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1973 MGB silent running
Many owners falsely believe that in order to have a properly running MGB that it must sound like a Singer sewing machine with the valves clicking and clacking away. Mine is dead silent. Other than normal engine valve train noise, there's just the fan and carbs sucking air. With the hood closed you can barely hear it from 5'. Runs like a scaled cat(no cats were harmed in the production of this video) and gets 27MPG on average. Valves were set at .011" which is .002" under spec on a stock cam. Absolutely no issues with this and anyone who tells otherwise is wrong. Myth=Busted!
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1973 MGB Cylinder Head Start-up
I had to replace my cylinder head. Bought new intake/exhaust valves, Bronze guides and new springs. Had hardened seats installed and the head re-surfaced. I also did some polishing inside the combustion chambers to remove some of the casting that retains carbon deposits. Really turned out well. The "blind" drilled hole for the rocker supply was exposed after skimming...but because the Payen head gasket has a silicone coating, it will simply seal it up when it's compressed. I usually "test" each carb individually when I'm tuning. It really gives me a good idea that they are indeed "synched" and running in an almost identical manner. Along with the use of a "Uni-Syn" and reading the plugs...my method works pretty well with these older SU-HIF carbs. After I get 5-6 drive cycles, I'll pull the valve cover and re-torque the head to 56lbs and the rockers to 30lbs. I'll also reset the valves as they tend to change slightly while the head gasket settles/compresses and the valves seat into their permanent depth after a hundred miles or so of driving. Hey...it's my first video posted.
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