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Comedian Dave Chappelle addresses Village of Yellow Springs council meeting
Comedian Dave Chappelle addresses Village of Yellow Springs council meeting during conversation about police action on New Year's Eve 2017.
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VIDEO: Gas Station Clerk with MMA Training Levels Robbery Suspects
HOUSTON (KPRC/CNN) -- Score one for the good guys. A convenience store clerk turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers July 10 in Houston, Texas. Mayura Dissanyake works at a Fuel Depot, but he's also a semi-professional mixed martial arts fighter. He was behind the counter when he noticed his co-worker returning to the store after a run to the bank. Dissanyake saw two men jump out of an SUV and attack his co-worker. They were trying to grab the bank bag he was carrying. The store's surveillance cameras were recording as Dissanayake ran outside and kicked one of the alleged robbers in the face. "The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face," he said. "Then I punched the other guy." They were moves he learned from cage matches. Dissanyake has been involved with mixed martial arts for more than a decade. He says he was the national champion for five consecutive years in his native Sri Lanka. "We learn how to punch, how to kick and all that stuff you can use in the streets," Dissanayake said. In the video, you see the accused crooks begin their retreat and the getaway car getting further away. As they ran, Dissanayake threw a punch that knocked one of the men to the ground. His friends and accomplices left him there. "I just kicked him until he lays down on the floor," he said. "Until he stopped moving cause I wasn't sure if he had a knife or a gun so I wanted him to stop moving." Police arrested the man who was identified as 33-year-old Odell Mathis. He has been charged with robbery with bodily injury. His partner and the driver got away, but customers of the Fuel Depot still call this a feel good story. KPRC Local 2 asked the Houston Police Department for Mathis' mug shot, but they said he could be wanted for other crimes and want to use his mug shot for some lineups.
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Cat Uses One of Its Lives to Save Owner's
FAIRBORN -- He's a miracle and hero all wrapped into one tiny orange body. Tony, named after a Catholic saint, now has a new name, Tony the hero fire cat. "It's like a bad dream," said Robin Lawsons, Tony's owner. Lawsons can't stop staring at her hero. "Cats pick you out, you always know, you always know," said Lawsons. Tony, now recovered from his third degree burns on his stomach and paws, looked terrible when he came into the Towne and Country Animal Clinic on a cold morning in January. "This is the worst one that I've had that survived," said Dr. David Kocher, Owner, Towne and Country Animal Clinic, "He was huffing and puffing. It was, it was very close for a while." Lawsons credits her life to Tony. She says she was asleep in her bed with her dog and she heard him meowing, strangely. "It wasn't a meow meow, or an attitude yowl," said Lawsons, "It was just a consistent meow." When she finally woke up she says her home was engulfed in flames. "I saw fire one to my left, one around the room, thick smoke, and I heard him, and I couldn't, I couldn't figure out where he was," she said. Lawsons had to leave Tony behind. "Watching your apartment burn, and you know that you got a beloved animal you can't get to," said Lawsons. But once firefighters got to the scene. "Man I heard that door go down and I heard someone yelling they got the cat! They got the cat!" said Lawsons. When firefighters found Tony his stomach and paws were on fire and he wasn't breathing. They were able to revive him. And through tears as she clutches her hero, a thank you to the men who risked their lives to save Tony's. "What they did means more to me, you can lose everything, you can lose everything and as long as you can walk away with the creatures that you love, then it's a success," said Lawsons. Tony's medical bills are thousands of dollars and the local clinic has set out a jar for donations. If you would like to donate to help Tony the hero fire cat, click here.
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Soldier Suprises Little Brother at Baseball Game
SPRINGFIELD -- A soldier stationed overseas returns home and surprises his little brother at his baseball game. Shawnee High grad Aaron Gilsepie hasn't seen his family in a year while stationed in South Korea. That includes his little brother and biggest fan, Mathew.Friday night (May 29, 2015) the family planned a surprised reunion you have to see. "I think it's going to take him 2 or 3 seconds and then it's going to hit him," Aaron Gilsepie explained before the big reveal. As the coaches distract the little leaguer, Aaron steps up to throw his unsuspecting brother the first pitch. Matt ran into his arms and didn't want to let go! "I'm not really a crier but I was like I've got to fight this one back. Got to fight it back," Gilsepie added. Matthew hit the ball and took a solid run to first with his family, his team and most importantly his hero watching. "Little kids are always a pain in the neck but at the end of he day you still love him. He was always a good little guy to be around. We always played games and he looked up to me a lot," Gilsepie said. As soon as the inning was over Mat found his way back into his brother's arms. One hug just wasn't enough.
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Former Lottery Winner Gives Advice To Future Winners
FAIRBORN -- Lady Luck has already struck a few folks in the Miami Valley.  You may remember a group of Piqua city workers won the Mega Millions, which was 207 million dollar jackpot.  One of those winners still works at the Piqua Street Department, even though he's a millionaire.It was four years ago that Loyal Davis and his co-workers won the 07-million dollar jackpot.  His cut was about .3 million bucks all from this single ticket."Disbelief at first.  Then I was like, this is actually real.  And I got to have fun calling the other guys and letting them know," he said.A few things have changed for Davis and his family.  They got a new Escalade, new house, and now have no debt.  But that's about it.  He's still just your average snow plow driver, who also happens to be a millionaire."What else are you going to do.  Stay at home?  I'd rather just work, stay busy," Davis said.For future lottery winners, Davis' advice is to get an attorney or financial planner to help manage your money and keep a good head on your shoulders.  He also says don't blow it all in one place."Have fun but be careful with it," he said.Davis says he is still friends with all his former co-workers that won.  And he still plays the lottery with them.
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Internet Hit  'Shovel Girl' Brings Judge to Tears
MONTGOMERY CO. -- The Montgomery County Juvenile Drug Court held it's annual graduation ceremony Thursday. The Drug Court Program is for juveniles who end up in the justice system after committing crimes in Montgomery County. The program entails comprehensive drug treatment, intensive supervision and full accountability for their actions. Miranda Fugate, shot to fame on social media for a viral video that gave her the name shovel girl. The video shows Fugate fighting with another teen, before being hit in the back of the head with a shovel. For the past nine months, Fugate has been in the drug court program. "I was going down a really, really bad path," she said. Fugate said she was on drugs that day she got in the girl fight. "I was really close to overdosing, or getting in a car wreck, shot, anything," she said. Fugate said the program and Judge Anthony Capizzi saved her life, "I don't think I'd be here today." Judge Capizzi wiped away tears from his eyes as Fugate stood before a crowd inside the Federal Courthouse to thank him. Capizzi took over the specialized docket in 2004. "I see them grow from 13 year olds to 16 year olds, and they're like part of my own family, so to see them succeed is really important," he said while fighting back tears. Capizzi said the story of Fugate -- and the 11 others who changed their lives around is inspiring.
