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10 ways Ford torture tested the 2015 F-150
All the grueling tests Ford subjected the 2015 F-150 to. Read more at: http://equipmentworld.com/f150-torture
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Cat unveils new electric drive D6XE dozer at Trimble Dimensions
To read more about these new dozers, visit our coverage here: https://equipmentworld.com/cat-unveils-d6xe-trimble
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How the 2015 Ford F-150 is made
A look inside the retooling and manufacturing process of Ford's Dearborn truck plant to see how the aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 is made. To read our first drive and impressions of the truck click here: http://www.equipmentworld.com/first-drive-2015-ford-f-150s-lighter-aluminum-body-makes-a-heavy-first-impression/
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How hydrostatic transmissions make crawler dozers more versatile
Read the full in-depth report on how hydrostatic transmissions have come to dominate the world of crawler dozers here: http://equipmentworld.com/hydrostat-revolution
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Case CE unveils half CTL, half Dozer concept DL450
To read our full report on this new "Compact Dozer Loader" from ConExpo 2017, click here: http://equipmentworld.com/case-unveils-DL450-minotaur
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First Look: Case 2050M and 850M crawler dozers
Full report:http://www.equipmentworld.com/case-intros-new-m-series-crawler-dozer-line-with-improved-performance-fuel-economy-cab-gallery/
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Mike Rowe opens up on career, confesses "lost wonder" for skilled trades
Equipment World sits down with Mike Rowe, former host of the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" and the founder of the mikeroweWorks foundation, for a conversation about his career, the importance of skilled trades and vocational education and the recent controversy surrounding his TV spot for Walmart.
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How Caterpillar builds a bulldozer
We got a rare chance to peek inside Caterpillar’s state of the art Athens, Ga., facility and see a D5K2 dozer come together from cold, bare steel to finished product. (The factory also makes mini-hydraulic excavators, and D3K2 and D4K2 dozers as well). The process uses a combination of hand-tack and robot welding, CNC machining, robotic powder coat painting, a lot of logistics and the deft touch of 1,400 skilled workers.
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RIDOT removes, replaces East Shore Expressway bridge in 80 hours (Time-lapse)
Read more about this replacement at http://equipmentworld.com/video-ridot-east-shore-bridge-80
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How to set up and operate a bulldozer using GPS blade control
Read more on setting up GPS blade control at our site: http://equipmentworld.com/deere-dozer-gps-0816
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A tour of the new Hyundai EX monitor and AAVM 360 view
Read more about the new HX Series excavator here: http://www.equipmentworld.com/hyundai-ce-touts-redesigned-luxury-car-inspired-cab-in-debut-of-hx-series-excavators-hl-series-wheel-loaders-photos/
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First Look: Komatsu D61i-23 is world's first dozer with fully auto blade control
Read our full story on the D61i-23 at: http://www.equipmentworld.com/komatsu-launches-d61i-23-worlds-first-dozer-with-fully-automatic-integrated-blade-control/
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2015 Ford F-150 ad - Forward March
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Test Drive: Mack Granite with 14-speed mDrive HD AMT
Read more about this test drive and the new 14-speed mDrive HD Automated Manual Transmission here: http://www.equipmentworld.com/test-drive-backing-a-mack-granite-with-70k-lb-load-up-a-hill-no-problem-with-new-14-speed-mdrive-hd-amt-video/
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Cat intros Grade Control 3D on small dozers
To read more about Cat Grade Control 3D on its small dozer lineup, visit http://equipmentworld.com/cat-intros-grade-control-3D-small-dozers
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How to adjust CTL track tension
To read our step-by-step illustrated guide on CTL track tensioning, click here: https://equipmentworld.com/ctl-track-tension
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Cat 988K XE electric drive loader features and improvements
To read about Caterpillar's design process for the electric drive 988K XE, visit https://equipmentworld.com/cat-988K-XE-design
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Vermeer RTX250 walk-behind trencher and S450TX mini skid steer at ARA
Vermeer debuted the RTX250 tracked walk-behind trencher and the S450TX mini skid steer at the American Rental Association show in Las Vegas. Full details: http://www.equipmentworld.com/vermeer-intros-walk-behind-trencher-mini-skid-steer-at-ara-video/
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World's first 3D printed excavator unveiled at ConExpo 2017
To read the full story on Project AME, click here: http://equipmentworld.com/conexpo-project-ame-unveiling
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Custom Liebherr R 944 C excavator tunneling below Germany
This Liebherr R 944 C is digging a tunnel as part of a high-speed rail network that will connect Stuttgart to Ulm. Read more about the process here: http://equipmentworld.com/liebherr-stuttgart-tunnel
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Cat AP1000F paver controls
Cat's AP1000F asphalt paver controls offer the ability to be both simple and flexible, with propel and feeder system settings transferring between between the two tractor and two screed control stations with the a single switch.
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Kenworth T-880 overview
Read our first drive and impressions on the Kenworth T-880 here: http://www.equipmentworld.com/first-drive-kenworths-new-t880-vocational-truck-has-a-luxury-feel-sure-to-please-both-drivers-and-mechanics/
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Makita demos HM1812 AVT breaker hammer
Read more at http://equipmentworld.com/makita-hm1812-avt-woc
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Operating a Cat D8T 1,700 miles away at ConExpo 2017
To read our full story on Cat's remote operation system, click here: http://equipmentworld.com/cat-d8T-remote-operation-ConExpo-2017
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FieldLens demos Google Glass integration for construction reporting
We spoke with Doug Chambers, CEO and co-founder of FieldLens, about Google Glass and how is company is working to integrate the wearable technology into its construction reporting and collaboration service. Doug also demonstrated use of Glass.
