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What would a T-Mobile and Sprint merger look like?
Here is a proposed infographic map of a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint relative to the aggregate spectrum between the two companies. Available assets from Sprint and the aggressive rollout capacity of TMobile with truly create an impressive network with great coverage and great capacity. Verizon AT&T would be very worried if this would materialize.
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Revised T-Mobile Jump On Demand program
T-Mobile is now a lying it's users to upgrade every 30 days if they choose to do so. There is no negative equity that is owed from the previous device you just begin to make the new payment on the new phone anytime you switch. The old device returning must be in good condition and not damaged. You just begin to make the new payments towards the new device whatever it is in terms of the monthly installments. To my T-Mobile users out there is this something you may take advantage of? To all the non T-Mobile subscribers is this something that may entice you to try T-Mobile?
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Verizon launching an LTE only basic phone.
Verizon is launching an LTE only feature phone. This device will not use Verizon CDMA network in any form all of its functionality will be running through LTE. This is a shift away from CDMA and GSM Technologies. This phone will make calls send messages and use the web and applications through LTE only. Gone are the days where you had to use a CDMA device on Verizon.
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T-Mobile expediting new band rollouts, new apple charging cable design coming.
A lot of news from the wireless world.
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$15 Sprint Kickstarter Unlimited!
On response to other huge discounted Kickstarter programs, Sprint answers in a big way.
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At&t home wireless internet expands to rural states
AT&T is offering a home wireless internet plan for $60 a month for up to 10 megabits per second and speeds for download. This is part of AT&T is expansion to rural areas in America. How many states in the midwest such as Ohio Michigan Arkansas Iowa.
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T-Mobile price hike for 55+ plan.
And expect a price hike for one of the T-Mobile plans.
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What is Visible?
Some information on the Verizon start-up Visible.
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T-Mobile and Sprint merger officially filed.
The merger between TMobile and Sprint can proceed through the regulatory proceedings including the dept of Justice and fcc.
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AT&T LTE is about to get really fast!
The 4G LTE AT&T network is about to get really fast this year, Verizon is experimenting with home internet data caps, and Sprint launches it's 55 + plan.
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T-Mobile to continue growing, AT&T merger spiking bills, Qualcomm 5g ready chip available Q1 2019.
Bees from T-Mobile, Qualcomm, att and Samsung.
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Merger talks heating up for Sprint and T-Mobile.
Merger talks heating up for Sprint and T-Mobile, deal possible next week.
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New cities announced for Verizon and Sprint 5th generation networks.
Verizon and Sprint add some cities to the list of their early 5g network deployments.
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TMobile buying rural, regional carriers.
T-Mobile is on the Move purchasing rural regional. They should greatly enhance their coverage around the nation. This particular purchase includes all of Iowa Western Illinois and Eastern Nebraska. I think a few more coming to cover up all of their coverage gaps. This along with the 600 megahertz Spectrum deployment will really get their Network filled up around the nation.
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T-Mobile and Sprint merger breakdown.
A potential timeline, pros and cons, obstacles, and other thoughts from the T-Mobile and Sprint merger.
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New TMobile 55+ plan.
T-Mobile is offering a new plan that is available for users age 55 and up. This plan has users paying $50 for the first line and $10 for the second line. They can also receive a $5 per line discount by using auto pay. There are some restrictions mentioned in the video including 3-g speeds on hotspot, 480p video resolution and decreased video streaming speeds. All Things Considered you think this is a good deal let me know in the comment section.
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Sprint credit checks, T-Mobile family mode and merger news.
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Verizon adding military discounts, AT&T 5g, T-Mobile activates RCS standard.
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T-Mobile releases cell spot version 2
Bad or no service at home or work? This may be something to consider.
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T-Mobile-Sprint merger talks back on!
Preliminary, exploratory talks resume after a failed merger last year.
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Sprint's Magic box
Sprint is sending out a MicroCell piece of Hardware to enhance speeds and boost signal within homes and businesses. You can simply call Sprint and they will send you one. Plug it into a power source, it does not require an internet connection. Free of charge with no cost. Simple and easy fix for LTE problems at home or work. Doesn't address the entire issue of service everywhere you go but helps where you spend most of your time. Sprint still needs to invest in large scale hardware and networking performance.
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AT&T sells 600 MHz spectrum, $1 billion sale.
Huge offloading of low band spectrum.
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At&t prepaid replaces gophone and offers two free months of service!
