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I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous Kinetic Typography
This is my first time working on a kinetic typography. As I worked on this I've learned so much! Now that I look back, I wish I could have done more. Fire Loop Animation: kotsios555 Band: Pierce The Veil Song: I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous -NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED-
Просмотров: 431 Xavier Gordon
Quick Unity Scripting Tip - Faster Intellisense Scripting
In this video, I share a little something on how to speed up your scripting using Intellisense.
Просмотров: 69 Xavier Gordon
Black USB Dual Vibration PC Computer Wired Gamepad Game Controller Joystick from eBay
A quick video mainly letting others know this controller I purchased on eBay works on Windows 7. For any other questions, post them in the comments.
Просмотров: 1682 Xavier Gordon
My Right Eye Twitching
This shit creeps me out.
Просмотров: 6608 Xavier Gordon
Aces Wild Gameplay Stage 2 (3)
Crazy footage of this crazy game!
Просмотров: 12 Xavier Gordon
Visual Difference Between Update and Fixed Update in Unity
I made an accidental observation in the differences between Update and Fixed Update.
Просмотров: 596 Xavier Gordon
Chain Hang Low melody (polyrhythm count of 5)
My first video upload! I wanted to make a polyrhythm version of the melody that was used in that, "Chain Hang Low" song. I know that melody was used in some nursery rhyme, but I can't remember the name....
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Eating Chicken Rudely 2
We greedy guys like to eat chicken like this when nobody is looking.
Просмотров: 77 Xavier Gordon
Awesome Reach snapshot
Просмотров: 95 Xavier Gordon
OCD Satisfaction
A door opening and closing along a perfectly marked arc.
Просмотров: 997 Xavier Gordon
Mr. Slick
Sounds kinda jazzy. I had no idea this song would turn out the way it did when I started working on it. Listen and give feedback.
Просмотров: 51 Xavier Gordon
Althea's Wedding Decor Slideshow
Althea Smith has provided dozens of weddings with beautiful decorations. In this slideshow, are only a few samples of the fantastic work she has done over the past years. You may call Ms.Althea at (772) 828-5537 for more information.
Просмотров: 134 Xavier Gordon
Eating Chicken Rudely
How everyone secretly wants to eat chicken and probably does so privately.
Просмотров: 31 Xavier Gordon
Malcolm JR. Looking Out the Window
Просмотров: 6 Xavier Gordon
BlazeBlue RR Gameplay
Просмотров: 6 Xavier Gordon
Eating Chicken Rudely 3
Chicken from a Taiwanese joint
Просмотров: 42 Xavier Gordon
Mixed Feelings
Просмотров: 48 Xavier Gordon
Fresh Out Of The Batter
A warm, sweet, crispy donut I got from Dixie Cream Donuts in Fort Pierce, FL.
Просмотров: 28 Xavier Gordon
Lucky Playing GTA3
Killings of millions of people in Liberty City.
Просмотров: 21 Xavier Gordon
SpeedRunners Gameplay
This was a good game of Speed Runners I had. My Steam name at the time is EksSquared.
Просмотров: 99 Xavier Gordon
Kirito's Sword Made in Blender
Kirito's sword from Sword Art Online. This was made using Blender 2.73a. If requested, I'll make a tutorial video on how I modeled it. I did not make the music. I edited a song which was used in the anime Sword Art Online.
Просмотров: 215 Xavier Gordon
Asphalt 8 Gameplay 3
Просмотров: 2 Xavier Gordon
Sonic Riders Gameplay 1
This game never gets old to me for some reason. Lots of fun drifting through turns and leveling up to get faster boosts. I try to avoid those floor boosts because they slow down Lv2 and Lv3 boosts down to 200.
Просмотров: 2 Xavier Gordon
Some lightly edited footage of a friend doing a couple drifts.
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Puzzle Theory Gameplay
A game I found in the App Store. It's just like Tetris Attack and Pokemon Puzzle League except for different rules. The added rules makes for some interesting and involved gameplay :).
Просмотров: 10 Xavier Gordon
Messing With My Nephew
Просмотров: 10 Xavier Gordon
Lighting Fast Clicking
A friend of mine shows off his lightening fast clicking.
Просмотров: 4 Xavier Gordon
Dead Trigger 2 / USA / Assault
Dead Trigger 2 / USA / Assault https://everyplay.com/videos/20139627 Video recorded with Everyplay. Download Dead Trigger 2 on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id720063540
Просмотров: 3 Xavier Gordon
Dog Wants to Go for a Ride
She understands me when ever I said "let's go for a ride". The little one you saw is her daughter. She ended up throwing up in my backseat.
Просмотров: 6 Xavier Gordon
Aces Wild Gameplay 2
Crazy footage of this crazy game!
Просмотров: 10 Xavier Gordon
Asphalt 8 Gameplay
Просмотров: 1 Xavier Gordon
When I Hear Certain Vocals
The first words I think about when I hear vocals from certain races, heritages, cultures, etc.
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Sonic Heroes Gameplay 2
Such a dynamic game as you have to keep switching teammates and keeping it moving.
Просмотров: 1 Xavier Gordon
Asphalt 8 Gameplay 4
Просмотров: 4 Xavier Gordon
Random Toad and Window Wobble
A cool effect of the iPhone 5's frame rate and its capturing of my window wobbling as I knocked it.
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Maintenance Bubble
Something I thought about this morning while watching an Al Bielek video about his supposed time travels.
Просмотров: 6 Xavier Gordon
Old Fashioned Shooter Gameplay
This is a game I created thanks to Unity Technologies. They have a ton of tutorials and helpful materials on their website that allows anyone to make a game. unity3D.com
Просмотров: 42 Xavier Gordon
Aces Wild Gameplay Stage 2 (2)
Crazy footage of this crazy game!
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Scat Panic
Got the base idea when my sister's cat ran away from my dog Jewlie. With his feet kicking out so frantically behind him I thought of the base rhythm. From there I let my creativity handle the rest.
Просмотров: 9 Xavier Gordon
Master Plan
This is footage I had to edit as a class project. I had a lot of fun doing it! I used Final Cut Pro to edit.
Просмотров: 19 Xavier Gordon
Tonna Train Pull In Animation
This is a project I did in my 3D Animation 2 class. I'm a beginner, so don't be mean.
Просмотров: 41 Xavier Gordon
Last Legacy: Null Space (Gameplay 1)
A game released in 2014. It's an RPG/Adventure/Platformer. An evil entity banished you into a wormhole. You must journey through various worlds trying to find the way back to your own dimension. You can play the game at the developer's website here at: runouw.com.
Просмотров: 12 Xavier Gordon
Why Does My Cat Do This?
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Illustration of Time Diatation
I just thought of this illustration while watching a video on Koi Fresco's YouTube channel. The video is titled "My Kundalini/Out-of-Body Spiritual Awakening"
Просмотров: 30 Xavier Gordon
Strange Cloud Formation
Does anyone know what this is?
Просмотров: 7 Xavier Gordon
Geometry Wars Gameplay 2
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
What's Wrong With My Puppy?
She cleans her self and keeps whining.
Просмотров: 6 Xavier Gordon
Momma Dog Plays with her Pup
I was over here laughing at the noises the mom made. I recorded this before we gave away all her pups.
Просмотров: 4 Xavier Gordon
Roma Showing Me Some Love
She's mostly always in the mood for snuggling.
Просмотров: 5 Xavier Gordon
Sonic Heroes (Gameplay 3)
This game is fun but can I don't think it was tested enough. At one point I try to jump to another rail but thanks to overlooked coding I over shoot it, losing a life and causing an E score.
Просмотров: 1 Xavier Gordon