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Porsche GT3 home driving simulator.  Work in progress.
Short video of my video testing in my 2 person GT3 Porsche cockpit. Still working on the FOV and Camera angle. There are two camera angles here. One is a static cam which transitions to a gopro on my head. The gopro seems to warp the video with too much fish eye, I'm working on that, it kills the realism of what I really see. The immersion is insane. Bottom line, it feels real. Here are some details 1. Full 1:1 scale replica of Porsche 996 GT3 2.4x Dbox motion 3. Simxperience GS4 seat 4. SimXperience Accuforce wheel 5. Two person simulator, has two seats 6. 240 degree surround screen giving full coverage past the B pillars for full immersion 7. Full surround sound Full video tour and detailed log coming from Inside Sim Racing
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Dbox and VR impressions from a first time user
My friend Seth trying out Dbox, VR, and giving his impressions for the first time. Please excuse the sound, I'm not a pro and am just learning. My videos will get better. If you have any questions about VR, Dbox or anything else let me know.
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Testing in the Porsche Simulator
Some work in progress testing in the simulator. this video adds elements from the models in the game. Mirrors and fenders and hood. This was a rough quick placement test. Even so, the effect is pretty mind blowing. Forgive the sound my GOpro is going bye bye. Looking to get some head mount video of this to show you what I see. Once I have the process of adding model elements I'll put them in the profile for each car. Its extremely time consuming.
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RealGT, the best home simulator in the world.
Prototype is finished.
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First time Dbox user impression. Sticky throttle ruins time  :(
My first video, please be kind, I'm learning. :) My man Seth giving the Dbox, triple projection rig a spin. He has never used wide FOV projection or motion of any kind. He gives his impressions. Just an FYI, the throttle cable on my pedals was making contact with the metal frame and was shorting out causing Seth much trouble. We figured it out eventually and will take another video without all the crashing due to the throttle. Let me know if you have any questions. More video to follow as the GT3 cockpit is completed.
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