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How to write a good essay
How to write an essay- brief essays and use the principles to expand to longer essays/ even a thesis you might also wish to check the video on Interview technique (now on this channel too!)
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Plato's cave analysis
How to understand Plato. Animated analysis of Plato's cave in Book 7 of THE REPUBLIC with reference to the Meno (anamnesis and the discussion on the difference between true belief and true knowledge); the theory of forms. Other films in the series to be posted.
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philosophy introduction
introduction to philosophy course
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plato's cave - Tim's quick guide
what does Plato say in Book 7 of the Republic, details about the difference between True belief and True Knowledge in the Meno and the story of the slave boy in the Meno and Anamnesis zontulfilms.com
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how to write an excellent essay!
this focuses only on "how to write an essay" (and is aimed at University level students and 6th formers) and the issue of "quotations" will be dealt with in another programme. It looks in detail at planning and the importance of what I have called "the crunch"
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How to be Boss: what Plato says
"How to be Boss" How Plato works in practice
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How to write an essay
how to write an essay and how to use quotations
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Wordsworth daffodils by TIM wilson
Wordsworth "I wandered lonely as a cloud" recitation and quick analysis music ©Juststeve Video: ©2017 Zontul films Ltd made for the Phonetics dept, Moscow State Pedagogic University Московский педагогический государственный университет
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a poem by stephen spender, talk by Tim Wilson, Music bySteve ©2017
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exam tips by TIM
a list of basic exam revision tips
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lesson 3 perfect revised
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Delaney's donkey sung by Tim Wilson, music: Paul Murphy animation and visuals Tim Wilson for Zontul Films Ltd
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philosophy of God part 1
Does God exist? Analysis of the first three ways of Aquinas... more to follow Spoiler: I think the first three ways fail but I also find them fascinating! This is a summary of what they say and some of the arguments used to explain why they might not fully succeed...
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poetry by TIM tennyson
Break Break Break recitation and quick analysis music ©Juststeve Video: ©2017 Zontul films Ltd made for the Phonetics dept, Moscow State Pedagogic University Московский педагогический государственный университет
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les contes d'hoffmann analysis
quick analysis of the opera by Offenbach and the texts on which it is based. A quick summary of the reconstruction of the opera in the last 40 years
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teaching 01
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introduction to theology
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How to write a thesis statement by Tim
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Part 2 Gay- is Paul really homophobic?
Looking at Romans 1:26-27. Two approaches to this text (more to come)
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History of the Music Hall by TIM WILSON ("the best short history of the Music hall")
history of the music hall and of the song Burlington Bertie from Bow ("the best short history of the Music hall" Richard Hering +VistonOntv) by Tim Wilson for ©ZONTUL FILMS Ltd 2015 Music by David Watson (Kanon Editions) ©2015
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owl&Pussycat with analysis by tim
Edward Lear poem with some storyboards and analysis music by David Watson
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animation history
a talk about the early history of animation and some philosophical observations- for example, heraklitus and parmenides quoted in Disney and 20th century Fox
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interview skills
improve your interview skills: how to prepare for university interviews.
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tim on bullying
analysis of bullying in school and the office -suggestions about what to do
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full gettier summary by TIm
apologies for glitches in the film: I will post a better copy later. This is really a resource with details of the various Gettier counter-examples it is worth noting the problems: falsehood, the lottery paradox, accident or luck, contexuralism and simply the linguistic issues surrounding our use of the word "knowledge". Wittgenstein particularly suggest that our concept of knowledge varies according to the differing ways we are using the word. also check my video in the cave for more details of the Daedalus' moving-statue myth from the MENO.
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the history of the toilet/lavatory (essay example)
an essay on the toilet- history and example of how to structure an essay using 5 paragraphs the toilet is the most important invention of the modern era. discuss
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al jolson song by TIM
Analysis of song by Tim part of the Music hall series
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"Daventry Calling"
a walk in Daventry and reflections on the BBC and development of Radar on Borough hill nearby Animation Tim Wilson Backgrounds Tim Wilson and Necati Zontul Camera Necati Zontul Music Alastair Putt from "A torture Cartoon" (Zontul Films) voice over by Tim Wilson
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latest smyrna film with sound
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"trial by jury" piano overture
this is rough animation to a piano track of the overture of "Trial by Jury." piano by David Watson for kanon editions, animation by Tim Wilson for Zontul Films Ltd
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tim on power and plato
a few thoughts about the acquisition and the effective use of power by our various leaders- throughout society. Plato had it all sewn up, but reference here also to Pope John Paul I (1978)
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a talk about Presidential Democracy in Turkey
A talk for a conference in Ankara on 16th July On the morning before the talk was due to be delivered, there was an attempted military coup by factions of the Turkish army. I have added a small introduction to place this talk in context.
