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Are you in pain while driving your car?
Talks about how the position or height of your car seat could be causing you grief.
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Tension Headaches
Discusses the symptoms of tension headaches and treatment options.
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What is the best kind of mattress?
Quickly answer a commonly asked question: What kind of mattress do you recommend?
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The Fix Walk-in Chiropractic care of paducah KY
If you or someone you know has been experiencing, Neck, Mid-Back or your Lower Back pain, then you need to call me at (270) 450-0848 or visit, http://lovethefix.com
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What is a chiropractor? What do they do?
Simple description of a chiropractor and what they do.
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What is Sciatica? How can it be treated?
Description of Sciatica and steps you should take if you have it.
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What is the popping noise when you get adjusted?
Discusses the noise you hear when you are adjusted by a chiropractor.
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Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you sure?
Talks about carpal tunnel syndrome other conditions that have similar symptoms. Actions you can take to seek treatment.
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Welcome to The Fix, Chiropractic Solutions
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Are Shape-Ups any good?
I give my opinion an Shape-Ups and other products. I get asked these kind of questions a lot, and here is my typical answer.
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No Appointment Policy
Dr. Shanks talks about the appointment policy at The Fix, Chiropractic Solutions
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The Chiropractic Fix
Welcome to The Fix Chiropractic Solutions. I'm Dr. Calvin Shanks, and I use two unique approaches to chiropractic care to help start you on your path to pain relief. http://www.lovethefix.com
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Should you stretch before or after exercise?
Discusses the proper time to stretch.
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