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Are BPA and Endocrine Disruptors Bad for You?
Is BPA from plastics slowly poisoning you? Dr Jay Pharm D has done the research and brought to you some practical advice to avoid getting thyroid cancer, stopping endocrine disruption, and harming your liver and kidneys.
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Natural Allergy Treatments
This informational video is about evidence based natural allergy treatments including butterbur, quercitin, and bromelain that can be used to treat runny nose, itchy eyes, and inflammation.
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The Weight Loss Conspiracy   Part I The Problem
70% of America is overweight and 36% are obese. This is crazy and the medical community has done a poor job helping these people. Magic pills, miracle cures, and even medical guidelines have this all screwed up. America needs to use the scientific evidence we have to take weight loss into our own hands.
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Guarana CLA
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Probiotics for IBS Diarrhea Yeast Infection
Different uses for probiotics according to current research.
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Irvingia and Propolmannon
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Green Coffee Extract
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Allergy Treatments Without a Prescription
Learn about over the counter allergy treatments
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