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Lavender and Frankincense for dog anxiety
Watch what happens to my high anxiety dog when I use Lavender and Frankincense on him. He calms and even begins to yawn.
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Drink More Water for Pain Relief
Keep yourself well-hydrated to get relief from chronic pain AND be proactive with your wellness
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Deep Blue is Amazing Pain Relief!
Best tip for pain today is get some doTERRA Deep Blue!
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Quit Smoking to lessen chronic PAIN
Did you know that smoking has a direct correlation with pain? Quit smoking and allow your body to heal and feel better!
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Post surgery info on yoga, wellness, pain management, dogs and essential oils
Info on upcoming yoga, travel plans, pain management, dogs, dog rescue and essential oils!
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Drugs are dangerous for our animals, too!
If you have drugs at home, are you mindful of where you are keeping them? Do you keep your drugs safely away from children and pets?
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Back to School September 2017
What kind of natural solutions are there for YOU to take care of yourself and your family's health at this time of year!? Here are some quick and easy items!
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Here's what you do when you don't have Motivation
Which is better... Motivation or Routine? Routine wins every time! Create a movement routine so you get more exercise and stretching in your life!
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Yoga for pain relief
Yoga helps chronic pain and can improve flexibility, strength, balance and more!
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Lower back pain and sciatica stretches
one minute tip for stretching and helping with back and sciatic pain
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Yoga Nidra or Body scan for pain relief
Learn how to focus and relax with body scanning for pain relief
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Gut Health for Pain Management
Are you taking Probiotics? Paying attention to your gut health for pain management?
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Roller Bottle Blending
Why not create your own customized and personal roller bottle!? Design and blend according to your desired results!
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Hip hinge for back safety
Can you hinge at the hip instead of stressing your back when bending down or reaching for something?
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What?  Focus on the pain!?
What happens if you focus on the pain rather than using distraction techniques?
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Non-drug therapies being recommended more often!
Good news! More doctors are recommending these natural alternatives!
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Reduce or Eliminate Sugar for Pain Relief
Includes sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, and many hidden sugars in processed foods!
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Essential Oils 101 Class
How to use the top 10 most popular doTERRA Essential Oils.
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Pain in the Neck
stretches and strengthening for neck pain relief
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Quickie Mini Class on Lavender
How many things can you do with your doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil?
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Gratitude for Pain? Yes!
What is pain telling you? Why numb it when you might learn more if you pay attention.
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Another remedy for back pain
Use a large exercise ball for your computer seat! It help balance and is fun exercise!
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Furry Friends are more effective than drugs
Spend some time with animals to feel better from emotional or physical pain!
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WHY?  Why do you want to use natural solutions?  Here's why
Drug Addiction. Drug Abuse. Drug Overdose. Death. Does this give YOU enough reason to use natural solutions?
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Malley has a boo-boo. Here's what I do to help her...
Using doTERRA Lavender essential oil on my dog Malley's boo-boo!
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Secret of doctors
This is what some doctors will never tell you... if they do, their job is at risk!
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Taffy analogy and why you need to stretch
Compare your muscles to cold taffy! Great analogy!
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Laughter is medicine
Laughter soothes the body and mind. Good medicine for everyone.
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Stand when you work
So much better for you! Use a standing desk or take your laptop to the kitchen counter. But sitting down all day will kill you!
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Eat Whole Foods to Have Less Pain
How can whole foods reduce pain? This may be new info for you!
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Prayers for Pain Management
Say your prayers... you might be surprised how WELL it works for pain relief!
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Massage for Pain Relief!
Featuring a view from a massage therapist who has practiced over 50 years!
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Reduce Inflammation and feel better
Inflammation can lead to chronic disease and pain
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Frankincense mini-class
Frankincense, the King of Oils, great for promoting healthy cellular support, easing digestive issues and resolving anxiety!
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Natural Remedies (Grandma style)
Grandma's remedies are back in popularity! Why not use natural remedies instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals when possible?
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doTERRA Lemon and Lavender essential oils
Use doTERRA lemon essential oil for its natural cleansing benefits. Use lavender for better relaxation and sleep. Enjoy both of these two natural anti-histamines that provide support against environmental and seasonal threats.
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Mini - class on pain management
Pain management is a huge subject. Pain has many causes, many reactions and many possible solutions. This is just one natural solution.
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Think beyond yourself to something BIGGER
Thinking of how YOU can be helpful to something bigger than yourself can also be helpful to you for pain relief!
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Distraction Technique for emotional or physical pain
Instead of focusing on the pain and keeping your repetitive thoughts, intentionally break the cycle with this technique
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Diffusers and doTERRA essential oils
Not only flameless and non-toxic... actually with health benefits! THIS is the better choice over candles, air fresheners or plug-ins!
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Pain all over?  Are you eating from this group of veggies and fruits?
The Nightshade family can cause pain and inflammation. Try eliminating these foods for at least a week to see if there is improvement.
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