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How to Sell on SL Marketplace
A rapid walkthrough of (1.) Setting up a Store (2.) Creating an object to sell (3.) Setting object to list
Просмотров: 9235 Ian Borland
Second Life Marketplace - How to List Items
A rapid walk-through of setting up a store and uploading an object to list for sale.
Просмотров: 14559 Ian Borland
Mastering Layers & Masks in GIMP
17 minute demonstration of using Layers & Masking in GIMP and explaining the concepts. We look at how masking works and using multiple layers to edit details in specific areas of photographs in order to get a more 'artistic' final image. Complimentary Techniques include; Saturation, Blurring, Softening, Contrast, etc.
Просмотров: 36780 Ian Borland
Weebly Animated Gifs
How to put Animations onto Weebly
Просмотров: 3646 Ian Borland
Thai Cave rescue - a mashup tribute
Everone in my country is on about "football coming home", but I've been more concerned about a dozen teenage footballers coming home. I dived a fair bit, so I found myself very caught up in the rescue operation to save the kids trapped in Tham Luang caves in Thailand. I'm overwhelmed by the bravery and resilience of everyone involved. Great to see the entire world come together to save these kids. Please pray they ALL make it. I don't have rights for ANY of the material which is just any news footage I could grab and the song by Vance Joy, I don't have any permissions, but I am not monetizing it, I just wanted to share this as a tribute and perhaps encourage more people to pray that the rains will hold off and the rescuers will manage to get them all out (so far 8 are free) An amazing effort by all concerned, against all odds.
Просмотров: 1138 Ian Borland
Hermes Couriers - 2 great tips! Map & Edit Manifests in seconds.
A 10 minute tutorial explaining how to export a simple file from MyCourierOnline and use that in Google Maps to create a map of ALL your drops in about 30 seconds. We also use the same exported file in Excel to view Telephone numbers & highlight collections & double drops, etc.
Просмотров: 3516 Ian Borland
Otter Vs Giant Conger Eel
Footage of an Otter killing and eating a MASSIVE conger eel on Skye
Просмотров: 2358 Ian Borland
Spoof Coke Zero Mr Hadley
just a rough mash-up I knocked up toying with the idea of the old geezer "trying things" - as the concept tickled me.
Просмотров: 2780 Ian Borland
Musical Notes in Word etc.
A very quick overview of how to be able to use musical notation within documents in Windows.(e.g. Word, Open Office, Powerpoint, etc.)
Просмотров: 18621 Ian Borland
Stencilling Text in Gimp
How to cut Away Text in a layer to reveal a background image.
Просмотров: 159 Ian Borland
Chief Seattle
Please watch the video first, then read this as an explanation. (click "more") I wanted to put some of my photos together as an Audio Visual presentation for my Camera Club, and initially used some nice relaxing music, but was searching through my collection of MP3's and wondered if this sound track of Chief Seattle might kind of work. The first thing that occurred to me was the obvious opportunity to try to match the images to the words which meant the pace of showing the images was rather fast in some instances. I would have preferred to linger on some shots to let the eye take it in, but obviously it was driven by the pace of the narrative. To some extent I feel it also means that getting away from an instrumental music track might cause the viewer to have their attention slightly diverted from just enjoying the photography, so then it had a different kind of impact because of the 'message' of the speech. However, I do love nature so I rather sympathise with the message and decided to go with it. There are several versions of this supposed monologue by Chief Seattle as you will find with minimal research. I took this one as the basis for an Audio Visual presentation for Kinross Camera Club. All photos are my own from around my home in Scotland. I do not have rights over the soundtrack. I had first seen this as a video where the same soundtrack (or similar) was accompanied by stills and video depicting scenes of pollution (of Rivers, etc.) and road kills (of animals) and it was a jarring reminder of man's abuse of the environment. I don't take many negative photographic subjects, preferring to keep my vision deliberately "blinkered" to focus on the beautiful things I see around me, but recently I visited what should have been a nice beauty spot and found an excessive amount of litter in an old flooded quarry used by people for swimming. Sadly they left an awful lot of trash, so I put in just a few images towards the end deliberately meant to have impact. I believe there is a spiritual message in the words too and Scotland is very dear to my heart, so I did want to kind of express that in the video - perhaps all the more poignant in the light of our impending referendum.
Просмотров: 294 Ian Borland
Peter Max Studio Presentation.
I was invited to participate in the Techsmith Camtasia Software Development Trials. This was one of the exercises they gave us to test out the Screen Recording Software. The programme is now concluded and we are now released from the non-disclosure agreement and can publish the work we did. This is just one example I enjoyed making.
