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The Best of Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girls Club 2)
I love Tanisha Thomas so much. Here's some of her funniest bits.
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Kids || Brian & Justin
A celebration of their love and AMAZING friendship. Comments always appreciated...hope you enjoy it!
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I Love The Way You Lie || Brian & Justin
I finally finished it! Hope you like it. :3
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I Got You (Chuck & Blair)
Blake Lewis - I Got U
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Naomi & Emily (Fake Film Trailer)
A fake trailer for the fictional film *Naomi & Emily*. The story follows two teenage girls over two summers as they come to terms with their growing romantic emotions for each other and the obstacles that come along with it.
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The Best of Blair Waldorf
DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DUVPSPBO A compilation of Blair Waldorf's funniest quotes & moments. All clips are from Gossip Girl.
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Chuck & Blair - "Love Story"
*Honorable mention in bumcrackmosh's Gossip Girl - CB COMPETITION* Dedicated to the best love story on TV! "Love Story" by Taylor Swift
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My Medicine || Evie Zamora (Thirteen)
WATCH IN HD. Evie Zamora from the film THIRTEEN...such an interesting character. Music by the Pretty Reckless. Comments always appreciated :)
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The One || Katie & Cook
The lyrics express what this cuteness could have been :) Music by Meg & Dia
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Thirteen Trailer (Skins Version)*
A fake, re-cut trailer for the film Thirteen done with Skins clips. Emily as Tracy, Effy as Evie, Mrs. Kitch as Mel, Mr. Fitch as the boyfriend...you get the idea :) Hope you like it. Comments always appreciated!
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Daylight Daze || ItsKinglseyBitch
I died laughing when I first saw this. Check our ItsKinglseyBitch on YouTube! This is one of his videos that got deleted.
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Save Me || Skins Generation 2
I miss this cast so much. Comments always welcome! Hope you like it :)
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It Gets Better || Emily Fitch
I love the song so much and I felt that Emily deserved a video tribute.
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"If We Were" - Chuck & Blair
"If We Were" by Belinda I finally finished it! Enjoy :)
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Bleeding Love - Cook & Naomi
This is what I wish would happen in Skins series 4. They're my Generation Two OTP. Contains clips from season 4. Enjoy! :)
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Desire || Mini & Franky (Minky)
I wanted to make something a bit dark and sensual, because that tone really suits them. I love them and I hope you enjoy this! I'm also currently working on my Skins "Ugly" video so keep a lookout for that.
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Like a Bird || Emily Fitch
I love that Skins addressed the serious issue of homophobia through Emily. This video is dedicated to her and anyone struggling to feel accepted. music by jade valerie
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Indestructible || Skins
enjoy. comments always appreciated :)
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Love the Way You Lie || Brian & Justin [PREVEW]
(First off, this is a temporary coloring to see how it would look, and I'm not sure how I like it. I'll probably switch to something brighter and less choppy. ) This is a preview of a Brian & Justin video I've been working on for the song "Love the Way You Lie", I really think the song highlights the darker elements of their relationship, and I love you like it! Comments are always welcome and appreciated. I think I'm going to finish this one. I really like working on it.
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this place about to...(Blow) || Queer as Folk
watch in HD. comments always appreciated. enjoy!
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Fierce Women on Skins
It's no secret that I love SKINS, and it doesn't hurt that the girls on the show are so damn fierce and strong. I hate the sexist way women are portrayed in certain older films/TV and even today; the sassy and whip-smart Skins women are some of my favorite female characters. Music by Amanda Blank
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Too Happy || A Short Film by Julia Rubin (me)
I made this short film in Melbourne, Australia for a study abroad filmmaking program. The music is royalty free and the actors are friends of mine from the program :) Most shots were done either on Chapel Street or in downtown Melbourne, which is famous for the street graffiti featured in the film. The carnival scenes were shot at Luna Park in St. Kilda, a beach suburb of Melbourne. The film is multi-layered and slightly abstract but focused on the aftermath of an unexpected break-up. Many shots are hand-held; this was the first film I wrote, directed, edited and shot by myself., Comments always appreciated. I hope whoever watches this enjoys it!
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Anaïs Lameche *Professional & Personal*
This video is dedicated to the beautiful Anaïs Lameche, Swedish model and former singer of the pop group Play. It contains personal & professional pictures. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC OR IMAGES! THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
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Superstar || Brian Kinney
A Brian Kinney vidlet for my tumblr followers & fellow Queer as Folk fans :) swissbeauty.tumblr.com. Comments welcome...enjoy!
