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Manufacturing Execution Systems
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Tata Technologies | “Our Employees, Our Brand”
Over the past 25 years, with engineering at its core Tata Technologies has grown from strength to strength with emphasis on strong values, customer focus culture and by empowering employees as brand ambassadors. Welcome to #LifeAtTataTech, a video campaign that captures the passion and excitement of employees connected to Tata Technologies. The video hovers around the experiences of 8 different employees who strongly believe in the organization’s fabric and speak for 8000 employees who consider Tata Technologies as their own. Watch the thrill and excitement of #LifeAtTataTech here and socialize your views by Liking, Sharing and Commenting on the video. Also, subscribe to the Tata Technologies channel to receive updates on future stories lined up. Tata Technologies | “Our Employees, Our Brand”
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Tata Technologies - Engineering a better world
Watch how Tata Technologies takes on the challenges of tomorrow by providing cutting-edge solutions to engineer a better world.
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Who We Are
Tata Technologies corporate overview video
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Tata Technologies eMO - electric MObility study
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PLM Overview - Tata Technologies
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Tata Technologies - Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Tata Technologies | Make it real. Make it better. Introduction Effective adoption of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing can reduce manufacturing time and costs whilst maintaining product and part quality. This training programme covers the skills required by design engineers to meet the functional requirements of parts whist achieving maximum flexibility of tolerances for form, position and orientation, helping you to avoid scrap rates and re-work. Description This 2-part classroom-based training course goes beyond the FT&A workbench in CATIA. Part 1 introduces the theory of GD&T aligned with international ISO and ASME standards. Part 2 introduces application of GD&T in CATIA V5 through the 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation (FT&A) product and its usage in the creation of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). Audience Suitable for designers, mechanical or manufacturing engineers who will use FT&A in products design using CATIA V5 as a tool. Prerequisites CATIA V5 Fundamentals Duration 2 Days Delivery Our training courses run regularly at our dedicated training centres and are taught by our Dassault Systèmes accredited instructors all of whom have real-world design engineering experience. They can be run face-to-face at our premises, on-site at yours, on-line or through instructor-led distance learning to suit the needs of your business and your learners.
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Tata Technologies  - electric MObility Commercial Study (EV)
Video showing innovation and practicality of our EV delivery vehicle design. eMO and eMO-C, it's commercial variant, are Tata Technologies internal engineering studies, both of which would require some further development to go forward for production. They are meant to showcase the company's full-vehicle capabilities; from market study to manufacturing solutions. There are currently no plans for production of these engineering studies. As part of the both studies, however, Tata Technologies engineered a manufacturing solution and completed an assembly plant study to support eMO and eMO-C.
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Tata Technologies’ Connected Enterprise IT Solutions
Watch how Tata Technologies helps manufacturers take a digital leap with our comprehensive Connected Enterprise IT solutions
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Manufacturing Engineering Overview
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Automotive Lightweighting Solutions by Tata Technologies
Helping the world make mobility lighter
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Tata Technologies' Solutions for Connected Cars
Helping the world to connect on the go
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Autodesk Success Story:  Fori Automation
Autodesk customer success story now live on Tata Technologies' YouTube Channel -- Our featured customer Fori Automation is a global producer of conveyor systems to automotive manufacturers worldwide. Video demonstrates the actual value brought by Autodesk Product Design Suite, Inventor, and Simulation solutions as endorsed by Fori; and accolades on our expertise and Autodesk's. Highlights include 2D to 3D versatility, Catia compatibility, 3-D modeling, concept to final design, Simulation & FEA, Vault storage, and other features of Autodesk PRDS directly benefitting Fori Automation's designs, products, and business.
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What is PLM?
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Tata Technologies- Helping the World to Fly
Get a glimpse into how our solutions in aerospace sector make 'flying' an experience to remember.
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Youth STEM workshop at Tata Technologies
Students from Detroit's Clark Preparatory Academy visit Tata Technologies North America to learn about automotive design and engineering as part of the Company's STEM youth literacy program.
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Product Analytics
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Tata Technologies- Helping the World to Build, Farm and Mine
See how our solutions reshape product development for Industrial and Heavy Machinery.
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Solving the engineering skills shortage
Tata Technologies Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Richard Welford outlines a solution to the worldwide engineering skills shortage.
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OEM-C HQ - OEM Automotive Supplier Compliance Help
Call Tata Technologies OEM Compliance Headquarters at 1-877-668-8282 Finding the answers to questions about automotive OEM supplier software requirements, regardless of the OEM, can be difficult and confusing. Identifying and implementing the appropriate software upgrades can feel like taking a test you weren’t made aware of in advance. Tata Technologies has all the answers OEM suppliers seek and the capabilities to help identify new software requirements, implement upgrades, and migrate and translate data. Tata Technologies can help anyone from would-be suppliers interested in beginning new projects to suppliers working with the same OEM for years, as well as provide any necessary training and follow-up support.
