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Trustee Steve Rocco Main Video
Orange Unified School District Trustee, Steve Rocco, disrupts school board meetings, abuses other Board members, and is confronted by an angry resident.
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Steve Rocco and Drug Forum
Steve Rocco uses--or abuses--a school forum held on 9/25/2007 on a proposed drug testing program to rant about attempts on his life and other conspiracies against him. The district, he insists, cannot be entrusted with confidential information. However, he then discloses such confidential information about a former, now deceased, employee, whose name was edited from this clip.
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Can't Bring a Gun
Rocco says he needs protection from other Trustees, but "can't bring a gun and doesn't want to."
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Who is Steve Rocco?
Trustee Steve Rocco's arrest for stealing sausages and Kodak film from Albertsons in 1980; his self-published book about the Partnership, cable access TV show, and previous failed attempts to get elected to public office.
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Steve Rocco at City of Orange Council
Rocco complains to the City of Orange Council about the Partnership, and is cut off by the Mayor.
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Angry Citizens Confront Rocco
Angry district residents confront Trustee Steve Rocco.
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Rocco and Confidentiality
Rocco on his right to privacy.
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Rocco and Katie Couric
Rocco tells school board that Katie Couric left a note at his door and wanted to interview him, but he turned her down because he wanted to give "democracy a chance."
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Angry Residents Respond to Rocco
Residents of Orange express their anger at Mr. Rocco, for his antics, and disruptive behavior.
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Why did School Board Trustee Steve Rocco Win?
How did quirky school board trustee Steve Rocco win?
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The Role of the Press
Martin Wisckol, political writer for the Orange County Register, explains why the press Register (or the Times)didn't alert the community about Rocco during the 2004 election. He provides some interesting insights about how the press covers politics, especially the constraints they face, and how they decide which races to focus on, and what reporters will do differently in future elections.
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Rocco's Father's Death
Rocco tells the Orange School Board that his father was murdered by the Partnership.
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The Partnership
In his first speech as a Trustee, Rocco gives a rambling, incoherent speech, some of it in Italian, about the Partnership.
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The Recall
A small group of volunteers are trying to recall Steve Rocco. What citizens can do to help.
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Vetting Candidates
Whose job is it to make sure Candidate ballot descriptions are accurate. We asked the Registrar of Voters.
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