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REVEALED: Documentary discovers pharmaceutical sales reps in the wild
Join us as we journey to the edge of civilisation where pharmasuiticus rep can be seen in its natural habitat. In order to prevent the extinction of pharma sales entirely, CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/save-pharma Only a few dying remnants of this species now remain. The E4P team have managed to capture the last of this species and are urgently recommending immediate action in order to revitalise the remaining population. Thank you also to our intrepid camera crew at www.stantonmedia.com for their courage in coming into such close contact with these dangerous animals. If you would like to participate directly in the effort to save pharma sales from total extinction then please email psimms@eyeforpharma.com Twitter: #E4P @eyeforpharma
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An eyeforpharma interview with Agnitio
Agnitio speaks to eyeforpharma about thoughts on the future of pharmaceuticals
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eyeforpharma - good conversation - full version
To find out about more eyeforpharma conversations happening close to you, visit http://www.eyeforpharma.com/events This discussion focusses on recent news, with the NHS deciding to allow companies - including the pharma industry - more access to health records. Later, the conversation turns to the future of the pharma industry and the possiblities for healthcare. To be a part of the next dinner conversation, contact Paul Simms on psimms@eyeforpharma.com Recorded December 2011 in London, UK.
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Help Teenage Cancer Patients: enter the Mobile Health Competition
To enter the competition, visit http://www.mobilehealthcomp.com - these patients are counting on you for your ideas.
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Chrstine Coyne from Endo Pharma at the 2010 eComms
Christine Coyne, Senior Product Director at Endo Pharmaceuticals, on the right time to involve key stakeholders in marketing efforts.
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Mark Lightowler from Novartis at the 2010 eCommunication Summit
Mark Lightowler, Global Brand Director from Novartis, on the Power of Storytelling in Pharma Marketing
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