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RIP Phil Hartman from a 94 interview. Newsradio & SNL TV series
Actor & Comedian Phil Hartman interviewed in 1994. Publicity for his role in the movie Greedy. Phil Hartman was just a terrific Actor and Comedian. He was a member of the LA Improv group: The Groundlings.. A long running cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL) Phil was on four seasons on NBC's Newsradio, which was loved by the critics and the fans. Unfortunately, NBC never gave it a proper time slot. The day and times Newsradio was on each week varied. This didn't allow it to get a more than a cult following.
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Entire FDA/HHS (REMS) Opioid Steering Committee   --Recorded 8:30am-4:30pm EST 1/30/18 #ShareOurPain
Entire LIVE FDA/HHS (REMS) Risk Mitigation Hearings --Live-- From 8:30am-4:30pm Eastern 1/30/18 Please use Hashtag #ShareOurPain on Twitter or join the Live Youtube chat
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🔵 Watch this Bull becomes a docile pet
🔵 After being saved from the cruel 'sport' of Bullfighting and shown kindness & love, this Bull becomes a docile pet. French subtitles converted to English. I burned them to video. I used Google Translate for conversions. Original credit for video to YT Channel: titodude Pet, Pets, Animals, Animal, Bullfighting, Bull, Bulls, Sweet, AFV, Kindnesses, Kind, Caring, Love, Loving, PETA, Animal Cruelty, Docile, France, db, dbn
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Danny Benten's Ramblings Audio starts at 09:11
This is so weird AUDIO STARTS 09:11 Me babbling. I am still sick so sick. I am talking about the new network.
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Kitty...Play ball. Cat on the field. Climbs score board
Cat runs across the field when a few NBA officials try to grab him or her
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Stupid Bad News! Stupid hot weather! Bye bye TV
Stupid bad news. Stupid hot weather. I'm tired of stupid bad news and hot weather! ------ Follow me on: http://twitter.com/dreamr9876 ~~ Done with FREE Android App: http://getfxguru.com/app
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Test 1
Move along. Nothing to see here but a simple test.
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Kitty says what? My guess is: 'oh no no no' What's yours? 😁
Kitty says what? 'Oh no no no no' is my guess. What do you think the kitty sounds like it's saying? Drop it in the comments section below. If you have a Podcast, Live Show, or want to start one easily, please contact me. Or http://twitter.com/dreamr9876 Tell me publicly to check my Direct Messages @dreamr9876 **I suggest​ using Signal: https://sgnl.link/1KpeYmF It's​free and secure. What more could you ask for. Also, it notifies my phone. Twitter doesn't. Last resort e ma il; radioproducer101 at Gmail, but I'd really prefer Signal Instant Messenger.
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Opiates👇 -- Voting - November 8th, 2016 #UploadTheVote
Opioid/Opiate Prescription drugs aren't killing. They are at a 2 year low. Doctors are targets and now the patients are too. Caught up in an unfair and unjust War on Chronic Pain completely unrelated to the deaths from Illict Fentanyl from China that is killing so many!!! I want to be clear that until DJT puts the breaks on this #OpioidCrisis Hysteria that targets #PatientsNotAddicts & Veterans who are killing themselves rather than suffering through the 🔥burning🔥Chronic pain🔥 I will not support him via social media posts, donations or any groups like CPAC in his bid for re-election. --Behind the E-Voting Booth Curtains #UpLoadTheVote Follow me on http://twitter.com/dreamr9876
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🔴 Drew Carey takes a Knee
Drew Carey Takes a Knee. Funniest Videos, Price is Right, Drew Carey
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