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How to Choose the Right Cardiologist for You and Your Heart
The doctors of North Ohio Heart discuss the characteristics you should look for when choosing a cardiologist. The right doctor will be sincere, confident, knowledgeable, experienced and available day or night to keep you heart healthy.
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Planning for Your First Appointment with North Ohio Heart
If you are experiencing cardiovascular symptoms such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, dizziness or loss of consciousness, it's time to schedule an appointment with one of North Ohio Heart's cardiac specialists. In this video, the Norwalk office cardiologists discuss how to plan for this initial appointment.
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Linda Spinelli, MD | Cholesterol Levels
In this video, Ohio Medical Group's Dr. Spinelli discusses the two specific types of cholesterol, along with the risk factors and reasons that contribute to high cholesterol levels.
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Creating a Heart Healthy Relationship with Your Cardiologist
The cardiologists of North Ohio Heart's Norwalk office discuss how to build a relationship with your doctor based on compassion, trust and communication.
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Deborah Vicario, MD | Colds & Coughs in Children
Dr. Deborah Vicario, a family physician at Ohio Medical Group, discusses when you should take your child to a physician if they are suffering from a cold and cough. She also talks about the treatments you can provide to help your child feel better!
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Traci Evans-Ellacott | Electrophysiology
Cardiac Electrophysiology is the study and treatment of heart rhythm abnormalities and electrical short circuits. In this video, Traci Evans-Ellacott, a Nurse Practitioner at North Ohio Heart discusses the signs along with the treatment options patients with heart rhythm abnormalities have.
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Michael M. Langer, DO | Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging
In this video, Dr. Michael Langer, a cardiologist at North Ohio Heart discusses how the advancements in cardiac CT & cardiac MRI are used to diagnose cardiac disease at an earlier point in time to improve life expectancy and quality of life.
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What You Need to Know About Varicose Vein Pain
If you're using compression stockings to control your varicose vein pain—you're not alone. But you don't have to live with painful varicose veins anymore. Three people explain how finding the right doctor for varicose veins, at a varicose vein center, changed their lives forever. Pamela Wolff, Scott Eckroate, and Esther Pitts were all suffering from varicose vein pain. Their problems were not related, but they found one solution. Dr. Ram Ravi. He is a vein care specialist at the North Ohio Vein Center in Westlake, Ohio. It's part of the North Ohio Heart/Ohio Medical Group. About 30 percent of women and 20 percent of men are suffering from painful varicose veins. That means when you’re talking varicose veins vs spider veins, chances are, you know someone who may also be dealing with them. Eckroate says a friend asked him about his varicose veins on a camping trip. The friend asked him “Do those hurt?” Eckroate says he didn’t think much about his painful varicose veins up until that point, but the answer to the question was “Yes.” Eckroate says he did not realize that there are 6 stages of varicose veins and that he was at stage 5. He says if he had waited any longer, there was a chance his veins could’ve burst. He did not want that to happen, so he went to see Dr. Ravi to treat his varicose veins. Dr. Ravi, and his technician Nicole Burke, treated Eckroate’s varicose vein pain. Scott received a series of injections that dissolved his damaged veins. Burke used an ultrasound machine to highlight Eckroate’s painful varicose veins. Dr. Ravi used the images as a guide to inject veins. Scott says the results were almost immediate. He says he no longer has pain and that over time his damaged veins have dissolved. He does wear compression stockings to help the healing process, but he’s extremely happy that he can wear shorts again. Now he tells anyone he meets with varicose vein pain to not hesitate, get it taken care of, do not let it go as long as he did. Esther Pitts says her legs were cramping—especially at night. For a while she tried eating bananas and drinking sports drinks, thinking she needed more potassium in her diet. But as time went on, her cramps got worse. She says they moved up her leg into her thighs and buttocks. The pain would keep her up at night, but she says it wasn’t until her knees started swelling that she decided to seek treatment for her varicose vein pain. After