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Rare Blizzard Caught On Tape On Taxi Simulator Roblox!
For people, saying what blizzard looks like in Taxi Simulator Roblox. Please like and subscribe!
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Roblox Field of Battle- My New Axe!
I got the new axe worth 100,000 gold. :D
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Roblox Twitch Challenge Week 3
Thank you for watching this and enjoy.Thumps up for more challenge videos from Roblox. To finish the challenge you must score 2 goals in 15 minutes and if finished, go to Roblox and finish the survey and wait for Friday to get it.
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I Completed The Super Blocky Ball Twitch Challenge In Roblox Yay!
I won 2 times, first I won first and second I won third, to make sure I finished the challenge see the whole video, thank you Roblox for seeing this video and thumbs up guys!
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Pokemon Roulette (Part 1) Looking for a legend
Thank you for watching this video and hoped you enjoyed the part 1 series of Project Pokemon! Please thumbs up and subscribe for more following videos! My username is builderclub299 and the pokemon's I have for trade are Registeel, Dragonite, Absol, Garchomp, Meganium (shiny), and Regirock so if you are trading with me let me know in the comments bellow.
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5 Subsribers Giveaway On Roblox Brick Bronze!
Rules 1.Subscribe to me. 2.Follow me on Roblox, my username is buildeclub299. 3.Say ready on the chat box and don't forget to put your username! You are now done, note that this giveaway will end in December 17, 2016. My next giveaway is the 10 subscriber achievement, and like my video for more videos! PEACE!
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Found Viridian in Roblox Quarry!
Thank you for watching!
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Giratina Caught On Project Pokemon Roblox!
Please like and subscribe for more videos and giveaways!
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Palkia Caught On Project Pokemon On Roblox!
Please like this video and subscribe for more videos of me catching rare pokemons on Project Pokemon on Roblox! Good luck to you guys getting Palkia too!
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Hidden Temple Twitch Challenge #2
In this game you should be in medium or easy with another player or more than a player who survived and you must survive too. Like and subscribe this video for more Twitch challenges. I don't know the link to the survey. But go to Roblox, click messages, click news, click Hidden Temple Challenge #2 and that is it. Make sure you recorded and no editing on it and put your username correctly and your video link. Remember to like and subscribe to me!
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Hide And Seek Extreme Twitch Challenge #1
You need to find 4 hiders in one round, no editing and record it to Youtube and finish the survey, I don't know the link but go to Roblox, then click messages, click Twitch challenge #1, and put URL of your video and that is it, make sure your username is right. Thumbs up for more videos of Twitch challenges. You need to finish the challenge till' November 14, 2016. Good luck.
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