Просмотров: 1242 Ian Borland
Biker Deathwish
Black Comedy, Mashup of Biker Fails & Death Wish clips. I can't believe the irresponsibility of these bike owners on public highways and in residential areas, however, it isn't right to go round shooting people either, but this is intended as a satirical social comment which, I suppose is what the DW movie was intended to do.
Просмотров: 21 Ian Borland
Sharing Pins on Google Earth
how to set landmarks, put them in folders and save those as shareable KMZ files
Просмотров: 290 Ian Borland
Empyrion Craft a Motorcycle
Quick clip showing how the motorcycle is crafted using the Survival Constructor.
Просмотров: 51 Ian Borland
moodle customising pt 1 Themes
A rough overview of how I managed to change some aspects of the basic "more" theme in Moodle. This took me about 30 minutes to work out beforehand and 10 minutes to demonstrate. There are obviously better more specific tutorials by other people who are more expert, but if you want a quick overview - it was simply to prove it could be done, even with my basic skills.
Просмотров: 46 Ian Borland
Dunino Den.wmv
A wee photostory of a day out to visit Dunino Den and Kellie Castle Gardens in Fife, Scotland.
Просмотров: 1404 Ian Borland
Amaryllis Time Lapse Project complete
A big learning curve in timelapse photography filming a couple of amaryllises over about 5 weeks. It drove me nuts and nothing went according to my expectations.
Просмотров: 1479 Ian Borland
Nutrient deficiency and mental health
Overview of how lack of specific nutrients can affect mental health and depression To help support the message of my book which you can find at the following website www.nutrition-vs-depression.com
Просмотров: 132 Ian Borland
Creative Photography in Second Life
A fast-paced walk-through showing just some of the potential for using photography creatively within Second Life - and using Second Life as an adjunct to Photo-Editing, effectively as a 3D modelling studio. You might like to watch my previous video that led to this and shows more of the construction process "Photography Project in Second Life"
Просмотров: 91 Ian Borland
The Inn Abernethy beta AV
Quick introduction to the revamped Inn at Abenethy
Просмотров: 377 Ian Borland
Chloe, our dog
Quick & rough edit of some old footage I have been meaning to compile to commemorate our old faithful dog. She unfortunately had a stroke recently, so is not so agile. Music Neil Young "Long may you run" not a new idea, but I did think of it all by myself.
Просмотров: 313 Ian Borland
Jonathon's Rainforest Adventure Part 1
in 1999 Jon asked for help with his homework on Rainforests, so we went to Kew & the Zoo & shot this film, then edited some titles, sound effects & music. He got top marks!
Просмотров: 452 Ian Borland
Empyrion Crash course by Mr Eon
Okay, after a bit more playtime and some research, I've finally got round to making a tutorial I genuinely hope will help people to get into the game faster & easier - so they can have more fun. Big thanks to all in the Steam Community who encouraged me to give the game another chance when I didn't take to it initially. I have had a lot of fun with it, once I learned more about building and picked up some tricks and techniques of my own. This tutorial is based on trying to cram about 150 hours of game time into one hour. It really needs to be followed up with another complimentary one focusing on building... but.... .who's got the time?
Просмотров: 34 Ian Borland
Trees & Views in Cleish Scotland
We went for a drive to take some shots of trees to possibly paint later. Put some of the best shots into Microsoft Photo Story, (free download from Microsoft.com) Cool package, adds music too.
Просмотров: 225 Ian Borland
Partial Eclipse Scotland 2015
Some rough video shots of the eclipse taken from my garden in Abernethy, Scotland, edited the best bits together with some music I made.
Просмотров: 220 Ian Borland
A Quick Guide to help understand DSLR Camera Basic Principles
Short 3D simulation I created to show how a camera works, from the basic pin-hole in a box to adding lenses, an aperture and shutter to understand the effect of these mechanisms on taking a photograph.
Просмотров: 97 Ian Borland
Scotland in 13 minutes
A whimsical and biased suggested tour of Scotland in about 13 minutes, with some photos, etc. using Google Earth
Просмотров: 52 Ian Borland
Editing Photos with Picassa (wth Weebly in mind)
Very quick overview of editing photos with picassa This is intended to help someone to learn to improve photos for putting on Weebly's Store, so starts with looking at the odd display sizes there first.
Просмотров: 28 Ian Borland
Jonathon's Rainforest Adventure Part 2
Part II of Jon's homework project he asked me to help him with. Jon is my step-grandson. We did this when he was about 8, he is fifteen now.
