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Mercedes E55 AMG | 5 Interesting Facts (4K)
In this video I cover 5 cool/interesting things about the w211 Mercedes E55 AMG. Be sure to like and subscribe for more. Instagram: amg_meister
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E55 VS. E63 AMG | Which one to buy? (4K)
In this video I cover the pros/cons of each of the Mercedes-Benz W211 AMG eclass cars and will help guide you when choosing between the two cars on the used market. The E55 vs. E63 question is one of the most popular questions I get in the comments. The E55 AMG ran from 2003-2006 and the E63 went from 2007-2009.
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E55 AMG Maintenance and Reliability | My Experience (4K)
In this video I talk about the running costs of my 2004 E55 AMG over 2.5 years and 18,000 miles or 29,000km. Prices are in US dollars and the parts are mostly purchased from online stores in the US.
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E55 AMG | Problems To Look For + Buying Advice (4K)
This video review goes over some important things you should look out for when going to look at or test drive an E55 AMG. If you are interested in buying a used 2003-2006 W211 Mercedes E55 AMG, this video covers the important stuff you need to know on this e class.
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E55 AMG W211 Changes by Model Year (4K)
In this video I go over the differences between the model years of the w211 e55 AMG Mercedes. From 2003 to 2006 there were a variety of changes with the E55.
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Mercedes Benz GLK 350 Oil Change - Easy DIY
How to change the oil on a 2010-2015 Mercedes Benz GLK350 4matic. Watch in 1080p. The process is much the same for any Mercedes with the M272 3.5L V6 engine - e350, c350, etc. Filter used was Mann filter #0001802609.
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E55 AMG Options Guide (4K)
This video cover all of the optional extras on the W211 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. The E55 was offered with a surprising amount of optional extras.
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5 Things I Love About the E55 AMG (4K)
This is a video covering 5 of the things that I love about my w211 Mercedes E55 AMG. This car ran from 2003-2006 and it is one of the most popular cars among Mercedes enthusiasts. It was the smallest car to get the Supercharged V8 from AMG in North America.
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Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement DIY | Mercedes W211 E55 AMG
This DIY shows how to replace the brake rotors and pads on an E55 AMG w211 e-class Mercedes. In this brake change job I'm using Akebono ceramic EUR983 brake pads that help minimize brake dust. The massive 8-piston calipers take 4 pads each. The change process is much the same on other big AMG cars from this era with SBC such as the CLS55, S55, SL55, CL55, S65, CL65 and SL65.
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C55 AMG | A Former Owner's Perspective
In this video, I go over why the w203 Mercedes C55 AMG is a bargain used performance sedan. I discuss my C55 ownership and the benefits of this AMG c-class.
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Mercedes E55 AMG | Bosch 010 IC Pump DIY
How to change your stock intercooler pump to the updated Bosch 010 pump. This pump gives better flow and helps to prevent supercharger heat-soak. Part # 0392022010 Car is a 2004 E55 AMG. Process is much the same for S55, SL55, and CL55 AMG except these cars are self-bleeding.
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Mercedes E-Class W211 Suspension Squeak Fix | Ball Joint & Control Arm Replacement DIY
How to repair squeaking/creaking noise from the front suspension on Mercedes Benz W211 e class cars by replacing the lower ball joints. In this DIY I also replace the control arms. The process is different if you have 4-matic. Subscribe for more videos like this W211 cars include 2003-2009 e-class e280, e300, e320, e350, e500, e550, e55, e63 and others such as w219 cls s cl
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5 Reasons That Older Mercedes are Better Than New Mercedes (4K)
In this video, I cover 5 of the things that make older or used Mercedes Benz cars better than the new ones of 2018. Of course new cars have better features but in some cases, the Mercedes character that people love has been lost - the same can be said of AMG with the introduction of the '43' line of cars.
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CLS55 vs E55 AMG | Which to Buy? w219 vs w211 (4K)
In this video, I cover the differences between the CLS55 AMG and the E55 AMG in the w219 and w211 body styles. The CLS is the sportier sedan, but it has a few drawbacks such as less space for rear passengers. Video covering differences between later and earlier E55 w211s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QWDn2Y0L2A
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E55 AMG 4-Year Ownership Update (4K)
In this video, I talk about the reliability and maintenance costs of my 2004 E55 AMG w211, which I bought in 2014. This AMG E-class Mercedes has been surprisingly good, especially with a lot of the work being done by myself with just parts costs to worry about. My last maintenance update video: https://youtu.be/BJr-Cw_0r08
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E-Class W211 Oil Service Reset & Oil Level Check DIY (4k)
A quick way to reset the oil service as well as check the oil level on a Mercedes E-class W211. How to check the oil level on e-class. How to reset oil service on e-class, w211.
