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African Wars Take 1
African civil war messing around in Arma 3 zuse.
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Deus Ex  Human Revolution LASER RIFLE COMBAT!
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Racist video against black people (my nigga)
LGBT -Liberty, Guns, Beer, Trump! Song name my nigga
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Psycho laugh
When I laughed like this, I was like WTF? Plz Sorry. I This was a long time Ago. I've changed! I promise!
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ISIS texting and driving PSA
ALLAH AKBAR! I kept seeing this annoying ad and figured i'd do this to it.
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RRE :  Audio Visualizer
Link to game : https://www.roblox.com/games/187659887/Audio-Visualizer
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Getting shot in a Helicopter
I get turned to Swiss cheese after seeing the enemy.
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Rest in Peace my Dude.
I stole this video. To the Original creator's dead childhood.
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Typical Metal Fan
I stole this video.
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Why I quit Roblox
I would personally call Roblox a "Professional Developer Oligarchy". Roblox has made it difficult causal user's games. If roblox made it easy to access causal user's game's, then it would undermine the professional developers and parties. I learned I valued old Roblox of the fact it was community based and everyone's creations were there. The Roblox engine provided enough so anyone could throw anything together and allowed it to be technical for people to do things like scripting. We need something like this. I hope we come together one day and fill this void.
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