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Off-Site Tape Vaulting
Reliable data protection has never been more essential For organizations using tape as a backup medium, data backup and vaulting are no longer the straightforward tasks they once were. Recent trends have created new requirements, risks and expectations: * Explosive data growth, combined with litigation and compliance pressures, requires that the data on backup tapes be easy to search and retrieve * The growth of identity theft and network intrusions has heightened the need for backed-up data to be secured during transit and in storage * Recent disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, remind us how important it is to protect backup media and rapidly recover data to support business continuity Secure your data off-site, offline and out of reach -- until you need it You can absolutely depend on Iron Mountain to secure your backup data and ensure quick recovery of your vital information in the event of a loss. We offer a range of off-site tape vaulting services to meet the diverse needs of data centers, distributed offices, and remote sites. Off-site Tape Vaulting services will help you to: * Access your data whenever and wherever you need it * Recover quickly following disasters and other disruptions * Help reduce the possibility of data losses, theft and business interruptions * Reduce compliance risks, enhance accountability with rapid data recovery * Use best practices for vaulting consistently across your organization * Reduce costs with a convenient managed service No company has more real experience under disaster conditions Iron Mountain has provided disaster recovery services to hundreds of customers. When all air traffic was grounded during 9/11, our truck fleet became a modern-day pony express, delivering vital customer records across North America. Before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, we were onsite with gulf coast customers, moving vital records out of harm's way. When the worst happens, you can count on us. The expertise to backup, archive and restore your data - like clockwork Iron Mountain provides highly secure facilities for both tape backup and archival purposes. We have our own secure transportation services, with rigorous chain-of-custody control for tapes in transit. While in storage, your tapes are protected in environmentally optimized vaults, yet available to you 24/7.
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Secure Shredding
Iron Mountain Secure Shredding services can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information disposal solution -- offsite or onsite. TRANSCRIPT For over 55 years Iron Mountain has helped organizations large and small to manage the risk and costs of records management while reducing complexity. We understand the value of your information, as well as the challenges you face managing it. Our 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 37 countries across 5 continents. We service over 100,000 organizations ranging from global industry leaders to local businesses, treating every client's information as if it were our own. Our portfolio of services is the largest in our industry. services that are designed to complement your policies and function as a seamless extension of your organization the physical design of our facilities along with the most comprehensive security programs, inventory control, and integrity systems in the industry served to protect the information you entrust with us. Improper information destruction and disposal represent a major risk for businesses today. Many federal and state laws require companies to securely destroy confidential or personally identifiable information. The proper steps must be taken to ensure that information intended for disposal is securely and permanently destroyed to an unreadable non-recoverable form. Iron Mountain's secure shredding is a simple cost-effective way to reduce your exposure to risk and protect your company's reputation. More than 73,000 customers throughout North America rely on Iron Mountain's secure shredding services. We shred over 40,000 pounds of material per month throughout our network of secure shredding facilities and our recycling efforts helped save over 4 million trees every year. Security is a way of life at Iron Mountain. As a result we have developed the InControl secure transportation platform. InControl protects your information while in transit with patent-pending security, real time tracking and an auditable chain of custody. Let's go inside Iron Mountain to see how it all works. We place locked collection containers at strategic locations throughout your offices. We also provide customer communication and education tools to help raise employee awareness and promote adoption. Each container, whether a shredding bin or console, has a unique bar code that it scanned when it is serviced by our driver. Using a real time wireless scanner, the driver captures and records service information. To signify and confirm materials transferred to Iron Mountain custody, the driver collects your electronic signature. This electronic signature becomes part of a verifiable audit trail that is transmitted in real time to Iron Mountain using wireless technology....
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Records Management
The business records environment is growing exponentially with millions of new paper documents and electronic records being created every day - all of which must be managed with the following in mind: * Compliance and Legal Exposure * Privacy & Security * Disaster Recovery * Access to Information * Cost Control * Space Restrictions Iron Mountain's wide range of outsourced services and solutions address the challenges of Records Management and help businesses control costs, reduce risks, improve access, and protect information. With over 55 years of expertise and unmatched resources, Iron Mountain provides Records Management solutions - for all media and formats, including paper, tape, film and digital to over 80% of the FTSE 100. Iron Mountain is the global leader in information protection and storage, serving over 90,000 organisations in 26 countries.