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Exclusive: 911 Dispatcher Shares Account of Sp
SPRINGFIELD -- A veteran dispatcher takes the call from a man who had come home to find his wife and two boys dead, a result of an apparent murder-suicide. Arthur Johnson told Springfield dispatcher Diana Wear he and his wife were separated but talking about getting back together. Johnson said that when he showed up to pick up his boys for school Wednesday morning, he found 7-year-old Daylen, 10-year-old Ayden and their mother, Rachel Johnson shot to death. She apparently killed both boys before turning the gun on herself. He also told the dispatcher their wedding pictures were found laying throughout the house. Wear says when the call first came in, she was kind of in shock. She says she felt like she didn't know what to say, she said that's when her training kicked in. Wear is a 25-year veteran police dispatcher, but says you really can't be prepared because you never know when you answer what's going to be on the other line. Wear says she tries to put her emotions aside to get the information she needs to help but still a mother herself who's hearing about children who just died can't help but think about it. "You just have to compartmentalize it. I'm sure when I get home I will have a little moment when it hits me again. You can't dwell on everything you deal with during the day," Wear said. Wear says Wednesday's call is one that will likely stick with her. "I'll always remember it we all have calls will never forget," she said.
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How to Safegaurd Your Millions if You Win the Lottery
Miamisburg -- A shot at $636 million has folks lining up for a chance at a Christmas miracle. We sat down with a financial advisor about how to protect your millions if you're the lucky ticket holder.Tuesday's ticket buying frenzy inflated the Mega Millions jackpot to $636 million! And if you have the winning ticket., you'll have important decisions to make besides what color Porsches to buy your family for Christmas.Investment advisor Joe Zaidain says before you think about making purchases, even before you turn the ticket in, you should sit down with a team of specialists.I want to get the attorney, the financial planner, sit down go through it, Zaidain, CPA at Miamisburg's MVZ Financial Planning explained Tuesday. Then I want to plan it out so I have the best use of those funds.I've got family. At this point, take care of family, Vandalia's Lionel Johnson, Jr. said while buying a ticket at Dixie Stop Tuesday.Not only can taking care of loved ones make you the favorite in the family, Zaiden says it can save you millions in taxes.I don't want to take the entire tax hit by myself because I'm going to be at the maximum level, so if we can split that income out., Zaidain continued.Family is one thing, but what if you are splitting millions amongst co-workers.We've bought 1$25 worth at work. A pool. And my daughter in Atlanta she's went out at bought $110 at work in a pool, Kurt Holdman, Butler Twp., said with a smile while buying more last minute tickets.If you're one of the millions of people in a lottery pool, safeguards are more important than ever.First as a group I would see an attorney. As a group, Zaidain advises.Experts say you should have a picture of the ticket. and documented correspondence of every individual involved.One of the budgets decisions your team of experts will help you determine is if you should select the $341 million cash payout., or the 30 annual payments.Just a hint...Zaidain says taking the cash lump sum is a safer and more sound financial choice.
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Ohio Girl on American Idol Chasing Dreams
WAVERLY, Ohio--The only Ohio Contestant to make it to the top 24 on American Idol, said she she still has big plans for her future. 16- year- old Holly Miller from Waverly is still getting used to her new found fame. I will go to the store or out to a restaurant and I've had people come up to me and say are you that girl on American Idol? They say, can I get a picture taken with you, can I get your autograph? Miller was the only Ohioan to make it to Hollywood, and the Waverly High School sophomore said group round was the most nerve racking, but Idol judges Mariah Carey and Keith Urban made it a little easier. Mariah was so nice and considerate of how felt when I was singing. She would smile to ease the nerves. And Keith told me he liked my boots as soon as I walked in. She said, laughing. Holly calls herself a contemporary Christian singer, with a soulful edge. She said Idol, has opened doors for her. She can't say too much now, but she's working with a well known gospel singer, and hopes to record an album soon. Opportunities are coming my way. I've been praying about it and seeing what God wants me to do. She said. After she was cut from Idol, her proud mom Tammy Miller said Holly is more determined than ever to keep singing. She didn't give up, and I was so glad about that. Tammy said. I want to be the kind of person people look up to. Holly said. I want people to say, I want to be like Holly. I want that passion and desire to pursue my talent. Holly will be back on stage next weekend. She has the lead part in her high school musical.
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Mechanicsburg football team rallies for cheerleader battling cancer
MECHANICBURG -- This is a You Tube video posted by the Mechanicsburg football team. It's dedicated to 16-year-old classmate and cheerleader Ellie, who is battling cancer. The kids lined up and held up signs that said you have always cheered us on, now it is our turn, we are all cheering for you. Fight! Be strong. Be brave. Smile! Our team is cheering for you.
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Family Cat Fights Off Dog Attacking Child
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A family posted a video on YouTube Wednesday morning of the family cat saving a boy from a dog attack. The 56-second video from surveillance cameras shows the boy riding his bike Tuesday when the dog attacks him. The cat immediately charges out and leaps at the dog, scaring off the much-larger animal. The boy suffered bite wounds, but his family says he's going to be OK. "My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!" Roger Triantafilo wrote with the YouTube video. Source: Bakersfield Now
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WATCH: Deaf Boy Signs with Dragons Mascot, Heater
DAYTON -- It is a video being shared around the web after young, deaf boy from Germantown made a connection with the Dayton Dragon's mascot, Heater, that no one was expecting. Hunter may be a bit camera shy, but he is not shy about his favorite team. "I met heater and Gem," signed the seven year old. The Samworths were at the game on Saturday. "We were outside getting ready to go in and there was Heater and Gem so Hunter ran up. And so next thing you know, I'm telling Hunter, say. 'It's nice to meet you,'" said Hunter's Mom, Cheri Samworth. Unexpectedly, a Green Team member escorting Heater, starting signing back to him. So Dad started recording it and that is when the mascot himself joined in. They exchanged names and talked about the big game. "You can see on the video, his smile is like, he's gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me, Just a completely different experience for Hunter," Cheri said. "It just froze, everything froze. It was just, the look on his face was just priceless," said Hunter's Dad, Matt Samworth. The Dragons are away so Heater and members of the Green Team have the day off
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90 Year Old Fights Off Robber With Gun
DAYTON--A gun toting 90 year old scared a robbed out of his business. A man came into R J Laundromat Monday afternoon and demanded money from the owner, George Hicks, 90. Hicks grabbed his gun and chased the robber out the door and then called 911. 911 Dispatcher: Did he take any money? Victim: No. No. When he shoved me, I jumped up and went for my gun and when I went for my gun I said I'll blow your %$#@* brains out and he was gone. I want to shake the man's hand. Tom Mauro said. Mauro owns the Third Base Drive Thru. Back in September, he didn't hesitate to protect his business when 2 masked men came in to rob him. Mauro grabbed his gun and shot one of the robbers in the chest. As business owners, Mauro said they have right to protect themselves their employees and property. I work 7 days a week here and I really don't want people coming in here taking what doesn't belong to them. I won't put up with it He said. Hicks, the laundromat owner, said this isn't the first time he has been targeted. Back in 2010 he was beat up and robbed inside his business.
