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Chatel Mountain Style 2010
FMB World Tour slopestyle contest which is getting every year bigger and bigger. Thanks to the good atmosphere unfortunately this year the few riders did only one run because of the rain. Enjoy it!
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Boston City Massachusetts
Boston MA, 2 days walking around in the cold and finally edited this footage for my girlfriend to remember the time she spends for her study at MIT.
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Berlin City Germany
Berlin city tour in 2 days.
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4x Challenge Snowbike
4X Challenge is a Swiss 4X snowbike race which take place in Anzère and Leysin. This video included the 2010 race of Anzère as well as the best of the first edition in Leysin 2008. Sorry for the sound track, but believerecords sucks...
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Aletsch Glacier - Enduro Mountainbike
Riding and discovering the Glacier of Aletsch in Switzerland.
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4x Snowbike - 4x Challenge
Enjoy oldschool snowbike but this time in the snowpark of Leysin.
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Chatel Mountain Style
Enjoy the unofficial video from the 2009 Châtel Mountain Style event.
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Stockholm City Sweden
A 3 days trip accros Stockholm with folksong tratitional sweden music
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The brazilian - col de Cou (VS)
Col de Cou (VS) also named the Brazilian, raw footage no editing, July 2013. Not enough battery to record the whole track and images were really shaky on this bike!
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Col de Fenestral - Fully (VS) - Vertical ride!
Alpine enduro in the Alps starting from Col de Fenestral at 2453m down to Fully bleow 500m. This track is a bit hardcore at the end thereof I recommend to take alternative single from Portail de Fully. Enjoy the vertical part at: 7:25
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Col de la Forcla - Mountainbike
Mountain biking through the Forcla pass in the swiss alps next to Chamoson. All images have been taken between 2700m and 2000m. Enjoy this rocky ride!
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Canyon Strive Shapeshifter - bleeding - IFP position
The purpose of the video is to explain how to quickly remove all air inside the Shapeshifter (SS) by moving both way the internal piston (IFP) and re positioning it correctly for assembly (DH mode and piston fully pressed in with oil pressure). This SS made 3 seasons and I performed on year 2 + 3. I do recommend leaving little oil in the air can. When storing the bike for a long period of time remove air in the can. (in any case air pressure need to be checked: air shock, SS, tires). Bleed the SS after winter season. Canyon charges EUR 50 for a seal replacement.
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Glacier Bike Downhill Saas Fee 2016 #100
In survival mode despite an exploded ligament ACL a week ago... Floppy knee...
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Dynamo hub shimano maintenance
The purpose of this tuto is to show that you can perform maintenance on both bearing side altough it is not written in shimano's manual. At that time I found nothing about it on the web this is why I want to share my experience. This video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXptXRqxj9c show you how to disassemble the connectors (mine were broken with rust...) so do it carefully. After 4 years, I'm still riding it and it seems grease is still inside. For more DIY tips visit: www.drbike.blogspot.com
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Mayens de Chamoson
Ride from Mayens de Chamoson to Chamoson.
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Col de cou (VS) - The brazilian trail
Brazilian trail is an easy one you can do within 3 hours or longer if you don't take all lifts. The good side is you can have 2000m of single track down to the valley in less than an hour :-)
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Glacier Bike Downhill Saas-Fee 2014 11th
Not the best result or the best video, but a lot of fun. Camera in tire may not be the best spot view to record crash, but at least you see it is not completely flat!
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Glacierbike Bike Downhill Saas-Fee 2012 9th
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Autumn Ride - Chamozentse
Freeride Enduro Ovronnaz Chamoson
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Cabane Rambert - Col de Forcle - Fully
Epic ride as we love them: Nice people - Astonished view - Few crashes - Just a couple of beers
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Manitou front suspension after work - crash test
How to pee a Manitou fork?
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Genko freeride 2011
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Dirt 2008 - Genko
Our new dirt spot next to Geneva.
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