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Silly Putty with TWO ingredients!
Quick and easy. Make your own Silly Putty with just two simple ingredients! It's fun, it's easy and it bounces!
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Dear YouTube
I was thinking I will make videos soon 😛😛🐢🐢🤩🤩👋👋
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First fortnight 😑😑😜
Video got cut off sorry guys 😔😣😭😭😭
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I'm Donut, you're my Sprinkles!
This is my first YouTube video! I am excited to share many slimey craft ideas, life hacks, vlogs and so much more with you and I'm just really excited about being part of the YouTube community! I love all you sprinkles!!
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Donut's still here!!!!
I'm still here guys, we're working on my next video we're doing a vintage toy review and we're all very excited about it!
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Halloween Crafts under $5 bucks! Gimme a break I'm only 8!
I'm crafting a glow in the dark skull and making a glow in the dark night light... I'm a newbie and let's face it I'm 8 years old but I love crafting and having fun... Happy Halloween Sprinkles!🍩
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Donut Here!
Hi! It's me Donut! Just saying hello and talking a little bit about my channel, I love all my Sprinkles ❤❤ xo
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Do you
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When my mom makes me do math
Thank you “ you cam fun “ that’s how I made this video
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