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How to stand out in your case study interview
During a case interview, you'll be asked to demonstrate your problem-solving skills, analytical ability, and strategic and logical thinking. Use this tips to help you prepare.
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2017 Global Human Capital Trends: Rewriting the rules | Deloitte Insights
Organizations face a radically shifting context for the workforce, the workplace, and the world of work. Our survey of more than 10,000 business and HR leaders from 140 countries reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organize, manage, develop, and align people at work. For information, visit http://dupress.deloitte.com/dup-us-en/focus/human-capital-trends.html?id=us:2sm:3yt:dup3575:eng:cons:030217:hc17
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Deloitte University – The Leadership Center
Watch this new video about Deloitte University, our Leadership Center, located in Westlake, Texas. What makes #DeloitteU special? It’s Deloitte’s central destination for delivering leading-edge learning and leadership development at critical moments in the careers of Deloitte’s people. One of the few ways to experience #DeloitteU is by working here, so check out career opportunities at www.careers.deloitte.com. Click here for a peek at some fun facts about #DeloitteU: https://duapps.deloitte.com/BusinessMetricsDashboard/BusinessMetrics/
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How to write a resume: Tips from Deloitte
Learn how to create a resume that stands out. http://www.deloitte.com/careers A Deloitte professional shares three basic steps to help students create a resume that best shares their experiences, education, and accomplishments.
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Why Deloitte is the best place to launch a career
BusinessWeek ranked Deloitte #1 on its 2009 list of Best Places to Launch a Career. Watch to see why our people agree. Learn more about careers at Deloitte: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/careers/topics/careers.html
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Preparing for your interview
From preparation to follow-up, we offer tips to ensure a strong interview.
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The future of mobility: Ben's Journey | Deloitte Insights
Frictionless, automated, personalized travel on demand—that’s the dream of the future of mobility. And the extended auto ecosystem's various elements are coalescing to realize that dream sooner than expected, which means that incumbents and disruptors need to move at top speed to get on board. To learn more, visit: http://bit.ly/2fkFM1q
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The Robots are Here!
Deloitte Process Robotics is a business solution that can be quickly implemented to automate transactional, repetitive, and manual processes and enable an organization’s workforce to focus on mission and value-add work.​ Learn more: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/public-sector/solutions/federal-government-process-robotics.html
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Deloitte Digital Bank – Customer Onboarding
Deloitte’s Digital Bank accelerator harnesses the latest technology to reimagine the customer onboarding and account creation processes for financial institutions. The creation of a truly smart customer identity allows for a revolutionary onboarding process that is fast, cheap, and scalable.
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Telecommunications Industry Outlook 2018
Deloitte’s 2018 Telecommunications industry outlook provides insight on how key trends will impact the Telecom industry this year. http://bit.ly/1Rv24xE
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A Glimpse Into Deloitte Tax
So you think that working in the Tax practice at one of the big firms is all the same? Think again. At Deloitte, we are all about making an impact that matters.
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Industry 4.0: Exploring the world of connected enterprises | Deloitte Insights
The marriage of advanced manufacturing techniques with information technology, data, and analytics is driving another industrial revolution—one that invites manufacturing leaders to combine information technology and operations technology to create value in new and different ways. To learn more, visit: http://deloi.tt/1TK9oRR
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A Glimpse Into Deloitte Audit
If you’re looking to be challenged from day one. To be in an environment where your opinion matters. To have the flexibility and support to chart your own career path. To be on the front lines of transformational change. Watch this video to learn why Deloitte Audit is a great place to work.
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Welcome to Deloitte
This is a story about you, your voice and knowing it will be heard. What impact will you make?
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The Captain
Is a leader born or made? As the youngest member of Team USA’s men’s rugby 7s squad, Madison Hughes has a unique vantage point on this question. With the United States preparing to defend its rugby title in Rio, Madison discusses his rapid rise to elite competition, the indispensable role of mentoring, and how he and his teammates are set to make a major splash in Rio.
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Deloitte Intelligent Automation
Cognitive computing brings together a host of emerging capabilities to emulate and augment the strength of the human brain.
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Standing out in your interview
It’s natural to feel a little case of the nerves as you prepare for an interview. However, one of the keys to overcoming nervous energy you may feel is preparation. These tips will help.
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Click with your team! Business chemistry mashup.
