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My Puppies Grown Up
Do I made this video because I wanted to show the world my dog's beautiful puppies. This is how I found them... One day I was staying home from school because I was sick and on my Snapchat I wrote "bored" but little did I know that my dog was gonna give birth! At like 11:00 am I let my dog sit on my bed and then she was like making them wet so I took them off. Then like an hour later I was sitting on my bed watching YouTube then I heard whining which I thought my dog was on top of my ferret then I looked under my bed I saw something black I thought it was a sock. Lift up my bed I SAW A DANG PUPPY UNDER MY BED!! And then I yelled out LOLA GAVE BIRTH UNDER MY BED!!! I was crying because remember what I said I was home alone, so I posted a picture on Snapchat my friend was trying to call me and my dad called me.. The dog wasn't sucking the Mom and I been watching dogs giving birth and stuff on YouTube because I wanted to be prepared. Then every time the puppy got close to her the Mom Lola kept on moving. Then my dad told me to pick up the puppy, and I was so scared that I ran out of my room and then took selfies with the dad dog.. Then I want back in there I saw my dog having another puppy but sadly that one didn't make it. But my mom got off work so my mom went to my dads and helped me until my brother got home and dad. Then like 2 hours later another one pops tout which is the the tan one that you see up there. My mom loves that one. Welp that's the story of the birth and I'll do pictures of the parents and my ferret.
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history lesson from lena
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my brother twerking on my dog
this was filmed 2 years ago
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