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Reborn baby stolen by reborn artist! 😭
Email me at angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com if you are interested in Andy and want more info! Thank you for watching if you like please subscribe and like!
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Reborn disaster and our full body silicone!
This video never uploaded last night and I'm just now figuring this out! I am so sorry! If interested please email me at angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com I love you guys sorry about how late and tired I sound in this video. If u guys want me to redue I will. I was super tired and week so I tried to make this video as fast a I could. Love u all thank you for watching and thank u all for subscribing!!
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Reborn for sale &GREAT DEALS!!! MUST SEE!!!
Reborn is $200.00+shipping, If you are interested please email me. :).Or if you have any questions. For the great deals. Thanks for watching, an God bless each and one of you. ;)
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Crochet handy heating pad!
Crochet heading pad, full of rice! Comes in handy!!!
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Swimming with our reborn!!!
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Both new reborn babies are here! (BOX OPENING)!!!
Thank you for watching!! Pleas subscribe and like and don't be afraid to give me a shout out in the comments below! We love you all stay great!!!! 😘
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Our reborns for sale! Price even lower!
Please subscribe and thank you for watching! Love u guys!
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OVER! Reborn Giveaway/ Reborn for sale!
If you are interested in this awesome deal please email me at, angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com, Thank you for watching and OMG I miss you all SO much!!!! An sorry about the end of this video. Someone called and it stopped my video! So sorry about that, again love you all and missed yoooou!
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Cheap reborn booboo silicone vinyal baby for sale!
angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com shill also come with some diapers a bottle and a blanket. Thank you for watching!
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Very cheap reborn for sale and quick story time!!
I am so sorry this video was all over the place and i was completely tongue tied. I will do another video shortly. I love you guys so much.
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Reborn disaster? Amazing Reborn? We are trying again.
Almost every reborns we have bought we're disasters. We've had some cute ones but we have been burnt so many times. Don't get me wrong the reborns we have been blessed with are not the disaster reborns we are talking about. We are back and we will be making more videos. Love you guys don't forget to press like and comment.
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Beautiful reborn real born for sale! MUST SEE
She will come with A lot of stuff! The pictures and the video does not give her enough justice. Even though you can't see all her details as well she still is amazing. She's is very realistic and her weight is perfect. She has full arms and full legs, so she can wear just about anything. She can wear some big preemie and some small 0-3m, but she fits perfect in newborn clothing. Shill be coming home with a baby shower box opening. We named her Bailey, but you can name her whatever you like. If you are interested in her please comment down below with your email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for watching we love you all. Or you can email me at Angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com Bailey is $350 plus shipping! Only 18 and older can buy this baby. No you can't have her for free! Please no time wasters, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!
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Crochet spider man and Bateman beanies!
My two boys wearing there crochet beanies and his spiderman lap blanket
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Cimberli and her choking scare
Cimberli eating chili fries for the first time. Choking scare
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If your interested in the little silicone girl email me at angelsmagic2014@gmail.com she's $60.00 plus shipping! An Danny has glued hair not painted Idk why I said that lol. Sorry
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via YouTube Capture enter NOW and the giveaway will end July 10th giving everyone a chance to enter. If you win the giveaway and only have a girl reborn then I'll make one girl beanie and two head bands and a baby blanket. If you only have a boy I'll make two boy beanies and one boy baby blanket. If you have a girl and a boy I'll do two beanies a meanie and Mickey Mouse beanie and two girl head bands and a girl and a boy baby blanket! The theme wether you have a girl or boy will be focused on meanie mouse and Mickey Mouse! The blanket will be matching as well. The head bands for little girls will be different. I'll be making them as soon as I know who the winner is, or if I have time I'll make them right now. To enter you have to subscribe, like this video and do a video of what your most grateful for and put the link in the comments below.
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Reborn and newborn give away!
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Tiny silicone babies for sail very cheap!
I have 6 tiny silicone babies and 5 mini silicone babies for sale! Selling together! $100 for all..
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Reborn trade let's trade reborns! Read description
Sophia is painted well and is a beautiful reborn, Brian needs some work but is weight well and is supper cute! This is a Great deal. PLEASE NO UNDER AGE!
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Our new open eye reborn baby!
We miss and love you guys so much! I've been terribly sick and will be making more videos with our beautiful new baby girl hopefully tomorrow since as of now I've been getting better by the day. :)
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Email me if interested in the three reborns that are for sale. Angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com and for those of you that did email me about 1st reborn for sale my inbox deleted ur guys messages email again
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Reborn Isaac detail and our preemie also a add to the GIVEAWAY!!! Thank you
via YouTube Capture thank you for watching please like and subscribe!!!! We love you all enjoy the summer!!!!
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For sale! :( An more, please watch!
Please message me for the price. Thank you... Please comment at the bottom on what you think and please subscribe there will be more videos!
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Sad time for us, reborns for sale!