AT&T prepaid has transitioned from GoPhone and is now offering some updated plans with some attractive promotions. They are offering two free months of service within one calendar year. After three paid months of service you receive a month of free service. You'll receive an additional free month of service after the 12th payment. Auto-pay will offer a $5 discount on your monthly plan and the promotions qualify on the 6 gigabyte$45 plan and unlimited $65 plan. Auto-pay will drop those rates to 40 and 60 respectively. Is this good enough to entice you to join AT&T prepaid?
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AT&T accused of slow internet in low-income neighborhoods
AT&T is receiving a formal complaint from the FCC and from users and low-income neighborhoods in Cleveland that their internet Provisions are very slow. They're being accused of 1.5 megabits per second internet Peak download speeds. you're also being accused of not installing the proper hardware and fiber to achieve faster speeds and improving Network performance in these areas.
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At&t is adding 4 carrier aggregation to their LTE network.
At&t is adding 4 c.a. to boost their Network speeds. This should essentially help them improve the speed of their 4G LTE network as well as enable the gigabit speeds they will be looking for in the 5G Network. There is no new hardware necessarily needed for this deployment it will basically be a software switch. It should be available by the end of the year.
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Verizon wireless 5g home internet
Verizon wants to develop and provide home internet using wireless 5g service.
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AT&T unlimited plan changes, Verizon and Sprint news, 5g vote from FCC
Some important policy changes important to 5g networks coming, some deals and news from the big 4 carriers.
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At&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile; how much are they spending and on what?
This video covers the expected capex for all of the four big carriers.
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Merger is official, T-Mobile and Sprint combine.
After failed attempts and so much rumor and speculation, Merger is official, T-Mobile and Sprint combine.
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Trump administration wants to expedite, control 5g networks!
Proposal coming by q3 this year.
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TMobile Samsung note 8 bogo
T-Mobile has jumped on the opportunity to sell buy one get one free on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Pricing options and variations to the purchases are provided in the video.
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T-Mobile RCS messaging revolution, Open Signal Report, Sprint's direction. News from T-Mobile and Sp
News from T-Mobile and Sprint as well as opensignal reports on Network performance. RCS messaging protocol news.
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T-Mobile LAA spectrum use is working, Verizon now network locking phones.
Terrible news from Verizon, T-Mobile seeing great performance from unlicensed spectrum use.
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Verizon dropping more users
Verizon. Roaming Network.
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Consumer reports: T-Mobile#1 and Sprint last.
A consumer report ranks many of the major carriers.
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T-Mobile and Sprint merger all but official.
That pretty much makes it official, Sprint and T-Mobile have a merger deal in place.
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Customers leaving Sprint for T-Mobile
Port numbers continue to rise in the good for TMobile and bad for Sprint.
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T-Mobile Netflix on us
Some of the details and specifics on the T-Mobile Netflix on us are provided. Chime in the comment section to let me know what you guys think if this is enticing to get you to switch to T-Mobile or stay with T-Mobile.
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Verizon continues gigabit LTE field testing
Verizon is continuing to work on gigabit LTE speed testing. Alongside Ericsson Verizon was successfully able to achieve gigabit LTE speeds using the X20 LTE modem expected in the Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm in 2018. Good to see from Verizon now we just need the towers to have the hardware we could expect these speeds in the next year.
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T-Mobile transitioning iWireless network and customers.
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Deal Alert!!! Galaxy S8 Bogo Tmobile
T-Mobile is offering a buy one get one free deal on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. You buy the first phone on installments and buy the second phone to receive a $750 prepaid gift card. This total only covers the S8 cost, that requires a $100 difference for the plus. This deal is not retroactive to those who purchased their s8 on pre-order or before last 14 days. No word on how long the sale will last.
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Verizon and AT&T joining forces
Verizon AT&T or jointly going to build new cell phone towers Across the Nation. They should allow them to reduce the cost needed in the spilled and the expansion of the network while adding capacity to support data needs.
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Sprint giving customers free Hulu
Sprint is going to provide free unlimited Hulu access to customers on unlimited data plans. It will not be offered at any other plans. I think this is a direct response to the Netflix subscription inclusion by T-Mobile and AT&T with HBO.
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Verizon's new unlimited plans and restrictions (updated)
This is an updated video on Verizon's new unlimited plans and pricing as well as an update on the restrictions that they have set moving forward.
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T-Mobile-Sprint merger in jeopardy.
The proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint may have it's first moment of doubt. Please consider a PayPal donation to support the channel: https://www.paypal.me/sneedmobiletech. Check out SneedMobileTech on Patreon, consider becoming a patron.
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