Many tinkerings happened in 2015. http://www.naprave.net/en/blog/
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Destroy old patterns, ReAlign.
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Epilepsy Warning! luma/difference keyer testing gone wrong
http://www.naprava.net developing a nice multilayered keyer, testing pre pre alpha:) Featuring pezzy (http://www.donpezzanno.com). This will evolve into a video (first minute of music for the video is included:).
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Small part of a VJ session http://www.naprava.net
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Yoozina preview oldschool
Video recorded realtime with naprava (http://www.naprava.net/). http://www.glamocanin.net/sound/bits-and-pieces/ Found a preview of an old unfinished song, added some freshly squeezed vj knob tweaking and decided to upload it. Music made sometime around 2005... Please listen in high quality (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDlAnwkWGlY&fmt=18)
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20090508 vibe aphrodite 05 witter
A part of my VJ set from the Vibe Department party with DJ Aphrodite.
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Aliens in my stream
Found an old VJ session recording (2009!) and decided it looked like an alien face:) Added a recording of an in-development synth, perfect.
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When confronted with an elephant momma with kids...
Sit down, shut up:) It's not that obvious in the video, but she gave me the stink eye and started approaching, so i bravely decided to melt into my seat:) Recorded in the serengeti, Tanzania.
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plocnik [timelapse]
A short timelapse, catching the last rays of sun having coffee:)
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Pezz going out of his mind
naprava recording sessions, destroying footage in a VJ kinda way. Making another video for: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4F122B7564B618ED www.donpezzanno.com www.naprave.net www.naprava.net
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My First OpenGl App!
Made around 2001 on windows, move a generated tree with a mouse, also some fake motion bluring:) Recorded in KDE w/ qtrecordmydesktop and using wine. Added a drum track in kdenlive. http://www.glamocanin.net
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Gamedev pfaffing about
So this deadline for finishing a game is approaching fast... what to do?:D
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Blue man group audition entry
Testing my new camera's 4k slow motion and the rendering pipelines GPU effects (kdenlive with the movit library). The GPU based color correction was fun to work with and somehow worked. The rendering was a bit more problematic because i ran out of ram (with 16gb system memory, lol), but on the gfx card it seems, must be a releasing of the resources problem. This was problematic with exporting to h265 (crashes with amdgpu errors??), h264 worked nicely tho. Go figure. On the camera side you can see me manually adjusting the focus in the mid of the video (and checking the lcd), because the "variable frame rate" modes (as they call slow/fast motion) are only manually focused. Just wanted to upload and see it online but i decided to have it public because i haven't posted in a while:)
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Opengl madness
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it's alive!
RaspiSynth development. It's a synth platform, this prototype is based on the basic Raspberry PI A model, using a USB sound card for better audio, connected via serial to an arduino pro mini (supplying it with 3v voltage so no logic converters needed;) which reads the analog values from the knobs and switches.
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20071013-ch0teebeejkb 3
Another recording of my VJ set.
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Spidey workout
Spidey trying to lift herself (we called her Dora:), first full weight, then held to show the actual range of motion.
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Soundsun project
Work in progress, mapping sound to a sphere.
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zvonjenje - ringtone!
Got a new phone, made a quick ringtone for it. The clouds were recorded on a plane from zanzibar to istanbul.
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Pikslo Deep Dive visualization
4 hydrophone recordings we made in the sea around Bergen, Norway on 21.11.2015. - First one is just outside the harbour (00:00), - the second is a boat passing by on the same spot (00:42), - third is in a secluded bay (01:19) and - fourth a point in the open (03:12). Visualized by me with OpenGL in realtime. Thanks to http://www.ultranoise.es/ for lending us the professional hydrophone (which we compared to our DIY ones:)
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A simple software rendering effect. 1998, 24kb .exe file
Learning how to render 3d to 2d without 3d texturing, just plotting a screen centered image where the 3d quad is moving. 24kb of fun:)Fully manual fun:D #trigonometry
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4k smudi [in Slovenian language], test of 4k video workflow and my presentation skills:)
I made a "smoothie" to test my 4k video editing flow. Recorded with a MotoZ in 4k30fps, i used kdenlive v16.12 to edit the clips. The edits were minimal, just stacking and cutting off the edges. I took an afternoon to install gentoo linux on my Z800 workstation (24threads, 48gb ram) after i was disappointed with ubuntu. It worked, not ideally, with software compositing and using just about 6 cores for rendering h264. The GPU acceleration using the Movit library just didn't work, and increasing MLT threaded processing above 4 just cause terrible stutters. I tried VDPAU in vlc, too (nvidia quadro 4000), but the (4k) profile is not supported by VDPAU, so that could reflect poorly on kdenlive performance too, probably. It's been a while since Intels quicksync was supported by ffmpeg, but i don't think it has been integrated in this workflow. Should be a massive encoding win. After this i decided to focus on a video processing project, reading files (probably with ffmpeg-git) and processing directly on the GPU. I wonder how it will handle 4k:) I might even dabble in vulkan, but i noticed it is quite a huge api with great chance of not using it right:) The decoding, transferring to gpu texture and displaying should be a nice performance test for opengl. Also a quick comment on the video quality... it's a phone so it's best to use it for a well lit scene and optimal conditions to get the most out of it. I used the native app which has quite low bitrate, the 100Mbps bitrate is a lot nicer but it eats the storage like crazy:) Maybe for my ssd on a usb2sata adapter project:) I just remembered i could have added a background song (and some titles)... eh, in the next one:)
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Energy Interaction blog video - making of
Shortly describing the first phases of making of an art project - Energy Interaction. http://www.naprave.net/en/blog/44/energy-interaction-making-of/
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235 degrees fisheye lens timelapse test
Great $5 buy, going to try some slow motion footage next
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Video as a texture on a 3d object
One of the first experiments with the naprava platform, video was mapped as a texture on a 3d object. This video shows a huge object with a video texture being rotated. Developed around 2001, this was recorded around 2004. http://www.naprava.net
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Dc geared motor testing
Filip and Maj testing geared dc motors
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Water effect, 1998, 48k .exe file
In my young days i played with data a lot and loved to trash the graphics framebuffer. This is one of the experiments i created. Kinda looks like a waterfall:) Sadly the controls are pretty poor, this is the slowed down version because it looks better. Recorded with dosbox.
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