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Iron Mountain Cloud Services
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Iron Mountain - Overview
In one brilliant moment... a single idea becomes a viable business solution. The idea is embraced by colleagues... then documented... duplicated... and shared. This information expansion comes with a unique set of risks, costs, and rewards... and no one knows the value and complexity of information management better than Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain provides an information advantage ...with information management services that reduce risks and costs, while helping you realize greater value from the information you have... managed with confidence on your site, at ours, or in our cloud. Knowing what you have, and what you need to know... ...in every form, and with complete visibility and access...is critical to your success. Enjoy the peace of mind you get... when you partner with a company that values your information...as much as you do. Trust Iron Mountain...managing information and ideas since 1951.
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Health Information Services
Over the last 20 years, Iron Mountain has served more than 45,000 healthcare customers in North America, including over 2,000 hospitals. We provide comprehensive health information management services that allow you to focus on patient care, transition to electronic health records, and pursue other revenue-generating activities.
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Iron Mountain - Our Story
Discover the hidden heart of the Mountain. Our entire story in this 4 minutes video.
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Records Management and Storage
Business records hold tremendous operational, financial and legal value. However, they also generate risks, with cost and management challenges. Iron Mountain protects and stores more records for more customers than any other company in the world. Our comprehensive records management and storage solutions anticipate and address the needs of more than 120,000 customers of all sizes worldwide. Our Services empower them to manage rising storage, labor and administrative expenses while also applying a robust litigation-readiness focus to records management.
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Document Management Solutions
Document Management Solutions Store. Access. Manage. Can a single vendor provide the comprehensive, integrated paper and electronic information management services your company needs? When you choose Iron Mountains Document Management Solutions—the answer is yes.
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PROACTIVE PREPARATION - Managing your company's information
What a 7-year-old's toy room can teach you about proactive information management Watch this video to see our new way of looking at it.
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Document Management Solutions
Only a small subset of business documents require frequent access; however, fast, reliable access to these most active documents is critical to delivering quality service. For many organizations, document management is fragmented, inefficient, and costly - involving a mix of paper and electronic records; active and rarely accessed documents; onsite and offsite storage; and multiple vendors. With Iron Mountain Document Management Solutions include options for managing active file rooms, document scanning and indexing, as well as a hosted repository, so that you'll have complete visibility and quick access to your most active business records.
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Iron Mountain's InControl Solution is protecting your information in transit through*: Prevention: Vehicles in our fleet are outfitted with patent-pending innovations in security technology. These include compartmentalized cargo areas protected by patented locking mechanisms, vehicle alarm systems that feature driver proximity controls, dual key ignition immobilizers, and in-motion security detection. For additional quality, we perform employee screenings and background checks, as well as employ standard procedures to deliver consistent service. Early Detection and Correction: Wireless scanning technology protocols serve as an effective foundation for chain-of-custody but should a breakdown occur, InControl can quickly go back and fix any problem. Proof: As information is routed through our delivery platform, Iron Mountain's InControl technology keeps a real-time audit trail to document each transaction. And for further accountability, InControl keeps a delivery audit trail with electronic signatures and automated email service confirmation receipts for orders placed via Iron Mountain Connect. Watch an audio presentation which delves into the features and benefits of InControl, our in-transit security platform.