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How to Guard Luke Kennard
FRANKLIN -- Luke Kennard averages 39 points per game. The lowest he's been held to this season is 17. Only one other time this season has Kennard not scored at least 33. James Rider took to the Miami Valley with one burning question - how do stop Luke Kennard?
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Family Reacts to Buying Stolen Dog on Craigslist
ENGLEWOOD-- A family is learning the hard way about the dangers of buying on Craigslist. After being reported stolen by her blind owner, Diamond was turned into police. The family who bought her though, had already started to treat her as a member of their family. We saw her on Craigslist and contacted the so-called owner of the dog, said Thomas O'Shea. His family purchased Diamond the service dog.When I got there I saw how sweet she was and that she listened, O'Shea said. He said that's why he didn‚„t mind buying the dog from the Craigslist post even without her licensing papers. He didn't know she was stolen from Sheryl Williams, who is legally blind.I was told it was a one year old dog and I knew it wasn't one year old, he said. Looking back to the transaction, he says that was the first sign something wasn't quite right. O'Shea purchased the dog from Bonnie Ritchie, who has been arrested on felony theft charges. She gave him a story that it was her neighbor's dog and he went to jail and she promised to get it a home, said Dayton Police Detective Danielle Cash. Cash said Ritchie then changed her story. She said she didn't want to tell the truth when officers talked to her last night, she'd already sold it and didn't want to get in trouble.When O'Shea saw the story on the news he said he knew the stolen dog was the one he had purchased. It wasn't easy, but I knew it was going to hurt my kids and my wife she was balling too, he said. Diamond has been returned safely to her owner. O'Shea says he's happy about that, but he's learned a tough lesson. I will definitely be more cautious in the future. It's not all bad on Craigslist, there's just a few on there doing illegal things.But I am thankful they did, or I wouldn't have my dog back, said Sheryl Williams, the dog's owner. Because of their actions to return the beloved dog, the O'Shea family said they have other offers for a new Rottweiler puppy.
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Fans React to Buckeyes Win over Alabama
CENTERVILLE-- A true Cinderella story, Ohio State beats Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. The Buckeyes went into the Sugar Bowl a nine-point underdog against Alabama and few people outside the state of Ohio gave them a chance. Down 21-6 in the first half, the Buckeyes led by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Ohio State beat Alabama 42-35 earning their spot in the National Championship, advancing to get a chance to fight against the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks beat the defending national champions Florida State earlier Thursday to advance to the championship game. Ohio State showed doubters they deserved to be in the first-ever college playoffs by knocking off the Crimson Tide. Fans who watched the game at Frickers in Centerville never lost hope for the Buckeyes when they fell behind and came back for that amazing win. The Bucks will now play Oregon in the National Championship game in Dallas on Monday, January 12.
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KEEPING FAMILIES SAFE: Your Family Needs an Emergency Binder
MIAMI VALLEY -- If there was an emergency, such as a fire, tornado or chemical leak, and you had to evacuate your home would you be able to quickly grab all your essential personal information? Chances are, probably not. Anchor Deborah Linz tells you how keep your family safe by creating an emergency grab-and-go binder. When there's a fully-involved fire like this one over the summer in Sugarcreek Township there often isn't much time to get out alive, much less grab any essential information. Its just kind of peace of mind, says Tami Doling. Doling, a professional organizer, encourages everyone to have an emergency binder. This is my emergency family binder, Doling said. The binder keeps vital family information in one place. Doling said she keeps the following items in her binder: Cash CDs of important family pictures, Household inventory of items in each room of the house Important contacts (including doctors and family members) Passports Social Security cards Original birth certificates Will Child custody documents Doling said that in case people become separated, each family member should have a separate page with descriptions, such as height, weight, eye color, any allergies and a recent photo. Make copies of the front and back of credit cards. I can call the numbers on the back. I have the account numbers still and get them all canceled, Doling said, in case they were lost or stolen. Also list all bank accounts, including user names and passwords. And dont forget about your pets. Sometimes in the chaos of a disaster animals run away. Make sure to have veterinarian information and a photo available to share during the search. Doling says it takes about two hours to get all the documents together. It may seem like a lot of work but how much is your peace of mind? Doling also recommends a grab-and-go backpack for emergencies as well. ------------------- Other resources: Silver Lining Organizers on Facebook Silver Lining Organizers website
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Ride Along With USPS Letter Carriers in the Snow
DAYTON -- You may have to drive in this weather but some people have to work in it...all day long.Okay we are ready to get out and walk, said Lisa Cordes.Out of the van, on to the streets, and coming to a mailbox near you, these snowy conditions are nothing new to Lisa.I've been a letter carrier for 10 years, she said.And following Lisa around, you get to see exactly what gets her through.You tend to make friends and a lot of them become your family because you see them so often. This is Leo, she said pointing to a dog on her route. Hi Leo how are you doing buddy?And Lisa loves it when those friend keep her path clean.If there's anyone to follow it's this one she does a really good job, said Jim Morrissey, one of Lisa's customers.Rain or shine, Lisa's out here six hours everyday.I actually deliver some high-rise apartment buildings so I get to spend a couple hours indoors everyday, she said. I don't mind walking in it but driving it is not very fun you just have to take your time and go to little slower to get what you need to.Lisa says she's slipped in the snow a few times but has thankfully never been injured.You have more danger of accidents when you have ice and snow you have a a lot of slips and falls. And there are times where it does keep us from making deliveries, she said.Believe it or not, she says her job is easier now than the summer time.I'm not a big fan of the snow and ice but it is easier to carry the mail in the winter then when it is hot and humid, Lisa said.Connect with ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Wale Aliyu on Facebook and Twitter.