And now it’s time for an entertainment break! What happens when teams learn to click, not clash? The four working styles bring their unique strengths together to create a powerful team dynamic. Want to learn more about the four types and how they mix it up? Watch our music video of Business Chemistry in action! Buy the new book, Business Chemistry: Practical Magic for Crafting Powerful Work Relationships. https://www.amazon.com/Business-Chemistry-Practical-Crafting-Relationships/dp/1119501563
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The restaurant of the future
For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical. And the next generation customer is already here. What can restaurants bring to the table to appeal to this ever-evolving tech-savvy customer? Learn more about Deloitte’s recent survey of restaurant customers and executives: http://bit.ly/2fwjWvp.
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Deloitte Cognitive Automation Life Sciences
Deloitte Cognitive Automation healthcare.
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Achieving Harmony in Business
Business Chemistry is a system expressly designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable business behaviors. It draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of personality. Everyone is a combination of all four patterns, but most people strongly associate with one or two patterns that characterize their business behaviors. For more information about Business Chemistry, please contact Deloitte's Chief Chemist at chiefchemist@deloitte.com.
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Human Capital Trends 2016 | The new organization: Different by design | Deloitte Insights
The work landscape is changing for both HR functions and the organizations they serve. Explore 10 Human Capital Trends to watch in 2016: http://deloi.tt/1QgiqpZ
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What we do
What do we do at Deloitte? We do what counts. Learn more about how the professionals of Deloitte make an impact for our clients, for our people, for our communities, and for the world.
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Crisis management wargaming
​War gaming helps leaders recognize threats, manage uncertainty, identify vulnerabilities, and rehearse for a successful recovery should crisis strike.​ Learn more from Deloitte Advisory and Strategic Risk: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/risk/topics/crisis-management.html?icid=nav2_crisis-management
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Tech Trends 2017: The kinetic enterprise | Deloitte Insights
CIOs who can harness the latest trends in IT will be better positioned to shape their company's future. Subscribe for Deloitte Tech Trends 2017: http://deloi.tt/2hEWVH2 Technology has moved far beyond desktop devices and software upgrades: to data analysis, augmented reality, and reimagining products as services. And while the range of recent advances—from nanotech to robotic process automation—can seem overwhelming, Deloitte is here to help you understand and capitlize on these current technology trends.
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A walk through the candidate journey at Deloitte
Interested in a career at Deloitte? Here's what you can expect during the recruiting process.
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Digital HR: Technology for HR teams | Global Human Capital Trends 2016
Digital technologies could allow HR leaders to revolutionize the employee experience through new digital platforms, apps, and ways of delivering HR services. To learn more about this trend, visit: http://bit.ly/1q254oW
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Tech Trends 2017: Mixed reality: AR, VR, and IoT collide
Nelson Kunkel, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, describes how VR/AR is changing how we interact with technology, objects, and even each other. Explore this trend: http://deloi.tt/2l5qoIF
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Hotel of the future
Technology innovations, changing customer demands, and new competitive threats are pushing hotels to offer increasingly personal, uniquely tailored experiences for every guest on every visit.​ For more information, visit https://www2.deloitte.com/us/hotelofthefuture.html
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Navigating the future of work | Deloitte Insights
The future of work holds myriad possibilities for change. In order to adapt, we need to zoom out and understand the interconnections among evolving technology, demographics, and power dynamics. Are you prepared?
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Data and Analytics Matter
Deloitte's analytics and information management offering. For more information, visit http://www2.deloitte.com/us/information-management-services.html
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Oil and Gas Digital Transformation | Deloitte
The oil & gas industry has a rich history of developing innovative technology. Today, we are in an era of digital disruption. Deloitte helps clients embrace this disruption through digital transformation. Digital transformation creates change down to the core of the organization affecting behavior, operations, and ultimately performance helping companies realize a major dollar impact. Learn more about the oil & gas digital transformation here: http://digital-oil-and-gas.deloitte.com/
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Automotive trends and Millennials | Deloitte Insights
Studies show millennials are a large and powerful consumer segment more willing than prior generations to forego vehicle ownership. http://deloi.tt/1DaFRZn Automobile manufacturers should be aware of the opportunities and challenges ahead as millennials begin to decide whether or not to own a vehicle.
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The millennial majority is transforming your culture
As millennials become the majority in today’s workplaces, how are their needs, values, and ideas transforming culture? A recent report from the Deloitte Leadership Center for Inclusion and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative explores how millennials are redefining the way we think about getting work done. Learn more at www2.deloitte.com/us/millennial-majority.
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How to make a great impression in your video interview
Video interviewing is becoming more and more common. These tips will help you succeed.
