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WORMWOOD Revelation chapter 8 (KJV)
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christian revival in America- Trump 2017
Our President Donald Trump is bringing christian values back to America. Thank You Mr. President for letting God "make America Great again."
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Bernard C. Webber ( The finest hours)
Dedicated to Bernard C. Webber. Bernie was one of the bravest souls that ever lived. He took his strength and courage from the Lord. Bernard and his crew sang the hymn rock of ages as they braved the roaring sea. Bernie and his brave crew of 3 saved 32 men from the Pendleton on a 36 foot life boat. This all took place February 18, 1952 off of cape cod Massachusetts. R.I.P Bernie. May 9, 1928- January 24, 2009.
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God's child
peace be upon all God's people
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Abortion survivors & Hope
Give Life a chance
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God bless america again
A great song for these times
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The Harts 16th Anniversary
Music by Alan Jackson- remember when
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God's going to cut you down.wmv
Johnny cash song. Find God's love before it's too late
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The Gift of God
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Have faith in God and our Redeemer
The word of God
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American revelation
Our president Donald trump is bringing back religious freedoms. God bless America again.
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Our king for Eternity
song it is well by crossroads. stay strong brothers and sisters.
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In the Beginning
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cane and able_0001.wmv
The first murder of the bible. God gives each of us our own gift. It is up to us to except it with love for God, others, and you'r self.
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God's Army
Never give up my brothers and sisters. The reward is eternal.
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America is Babylon The Great
It is time to wake up America!
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