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Iron Mountain - Records Management Storage
You need off-site records storage that's cost effective, convenient... and most importantly, easy to use. Businesses just like yours trust the Records Storage solutions of Iron Mountain. Why Iron Mountain? Tens of thousands of small and mid-size businesses across the country, including peers in your area, choose our information management solutions... ... because we make it easy. With over 50 years of experience in secure off-site records storage, we know how to simplify the process. One...you pack it. Prepare and package your records in archival storage boxes. Two...we pick it up. One of our vehicles arrives to pick up your records... and securely transports them to an Iron Mountain facility. Three...we store it. Your records are logged and protected in cost-effective, long-term storage. Four...we give it back. Iron Mountain makes getting your information back as easy as ordering a book online. With our fast, efficient "anytime" access, you can have your records returned when you need them. Choose Iron Mountain for your records storage solution...a trusted information management partner since 1951. We value your information as much as you do.
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Meet Peter, a COO
Peter wants to show you how business process changes can help your company achieve an information advantage through increased efficiency, reduced costs, better productivity and minimized risk.
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Iron Mountain Opens Special Storage Facilities
Commitment to compliance: Iron Mountain opens federal record facilities In anticipation of the Oct. 1 deadline, Iron Mountain employed third-party, multi-disciplinary engineering teams to work with NARA to understand the requirements of CFR compliance. Iron Mountain then used these teams to design, build and audit each of its federal records facilities to ensure continuity of architectural design, building construction and final inspection. Each facility was thoroughly inspected by an independent engineering firm and certified as CFR compliant, allowing Iron Mountain to provide clients with proof of compliance and ultimately peace of mind that their federal records are being stored in a CFR-compliant Federal Records Center. Iron Mountain has made significant investments in the infrastructure and systems of these facilities to ensure they meet or, in some cases, even exceed CFR requirements. Iron Mountain sited and built its four federal records facilities based on hundreds of criteria related to security, topography considerations like the location of flood plains, fire protection, disaster recovery and environmental controls like air quality. The facilities include: Stringent security protocols, such as perimeter fencing, so-called man and vehicle traps, motion sensors, closed-circuit television and restricted security card access; Advanced fire suppression systems featuring three-hour, fire-resistant walls; patent-pending, roof-support structures for independent storage chambers; and advanced smoke detection systems capable of detecting smoke before its visible to the human eye; Protective environmental controls, including double-piped, water-supply systems to prevent leaks and mold-protection ventilation systems in each storage chamber; Key facility protocols for redundant power sources, rerouting of fuel lines to the exterior of the facility, and horsepower limits on any equipment within a storage area.
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Iron Mountain Discovery - Transform, Automate and Integrate
Transform, Automate and Integrate with Iron Mountain's Enterprise Discovery Suite Listen to the beat and learn how Iron Mountain's Enterprise Discovery Suite can transform your company's governance and discovery efforts from a complicated business challenge into a consistent business process.
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Unifying Records Management  Bridging the Physical and Digital Divide (part 1)
Kurt Thies, Vice President, Iron Mountain Hear how the integration of IBM® FileNet® Records Manager with Iron Mountains Accutrac® creates a common view into all of your records both physical and electronic so they can be consistently and accurately managed in accordance with policies.
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Vital Record Center
Vital records are those that are critical to your organization and generally need long-term preservation. These records have intrinsic legal, historical, or intellectual property value - like records of incorporation, titles, contracts, and cultural artifacts. When stored properly, the life of these vital records is extended, protecting your organization. Stored improperly, you may be exposing your organization to such risks as non-compliance, loss of asset value, and high restoration and duplications costs.
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A Corporate Overview of Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain helps you store and manage your paper and electronic records, healthcare patient files, even film and sound assets. Trust Iron Mountain to turn records storage into compliant records management programs designed to provide security, accessibility and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Jim Cuff, vice president, Iron Mountain Digital live at ARMA 2009
Jim Cuff, vice president, Iron Mountain Digital, discusses the benefits of Iron Mountains new developer program. Developers can now leverage the security and scalability of Iron Mountains Storage-as-a-Service model to allow their users to reduce the risk, cost and complexity of managing their digital information. Visit the http://developer.ironmountain.com
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Iron Mountain - Secure Shredding
You're in charge of managing your department's growth... ...and the growth of sensitive and confidential information that comes with it. You can't afford to expose private records... ...or expose your company to the ever-changing laws and regulations mandating information privacy and disposal. Before you dedicate internal staffing and budget... VO: ...evaluate the secure, compliant and cost-effective approach of Iron Mountain's Secure Shredding solutions. Our NAID certified, environmentally responsible shredding services... ...offer complete chain of custody and reporting verification. Let the experience of Iron Mountain save you time, money and resources... ...and provide peace of mind knowing that you're protecting your sensitive information and your company's reputation. Choose Iron Mountain for your secure shredding solution...a trusted information management partner since 1951.
