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Adherence & Compliance - Not Very Patient Friendly!
Chief Executives Simon Davies (Teenage Cancer Trust) and Stephen Whitehead (ABPI) discuss patient adherence, and what it means to people in the real world... Venue - Regent's Park Marriott Hotel | Patient Summit 2012
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William Daley - Sanofi - Real World Data
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Pharma has too much sex with its cousins.
To find out about eyeforpharma conversations happening on topics you care about, see http://www.eyeforpharma.com/events To see the full version of this recording, go to http://youtu.be/FSId0TRru_A Recorded December 2011 in London, UK. To be a part of the next dinner conversation, contact Paul Simms on psimms@eyeforpharma.com
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Caroline on Cystic Fibrosis Treatment | Patient Summit 2012
Discussing the real-world effect that medical treatments can have on a person's life, Caroline speaks at the recent Patient Summit. Caroline has Cystic Fibrosis, and shares with the audience her own experiences as well as those of others...
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Engage with Patients - Patient Summit Trailer
The pharma industry is beginning to realise that the key to future success lies in greater interaction with patients. This clip is a call to action for the industry and features a number of key points to come out of this year's Patient Summit Europe.
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The Key to Payer Access - Barcelona 2012 | eyeforpharma.com
Our payers panel at Barcelona 2012 featured a number of high profile decision makers within the world of healthcare, here they share their thoughts on how pharmaceutical companies can best work with them going forward.
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Tom Discusses His Cancer Treatment | Patient Summit 2012
Tom addresses the European Patient Summit 2012. He discusses his experiences of being diagnosed with cancer, the treatment and the effect it had on his life.
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Sales Force Excellence | Francis White - Ghosts and Top Trumps
On the 200 year anniversary of "A Christmas Carol" author, Charles Dickens' birth, Francis White reminds a room of senior delegates that pharma has it's own ghosts to contend with. Our history of questionable sales techniques, brow-beaten sales reps and bleak predictions for the industry's future all continue to haunt, but perhaps emotive selling can offer at least some answers to our ongoing woes. Micro expressions, emotional buying and empathy - Francis White discusses the virtues of emotional selling and how best to implement in the field.
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