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Navadurga Jatra: Animal Sacrifice (Symbolism of Vedic Rituals)
Navadurga festival is a mask dance ceremony of nine Durgas, the various demonic representation of manifestations of Parvati, the shakti of Shiva in the tantric tradition. The Navadurga festival is indigenous to Bhaktapur which is performed in and around Bhaktapur city and nearby localities.The thirteen masks participate in Navadurga dance, and of these only seven represent Durgas- Mahakali, Kumari, Barahi, Bramhayani, Maheswori, Vaisnavi, and Indrani. Mahalaxmi, who leads the procession of masked dancers is represented by two dimensional repousse silver icon and Tripura sundari is not visually represented to public. The Navadurga troupe visit Panauti every year and there is Navadurga performance for three days.
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Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer Screening and Awareness Program
Vishram Society organized Breast cancer and Cervical cancer screening and awareness program Phase I at Redcross Sciety, Panauti in collaboration with Panauti Municipality and Richa Bajimaya Memorial Foundation on March 18, 2017 to mark its 4th anniversary. 150 women from Panauti municipality ward no. 1-7 benefitted from this program. Pap smear was collected for the screening of cervical cancer. Breast self examination was taught to the participants along with screening of breast. Patients were treated for Pelvic Inflammatory disease and other genitourinary tract infections. This program was co organized by Gyan Bikas Community Library, Kavre Minibus Sewa Samiti and Bindhabasini savings and credit organization.
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Panauti Jatra
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Panauti Jatra
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Panauti Jatra
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Panauti jatra
Festivals of Panauti: Jya Punhi
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Sankata Jatra
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