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Behind the Scenes of the Halloween Haunt!
MASON -- Yea that's right, you'll want to hold on to somebody tight, before you come to this fright night."It was very freaky someone over there will had white eyes," visitor Andi Burk said."I play the undertaker the host at the front gate," actor Mike Rochester said. "I welcome people in the front gate and let them know what to expect."These actors will do what ever it takes to make sure your scared straight. Every Friday and Saturday through the end of October come to the Halloween Haunt and meet all 500 of these creatures.More than 50 make up artist are on hand every week to help provide the thrills that you seek."He's going to look sick like he's been infected by is on the virus all kinds of blood in boils and sickly skin green and yellow," make-up artist Tammy Fairchild said.It takes two hours to prepare 500 creatures, from their clothing to their features. So if fear is not a factor for you, come on down to King's Island soon."Make sure you say hi to me and I make sure to do the same. I'll take very good care of you," said Rochester followed by an evil maniacal laugh.For tickets to Kings Island's Annual Halloween Haunt, click here. Wale Aliyu Reports
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Trooper Recognized for Saving Truck Driver in Piqua
PIQUA -- Trooper Eric Devers was honored Thursday for his life saving efforts during a crash investigation from April 28, 2015. The crash happened along I-75 Northbound just south of Sidney. Dever's actions were caught on dash camera. "I found him to be unresponsive," Devers said about when he arrived to the scene. A big rig driver had crashed through the highway barrier, down a steep embankment, and into some woods. He was not breathing when Devers got on scene. "Don't you die on me!" Devers voice can be heard saying from the truck cab in the video. He started CPR right away, to save the life of John Depue, 53, of Charlotte, Michigan. Depue was suffering from an undisclosed medical condition that caused him to crash. "I had to do it for 12 minutes, it was definitely harrowing at the time," Trooper Devers said about his efforts to perform CPR. Devers said his adrenaline kept him going during the incident, and he was miraculously able to keep the driver alive until EMS could arrive to get the driver to a hospital. Devers credits two other truckers who stopped to help in the rescue, saying "Without either of those gentlemen this would never have happened." But Devers was honored its a Certificate of Recognition by the Ohio State Highway Patrol Piqua post for his efforts, and was presented with the award in front of friends and family during a ceremony Thursday. "It's just very humbling," Devers said. "It was a good feeling just knowing he was going home to his friends, his family, his loved ones. That's why we do what we do." John Depue was able to make a full recovery. Originally posted August 13, 2015.
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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Montgomery Co. Deputies Stop to Play Football With Some Kids
HARRISON TWP. -- Over the weekend three sheriff's deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office took time to play some football with a group of local kids and the video is making its way around the internet. The deputies were driving down Fair Oaks Road in Harrison Township on Saturday when they spotted a group of kids playing football. "And then the cops came and joined us," said 10-year-old Davonta Hansbro, "I was on the cops team, we had fun." The video is circulating around on social media sites like Facebook. "I want the video to go viral," said Sheriff Phil Plummer. Plummer stated on Monday afternoon that what his deputies did deserves an award because that's what their job really is about. "We need to work harder to buy the trust of the community. I'm glad they did that," said Sheriff Plummer. We talked to a father on Monday who recorded the video, along with a dozen others. "To see officers come out and play with the kids in the community like that, it's a good thing. We need more officers like this," said Chris Dorsey. We know two of the deputies are Deputy Haas and Deputy Debarr. Plummer says he pushes his deputies towards community policing -- and this is exactly what he wants to see more. The game was cut short on Saturday because a car came flying past the kids and cops. We're told the deputies chased after the car and arrested the man. Following the arrest Dorsey says the deputies came back to explain what the man did wrong and why they had to chase after them. 10-year-old Davonta wants to re-challenge those deputies because they won when the game was cut short.
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Handicapped Woman Fights Back After Rude Note
MIAMISBURG-- A disabled woman's struggle to regain independence is going viral locally, after a nasty note a neighbor left her. Twenty-six year old Ashley Brady lost her leg in an accident in 2014. After learning how to walk again with a prosthetic, climbing three flights of stairs to her apartment is the easy part of her day. "I struggled a lot across the snow and ice in the parking lot trying to learn how to balance and walk," Brady said, "I fell multiple times all of which my neighbors have seen." After moving in, she asked the management at her Miamisburg apartment complex to create a designated handicapped parking space outside her building, so she could avoid any more icy falls. "I finally get my handicapped parking spot last Thursday (March 12,2015) and then I come home on Saturday and they're parking in my parking spot," she said. A frustrated Brady decided to leave a note when she didn't see a placard on the car parked in the handicap spot. "I was stern and confident in what I was saying and just letting her know she doesn't know what its like to walk around without your own leg," Brady said, "She in return had placed this really rude note under my windshield wiper." The letter reads: "Hey handicap! First, never place your hands on my car again! Second, honey you ain't the only one with "struggles." You want pity go to a one leg support group! You messed with the wrong one! I don't care what your note said shove it, but you touch my car again I will file a report, I am not playing! I let the office know the cry baby one leg touches my property I will cause trouble so go cry your struggles to someone who cares cause I'm walking away with both mine! -(expletive)" "I read it probably like 5 times over and over," Brady said, "Because my brain just couldn't even process the level of mean that it was." "If this person really knew her they would never talk to her that way because she's so sweet and would never talk to them that way," said Brady's sister Kaitlyn. Ashley Brady's sisters posted a picture of the note on Facebook in hopes of bringing awareness to struggles handicapped people face on a regular basis. The photo was shared more than 1,000 times in two days. "I got a lot of feedback online from a lot of other amputees who have been in similar situations," said Brady, "You're not just going to get what you want by being bullying. She told me to cry to someone who cares, so I went to the internet and it turns out a lot of people care." Brady filed a grievance with Miamisburg police. Management of the apartment complex have not yet decided on a course of action for the incident.
