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Sleep Well, Sweet Princess
A Brittany Murphy Compilation. This is the instrumental of a nother song I did that was a takeoff of Blitzkrieg Bop. So you could literally sing the Ramones song to this instrumental. The reason the piano sounds a little awkward at times is because I write on the recorder, and about 30% is improvised in this case, so I have to get it all down before I forget what I wanted to play, not being able to read or write music. I should get someone to write it down and play it better.
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The Factory
Just a song about the working man.
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When Hell Freezes Over
A song I recorded with funny video clips.
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The Best Laid Plans
A song about the 2016 election. The DNC Cheats, mocks and takes us for granted then blames us for lack of support? You're as crazy as your bat shit candidate. I've met people who put their pants on backwards with more reasoning skills. You could put an acid casualty in charge of the DNC and make an improvement. Who am I kidding? You could run an acid casualty for President and make an improvement over the delusional, money laundering war criminal they hand picked like a turd out of a pickle jar. You lost to a circus act. You got the media to promote someone just as dishonest and corrupt then lost to him. Tough titties. THE BEST LAID PLANS Well you had the best laid plans But the shit has hit the fan Cause you were shot down in flames You’re looking for someone to blame Well you may own this town But it all came tumbling down Now you are out of gas Cause you know that shit doesn’t last It’s the price for a life of crime When you friends have all dropped a dime So you’re left holding the bag Just a sinister, bitter old hag You can fuck yourself With a chandelier Or take a long stroll Off of a short pier Have your worshippers gone to your head People that knew to much, filled with lead (Are all dead) While the press still bows down to the queen Ruthless Napoleonic and mean There are limits to the best laid plans The curtain calls cause the shits hit the fan Watch the Eastern Establishment fall When we get your kind against the wall You can fuck yourself With a chandelier Or take a long stroll Off of a short pier Is it safe to talk? Is it safe to write? Will dissenters get a severed break line? Will we all wind up in a shallow ditch Is it safe to talk? It wasn’t for Seth Rich
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Fair Use Notice - The following is satire and as such can use various video clips to illustrate the pomposity of public figures
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Nowhere To Run
A song about privacy and the police state, backed by the national anthem signoff used by every station in the 60s and 70s. See the original video content at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wofs8ZpcXlM
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Band Of Brothers Normandy Premier
Band of Brothers Premier - Reaction from Eisenhower, Churchill and Roosevelt. Fair Use Doctrine. For educational purposes.
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A song from the early 90s, backed with footage from What Dreams May Come.
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Unfuck The World
A song about the lack of faith in our political, business, media and religious leaders.
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Fucked Again
Pretty Self Explanatory
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Be Kind To Your Colon
Just a goofy song in an old style.
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The Thin Blue Line
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A video about welath inequality and the class warfare waged by coporate America with the help of our elected leaders.
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Screwed The Pooch
A reflection on how we got where we are and the pointlessness of diverting attention away from it.
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The Rabbit Hole
A song about chaos and lies. Fair use notice.
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Pass The Hat For Jesus
Got to admire the Romans. They killed the messenger then used the message for money and boys. If there is a God, I would imagine he's pretty fucking pissed.
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The ridiculous shitshow that passes for news by the spokespersonas for our government and corporate America.
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Is It Rachel
Just a ditty about life in Connecticut the past few months, backed with photos of steam punk.
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Baba O'Riley
A cover of the Who classic. Kind of an insane thing to attempt, but what the hell. I don't think anyone else has. Might as well try.
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
A song about the growing disparity between the rich and poor, the commercialization of religious holidays, the struggle for peace in the modern world, and the systemic failure to get a decent sandwich. But mainly about the latter.
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Amy Says
A song about relationships, paranoia and formula one, apparently.
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Tough Titties
My response to complaints people are being outed as white supremacists at the Charlottesville rally.
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Fuck It All
Just a fun song backed with windsurfing videos. 10 to 1 it gets blocked on Youtube for copyright. If only other people had a sense of humor. Big media companies just take the ad rights and let you use it, but I don't think small ones know how to do that. Not sure why I sound like Cat Stevens singing it, though.
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Up Shits Creek Without A Paddle
When you’re young they pack you up and send you off to school Then say sit down and then shut up like you’re a fucking tool Pretty soon you just don’t want to listen to them prattle But you’re up shits creek without a paddle They teach you how to follow rules and live within their borders They show you how to be real weak and how to follow orders They show you how to stand in line just like your fucking cattle But you’re up shits creek without a paddle (Don’t rock the boat) You go to work but now you know the way to scrape the floor With some obsequious bullshit or else you’re shown the door Pretty soon you start to learn the way to choose your battles Or you’re up shit’s creek without a paddle You get hooked up then have some kids and follow all the laws You go to church and pray to god and humor your in laws You teach your kids the way to beg, to grovel, cry and tattle Or they’re up shit’s creek without a paddle The kids are grown. You’re in a home. They feed you through a straw And treat you like a five year old who broke some traffic law But you’re so good at groveling and drooling like you’re chattel Cause you’re up shits creek without a paddle Yes you’re up shits creek without a paddle Now you’re up shits creek without a paddle
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Disinformation Station
All video clips are used for satire and as such protected under the Fair Use Doctrine.
