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The Seduction of America
The Seduction of America Part One
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My take on the Arizona Illegal Alien Law and the problem in general. The people who think they should be her have never lived in a neighborhood where they live and had to see the destruction they cause to landlords and the amount of tenant fraud that happens here is amazing. It is only legal for 2 adults and one child under 12 months old to live in a one bedroom apartment. Once the child is over 12 months you are exceeding the legal occupancy limit. It is common for illegals to live with 14 to twenty adults in a one bedroom apartment. Think about this, the majority don't pay income taxes but want to live off of government programs provided by our income taxes. (A.H.C.C.S., Food Stamps/ E.B.T. Cards, A.F.D.C., etc.) and for those of you who know an illegal who is paying income tax, that requires a social security number and a name for the person whose social security number that is. That means they are committing identity theft if they are paying taxes.
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I am sick of the crap we have to deal with in Arizona, including our congressmen in D.C. and am tired of listening to all of the two party rhetoric. They need to actually do something or go find a real job.
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Seduction of America Part 4
I am doing this to debunk some mistaken beliefs about the Federal Reserve. Almost the only thing I agree with Ron Paul about is that we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve Banking System. You can read where I got my information about the Fed from at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_System The Federal Reserve Keeps the poor poor and themselves rich through interest manipulation. March 2, 2012 11:45 AM
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The Real Debate
What the Republican candidates sound like to me when they debate. - created at http://goanimate.com/
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Religion Gives You Ethics
Christian people think that they have a moral high ground that doesn't exist and the myth that our country's founding fathers were Christians is nonsense. I support that conclusion. I agree with what Penn Gillette and other public spoken atheists say about Christianity. Once it became a business it became perverted. In Ancient times we went to the village wise man for answers. When he figured out he could live off of giving answers, he kept making things up that were so unbelievable that some thought, "Well, he couldn't just make that up and expect us to believe that." There was no science or nature in his stories. Later, those stories that were myths became religion and being the wise man became a business. Those who are too ignorant to believe in their own sense of morality turn to religion, which helps them feel right about being wrong. When they do something wrong, it was the devils fault and if they do something right, it is an act of God.
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The Seduction of America - Part Two
This gives some information on the adoption of the use of the "Southern Strategy" used by the Republican party to enlist votes through fear of "federal intervention" and racism. Read the whole article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy
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Trolls and Haters
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Conservative Thinking
I recorded this as a response to the video entitled "The Way Conservatives Think". I have always maintained that they didn't think much or very rationally and a new study shows that theirs is basically LAZY thinking. I believe most of them are taught not to think by their religious and authoritarian leaders. IF you think that will be all you will need to do ever, then, you never develop critical thinking.
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Seduction of America Part 3
This is in reply to a recent video of Mitt Romney once again caught lying on his campaign trail. There is a link below that you can use to go to YouTube and watch the video. You can see the video of Romney speaking out against the president at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6zowlnMqF0 and this video is my response that shows how much Romney lies, every time his mouth moves. My quote from the U.S. Department of labor can be found at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm and the quote from factcheck.org can be found at http://www.factcheck.org/2008/10/who-caused-the-economic-crisis/ ask for anything else you would like to know as far as links go and PLEASE COMMENT on what you think.
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