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Gay: what would God say? Part 1. The Old Testament texts
Shedding some light on the Gay issue in the bible.... Analysis of the 6 texts used to condemn Homosexuality. "What does God say?" Here are the first 3 texts (in context) from the Old Testament. A comprehensive presentation of Christian interpretations as well as Jewish interpretations of these texts in the Talmud and modern rabbinic understanding of Homosexuality. Part 2 looks at the 3 texts in the New Testament and their interpretation. SPOILER: The film recognises that the Bible is used to support homophobia and prejudice against homosexuality and that many religions have used these texts to promote homophobia. It concludes, however, that the Old Testament prohibitions are ambiguous (at best), and that compassion and kindness dominate modern Orthodox Christian and Jewish understanding and practice (This has been made particularly clear by Pope Francis but also by Lord Jonathan Sacks). In some cases, religious leaders have gone beyond traditional readings of these texts and reason that the context of these verses makes any prohibition completely pointless. (There are some footnotes at the end of the film with more details on the views expressed by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and others)
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"the problem of evil" revision for GCSE and A Level
the problem of evil, the theodicies of Augustine and Irenaeus - an introduction and summary- for more detail, pause the video to read the "notes" and check the "footnotes" at the end.
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REVISE world war 1
a revision video about the aims and details of the Versailles Treaty following world war 1 ©tim wilson for Zontul Films Ltd music by Juststeve
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showreel stills tim
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lesson 7 english plurals part 1
lesson 7 in series on English grammar rules
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trial by jury 1
part 1 of storyboard for trial by jury. Gilbert and sullivan - dir: tim wilson very rough version at the moment, but some ideas developing
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bartolo aria (revised) from Figaro
Bartolo's aria from Figrao. This is a part of the storyboard for an animated treatment of the complete opera. You may need to know that in the overture, Bartolo is established as a character with a penchant for arson and Marchellina has left her home in bath in a hurry having read about the impending marriage in the paper. Bartolo is summoned to Castle Almaviva and here declares "vengeance". © zontulfilms 2014
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The Law of Manifestation vs the Law of Attraction
advert for the Orassy, by TIM Wilson
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full making of "how to be boss"
how we made "How to be Boss" some deleted scenes and some footage of animating the Turkey character analysis of the the "Plague Doctor" (deleted from finished film, and relevant because of a skimpy description of the same character in Dan Brown's book "Inferno"!) (How to be Boss: winner - best animation 2012, Reed)
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lear sequence SMYRNA update
a development and in colour of the Lear song- there was a young person of smyrna arr and composed by David Watson (Kanon orchestrations) vocals TIM wilson and Necati zontul animation by Tim
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Captain Cod
Introducing Captain Cod animation by TIM WILSON for Zontul Films Ltd ©2015 Music By David Watson © 2015
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tyger tyger by TIM
william blake poem and analysis
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full edward lear picture by tim again
My version of Edward Lear's sketch of what he thought was a "dancing floor" in 1848. In fact, it was the foundation for Küçüksu Kasri, an Ottoman palace on the Asian side of the Bosphoros, near Beykoz. It was later used in the Bond film "the world is not enough" as a location for Eletra's villa in Baku.
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john noakes tribute by TIM
A drawing of the old Blue Peter team by TIM Zontul films
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drawing the owl and pussycat
drawing the OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT. this is partly in response to a scurrilous Manga cartoon by Toshiko Hasumi that was used to criticise refugees from Syria and specifically a 6 year old girl called Judi photographed by Jonathan Hyams for "Save the Children". The image is therefore a MASCOT for refugees and is a way to correct the damage done by Hasumi. At the end, the japanese text on my image reads: "You don't have to be cute to need help" and "they did not choose to be victims of war, of prejudice, of abuse" Judi made no choice: she is a 6 year old girl who needs our help. We must respond to people in need. It is our moral duty. Illustrations TIM WILSON ©2015 Zontul Films Ltd Music David Watson for Kanon editions ©2015 Recorded at Shonk studio Oxford
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greek poem
a poem by Cavafis and my translation
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socrates and the cave
mostly a summary of the trial of Socrates and there is a revised and smaller version of my film about the cave at the end of the lesson!
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tim wilson on John the baptist
brief talk about John the baptist
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