her initial visits to the varicose vein center, she found out that her lymph nodes were blocking her blood. This is what was causing her painful varicose veins. Dr. Ravi noticed that there were large veins, that were leaking, and he needed to close them with a laser. Pitts says the procedure was not painful at all. She says Dr. Ravi numbs the area and the laser procedure only took about 10 minutes, but she is extremely happy with the results. Her varicose vein pain was gone almost instantly. She is glad to be swimming again and loves her compression stockings. She says they massage her legs and if you’re suffering from varicose vein pain, do not hesitate to get them treated. Pamela Wolff says her legs would get so tired that she would have to go lay down, in the middle of the day, even during parties at her home. Her quality of life was suffering. She knew varicose vein pain ran in her family, but she was not expecting it to be like this, so she was relieved to find a doctor for varicose veins. Wolff had to have a couple of veins removed, and have the laser treatment done. The last phase of her treatment is sclerotherapy, but her painful varicose veins and the swelling are gone. And by the way, Dr. Ravi’s technician Nicole Burke is not only a medical professional—she’s also a patient. She noticed her legs were getting heavy and tired, so she decided to get checked for varicose veins and found out she needed treatment. “I did mine on my lunch break”, she says. “I would do a laser on somebody then we would prep me, get another ultrasound tech, and then she would do my laser.” Burke uses her first-hand knowledge of the procedures to help every one of Dr. Ravi’s patients who come into the varicose vein center. She explains to them that the pain is minimal, there's just a little bit of soreness, some bruising, but overall it's ”not as bad as you think it's gonna be.” The important thing to understand is that there is no one single treatment for varicose veins. Everyone is different and so are the treatments for varicose vein pain. Lifestyle changes like weight loss and walking can help treat varicose veins and spider veins. You can also try compression stockings. If these conservative methods do not get your varicose vein pain or spider veins under control, Dr. Ravi and the team at North Ohio Heart/Ohio Medical Group will help. Dr. Ravi adds that most insurances will cover the treatment of varicose and spider veins if conservative methods fail.
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Patient Portal Engagement - Stacy Schmotzer, MD
http://www.partnersforyourhealth.com When you have a health concern, you need an answer fast. With our FollowMyHealth patient portal, it's easier than ever to connect with your physician. Just log in and ask a question! In this short video, Dr. Stacy Schmotzer explains how the portal gave one of her patients peace of mind and how you can use it to take charge of your health.
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James T. Kelly, MD | Preventing the Flu
The flu is a very contagious disease, caused by the influenza virus. Ohio Medical Group's Dr. James Kelly discuss how the flu is spread, how it can be prevented and what you can do if you do get the flu virus.
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Welcome to North Ohio Heart's YouTube Channel!
Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for the most up-to-date information on health related topics! http://www.partnersforyourhealth.com
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Othman A. Shemisa, MD, PHD | Partners For Your Health Patient Portal
Othman A. Shemisa discusses the importance of the Patient Portal. For more information visit www.PartnersForYourHealth.com
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Sandeep Patel, MD | Skilled Nursing Facilities for Short Term Care
Ohio Medical Group's Dr. Sandeep Patel discusses the benefits of short term care at skilled nursing facilities for patients needing rehabilitation in the form of occupational or physical therapy, further intravenous medications or wound care after a hospital stay.
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Timothy Plank, DO
Ohio Medical Group's Dr. Timothy Plank discusses skin conditions - including the different types of skin cancers, shingles and chicken poxs.
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Ram Ravi, MD | Varicose Veins
Dr. Ram Ravi is an Internal Medicine physician at Ohio Medical Group. It is estimated that 20% of American women and 7% of American men will suffer from Venous Disease. Learn how to control varicose veins with these tips from Dr. Ravi.
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You, Your Heart and NOH: The Value of a Team Approach to Cardiac Care
The comprehensive coverage of all cardiac issues and the ability to satisfy the needs of all patients is what makes the team at North Ohio Heart so beneficial.