Просмотров: 177 Ian Borland
Shetland Ferry Remixed
Went "Whoaaaa!!!", when I saw this and couldn't resist animating the screen to mimic the ships movement - then add a sound track by Roger Whittaker whistling the Skye Boat Song
Просмотров: 176 Ian Borland
A Music Video of my friend Gareth, I liked the track so much I wanted to do a Rock Video for him.This was knocked up in a weekend in a hurry. He was so chuffed someone had taken an interest in his music that he gave up his job in Spar and went to work in a music studio
Просмотров: 289 Ian Borland
Free Website in minutes with weebly
How to make a free website in minutes using Weebly.com and add photos, galleries and more.
Просмотров: 121 Ian Borland
Abernethy Pacman
for April 1st 2015 Google turned Google Maps into Pacman. This is me playing Pacman on the Street's of Abernethy in Scotland.
Просмотров: 109 Ian Borland
Kilimanjaro 7 day route
A Google Earth Tour showing the 7 day Machame trail to Kilimanjaro Summit. Produced for Private Expeditions.
Просмотров: 107 Ian Borland
Hedgehogs at night
I couldn't fathom out what the strange noises were outside my bedroom window, so I eventually had to go and look. I managed to get some film with my smartphone and the light from that, but a torch seemed to disturb them. I assume it was an attempt at mating with a reluctant lady hedgehog. I was trying to be quiet, so I don't know what the odd bangs are, possibly me bumping the phone with the torch.
Просмотров: 46 Ian Borland
Japanese Gardens, Cowden estate, near Dollar, Clacks
The Japanese Gardens have some history, and my family had connections to the estate, so my Mother and I went to visit today. I took some hasty shots and created a rough slideshow to try and give a sense of antiquity to the whole thing... I would love to go back a few times in different light and weather and do this properly , but it was a fun thing to do to try and get an oriental feel to the shots and tweak the colours here and there.
Просмотров: 37 Ian Borland
Empyrion   early games No1   an introduction
Please enjoy the intro (for comedy value) , but, for actually learning the game view instead my later video where I am much more experienced and cram in more learning & tips.
Просмотров: 10 Ian Borland
short Animations showreel
Just a few recent animations in different styles. e.g. animated logos and a travel tour map.
Просмотров: 40 Ian Borland
A few Heron Strikes
About 5 minutes cut from about 25-30 minutes watching a grey heron fishing on Loch Leven.
Просмотров: 36 Ian Borland
Just a daft overdub of a scene from the movie Baraka (which I love) with a sound track you'll all know well. I can't be the first person to think of putting these two together.
Просмотров: 18 Ian Borland
Had a crazy notion to dub Putin's voice with that of Mr Smith.
Просмотров: 9 Ian Borland
How to Register with ebay
Просмотров: 87 Ian Borland
Montcrieffe Hill.wmv
Photo-Story montage of a walk I took up Montcrieffe Hill to Tarsappie hill just below Perth. Sadly I left it a little late in the day, and it was not so bright. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I thought the scenery was superb as you can see right across the Earn Valley to the South, and North along the Tay Valley and as far away as Gleneagles to the West and Falkland hill to the south, with Dundee in the East and the Grampians to the North, beyond Perth City itself.
Просмотров: 81 Ian Borland
Jet Ski Scott Ritchie
Just happened to be on the end of the Sea Wall with my Camera and took some shots of these guys clearly having a lot of fun. Bumped into them later in the Car Park
Просмотров: 61 Ian Borland
Talking heads Demo
I have recently been asked to do a few Talking Heads, so I thought it might be an idea to put upline a demonstration of what is possible in case anyone wants this type of service.
Просмотров: 39 Ian Borland
Photography Project in Second Life
My local Camera Club invited us to practice getting creative with a photograph by editing it Digitally - I used Second Life to modify the image into a scene.
Просмотров: 49 Ian Borland
Animations Concept Reel with voiceover
Demo of how we could improve the basic animation of a Google Earth recording of altitude chart & route maps. I did this purely to satisfy my own curiousity as to what could be done within reasonable limits of time and technicalities. Once the initial spadework of creating & editing the animated icons is done, the animations are fairly quick and easy to do.
Просмотров: 15 Ian Borland
Pacific International - What to Expect
Trial Video for Pac Int.
Просмотров: 3 Ian Borland
Learning Zone 1b
quick demo of LZ
Просмотров: 12 Ian Borland