Thank you all for the d_s. If you are interested in any of my babies or would like to donate please email me at angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com that is also connected to my paypal. If you do donate, i would love to thank you in my next video let ne know if u do not wish to be in my next video. I wanted to show you all our brand new couches but the stole our couch cusions for whatever reason so we had to put our okd couch back in. 😡 I just want my kids things back amd thats all, i cam care less about our stuff. My oldest son and my oldest daughter saved there money to buy what they wanted to because they deserved it. One haf a little over 500 and the other had a little over 200. An those theifs took what my kids worked hard for. Last night i sat with my family to watch a family movie since the only family movie they didnt take was the one in the living room. Idk why either, it is a little beat up with finger prints all over but it was the biggest one!!! Anyway thank ypu all for watching and always supporting us. We love to see your guys comments its our favorite, it makes times like these hopeful. We love you all so much. Plseas hit that like.button and if your new please subscribe and like. Have a great day..
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Miss Libby, Our Reborn FOR SALE!!!
We just love her..
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Two reborns for sale & the giveaway baby, cute!
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Update giveaway video! An new baby! Please watch!!
angelsmagic.2014@gmail.com the silicone vinyal baby is $60+shipping (FIRM) 2nd reborn email for price, and the booboo baby ill take offers. Reasonable offers please don't try & low ball me. Thank you.
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💖Reborn real born, baby FOR SALE!💖
Real born reborn born baby for sale $350plus shipping. If your interested please leave your email address down below and I will pm you as soon as I can. Thank you for watching please subscribe and hit the like button to show some support. Love you all.. Bye bye
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Small haul, feeding my reborn and changing video!
I just want to say thank you for watching my videos and supporting myself and my family. Please subscribe and like and leave me comments. I would love to hear from you. Also for the people that are not use to seeing reborns and our hobbies. I am completely aware this is a doll. If you think I'm crazy or weird you might be right. I have seven real children and your more then welcome to help me watch them. I do this because I enjoy it and I enjoy making who ever else likes these videos and everyone's beautiful reborns, happy. Please come back for the next video and our up coming giveaway. Love you all and have a great year! An remember don't be shy to ask me anything and to leave me a comment. I don't know why, but I get more emails then comments lol.
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Update on giveaway!!!
via YouTube Capture
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Crochet Minnie mouse & hello kitty beanie and more
Crochet hello kitty sweater and matching beanie and so much more great ideas. For reborns too!!!
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My reborns playing and still for SALE!
Sophia is $180.00+shipping. Booboo baby $100.00 shipped Silicone booboo baby $80.00+shipping. Thank u for watching, love u guys!
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Reborn 4 sale! Great deal, must watch!!
If interested email me ay angelmagic.2014@aol.com or leave a comment at the bottom. If you all like this deal please like the video so I know to do more. Sorry about the way I look haven't slept.
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Another giveaway?!
via YouTube Capture
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Silicone baby for sale! SOLD!!
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Late Halloween video with reborn reactions!!
I am so sorry this video is so late. I did contact the winner to the giveaway already but stuck trying to get her age!! So if your reading this please email me back your age so I know your of age to send packages too!! Thank you!!! I truly enjoyed taking our reborns out and I want to do that more often, this time I will be keeping the camera running more. If you liked this video please press like so I know, please subscribe and keep posted for my next first EVER role play video with our reborn!!! Thank you and thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed!!
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Come swim with us! 6 kids and 5 reborn's can you handle it lol the right video sorry
I recorded Saturday and Sunday and ended on Monday so let's see how it goes!! Video with my six kids and three of my sisters kids! So come swim with us!!! I don't know what happened the video was cut short. THIS IS THE RIGHT VIDEO!!! So sorry everyone!!!
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My baby was ATTACKED by a DOG! Stitched up:(
If she was bitten, the Dr said the dog would have bitten her once and that's it. But she was ATTACKED because the dog kept coming back for more. It's a good thing we got her before it got worse!
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Serious talk,my belly&our reborn still 4 sale!
Please watch the end to, giving you all a update on my pregnancy, :( Also showing our 8months belly YEA we made it! An update on our reborn still for sale. Thank u for watching, love u all subscribe:)
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SURPRISE happy mail! OMG MUST SEE!!!
God sent my family and I an angel to make our week and she definitely did! I can't wait for you all to see what she got my family! It was a total surprise!!! Witch is shocking because I'm NOT easy to surprise. I just got out of the E.R and I've been sick and then my son had his reborn stolen from us. He's been moping around the house and he's really sad even though he wasn't here to see what was in the box hill definitely be supper surprised once he comes home to see it! Thank you for watching our videos and I hope you enjoy! If you like this video please like and subscribe! Thank you and at 500 subscribers I'll be doing a giveaway help me reach it!
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Must see our new baby! Please watch!!!!
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Sorry about the sound! Hope u can hear me!!!
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Small haul and our reborn playing!
Thank you for watching please subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed it!!!!!! Love you all so much!
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Beautiful reborn baby for sale!
She is sculpted by Marissa May, she is gorgues and so life like. She weighs in perfect. She has hand rooted mohair and you need to hold her little head up. For more information email me Thank you!
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3rd reborn winner of giveaway 3rd time the charm!
Love all you guys so much. Thank you to all my loyal gambles out there If ur new to the family subscribe! Who will get Danny? :) GIVEAWAY CLOSED NOW!
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If you like watching our videos please subscribe so you all can continue watching our kids grow up. Our kids are your kids. :)
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Details on our new reborn and name reveal. Thank you for watching
Leave me comment and tell me what do you think about my new babies? Please subscribe!
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