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Mushtaq Mahmood, MD | Adolescent Health
In this video, Dr. Mushtaq Mahmood talks about being an adolescent physician at Ohio Medical Group. Dr. Mahmood deals with issues teenagers may face physically, hormonally, emotionally and psychologically as they transition from childhood to adulthood.
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What Makes North Ohio Heart Remarkable
The Norwalk North Ohio Heart cardiologists explain how their resources, staff and support help them deliver big medicine in a small-town setting.
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Kris Komosa | Heart Failure Treatment
Heart failure is a condition where the heart is weakened to the point where it cannot supply the body's demands. Kris Komosa, a Nurse Practitioner at our outpatient heart failure clinic discusses the signs & risk factors associated with heart failure.
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Heart Healthy Living in Norwalk, Ohio
The doctors of North Ohio Heart discuss the recreational facilities and restaurants of Norwalk that fit into cardiovascular patients' heart healthy lifestyles.
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Othman A. Shemisa, MD, PhD | Ohio Medical Group
Learn about the primary care services that Ohio Medical Group provides from Dr. Othman Shemisa, president of Ohio Medical Group. From pediatric and adult care to women's health and geriatric care, our board certified physicians see patients at our 6 convenient locations throughout northeast Ohio. Our main focus is to provide compassionate, comprehensive and high-quality care to you, our patients!
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Abdul Shahed, MD  |  Diabetes
Over 40 percent of the country has been diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Ohio Medical Group's Dr. Abdul Shahed discusses how your lifestyle may be the contributing factor to the most common type of Diabetes: Type 2.
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Matthew S  Schaeffer, MD | Sports Medicine
Dr. Matthew Schaeffer is an Ohio Medical Group family physician specializing in Sports Medicine. Sports Medicine is the medical care to active individuals of all ages. Learn the two concepts for injury prevention: prehabilitation and a dynamic warm-up.
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Neelima Kale, MD | Women's Preventive Health
In past years, the United States Preventive Services Task Force has made changes to the recommended health screenings for women. In this video, Dr. Neelima Kale, a family physician at Ohio Medical Group, reviews the screening tests available, as well as the suggested ages when you should begin screenings for breast, cervical and colon cancer as well as for Diabetes and Osteoporosis.
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Mohammed S. Khan, MD | Diabetes
Dr. Mohammed S. Khan is an internist practitioner associated with the Ohio Medical Group. In this video, Dr. Khan discusses a common disease: Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes is a disease where the body cannot control its sugar levels.
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North Ohio Heart Center | Reducing Heart Risk | Part II
Anna Broz, MSN, RN, CNP a Certified Nurse Practitioner for North Ohio Heart Center and Ohio Medical Group in Northeast Ohio explains how you can reduce your risk of heart and cardiac-related problems. (Part 2)
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North Ohio Heart Center | Reducing Heart Risk | Part I
Anna Broz, MSN, RN, CNP a Certified Nurse Practitioner for North Ohio Heart Center and Ohio Medical Group in Northeast Ohio explains how you can reduce your risk of heart and cardiac-related problems. (Part 1)
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Sandeep Patel, MD |  Sleep Apnea
Did you know that 25 percent of Americans are at risk for Sleep Apnea? Dr. Sandeep Patel discusses the two main types of Sleep Apnea and the treatments to help improve your sleep.
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Arash Rashidi, MD | Chronic Kidney Disease
Dr. Arash Rashidi talks about Chronic Kidney Disease, one of the most common health problems in the United States today. Learn the risk factors and warning signs.
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Othman A. Shemisa, MD, PHD | Update on the Colleges of Pharmacy Conference in Libya
Othman A. Shemisa, MD, PHD talks about the 16th "Scientific Congress of the Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World" conference in Libya. www.partnersforyourhealth.com
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FollowMyHealth Patient Portal - Lorain Office
The office staff of the North Ohio Heart | Ohio Medical Group Lorain office discuss the benefits patients receive when signing up for the FollowMyHealth patient portal.
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