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How to make a Ceramic Vase - From beginning to end
A detailed process, on how to make a ceramic vase. Cut down to 3 minutes to get the understanding on what a potter goes through in order to make a vase. Instructional video. Good for a class video
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Morton East Showcase - Grease 2012
A group of Seniors doing the closing act for the Talent show! They danced to Grease.
Просмотров: 1082 Christian Sanchez
Pick up your body - EBM Electronic Body Music
(Music/Video: Its original) Music video some how got rejected for the Video Festival. supposedly it was too improper for the competition.
Просмотров: 2311 Christian Sanchez
Long Didgeridoo ( PVC )
I'm not sure but I think I should of named this a Big Ass Dideridoo that takes a lot of space in my Basement XD okay sorry for the horrible audio quality and my mom talking with her friend on the background, But you can still listen to what im playing and how it sounds. I hope you like my didgeridoo Improvisation I did, well im kinda getting there on how to get those high pitch sounds. This was a hard piece for me because I just kinda learned how to get the other sounds. ( not the vocals) Cheers
Просмотров: 18931 Christian Sanchez
Documentary on a student ceramic artist
A documentary video, I did in my senior year of high school, It was not my idea to make a documentary. My idea was a How to video, but then they made me do a documentary for a video competition.
Просмотров: 406 Christian Sanchez
Didgeridoo Improvisation - Christian
Trumpet sounds were off at the end... Just decided to do this for fun on Christmas Eve
Просмотров: 712 Christian Sanchez
Por vingança! Didgeridoo
bunch of videos of practice before my first show playing the digeridoo. During the summer I started to learn how to play, then by the end of the year i finished making a song to be played at a show :) Actually the song was gonna be called " No magic wood" because i am sad to not be able to play a traditional Yidaki/Yirdaki.
Просмотров: 556 Christian Sanchez
Parkour (Dash)
Просмотров: 390 Christian Sanchez
Tocando " Babe im gonna leave you" Guitarra
tocando la canción en guitarra. Pues nomas las partes de la cancion que me se
Просмотров: 585 Christian Sanchez
Do something - a video for memories
A video to tell people to go out and have fun, to learn, and to live life. No one gets no where by staying home doing nothing, ignoring every thing that comes by. So go out and have fun :)
Просмотров: 136 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - большевистская революция
Read Description: Music was created by me, It's been too long a wait, and since I can't get monitors to re-master the song properly well might as well leave it as it is. Want a free download Just message me.
Просмотров: 134 Christian Sanchez
Had to record the marching band
A a home game Hinsdale South. I just had to record there Band playing for fun
Просмотров: 324 Christian Sanchez
Maple leaf Rag Piano
This is not the complete track. I wasn't able to learn the whole song because where i learned it from, it didn't have the whole song just some made up ending :D stupid keyboard don't give you all the song, and NOTE: I can't read music xD
Просмотров: 125 Christian Sanchez
Djembe impro
Just testing the audio on the camera, to see on how good it can catch the bass of the Djembe.
Просмотров: 111 Christian Sanchez
Improvised (overtone) flute
I wouldn't call it no where near the traditional way of an overtone flute but I couldn't sleep when I saw a video on a overtone flute, I kept wanting to do it, so the next day I grabbed what i had in the house, and tried my best to do it. the original overtone flutes aren't played with a hose attachment.
Просмотров: 221 Christian Sanchez
Hooverphonic 2Wicky
A music video I did for my video class.
Просмотров: 131 Christian Sanchez
I saw that there was an extra pvc, and a joint to connect them. I decided to try it out and see how manny different toots i can get out of it. I mest up quiet often because i wasn't use to that one. all that playing was just recorded in one shot in the first time, so i didn't think of what to play it just came up to me. sorry the video quality is bad :/ i'll try to get a better camera soon.
Просмотров: 191 Christian Sanchez
Flying A Cessna
First time flying a Cessna. It felt exhilarating going down on a vertical drop roller coaster, yet I was in a plane taking off! I wasn't able to get the audio right. The Gopro studio software was hard to work with. hours of footage, this would be the shortest I would cut. Music is by Sigur Rós. songs - Við spilum endalaust, Gobbledigook,Inní mér syngur vitleysingur. Enjoy
Просмотров: 50 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Power Rangers Re-Unite
When I was young creating this song was a bit too Evil. I don't know why, but besides the Russian's staying near Kremlin and Volga and being such idiots; I then I tried ignoring the evil satanic stuff in it. Since I know the Power Rangers fight off Evil, and monsters. I can say this song carries the Power Rangers trying to fight off that evil song :D You see them Power rangers have to Re-unite to fight them monsters. Well I hope you like the song NOTE: all songs that I've posted are un-mastered sorry about that. cheers
Просмотров: 80 Christian Sanchez
Parkour With A Touch Of Freerunning
A Parkour video I made, because I felt like learning parkour for a reason :) a couple of shots are freerunning. I believe ZK, and leonard were apart of that. other people that came out is Sano, Alejandro, and an awesome guy I met at the UIC Stego Jam, I didn't get his name..