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W211 E55 AMG Oil Change DIY l Mercedes M113K (4K)
Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Oil Change/Service for the M113K engine. This DIY can also be used for other cars with the M113k engine, although some things may vary such as the amount of oil needed or the panel placement on the car (read your owners manual for specific details). Cars with the M113k engine include E55, CL55, CLS55, S55, SL55, G55. Filter used was Mann filter #0001802609. E55 AMG Service Reset /Check Oil Level Video -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XeXCd8XNjQ
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E55 AMG Meet Washington (4K) + Bonus Footage
After the Leavenworth Drive, some E55s from British Columbia, Washington, and California met up. Some other cars joined in as well.
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Here's How Much My Mercedes E55 AMG Cost (4K)
In this video I discuss how much I paid for my used 2004 W211 E55 AMG e-class. This Mercedes-Benz cost less than one might think and they represent a great value in the used market.
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50 Years of AMG | Mercedes Show & Shine North Vancouver (4K)
2017 Celebrates 50 years of AMG. The British Columbia Chapter of the Mercedes Club of North America hosted their 2017 Show & Shine on August 27th at Shipbuilder's Square in North Vancouver. Some amazing AMGs showed up from different points in the brand's history. Beginning with a pre-merger AMG W126 SEC Coupe to a 7 litre v12 AMG W140 Coupe. W202 C43 sedans and wagons. Post merger big power cars such as the W211 E55 AMG and the W220 S65 AMG. Moving into the modern day with the latest AMG GT-S and C63 models. Other models from the Mercedes brand joined the festivities.
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Leavenworth Drive 2018 | AMGmeister After Movie (4K)
On June 16th I headed down to Leavenworth, Washington from Canada. Leavenworth Drive 2018 was a great event, looking forward to next year. Some of the best BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, VWs, and Porsches from the Pacific North West attended. Please Subscribe and Comment if you like what you see! Music: Deity - Fate Bine and Glocque - Find Privacy Fluence - I'll Be There KAREFUL - OSOBLIWOŚĆ Trash Lord - Howls Nate Everest - Dragon Tide
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E55 AMG | The Beast (4K) Channel Trailer
Welcome to my channel. I document the journey with my 2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG in the W211 generation. The W211 E55 was the world's fastest production sedan from 2003-2004. It earned the name 'The Beast' early on in its life.
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Mercedes Secondary Air Pump Fixed I E55 AMG (4K)
This video covers how I fixed my secondary air injection pump (p410 problem code) on my 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG. I replaced the bad relay that caused the pump to burn itself out. I also replaced the motor from my pump with the motor from a cheaper and easier to find non-AMG pump. These newer pumps are more easily available and cheaper compared to the AMG pumps. This is great since you only need to replace the motor anyways.
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What is my E55 wheel setup? + Wheel Recommendations (4K)
In this video I discuss the wheel setup that I have on my 2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. This W211 sedan fits my R230 SL550 wheels very well. I also discuss other good wheels for the E55. Follow me on Instagram @amg_meister
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5 Things I Hate About The E55 AMG (4K)
In this video I go over the 5 things that I hate/dislike about my W211 E55 AMG Mercedes-Benz. There is lots to like about the E55 as I went over in my last video, so here are the critical points.
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AMG Vancouver Meet-up
This is a short film of a local gathering with some Vancouver AMGs. My 2004 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG, a 2006 CLS 55 AMG, A black w211 2005 E55 AMG, as well as a w212 E63 AMG. Shot at Spanish Banks as well as Downtown Vancouver. Enjoy.
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Mercedes E-Class W211 Siren Replacement DIY (4K)
In this video I show how to replace a faulty or broken alarm siren on the w211 e-class. If your Mercedes has a problem with flashing the lights randomly or making odd noises, you may need to replace the siren for the alarm system. Part number used is 2198203226. W211 cars include 2003-2009 e-class e280, e300, e320, e350, e500, e550, e55, e63. Other Mercedes have this problem such as w219 cls s cl.
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SERIALNINE Block Party 2016
Serialnine hosted a block party meetup on Sunday, June 5th. Many of Vancouver's best known import/jdm builds turned up.
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Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W211 | SL Wheels | GH4
New year, new video - watch in HD. 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 lowered on links (factory air-matic) with R230 SL Style IV wheels. 255/40/18 up front, 3mm spacer. 285/35/18 out back. Filmed with Panasonic GH4
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Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W211
My first video that I put some time into... Watch in HD! Subscribe for more Mercedes videos! Update: Check out my new & improved video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ5kFEd3gtg 2004 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W211 sedan 5.4L Supercharged V8 SOHC engine Mods - (going for a clean OEM look while retaining a sleeper status) Lowered on links Painted side markers LED front turn signals 5000k DRLS - As of May 2015 - Just getting started... Camera shots that review the interior as well as exterior of the car Small acceleration towards the end of video Camera - Pentax k30
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35 Years of W201 | Mercedes Show & Shine North Vancouver (4K)
2018 Celebrates 35 years of the w201 C-Class Mercedes. The British Columbia Chapter of the Mercedes Club of North America hosted their 2018 Show & Shine on September 2nd at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. Some amazing Mercedes showed up from different points in the brand's history. The highlight was the attendance of a w201 190e Cosworth evo II, one of only 500 worldwide. Post merger big power cars such as the W211 E55 AMG and the W221 S63 AMG were also present. Moving into the modern day with the latest AMG GT-S and GT-C models. Other models from the Mercedes brand joined the festivities. Tracks MIRVZH - paradius (Feat. DUCID) SorrySines - Ghost
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SERIALNINE Block Party 2017 (4K)
Serialnine outside of Vancouver hosted a meet up at the end of April. Despite the rain, many of Vancouver's best JDM, euro and stance builds turned up. serial999
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E55 AMG Tour | Ask Me Your Questions!!
