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Why Closing Techniques Won't Work by Sales Trainer Victor Antonio
Why Closing Techniques won't work in today's market. In this sales training workshop segment, sales trainer Victor Antonio discuss why cheap closing techniques in today's world won't work in all cases. He demonstrates sales case on studies to back up his claims. This segment is instructive for salespeople in direct selling, networking marketing, account executives or managers. For more information about Sales Influence or Sales Trainer Victor Antonio, go to www.SalesInfluence.com
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Sales Training - Motivating Complacent People to Buy - Sales Trainer Victor Antonio
Sales Training by Sales Trainer Victor Antonio. In this segment he discuss motivating people who are complacent to buy by making them constructively discontent. A new twist on influence and persuasion.
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Sales Training Video on Sales Basics by Trainer Victor Antonio
Sales Training Video | http://www.VictorAntonio.com | Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker Victor Antonio. Learn a few quick tips on how to persuade and influence your prospects when selling. Great tips for those in network marketing, and direct sales.
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Sales Training - Buyers are Liars
Sales Training Seminar by Victor Antonio, Sales Influence. Buyers often tend to lie a bit. In this sales seminars Victor talks about the motivation behind lying by omission.
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Sales Training - Introduction to Sales Influence by Sales Trainer Victor Antonio p1
This sales training video is an introduction to Sales Influence and how it was developed by sales trainer Victor Antonio. The concept behind Sales Influence is not so much on selling, but on how people make buying decisions. Great intro to influence and persuasion for salespeople in network marketing, direct sales, account manager, sales executives.
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Sales Training - Reducing Price Anxiety With an Audience, Sales Trainer Victor Antonio - p2
Sales Trainer Victor Antonio demonstrates how you can reduce an audience's price anxiety in this Sales Training workshop. Victor focuses in on how people buy instead of how to sell. He specializes in influence and persuasion.
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