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Tata Technologies’ Solutions for the Industrial Heavy Machinery Industry
Watch how Tata Technologies’ solutions help the world to build the machines of tomorrow.
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Tata Technologies CATIA Sheet Metal Design
CATIA, CATIA Sheetmetal Design, Tata Technologies, Sheetmetal, Sheet metal
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Skills Gap Analysis
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2017 05 17 14 06 Traceability and Real Time Visibility   Providing Better Visibility Into Manufactur
Traceability and Real Time Visibility Providing Better Visibility Into Manufacturiing
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Outsource Detroit - Tata Technologies
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First adopters: Teamcenter in the cloud
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Laser Projection
CATIA V.5 Laser Projection Demonstration
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Realizing your product development performance potential: 5 metrics for change
Tata Technologies has teamed up with CIMdata to present “Realizing Your Product Development Performance Potential: 5 Metrics for Change.” In this informative webinar, Tata Technologies Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) thought leaders Head PLM Strategy Consultant Lionel Grealou and PLM Consultant Chris Hind will be joined by CIMdata Vice President and Systems Engineering Lead John MacKrell in an intriguing discussion of five metrics for improving product development performance through a mature PLM strategy.
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Tata Technologies Become First Runner-ups at T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship Season 4
Watch Tata Technologies Team Motor Sports truck take on the tracks with unparalleled zeal and become the first runner-ups at T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship Season 4 @BICNoida
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PLM Analytics Process
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Inventor Detailing Model Annotations
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Non-Linear Simulation in CATIA
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Knowledge Solutions Overview
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Digital Engineering Benchmark
Does the organization struggle to produce CADs models? Is digital definition of product a problem? Is CAD development a bottleneck in your engineering process?
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Inventor Model Annotations
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First Global Challenge 2018 - Tata Technologies Sponsorship
We are proud to sponsor Team India at the FIRST Global Challenge 2018. More than 2,500 young people from 192 countries are taking part in the event which this year is being hosted in Mexico. Teams will build and program a robot in a series of challenges based around a central theme, this year's theme being 'Energy Impact'. Read the press release here: https://bit.ly/2vNsfI1 Team India: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuFBjVAdccEHVlbbRWzlWQ First Global Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTSVzV2M_ZH-dY1yAz5fiZw #fgc2018
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Quality Assurance - Tata Technologies
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MES Analytics Benchmark
Do you need to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations with the latest technology?
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Tata Technologies - Intelligently Different Industrial Machinery Engineering
Tata Technologies | Make it real. Make it better. We are a global organisation of over 7,500 passionate engineers and professionals. The global population is demanding and consuming more products than ever before in the history of our planet. This in turn is pushing manufacturing industries to cut product development cycles to meet that demand, stay ahead of the competition and survive. At Tata Technologies we provide a three-fold solution to this ongoing engineering problem for a market that is demanding ‘more products’, ‘faster than ever’ and ‘better than before’. Capacity to Create - Providing the capacity to create and innovate in a globally distributed model Process to Create - Engineering programme and process optimisation Connected Enterprise Solutions - End-to-end manufacturing lifecycle management Making product development dreams a reality since 1989. Intelligently different… Tata Technologies | Make it real. Make it better. www.tatatechnologies.co.uk (Europe) www.tatatechnologies.com (North America) http://www.tatatechnologies.co.in (Asia Pacific)
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PLM Analytics Process
Our phased and deliberate methodology eliminates inconsistencies and provides assurance along the way that targeted benefits will be achieved. We benchmark a manufacturer’s PLM against market-leading practices, which we have cataloged over the course of more than 250 PLM optimizations for global manufacturers. Considering the complexity of the typical PLM design, Tata Technologies’ structured and well-defined assessment provides an expeditious route to a realistic maturity level.
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Amity University partners with Tata Technologies
The most unique Academia-Industry collaboration to prepare future-ready engineers. Amity and Tata Technologies launch - Amity Institute of Technology, A Joint Initiative with Tata Technologies as its industry partner. Transforming education through Industry-led Academic Institutions.
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Tata Technologies & Athletes for Charity
Tata Technologies & Athletes for Charity visited Clark Prep Academy’s 5th grade classes
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PLM Analytics Results
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2016 08 04 10 01 Embrace Manufacturing Transformation
Webcast covering Manufacturing Operations Management, and in particular Manufacturing Execution Systems
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