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Young Heroin Addict Speaks Out
NEW CARLISLE -- Heroin addicts say once the poison enters your body, your brain falls in love with it.. And the habit's almost impossible to kick. No one knows that better than 20 year old heroin addict April Erion. "It's like god's angels massaging your whole body and mind," Erion describes fondly. The 20 year old remembers her first intravenous high well. At 16, April boasted 4.2 GPA and scholarship offers to multiple colleges. While a hard partier on weekends, it wasn't until she fell in love that her life took a turn. April started snorting heroin at age 16. "We met at a party and we started rolling on x and stuff we considered party drugs," Erion explained. "I was in a drug dealers house on the East side of Dayton shooting dope. For me it happened really quick. The first time I shot it I was hooked." April says she's shoots up all day every day and a couple of hours without heroin makes her deathly ill, or 'dopesick'. "I'm homeless. I don't have anything. If I knew when I was 16 and did that first line of heroin what was going to happen. I would've never touched it," Erion explains tearfully. The 20 year old was kicked out of her home for repeatedly stealing from her mother to buy dope. A high that only lasts minutes or even seconds. The once vivacious ambitious teen says there is nothing she hasn't done for a high. "You think you can play with it and do it on the weekends because all your friends are doing it. It's not.. You're playing with fire and you're going to get burned," Erion added. April's last unsuccessful stint in rehab was in January. She says some days she truly believe she wants to quit. But most days she can only think about where her next high will come from.
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Tires Have a Shelf Life, How to Ensure Yours are Safe
DAYTON -- Are your tires summer-ready? Thousands of crashes are connected to troubled tires each year in the United States, according to records kept by the federal government. But it turns out, there is no law stating you cannot be sold a tire that is unsafe, or even rottingThe first thing you should look for is a four digit number on the tire. It is not an expiration date, but it tells you how old the tire is. We found one in our parking lot at 4707. That means it was made in the 47th week of 2007. That alone is a problem, because the life of a tire should be about five or six years.Peter Beffemmyer tries to avoid "flat tires, low air, the tread getting low." That is why he keeps a close eye on his wheels. His are pretty new."I do a lot of driving," he said.Brittany Summers' car, however; does more sitting than driving."It was kind of like a helicopter, a wosh-wosh noise over and over. It didn't blow out, but it was close."Turns out, a tire deteriorates just as much when it sits - unused, as when it is rolling regularly along the roadway."When I saw it it was really alarming," Summers said.If you drive a lot, you will see the tread go first, but occasional drivers have to worry about the rubber."That's why it's dry rotting. The rubber isn't designed to last forever," said Sammy Walker, a car expert as he looked over two used tires we brought to him. "This is almost a new tire even though it looks old."The newer looking one - that was more expensive - is actually rotting, despite the good tread. In Ohio, if a tire defect causes a crash, do not assume you will not be held responsible. "Yes, they may come after you," said Attorney Chris Buyers who adds buying used tires is risky business for many reasons. "You don't know in its prior life how the tire was used, over loaded, over inflated, under inflated. if someone had bad driving habits."Peter Beffemmyer says until now, he has been focused on tread and how they look. But now he will be looking a lot closer at the rubber, and the date on the tire."It would be helpful to know, I'll definitely look forward to that next time I need new tires."
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Secrets of the Thief: Part 3 - How to Protect Your Home
MONTGOMERY COUNTY -- The Dayton-area sees almost four burglaries a day. According to law enforcement., any neighborhood can be the next target. That's why ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Liza Danver is Fighting Back to show you how to protect your home and your valuables from the crooks.The big item they're taking is jewelry, play station games, video games and computers. Anything they can sell. The jewelry, they take right to a jewelry shop and sell it. Gold is up right now. They melt it down right away so we never retrieve that jewelry, unfortunately, said Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer.To help Fight Back and keep your family safe, we talk to a former professional burglar about the steps you need to take right now to protect your home. Bob Portenier knows all too well about breaking in. He previously served time for armed robbery.People keep their stuff in the same place from house to house and the burglars know where to find those items. What I recommend is a home safe, he said.You can find a suitable safe at any large hardware store. But Portenier says, don't stash it in the back of a closet. Secure it to the floor, so it can't be picked up. Keep expensive jewelry, important papers and other smaller valuables inside. You put a box over it to camoflage it, then you put a couple boxes over that with like garage sale items, and they'll typically pass it by and not mess with it, Portenier said.Portenier adds, home security systems are always good. The alarm almost always scares away burglars. But don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune, because the best security can also be your best friend.If they come on your front porch and hear your dog barking, they're going next door, Sheriff Plummer said. I bought me a big 'ole Boxer. I've got a four-legged security system.On the outside of your home, look into motion activated lights. That's what Dana Fox of Dayton did after learning of a series of burglaries in his neighborhood.I put in a lot of lighting, dusk to dawn lighting around my barn and my house. My neighbors have done the same thing. You light up the neighborhood, that really helps, he said.If you want to really slam the door in a burglar's face, reinforce it. Put a Charlie Bar on all sliding glass doors and install deadbolts on doors leading to the outside including the door to your garage. Portenier also has this recommendation: When they bore out a hole for your door knob, there is very little wood to protect it. So you can get a brass wrap around. It's held in place with eight screws. That really beefs this area up as you can see. Just a few simple things you can do to Fight Back against the bad guys. I feel much more safe, and so does my wife, Fox said.Thursday night on FOX 45 News at 10 and ABC 22 News at 11, we follow former burglar Bob Portenier as he breaks into a home and steals everything valuable inside. You won't believe how fast he's able to ransack the place.
