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How to Meet Women and get INSTANT ATTRACTION!!! (Make her laugh)
What to say to a gorgeous woman to make her laugh uncontrollably and tell you to giver her your number. Guys, I used to be so terrified of women that I couldn't breathe and be near an attractive woman at the same time. You can achieve these results that I too have been getting consistently. You can overcome your fear and make girls really have fun being around you. Seriously, I am just an average guy who also studied for years how to be able to get with attractive women. There's a lot I have to share on this topic if anyone is interested... just comment and ask. ;) Making women laugh is the key to better relationships. It is the magic that makes women like, love and want to be with and around you. Learn how to make women laugh. Oh hello there, do you mind if I... oh my legs are so tired. Boom!!! The conversation is going on. She and I are chatting away and it was so easy. Notice how she is smiling and enjoying the interaction? Maybe you have fear about approaching girls that you would really like to meet and talk with? Maybe you don't know what to say to a girl to make a conversation happen? I'm more than willing to chat with you on skype and try and give you some answers and solutions as to how you can get meeting and talking with attractive girls. I specialize in day game as I don't like noisy clubs as much as I like being out and about in the day meeting and socializing with people. I also run boot camps in london where I will personally train you up so that you can approach and meet women with your own personality. I have also trained up a bunch of guys who could also help you with this. @howtomeetwomen #HowtoMeetWomenMakeThemLaugh #makewomenlaugh
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