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JCB Ecomax engine
JCB's Tier 4 Interim Ecomax engines can be recalibrated for resale in countries that do not use ultra-low sulfur diesel. Editor's Note: This video was provided to Equipment World without audio.
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JCB Teleskid: Half skid steer, half telehandler
To read our full coverage of JCB's new Teleskid click here: http://equipmentworld.com/jcb-teleskid-conexpo-2017-update
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Caterpillar 982M 2017 update and jobsite data
Cat product manager Jason Hagedorn disucsses the new 982M wheel loader and how the company is putting jobsite data to work. To read our full story on Cat's revamped M Series medium wheel loader lineup click here: http://equipmentworld.com/cat-2017-m-series-loader-update
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Bauma 2016 parkour ad
This ad for the Bauma 2016 trade show in Munich features a parkour expert running, climbing and flipping into and off of excavators, cranes and massive dump trucks.
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Ram truck designers discuss new Rebel, Laramie Ltd. grille designs
Video courtesy: Ram Truck/Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
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Case debuts SR210 skid steer at ICUEE 2013
Full story: http://equipmentworld.com/case-sr210-icuee-2013
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Kawasaki 95Z7XT wheel loader working footage
Read more about Kawasaki's upgraded wheel loader lineup here: http://equipmentworld.com/kawasaki-loader-xtreme-upgrades
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GaiaX: Volvo CE unveils electric, remote controlled compact excavator concept quicktime
We talk to Sidney Levy, chief designer with Volvo CE, about the company's ambitious concept compact excavator. It's fully electric and can be operated remotely via a transparent tablet. Read more at http://equipmentworld.com/volvo-gaiax.
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Used compact excavator inspection - Tracks
A companion video to Equipment World's March 2012 Inspection Checkpoint article on compact excavators, this clip features Mike Whittaker, senior shop technician with Gregory Poole Equipment in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whittaker takes you through examining the tracks on a Caterpillar 303 CR.
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A ride up to 180 feet in the Genie SX-180 telescopic boom
Scott Owyens, Genie training manager, talks us up to 180 feet in the new SX-180 telescopic boom aerial lift.
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Caterpillar augmented reality inspection demo
Caterpillar demonstrates an augmented reality app it is developing that will assist technicians in performing maintenance checks and servicing. Read more about it here: http://equipmentworld.com/cat-ui-labs-visit
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2017 PowerWagon Engineering Overview
Read more about the new Power Wagon here: http://equipmentworld.com/ram-unveils-2017-power-wagon
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Komatsu's D155AXi-8 remote control dozer in action
Read all about the Komatsu D155AXi-8 RC dozer here: http://equipmentworld.com/komatsu-intros-D155AXi-8-RC
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Caterpillar D7E demo
Caterpillar's Mike Betz and Keith Heiar discuss the new diesel-electric D7E dozer at a Cat event on June 23, 2009.
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Komatsu PC360LCi excavator hits grade in semi-auto
Read more about the PC360LCi and the new PC260i in our report here: http://equipmentworld.com/komatsu-unveils-PC490i-PC360i-semi-auto-dozers
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Wacker Neuson demos new SW 28 skid steer, ST 35 CTL
At ConExpo 2014, Wacker Neuson unveiled and demonstrated the capabilities of its new line of skid steers and compact track loaders for North America. For more details and specs visit http://equipmentworld.com/wacker-conexpo-2014.
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High speed HMEE military backhoes perform with JCB Dancing Diggers
Two High-Mobility Engineer Excavators perform with the JCB Dancing Diggers during a ceremony celebrating the production of the 1,000th HMEE in Savannah, Georgia. To read our full coverage of the event and what further development will bring to this high-speed backhoe, click here: https://equipmentworld.com/jcb-HMEE-1000
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Caterpillar MH3027 step-in cab demo
To read more about Cat's MH3027 click here: http://equipmentworld.com/cat-MH3027-material-handler-intro
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Remote control of Volvo CE's GaiaX concept compact excavator with tablet
Volvo CE chief designer Sidney Levy shows us how the GaiaX compact excavator can be remotely controlled via a transparent, augmented reality-equipped tablet. Read the full story at: http://equipmentworld.com/volvo-gaiax
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John Hennessey details 2019 Ford VelociRaptor V8
Hennessey Performance founder and CEO John Hennessey discusses the development of the 2019 VelociRaptor V8. during a visit with Equipment World at SEMA 2018. For more information on this truck visit https://equipmentworld.com/2019-hennesseey-ford-velociraptor-v8
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Designing the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with Duramax diesel
General Motors gives a fun look behind the design and making of its new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concept truck. You can read more about the truck at: http://equipmentworld.com/chevy-zr2-concept-diesel
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2016 Ridgeline Baja Racer Reveal
At the SEMA Show Nov. 3, Honda unveiled its 2016 Ridgeline Baja 1000 racing pickup. The truck has design clues for the 2017 Ridgeline which will be released in the first half of 2016. More details: http://equipmentworld.com/2016-ridgeline-racer-reveal-sema
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John Deere showcases 644K hybrid wheel loader, E Series skid steers at World of Concrete 2013
At World of Concrete 2013 in Las Vegas, John Deere showcased its upcoming 644K electric hybrid wheel loader, hitting dealerships next month. Deere also showcased its new E Series skid steer loaders at the event, including the 318E and the 332E skid steers.
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Toro launches DD2226 horizontal directional drill
To read more about the DD2226, Toro's first in-house designed HDD, click here: https://equipmentworld.com/toro-unveils-DD2226
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Used CTL: Service area
John Howland, president of Loader Services and Equipment, looks at the service area on a used compact track loader.
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