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Clark County Sheriff Fires Three Sergeants
SPRINGFIELD -- Three Clark County Sheriff's Office sergeants have been fired following an incident in the jail lobby that was caught on cell phone video. The video captured a former sheriff's office employee, Christopher Dent, who was intoxicated, had a visible head injury, urinated on a lobby wall, passed out on a bench, and was acting as a danger to himself and the person taking the video. Investigation into the incident revealed that Dent had asked for help, and the three sergeants who have now been fired, all neglected to help him. "He was in the lobby for two hours before help was rendered," said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly. Sergeants Krista Cox, Carrie Taylor, and Eric Sullivan were all given notice their employment was terminated Friday, October 9. Personnel records show all three sergeants had at least nine years of experience on the force. "I hired every one of these people," Kelly said, "I know every one of these three individuals. And it is a sad day when you have to terminate employees." Internal Investigation records and reports of the May 13 incident reveal the neglectful actions taken by Cox, Taylor, and Sullivan. Clinton County Investigators found Cox was first to make contact with Dent, but according to records, decided not to act because it was close to shift change. Records also showed Taylor was working around the corner from the lobby and was made aware of the incident but also chose not to act. The records indicate all three, including Sullivan, stopped other deputies and a nurse from helping Dent. "We have taken an oath," said Sheriff Kelly, "To protect and serve this community and that should have happened that night." Sullivan eventually arrested Dent for disorderly conduct after about two hours in the lobby. An investigation was started into the neglectful actions, headed up by the Clinton County Sheriff's Office, who found Cox, Taylor, and Sullivan all guilty of violating at least 10 codes of conduct. "But this community can have full confidence that we will investigate our own, that we will take the appropriate action, if necessary, and in this case the three sergeants are being held responsible," said Kelly. Two of the fired sergeants are currently in the process of appealing the firings. ------------------------ Earlier coverage: CLARK COUNTY -- Sheriff Gene Kelly announced Friday that he has terminated three deputies after an internal investigation. Sergeants Krista Cox, Eric Sullivan and Carrie Taylor were under investigation for dereliction of duty. It involved a May 2015 incident in the Clark County Sheriff's office lobby. Former Deputy Christopher Dent showed up in the lobby drunk and then urinated on the wall. The deputies all watched as it happened and reportedly did nothing for two hours. Dent was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct. Krista Cox was hired on June 30, 2006, and was promoted to Sergeant on May 11, 2011. Carrie Taylor was hired on September 27, 1999, and was promoted to Sergeant on July 6, 2012. Eric Sullivan was hired on January 17, 1992, and was promoted to Sergeant on June 1, 2006. Sheriff Kelly said during a Friday press conference the three sergeants each violated 10 policies of their oaths of office regarding the May incident. Two of the sergeants have filed appeals.
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HVAC Students Say College Cheating them of Education
CENTERVILLE -- Students paying 6,000 for a certification course in heating and air conditioning are complaining that they arent getting their moneys worth. They began the 9-month course in March at Fortis College in Centerville. Students say they havent had an instructor for the daytime courses for more than 2 weeks. "I mean, we got midterms Thursday. And there's no one there to give us midterms, said Howard Stanley, a Fortis student. "It's been two weeks now. Two weeks and we still dont have a teacher," said another student, Shaun Mobley. FOX 45 contacted Fortis College for a comment on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015. We were told the campus president, Richard Mallow, was not available. "I mean we're paying 16-grand. We feel like we should get some kind of answer," said Stanley. The students say even when they have had an instructor the teaching has been inconsistent. They say instructors have taught topics outside of their specialty and there has been little hands-on lab instruction. "I have not touched a commercial refrigerator, a walk-in cooler, a freezer. But, they expect us to go out and get a job," said Mobley. He said he chose the HVAC course at Fortis College because they offered daytime courses that worked with his family schedule. He said he wants to be able to eventually start a business. But, hes uncertain of the quality of his education. "I don't even know if I passed and that's sad." Mobley said theyve changed teachers five times during the course. Several students have quit the class. Stanley is an Army veteran who was also hoping to be able to take what he learned and start a new career. But now, he doesnt think his certificate carries much value. I don't and the rest of the classmates feel the same." Meanwhile, Jay Moran, co-owner of A Abel Heating and Air said the students will still probably be able to find jobs as long as they have some key knowledge under their belts. Basic understanding of electricity and how it's used, high voltage, low voltage, switches and things like that, said Moran. Just a general understanding of it is about all we really need." He said most companies that hire new HVAC technicians understand they will need to do some additional training even if they do have certification. "Most companies aren't going to take a brand new person and throw them into the fire," said Moran. He said there is usually a test to see how much knowledge the technician has and that gives them an idea of how much training is needed. Meanwhile, graduation is set for Dec. 21, 2015.
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Tonisha Harris Sentenced in McKnight Case
DAYTON -- Tonisha Harris, the only person charged in connection to the disappearance and death of Nichelle McKnight and her 5-year-old son, Zaden, was sentenced today. Investigators say Harris' ex-husband, Antwan Anderson - who killed himself after a pursuit with police - killed McKnight and her son. Harris was accused of helping Anderson dispose of the bodies. Today, 31-year-old Harris was sentenced to the maximum penalty on charges of gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and failure to report a crime. However, the sentences for each will be served concurrently, meaning she is sentenced to 36 months in prison. Nichelle's sister, Jasmine Cade, said the family was surprised by Harris' apology, but they are still left wondering where Zaden is. "I am so serious, if I knew where Zaden was I promise I would tell you guys," Harris explained during her courtroom apology. "Because I feel like this, like what you guys have been through as a family that's the least I could do is give that information." Judge Steven K. Dankof didn't let Harris' speech influence him from sentencing her to the maximum time allowed for each offense. "Nobody but the defendant can know if she truly is remorseful," the judge said. Harris' attorney Anthony VanNoy talked only with Fox 45 after his client's emotional outburst and apology. "She was very vehement, and she meant exactly what she was saying," said VanNoy, "She truly was hoping to help them make the next step towards closure." Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. called this a heartbreaking and tragic case. "Nichelle McKnight had a bright and promising future and cared deeply for her son, Zaden," Heck said after the sentencing. "Hopefully the body of Zaden will be located so that the family of the victims may have some closure. Tonight, Harris is in the Montgomery County jail before she heads to prison. Harris' attorney said the well-being of her children remains her number one concern while she does her time. RAW NEWS: Watch Harris apologize to the McKnight family during the sentencing, here. ---------------- Earlier coverage: NOV. 18, 2015: Documents Revealed Ahead of Tonisha Harris Sentencing
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AAA to Automakers: Stop Removing Spare Tires