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Blockchain explained
Have you been hearing the word blockchain everywhere but don’t really know what it is or how it works? Check out Deloitte’s two minute explanation on how blockchain technology works and why everyone is talking about it.
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Supply Chain Analytics Solutions
Analytics is emerging as the linchpin of the demand-driven supply chain. http://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/deloitte-analytics/solutions/analytics-answers-supply-chain.html​ How could your supply chain improve today? To make smarter decisions, start with the consumer. A demand-driven supply chain is led by consumer insights at every twist and turn. That’s where analytics comes in. In this short video, trace the path of analytics backward through the supply chain, starting with the consumer. If you’re trying to figure out what role analytics should play in your supply chain, this is a great start. #AnalyticsAnswers
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The future of business
John Hagel and John Seely Brown discuss the impact and opportunities of the future of the business landscape.
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The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience – Behind the Breakthrough
Watch the “Behind the Breakthrough” video to see how the Manifesto principles come to life in the lab environment. Learn more at http://www.deloitte.com/us/manifesto
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Four Types of Deloitte’s Business Chemistry: Queen Victoria the Guardian
Expressly designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The 4 Business Chemistry types are: Pioneer: Pioneers like variety, possibilities and generating new ideas; Driver: Drivers like logic, systems and laser focus on goals; Guardian: Guardians like concrete details and stability; they respect what is tried and true; and Integrator: Integrators like personal connection and seeing how the pieces fit together. Read more about how to put Business Chemistry into action at http://deloi.tt/1KHXhUw.
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US Para Equestrian Dressage — The healing power of competition
Often compared with sports such as ballet and gymnastics, Para-Equestrian Dressage offers athletes an outlet to train in grace and beauty as well as technical skill. Many athletes with physical disabilities enter the sport after discovering a love of horses through equine therapy. Deloitte is proud to be the presenting sponsor of both the US Para-Equestrian Dressage Team and the US Para-Equestrian Dressage National Championships.
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The Argonauts
It’s the rare individual who seizes on a dream as a 13-year-old and ends up having the talent, vision, and perseverance to pursue it with a dogged determination. For more than a decade, Laura Graves has had a singular focus: striving to be the best in the world. Go inside her world and learn how she became among the top athletes in her sport—and the special relationship that has fueled her ascent.
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Deloitte Digital Customer Experience
The maturing landscape of digital services has opened a new world of customer experience opportunities. Learn how Deloitte Digital can help your agency bring the "custom" to customer service.
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People analytics in HR: Gaining speed | Global Human Capital Trends 2016
With the growing adoption of people analytics, HR now has the chance to demonstrate ROI on its analytics efforts. To learn more about this trend, visit: http://bit.ly/1MlWbjX
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Amplify Your future at Deloitte
We asked our summer interns to describe what being an intern at Deloitte is really like. Watch this new video to find out what they had to share and how you can amplify your future at Deloitte. #AmplifyYourFuture
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What impact will you make? (Federal practice)
What can you expect from a career if you join Deloitte's Federal Practice? Watch to find out what our practitioners shared about their careers at Deloitte's Federal Practice so far. #ImpactThatMatters
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What can Deloitte FAS do for you? Helping clients have the confidence to move ahead.
See how Deloitte FAS helps clients turn critical and complex issues – such as a transaction, controversy or crisis – into opportunities for growth, resilience and long-term advantage. Learn more at http://www.deloitte.com/us/fas.
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Next Generation Workplace Evolution
A look at how Deloitte has designed its workplace to strengthen its culture, brand, connections, and business value. See also: http://spr.ly/6053W6U7 or visit http://spr.ly/6054W6UC
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Insuring the future of mobility: Insurance and transportation ecosystem | Deloitte Insights
If people stop driving, what will auto insurers, well, insure? The rise of ridesharing and autonomous cars—as part of the new mobility ecosystem—means that the insurance industry should reconsider its time-honored business model. While some revenue streams will likely dry up, new ones will begin flowing. To learn more, visit: http://bit.ly/291pIyU
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Four Types of Deloitte’s Business Chemistry: Teddy Roosevelt the Driver
Expressly designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The 4 Business Chemistry types are: Pioneer: Pioneers like variety, possibilities and generating new ideas; Driver: Drivers like logic, systems and laser focus on goals; Guardian: Guardians like concrete details and stability; they respect what is tried and true; and Integrator: Integrators like personal connection and seeing how the pieces fit together. Read more about how to put Business Chemistry into action at http://deloi.tt/1KI1tn8.
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