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CB Walker Part 2 : 40 Minutes MARATHON!
Never before seen recorded footages of CB Walker, the "psychic" that gives free psychic energy reading! Enjoy!
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A Typical Day in New York City
After purchasing a new Sony HDR-CX580 camcorder today, I decided to take a few test shots around the city.
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More than 2 hours of Flaccid Ego, New York City's most infamous free psychic energy reader!
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Portal Radio Loop 10 Hours
still alive
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US Navy Evening Colors
evening colors at NAS Pensacola
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Soothing Elevator Music - 10 Hours (Max Payne 1)
The muzak from the gang-owned laundromat's elevator in Max Payne 1 game.
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Crazy Man on the D Train
On-board an R68 car of a North-bound IND Sixth Avenue Line (D Train), a homeless man lectures how women will soon be "begging for his lust". Just another guest star present to prosper my YouTube channel.
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Inside An NYPD Dodge Charger
HWY 3 NYPD Highway Patrol vehicle seen from the inside and out. Filmed at the cops fair in Queens, NY. in December 2009.
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Aviation Disasters of the Century By Year (From 1908 to 2012)
A memorial slide I created to document the entire history of aviation disasters, beginning as early as the days of the Wright Brothers. The "worst" of the years are represented by disasters with the highest fatalities on-board (not including ground casualties, hence 9/11 is omitted.) EDIT 11JAN15: Although I initially allowed an open forum of discussion, but due to spamming, irrelevancy, people who refused to read details, and misunderstanding I have stopped allowing comments. Please private message if you like to talk. I apologize for this inconvenience. Under the "fair use" law, this video is for "non-profit" use , educational purpose only. All copyrights of photographs within belong respectively to their rightful owners.
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Can You Survive 10 Hours of Patrick Star Saying "I Love You"? - The Remake
In memory of Spamdude060 (2007-2012)
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DVR-027 Dash Cam Quality Test - NYC.
Driving Eastbound on Horace Harding Expressway in New York City.
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Pig sounds
Mostly pigs, but also include some other farm animals.
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Angry Canadian Goose Hissing
canadian geese hissing and defending eggs in my backyard
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January 23, 2016 - NYC Blizzard
A short clip of my neighborhood in Queens, NY. during the 2016 blizzard.
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The Weather Network song (2007-08) on The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel IntelliSTAR 'Local on the 8's' plays Local Forecast song from The Weather Network (2007-2008)
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My Fancy Mouse
Close up of my new fancy mouse pet wandering around on top of a box.
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Harry Miller - Surrender (1987)
Full song of Harry Miller's - Surrender. From the 1987 "Full House" album. I do not own this song.
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Extremely Close Firework
It's the eve of the Chinese New Year on January 23, 2012 and at that time, many cities and towns in China are bombarded with an apocalyptic theme of fireworks and firecrackers. This one, however, was exploding in a mere 50 feet from my window on my 21st floor condominium. It was so close that you can feel the vibration of the explosion. Filmed in Anshan, China on January 23, 2012.
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DVR-027 Dash Cam Test 2 - Times Square at Night
A drive down Broadway at around midnight. Camera quality not as sharp as the daytime lighting, especially with the over-concentration of bright light caused by the densely clustered billboards.
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Fire Ants on RedBull
Redbull and lots of fireants
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Driving on I-95 Rhode Island
Cruising in my Ford Fiesta during winter
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Maggot Infested White Bass
Not recommended to watch if you're eating LOL! A video of a white bass being consumed by a colony of maggots, and I was disgusting enough to find it in a garbage bin while salvaging plastic bottles and aluminum cans. So I put it in a bag and dumped it in the bathtub, just so I can make a video out of it.
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Funny Ass Homeless Guy Dancing In Queens, NY.
Drunk and high and smelly as hell.
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Fire Ants (Pt. 2)!
Fire ants in 1080p! disturbing a large colony
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