Просмотров: 325 Christian Sanchez
A serious game of Go Fish: Suspense short film
Suspense.* A couple of weeks later in the film* Crazy ass girl being charged with first degree murder. She says she had nothing to do with the chemical added in the water. In fact she claims she wasn't even there. After a few months Judge Mathias decides to drop the case because he wishes to spend more time with his Woman. Police officers also decide to drop the case, because no one even knows a person named Sano, instead they decide to bring the "Chewbacca eating donuts" case back for investigation.
Просмотров: 145 Christian Sanchez
Native American Flute Drone D Improv
Here in my sisters abandon room. It provides an echo, which gave me a feeling to record this instrument. I basically wanted to test the audio quality this camera has to offer, and nothing else. I did not practice for this, but I should learn a song with this flute. This instrument is created by Richard Maynard. None of his work is mass produced. ( Laughing Crow )
Просмотров: 69 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Schizophrenic
Message for a free download. Song created by me once again. I just felt like making another industrial song for the people that are one some insane style. I hope you like it, and hope your not living with schizophrenia Cheers
Просмотров: 132 Christian Sanchez
Chicago Air and Water Show 2011
An event taken place at the Chicago beach. Good weather plus a tremendous crowd of people enjoying the Air and water show. Song is owned by "Troy" song name "3200 years ago."
Просмотров: 123 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Noir
Просмотров: 51 Christian Sanchez
Skiing Cameraman Fired!
It was my first day to ski and I always wanted to make a video while going down the mountain. Its not the best video but it's good enough. Next time I'll try to have the " GoPro" camera/s to get a better quality and better footage of the video.
Просмотров: 101 Christian Sanchez
I need a job - Comedy
*** Its Original *** A comedy, about a desperate boy looking for a job. Sister talk to him about a boy she knows that haves a job, and all he does is mess around and gets paid a serious amount of cash per week. She just describes what he usually does on a regular basis. Many of the video shots were removed, because it was inappropriate for a character to use the word " ass " in the video; or a character slap the other character in the face etc... None of the videos were offensive and acceptable were pretty much acceptable to all audience, its just that the teacher did not allow it. all video, music is original work.
Просмотров: 90 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body ( Industrial Album)
This album will be released as soon as Christian saves up enough money for studio monitors :) that way these songs can be re-mastered.
Просмотров: 83 Christian Sanchez
Adèle and Human kid
10 shot video ( English Subtitles)
Просмотров: 77 Christian Sanchez
Cross cutting example.
This is a Cross Cutting example done in my first year of taking a Video class. brief summary. Sister feels like going to the store, and asks her sister if she wants anything. She wants chips she goes get them as she goes shopping. Her sister that is at home accidentally breaks something shy tries cleaning it up before her sister gets home. She gets away with the mess she created. she received her bag of chips at the end. The end
Просмотров: 3894 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Master
Sad Ana
Просмотров: 63 Christian Sanchez
Parkour - I believe I can fly
a reenactment
Просмотров: 407 Christian Sanchez
Gun range
Просмотров: 19 Christian Sanchez
Soccer - Go ahead and play
Просмотров: 39 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Depleted Uranium
Old dirty industrial song.
Просмотров: 52 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - PinPelota
My first Industrial song ever recorded
Просмотров: 12 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Lost Connection
A plain out industrial, song. I should of added lyrics for this song. Maybe in the future I will add lyrics.
Просмотров: 23 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Fabuloso
An Industrial song I did a long time ago.
Просмотров: 51 Christian Sanchez
Pillnitz Castle in 4K
Just a full spin outside the Pillnitz castle. I was using the Gopro Hero 4 Black version to capture the footage. As well as the EVO SS stabilizer. 4K recording at 30fps.
Просмотров: 14 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Movimentar O Corpo
Просмотров: 53 Christian Sanchez
tocando el intro de Hit the Road Jack jeje
Просмотров: 22 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Pat2lan
Просмотров: 32 Christian Sanchez
Udu (second made)
This Udu was recorded when it was bisque ware then recorded when it was Glaze ware; This is a test on how the sound changes when it gets fired twice. And yes its for Sale * ask for price*
Просмотров: 66 Christian Sanchez
Depleted Body - Alien Space ( Synthesizer noise )
A very old track I worked on. Just used Synthesizers for everything. Reminds me of emptiness
Просмотров: 50 Christian Sanchez