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Bob Brennan, Iron Mountain CEO
Bob Brennan, Iron Mountain CEO, talk about strategies for reducing cost and risk associated with information protection and storage
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John Clancy, Iron Mountain Digital, talk about Storage-as-a-Service best practice checkpoints to ensure your data is in the right hands.
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Iron Mountain - Document Management Solutions
Your job requires that you balance ideas...and information. As information grows, managing it can become time consuming...and a full-time job. Keeping track of all your company's physical records, with access on demand... is becoming a business critical function...and critical to your success. Partner with Iron Mountain, and we can create and manage a custom, integrated solution from our suite of document management services... that helps you understand what you have...what you need to know...and provides access in any form, wherever it's stored. Converting your physical records to digital will allow you to retrieve and evaluate your information fast enough to make the right decisions... and with the peace of mind knowing you're compliant and protected. Choose Iron Mountain for your document management solutions...a trusted information management partner since 1951. We value your information as much as you do.
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Know What You Have®: eDiscovery and Information Management (part 1)
David Bayer, Vice President, Marketing, Stratify, an Iron Mountain Company Gain insights into the key strategies, elements and technologies that help manage, analyze and review documents for internal investigations and litigation.
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Iron Mountain Secure Shredding
Secure Shredding Secure destruction of sensitive materials is essential today for organizations of all sizes. Choosing a firm you can trust is the most important step toward ensuring that the document destruction and shredding services you receive are not only secure and reliable, but convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well. That's why you should turn to Iron Mountain for your information destruction needs.
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How to Optimize Your Records Management Program
Donna Houk, Director, Enterprise Accounts, Iron Mountain Pick up records management program tips and tricks that have worked their way into proven best practices.
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Email Management Strategies (part 1)
Jim Cuff, Vice President, Strategy, Iron Mountain Digital Discover how to gain operational efficiencies and reduce costs while addressing email security, continuity, and archiving, including retention policy control, search/retrieval and legal/regulatory compliance.
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Scanning & Document Imaging
Everyone knows the world is evolving from physical to digital documents; but which documents should you convert to yield the greatest benefits from a document lifecycle point of view? And what is the most cost-effective and efficient route? Document Conversion Services will streamline your organization's ability to store, access and manage documents, while cutting costs and stress. Our solution allows you to scan and digitize new information, convert pre-existing documents to digital formats and archive everything in a way that maximizes your ability to store and access the information you need—without compromising your budget in the process.
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Solutions de gestion des documents
Suivez les problématiques quotidiennes d'un client typique Iron Mountain face à ses problèmes de gestion de documents. Découvrez comment combler le fossé qui sépare les données physiques des données numériques.
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JFK Digital Archive
Iron Mountain proud to have helped the JFK Library create the first online presidential archive
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Small & Medium Businesses
Your business success and longevity rely on the integrity of your data and information. Most small and medium-sized businesses continue to labor with traditional backup processes such as data replication or mirroring, tape, disk, or other removable media. These data backup and recovery methods can be complex and time consuming - particularly for businesses with limited IT resources. Data loss, whether from human error, virus or natural disaster, can seriously impact your business. If disaster strikes, you need to restore your data quickly so you can proceed with business as usual. Thousands of small- to mid-sized customers already depend on Iron Mountain's award-winning LiveVault server backup and recovery service to keep data safe. LiveVault lets you move data to a secure, offsite Iron Mountain underground facility for disaster recovery, protects your business from the liabilities associated with data protection, and provides up-to-the minute backups - freeing up your IT resources to focus on your business, not your backups.