UPDATE -- We ran into John Smith after he had a flat tire. He hadn't heard one out of every three new cars sold does not come with a spare. "Quite frustrated, especially at my age now I don't have the convenience of getting a tire put back on right away because I don't have one," said Smith. "I think most people just take it (having a spare tire) for granted since every car they've bought before it had one in it and they take for granted that it's back there until we get there and inform them that they don't have a spare," said Shawn Cobble, who has worked for AAA for nearly 15 years. "I would assume it had a spare tire in the trunk," said Smith. So what have car companies been using instead of a full or spare tire? It is a kit that patches or plugs a puncture and then re-inflates the tire. "If the hole is right, it may work or it may not more times than not it doesn't work. The hole and the situation has to be perfect for it to work," said Cobble. That perfect situation Cobble is talking about is a small puncture in the tire's tread. If it's on the sidewall the kit won't work. Even if it does work though, Cobble warns you could be forced to fork over hundreds more. "In most cases, once that's been installed you can't plug a tire. They (service shops) won't patch them because of that stuff being in there because it impedes the adhesion of a patch or a plug so you've essentially kind of ruined your tire," said Cobble. On top of that the fix it kit can also ruin your tire pressure monitor. "They're taking a 50-200 tire replacement and turning it into 00-500 repairs. We try to explain that to them and in most cases we end up getting a tow truck to them and towing it to a tire shop," said Cobble. Plus, Cobble says more and more repair shops are refusing to work on fixed tires. "It makes a mess. It gets down in their machines and gets all over their (service) techs changing the tires. It's just a nasty mess when you get that stuff in there," said Cobble. Back to John, luckily his car has a spare but he says he will be sure to ask if the time comes for a new car. I'm not up on the sensors and gadgets and computers and it's difficult for a senior citizen. We did not live in an era when they had all these computers and systems in the cars they have now so it's going to make it very difficult for us to maneuver around and get this solution in it," said Smith. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MIAMI VALLEY -- The AAA auto club says it's now common practice for automakers to not include spare tires in new cars. In fact, more than one in three new cars is sold without a spare, most often replaced by tire inflator kits. AAA says those are less dependable and more expensive. AAA spokesperson Cindy Antrican said the automakers are now putting drivers and their passengers at risk of being stranded on busy roads and highways. This is more than an inconvenience, its a danger Antrican said. Now, AAA is urging automakers to equip all cars with spare tires. There are many calls that I go on and I find theres no spare, says AAA emergency roadside responder Ryan Candler. But whats really amazing is that most drivers dont even realize it until theyre stuck." Antrican said the inflator kits are useless in many situations of when damage occurs to the tire's sidewall or a blowout. Its not that the kits dont work, its that they only work when a flat is caused by something stuck in the center tread, Antrican says. Automakers started eliminating the spare tire about ten years ago in an effort to lighten the load and improve fuel efficiency. But, AAA says, the elimination of 30 pounds or so offers a negligible increase in mpg but significant increase in cost to motorists. In the meantime, AAA has the following recommendations for drivers: When purchasing a new vehicle, dont assume it comes equipped with a spare. Always ask sales staff for a detailed list of equipment and if a spare tire can be purchased as an option. If your vehicle is equipped with a tire inflator kit in lieu of a spare, read the owners manual and understand system limitations before trouble strikes. If your vehicle has a spare tire, be sure it is properly inflated and stowed. Check tire pressure monthly, as a flat spare tire is of no value in an emergency. If your vehicle is equipped with a tire inflator kit, AAA recommends that you check its expiration date and replace the kit when necessary, typically between 4?8 years. When faced with a flat tire, AAA members can request assistance at (800) AAA?HELP, by visiting AAA.com/RoadsideAssistance or via the AAA Mobile App.
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Latest: Ashley Brady Receives Immense Support
MIAMISBURG -- One week after WKEF/WRGT first aired the story of a Miamisburg woman, who received a nasty note addressed "Hey Handicap," by an able-bodied driver, the story has gone viral across the United States. The woman, 26 year old Ashley Brady, said she couldn't believe how many websites shared the story and how many people reached out to encourage her. "I was super shocked," Brady said on March 23, 2015, one week after the first story aired, "First, when it went to Canada, I was like, 'oh my god it's in Canada!,' but then Australia, and the U.K." The story began when Brady left a stern note on a car that had parked in her designated handicap accessible parking spot. She never thought the note she would receive in return would go viral on the internet overnight. "And that's why I think it got so big," Brady said, "Because it's so small and every day that so many people could relate to how negative that message was." The note was a full page long, and teased Ashley about her struggles, bragged about having two legs, and didn't apologize for taking up the parking spot Ashley relies on while still adjusting to walking with a prosthetic leg. After WKEF/WRGT shared her story, people all over showed their outrage by sharing. Celebrities and magazines shared the story, and blogged about Ashley's message. She was contacted by daytime talk shows. The story was viewed more than 130,000 times on the WKEF/WRGT YouTube account. "I got reached out to by lots of disabled people and lots of disabled people's family members," Brady said, "And some of the stories that I read were just heartbreaking. "It was so sad to me that so many people had been in similar situations so many times." Brady said sharing awareness has been the greatest reward of the story's reach. "It just showed that a lot of people out there do care about the disabled and are passionate about people not using disabled services when they don't need to," Brady said. Brady's Miamisburg apartment is already decorated with positive messages, and now she has a few thousand more to keep her on her feet. "I just hope that maybe other people are seeing that you can take this really nasty situation and turn it into a positive," Brady added.
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Dog Protects Owner from Intruder
DAYTON- A home invasion in Old North Dayton was foiled by an American Bull Dog named Rommel. Rommel is more than just a pet, he's Ronald Schlenk's best friend and today, Schlenk said he gets the top dog award. He's a hero. He said. Schlenk was up watching TV about 3 in the morning when an intruder armed with a large butcher knife came through his front door. This guy picked the wrong house. He said. Schlenk's dog was ready to defend his owner. As soon as that door opened, he saw a face that he didn't recognize and he went for him. I was proud of him. The man, wearing all black and a mask, screamed when the dog jumped on him and then ran out the door. He was trying to get out the door as fast as he could and the dog was clawing at him. Just the expression on his face made my day. Schlenk said. Schlenk said the man must have some bite or scratch marks on him from the dog attack. The intruder threw the knife in his yard and police later found it and are testing it for finger prints. Schlenk hopes people realize how well a dog can protect you and your home. A dog is the best thing to have in your house, besides a gun. Police canvassed the neighborhood looking for the intruder, but couldn't find him.
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Reporting Dirty Salons
DAYTON -- After our story on dirty nail salons aired, we received several requests from viewers asking us to look into their salon.I've heard too many horror stories, so I would absolutely say something, said Shannon Waldren, nail salon customer.We made a written request to the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology to find out if they received any previous violations.We checked out Glamour Nails in Moraine. They had no current violations, but did have a complaint from a customer last year.It accused them of re-using nail files and buffers.After the complaint, the inspector showed up and gave them three violations.In Centerville, a viewer wanted us to check on Solar Nails.We discovered they received two violations in 2010, and several more in 2011. But they were corrected and haven't had a violation since.It is public knowledge, and if they desire to write into our board and find out if that salon has ever had any priors, any prior violations they are welcome to do that, but it has to be written, said Joann Byerly, Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Inspector.We emailed our request, but you can also send it through the mail. But we wanted to know why they don't have records of the violations accessible online, so we called the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology.According to them, instead of posting the violations online, they require the salons to post their recent inspection in a visible place to customers.So any client that wants to look at the inspection report should be able to look around and see that it's posted somewhere and see if they had any violations or not, said Byerly.I always look for it any way, where they have it posted usually with their grade and stuff, said Waldren.If you have a complaint there's a form on the Board of Cosmetology web site.Just print it out, fax it to them or mail it in.They are currently working on updating the site to eventually allow your to email your complaints.Then our investigator would go out and check into it. said Byerly.According to the board, it then takes 7-10 days for an inspector to get to the salon.