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The Cameltoe Concerto
Hear more Baron Von Lichtenstein and the Penguins of Death on Amazon and iTunes: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0029D3BE8 http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/requiem-for-a-sick-world/id315377326 The figure skating of Mao Asada of Japan, Mairi Nagasu of the United States and , and Kim Yu-Na of South Korea in the fine Von Lichtenstein tradition of dignity and excellence. Nothing beats a cameltoe - Baron Von Lichtenstein
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Night And Day
Song about opposites attracting. One of the few songs I've written that works very well accapella. If you stop the music and sing it, it will sound good because I was basically singing chords, apparently. I didn't even notice till I stopped playing guitar and kept singing. You can write chord areggios without knowing that's what you're doing unless you play the melody on an instrument.
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Girlfriend with a Drinking Problem
The trials and tribulations of an ESFP party girl.
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Miss Stinky Pants
A homorous song backed with picks of unruly toddlers.
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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
My take on America these days. On iTunes and Amazon for download, if you can find it on iTunes.
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American Spring
The Occupy Wall Street protest and the mainstream media's blackout. All the news that's fit to ignore.
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The Ballad Of Gomez And Morticia
Pretty self explanatory. Feel free to sing along: They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family. Their house is a museum Where people come to see 'em They really are a scream The Addams Family. So get a witches shawl on A broomstick you can crawl on We're gonna pay a call on The Addams Family.
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Napster Hearings Short
Senate Hearings on Napster and intellectual property rights. FAIR USE DOCTRINE NOTICE. As a publically funded hearing, this content is owned by the public and as such can not be banned, or it's viewing denied to the public. Nothing could more accurately be described as falling under the category of public domain then a United States Senate hearing, when it is the public paying for it.
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Happy Birthday!
Time, and enjoying the most of it
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Opposites Attract.wmv
On Amazon and Itunes A Country and Western song backed with clips of line dancing, rodeos and Urban Cowboy She had a hand me down wedding gown He had a devil may care savoir-faire She drove a pickup truck with the windows down He drove his Coupe Deville into Shantytown Opposites attract like a heart attack And an ambulance, its a proven fact Shes too good for him and his life of sin But he makes her laugh and she makes him grin They got hitched at noon on the sixth of June With a fifth of Jack and a silver spoon But by July 4th they wanted a divorce A familiar song and the same old tune Opposites attract like a heart attack And an ambulance, its a proven fact Shes too good for him and his life of sin But he makes her laugh and she makes him grin Guess it goes to show how the wind will blow Just another thing you can never know Nothing lasts forever, dead grass wont grow When its time is up then its time to go Opposites attract like a heart attack And an ambulance, its a proven fact Shes too good for him and his life of sin But he makes her laugh and she makes him grin
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The Death of Chuck E Cheese
It's onlyt a joke. Lighten up.
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Scooby Doo
A songs about the Saturday morning TV show.
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Tesla's Dream
One of my electronic songs set to clips of clouds and Tesla Coils
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The Existential Song
Just a goofy song, by an agnostic, with the words half improvised.
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Wall Street Bailouts and other examples of government and business conspiring in their own interest and against ours regardless of political party. An examination of crony capitalism, with a musical nod to Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne
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Beyond the Door
Description: A song about reincarnation, backed with clips of Altered States and Revolution
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Postmodern Hitler
My attempt at translating the bunker scene. My German isn't that good. Postmodern Hitler. Hitler's Take on Performance Art.
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The Beat Goes On
A punk rock lullaby, backed with clips from the Ramones, Patti Smith, Deadboys, Jam and Sex Pistols
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Santas Got A Gun
Self explanatory. I made the animations with AESOP Gif animator if youre wondering.
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The End of America
The loss of our constitutional rights
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Occupy Wall Street clips backed with music LIBERTY The world's on fire We took to the street We've had enough But not to eat The time has come To pay the price We've had enough of you And all your vice The time is here To get off your ass Reclaim the land While it still lasts The food's unfit We can not breath The oceans full of crap And mercury If not now, when? If not us, whom Will take it back Before we're doomed The time is now The People, We The world's on fire The match is greed You laugh at us From limousines Cause we're immune To bribery I don't know you You don't know me We've come to take back all Our Liberties
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Wake Up
Written in a more paranoid time. Not that much has changed. Meet the new puppet, same as the old puppet.
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Move along, nothing to see. Fair use doctrine notice. Social commentary allows use of copyrighterd material to make a statement. Additionally nonprofit parody is protected speech
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Pooty Tang
Pooty Tang is a fanfare I wrote with clips of trumpeters and Yo Yo Ma. It's actually played on keyboards since I dont know how to play the trumpet.
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Heart On My Sleeve
Well you say that I don't really care I don't know if that is really fair I've been known to laugh and love and grieve I don't wear my heart out on my sleeve But you say there's something wrong with me Maybe there is something wrong with you I don't tell the world how they should live No desire to tell them what to do So the world was not so kind to you Take a number, that is nothing new With imagined horrors to forgive Climb down off your cross tonight and live It is not the world that is unkind The persecution complex's in your mind In your noble struggle to be free You are your own mortal enemy Can't say that I know what's going on Telling jokes and singing silly songs Most days I don't know what to believe While you wear your heart out on your sleeve Waiting for your Noble Prize, I guess Or perhaps a sainthood, you're so blessed Messianic and out of your mind Honey, take the meds you were assigned Well you say that I keep to myself While you keep your grievance on the shelf On display and then alphabetized You nurse your inner child until it cries I won't play the heavy in your life While you wallow in imagined slights Climb back on your cross, I have to leave With the remains of my sanity
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