In this video I take a quick look at what has been done to my E55 AMG w211 Mercedes Benz. If you have any questions, comment below and be sure to subscribe for more videos. Bosch IC pump DIY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzv5e7nACpw
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Mercedes E55 AMG Acceleration (4k)
Supercharged W211 Mercedes E55 AMG 0-60MPH (100 Kmh), and 0-100MPH (160 Kmh) Acceleration. There were 2 people in the car, full tank of gas + heavy panoramic roof. Microphone under hood, near SBC battery. Closed course. Car is stock and has Hankook RS3 Tires.
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Mercedes AMG vs. BMW M | 5 Things That Each Do Best
In this video I discuss 5 things that Mercedes AMG and BMW M are best at doing compared to each other. I look at older M cars and AMGs that are popular with enthusiasts and compare them. Big thanks to @e46_zcp for letting me film his car. Intro track Fluence - I'll Be There
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Revscene Spring Meet 2017 (4K)
Quick video of the Revscene Spring Meet on April 23rd. This year it was located at Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Centre outside of Vancouver.
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E55 AMG Values and Bring a Trailer Auctions (4k)
In this video I discuss the prices of the best w211 E55s and what they have gone for on Bring a Trailer. I give my opinion on their collectibility and their status as potential future classics.
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Porsche | Cars & Coffee | Harrison Hot Springs Drive
Cars & Coffee at Porsche Centre Langley, BC. - Watch in 1080p! It's Sunday, May 1st. Time to grab a coffee and look at some beautiful cars then cruise to Harrison Hot Springs for lunch.
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German Car Show 2016 | Euro Heaven
German Car Festival in North Vancouver had a great turnout this year! All of the best Porsches, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, and VWs from the Pacific North West were on display at this show.
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Mercedes E55 AMG | Supercharger Under Hood Action
A few short pulls showing the sound of the AMG twin-screw supercharger on the E55. Watch in 1080p! Just goes to show how hard the engine mounts are being stressed every time you mash the throttle. Gopro hero 4 mounted under the hood with a small video light. 2004 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG M113K Stock car Bosch pump
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E55 AMG W211 | Supercharged V8 | Cypress
After German Fest, I headed up Cypress Mountain outside Vancouver to film a quick video of my Mercedes Benz E55 AMG W211. 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 lowered on links with R230 SL Style IV wheels. 255/40/18 up front, 3mm spacer. 285/35/18 out back. A few glide cam shots as well as acceleration shots.
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Vancouver Car Scene | Revscene Spring Meet 2016
Revscene Spring Meet at Adesa Richmond - great turnout despite the rain. Watch in 1080p!
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Mercedes Show & Shine 2016
MBCA Show & Shine August 28, Vancouver BC Shipbuilder Square Show and Shine Some great cars turned up including a slammed CLS55 and E63. A whole range of other Mercedes were present from C43's to C63's, from w124's to w212's
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German Car Festival 2015
14th Annual German Car Festival - Watch in 1080p! Waterfront Park North Vancouver BC BMW Mercedes Porsche Audi Lineup was dominated by M-cars from e30 to e46 m3's, classic 911's, as well as classic Mercs. show shine fest
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Cars & Coffee | Porsche
Cars & Coffee at Porsche Centre Langley, BC. - Watch in 1080p!
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Mercedes C55 AMG Exhaust Sound 2
Cold Start - Resonator Deleted. Pentax K-30. Watch in HD. Subscribe for more Mercedes videos! 2005 Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG W203 exhaust sound 5.4L N/A SOHC V8 M113 engine.
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Revscene Summer Meet 2016
This year's Summer Meet was a great event for all makes and models. Enjoy! Revscene Summer Meet 2016
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C55 AMG Gopro Test
Watch in HD! 2005 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG w203 gopro video Skip to 5:20 for a bit more action. Go-pro hero 3 silver
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E63 AMG Burnout
W212 E63 AMG Burnout (M156) W211 E55 AMG exhaust sound Outside Revscene spring meet 2016
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C55 AMG Exhaust Sound
2005 Mercedes Benz C55 AMG w203 exhaust sound Manual mode, factory cats and mufflers. Resonator deleted. Watch in HD!
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