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Lösungen für das Dokumentenmanagement
Verfolgen Sie typische tägliche Problemen mit denen unsere Kunden zu kämpfen haben und wie Iron Mountain ihnen dabei hilft die Kluft zwischen physischen und digitalen Dokumente zu schliessen.
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Information Economics Overview Video
Information Economics will help you find the value in your information without losing sight of risk and cost. Our video tells you why information is getting harder and harder to manage.
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The Future of RIM Part 1
Best-selling author and futurist Geoffrey Moore explores the distinction between Community Content Management and Enterprise Content Management — and why Records Managers should care.
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Iron Mountain Classify & Collect
In todays world, litigation is inevitable. Your best advantage is how proactive you areso when youre faced with Litigation Discovery, youre prepared. Data has a way ofpiling up on you all across your enterprise at any given moment, do you know what you have and where you can find it? Iron Mountains Connected® Classify & Collect can put you in control, taking you to the edge of the network and back; searching your distributed mobile information to help you quickly find all relevant data across your laptops and desktops transforming PC data into visible searchable and usable information fast reducing the amount of data to be reviewed in eDiscovery matters and reducing your organizations risks associated with litigation, security, and compliance. Is your backup and recovery strategy eDiscovery defensible? Be proactive. Know what you haveat the edge of the networkwith Iron Mountains Connected® Classify & Collect.
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Cloud Storage for the Enterprise (part1)
Claire Lima, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Iron Mountain Digital Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about cloud computing including: What is cloud computing? How is cloud computing impacting storage? Are all clouds the same? What are the pros and cons of cloud computing?
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Iron Mountain's New Enterprise Discovery Suite
Join Iron Mountain experts as they discuss how automating and integrating governance and discovery processes can transform an organization.
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A Customer Case Study Video: Noridian Administrative Services
Noridian Administrative Services' Assistant Vice President of Facilities, Ken Roseth discusses their NARA compliance story and how they partnered with Iron Mountain to meet the challenge of 36 CFR Part 1234 compliance (updated from 36 CFR Part 1228, subpart K).
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Document Management Solution
Volg de dagelijkse problemen vanuit het perspectief van de klant als deze een oplossing zoekt bij Iron Mountain om zijn bedrijfsdocumenten te beheren en ontdek hoe DMS de gaten dicht tussen de fysieke en digitale documenten.
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Unifying Records Management  Bridging the Physical and Digital Divide (part 3)
Kurt Thies, Vice President, Iron Mountain Hear how the integration of IBM® FileNet® Records Manager with Iron Mountains Accutrac® creates a common view into all of your records both physical and electronic so they can be consistently and accurately managed in accordance with policies.
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The Promise of Information Management
The Promise of Information Management Iron Mountain Digital's Chief Marketing Officer, T.M. Ravi, explores the state of digital information in today's world.
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Data Protection
Data Protection and Recovery From Offsite Tape Vaulting, to Online Backup, to Disaster Recovery and Data Restoration, organizations of every size and sector trust Iron Mountain for data protection and recovery services. The reason: superior security benefits, reliability, better control over data and faster recovery from data losses, catastrophic data failures and disaster events.
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The Future of RIM Part 5
Geoffrey Moore offers his insights on whether Systems of Engagement will mean the end of Systems of Record.
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Can companies afford not to outsource?
John Clancy, Iron Mountain Digital, talk about strategies for reducing cost and risk associated with outsourcing your data protection and storage
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Unifying Records Management  Bridging the Physical and Digital Divide (part 2)
Kurt Thies, Vice President, Iron Mountain Hear how the integration of IBM® FileNet® Records Manager with Iron Mountains Accutrac® creates a common view into all of your records both physical and electronic so they can be consistently and accurately managed in accordance with policies.
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The Future of RIM Part 3
Geoffrey Moore details how the explosion of social media is changing the world of Records Management.
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The Future of RIM Part 4
Will the future bring a split between Enterprise Content Management and Community Content Management. Geoffrey Moore examines the changing role of Records Managers.
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