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Possible Out Somewhere - Our Resistance
Awesome deathcore/metalcore band from Indonesia. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PossibleOutSomewhere Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/POS_official Rrrrah! They say they are recognized as veritable one in this world They think they will they promises Constructing a better life Rectify Ow!! Disruption is our bequest Lie while they try To tell us all the reason Why they do die Along the people do cry All explode Remains the pain!! Tower Destroyed by demon's plane Hotel Suffered a lot of lives Chaos Is this what they want And the innocents lost their bloods Salvation needs to reawaken Together with our request Compose the bomb to become a bond A bond of all peaceful mankind But we can not fix this blaze all alone Instantly,blissfulness Attention can't be down all the time We have to be strong enough Go Take our time.. Declare our presence For Take demon's head To the God's side Proof that we have faith Hoooowwlll Shout! Rise, Rises up Before it's too late To change this reign Reign of chaos We must stand Our ground Say!! We Pray!! Genocide on their brain Imprison our dreams Foolishness streams their bloods When the time comes We'll be free Victory Extermination Their contradiction I don't own the music and the picture, this is not my band.
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