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Gossip Girl Opening - Skins Style (Season One)
I plan to do a bunch of these. This is sort of a rough draft. Comments always appreciated :)
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Chuck & Blair - Love is Waiting
A bittersweet little film. Sony Vegas 8 Pro "Love is Waiting" - Brooke Fraser
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Made For You || Rich & Grace
I'll fallen in love with them already. Comments always appreciated.
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Rosie Munter "The First Time"
Rosie Munter's song "The First Time" off of her Myspace. It's absolutely beautiful I just had to make a little video for it. All credit (song & images) goes to www.myspace.com/rosannamunter Made with Vegas Pro 8
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Chuck&Blair  - Wherever You Go
Simple, sweet and short. No flashy effects. Tribute to the mid-season finale for our favorite Gossip Girl couple, when Blair tells Chuck she loves him. Monica & 112's version of "I'll Be Right Here Waiting For You"
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The BEST of Chuck & Blair
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Gossip Girl Opening (Skins Style)
An intro to Gossip Girl done in the style of the amazing show Skins. Not as amazing as the Skins opening, but I tried to mimic it. :) Comments are always appreciated!
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Sweet Prince || Freddie & Cook (The Untold Story)
Inspired by dazzleme7's Brian/Justin version :) and this flawless gif: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcyjcsGam81qbnnslo1_r1_500.gif. I really think Skins wasted the greatest potential for a couple on their show. This is their untold story. Hope you enjoy it! Comments welcome.
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The Virgin Suicides Trailer (Skins Version)
A fake trailer for The Virgin Suicides, inspired by the original trailer and Skins. I tried this before with Gossip Girl. Here's the Skins version :)
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Katie Fitch - Blow Ya Mind
She's Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you? Made with Sony Vegas 8 Song by Eve & Gwen Stefani
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Starry Eyed || Skins Generation Two
Dedicated to the second generation of Skins.
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Falling || Freddie/Cook
Comments always appreciated
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Outrageous - Chuck & Blair
*2nd Place in Siriusblackbabe's Britney Spears Contest* I had so many technical difficulties trying to salvage this video, which would have been longer if not for my editing program. The beginning is lower quality than the rest, but I'm so glad it all came together in the end! This video was created for the C/B Britney Spears Contest. Comments are very appreciated! Sorry it's so short!
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Sober - Effy Stonem
Wow, it's been a LONG TIME since I've finished a video. Comments are always appreciated. Enjoy! :) "Sober" by Pink
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Skins Opening [Mixed Generations]
All all-purpose opening for Skins ;)
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Cook & Naomi || The Untold Story (AU)
I've always wished the writers would have given them a chance, because if not for Effy, I think Cook and Naomi should have ended up together. This is the story of that chance :) The chemistry between them is undeniable, and Naomi would have probably been intimidated at first by their intensity, but in the end they'd come back to each other because they understand one another like no one else can.
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Only Took a Minute (**Blair & Chuck**)
My second tribute to the hottest should-be couple on TV: Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. **Music by Mandy Moore** Enjoy!
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Behind the Bejeweled Mask (Blair Waldorf)
Blair Waldorf may be gorgeous, popular and confident, but inside she's scared, insecure and struggling. Her Glamorous lifestyle is ripped to shreds behind the scenes of her seemingly perfect life. The storm blows away if only for a second when she lets go with her best friends...
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Hologram || Cook & Effy
Music: Hologram by Katie Herzig
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Blair Waldorf - Knock U Out
I immediately thought of Blair when I first heard this crazy song from Tila Tequila. No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy!
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Glittering Clouds - Chuck & Blair
FULL version of "Glittering Cloud". Song by Imogen Heap. Hope you like it! Comments are always appreciated :D
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Explode - Chuck & Blair
"Explode" - Uh Huh Her I had a lot of fun making this video. I hope you like it. :)
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Gossip Girl Opening - Skins Style (Season Two)
The "season two" version of my Gossip Girl Skins Style opening. This opening music is from Skins' 4th series. Comments always appreciated, and I hope you enjoy it!
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Serena/Chuck - I Call It Love (Preview)
I'm in love with these two. Their chemistry is amazing. This is just a preview. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Music by Anastacia
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The Deadly Roses (a Fake Gossip Girl trailer)
**READ HERE FIRST** Overall, I like the way this came out. I wanted to capture the emotional intensity of the characters and manipulate the clips to give them an edgier, darker quality. All clips are from Gossip Girl and the THIRTEEN film trailer. Music by Emilie Simon.
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