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Woman Meets Biological Mother Several Times Not Knowing Relation
DAYTON -- A Dayton woman, although given up at birth, never gave up on finding her biological family. Draya Haywood will be able to spend the holidays with her biological family for the first time this year. Draya grew up in a home with six adopted brothers and sisters. "A lot of kids coming in and out," said Draya.Her adopted parents brought her home at just 52 days old."She was about four pounds, I brought her home and fell in love with her," Madelyn Haywood said.Draya never questioned who her real family was until she was about 16."I started asking my mom questions, it was hard not knowing who they were," said Draya.She found out her family's information but didn't have the courage to contact them until two weeks ago."She was chicken, she was scared," Madelyn said.Two weeks ago she sent a Facebook message to her sister, Sundia Taylor. "We stayed on the phone for two hours, didn't sleep that night," Sundia said."I was sitting right here when she did the Facebook message and they called them on the phone, we were all sitting here crying," Madelyn added.Within days, Draya would get to meet her brother, her sisters and her mother."That's my mother, can I really face her, it was kind of hard for me to see her," Draya said. "I didn't talk to her at first, I kind of just hugged her and listened as she talked. She said she never stopped thinking about me."After some time, the two realized they had met before at the Greater Allen AME Church that Draya's biological mom goes to. Draya  has visited this church several times in the last three years, and staring her mother in the face, but not knowing it was her."I had been going there and seeing her but I never knew it was her, that was a big shock," said Draya.Another shock, Draya's boyfriend is her sister's neighbor."I knew her boyfriend, I probably knew her but just didn't know who it was," Sundia said.This will be the first holiday Draya will get to spend with her biological family, but there will be many more to come."I think it's going to add a different dynamic to our lives and I only see it getting better," sister Jessicah Taylor said."I keep in contact with my sisters and brothers every day, my mom calls me every night to ask me how work was," Draya said. Wale Aliyu Reports
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Check Scam Could Clean Out Your Account
UNION -- A scam alert that could cost you thousands! A mother of five was almost conned out of money she was going to use for Christmas presents this week. And she's worried, your family could be targeted next. The scammers are using legitimate delivery services like FedEx to send bogus checks to innocent victims. The goal is to obtain your personal information and eventually clean out your bank account. I opened it up and I was like, there's a 1300 dollar check in here, said Jennifer Cupp of Union. The delivery was a nice surprise, but Jennifer wasn't expecting any money and she didn't know the sender. So her husband called the phone number written on the mailing label, but it had already been disconnected. With no answers there, Jennifer called the bank listed on the check, Huntington National Bank. That's when she found out, the check is all part of a huge scam. What people are doing now are sending fake checks in hopes that you deposit them so then they can get your account information, she said. The cons behind all this are doing their homework by claiming the money is from a legitimate organization. In Jennifer's case, it was the charity Universal Initiative Foundation out of Toledo. I don't see how someone could do that to someone, try to get all their information and then take money from them. It just blows my mind, Jennifer said. With this scam, there was a huge red flag. The scammers never enclosed a reason why Jennifer was getting a check. If it seems too good, it probably is too good, she said. ABC 22/FOX 45 called the charity on the check. The President said he knows the scammers are using his charity's name, but added there's little anyone can do because it's so difficult to track down the people behind it.
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Hospital Warns of Children Swallowing Small Batt
YOUR DESCRIPTION HAS REACHED THE LIMIT OF CHARACTERS ALLOWED AND WAS CUT. DAYTON-- Doctors at Dayton Children's Hospital are warning this holiday season of the dangers of "button batteries" that are commonly found in toys. The batteries are small enough to swallow, and can cause serious corrosive damage if your child swallows one. "Everything has a watch battery these days, even those little toys that you get from fast food restaurants," said Dr. Ravi Elluru, who specializes in ear, nose, and throat ailments at Dayton Children's Hospital. "He likes to be a joker and thinks its funny but this time it wasn't so funny," said Rebecca Roberts about her 4-year-old grandson, Hunter. Hunter became a patient at Dayton Children's after he found a button battery in a drawer at his grandmother's house and swallowed it. "He came into the living room and he says ma-maw, I swallowed a battery! I'm like what!?" Roberts recalled. After Roberts rushed the boy to Dayton Children's Hospital, doctors had to act fast to get the battery out because it had lodged in his throat. "If they get lodged and in contact with the lining of the food pipe-- the esophagus-- then it starts a corrosive action," said Dr. Elluru. Dayton Children's Hospital produced a video to demonstrate how quickly the battery could damage the lining of the esophagus, using a piece of deli meat to replicate human tissue. After the test, the battery had visibly eaten away at the deli meat, on both sides, and it took only two hours. "It is literally corroding and burning away the lining of the esophagus where the battery is placed," said Dr. Elluru about the test. "Infections can then spread very rapidly from that food pipe into your chest and that can be a life threatening situation," he warned. Dr. Elluru suggests that as parents start wrapping presents for the holidays, pay extra attention to what toys the batteries may be located in, especially toys that talk or light up. After the incident with Hunter, Rebecca Roberts said she shopped extra carefully for her curious Grandson for the upcoming holiday. "I don't think I got anything that uses batteries," she said, "I'm hoping I didn't, but you know some toys you get them home and they have batteries in them." Dr. Elluru added that other than taking precaution as to what toys and household items the batteries may be located in, pay attention if your child starts having breathing problems, or refuses to eat or drink, as those may be signs that they swallowed a button battery or other foreign object. __________________________________________________________ PREVIOUS: DAYTON -- With the Christmas season upon us, Dayton Children's Hospital is warning of an increasing danger: Children swallowing small batteries. The hospital says the threat is there with remote controls, toys, books with music or sound, greeting cards, watches, flameless candles, key fobs, scales, thermometers, hearing aids, diabetic testing tools or other medical devices. And time is the enemy, Dayton Children's Hospital says. Major damage can be done in as little as two hours and the damage can take years and several surgeries to repair. Even then, sometimes a return to normal is not possible. ƒ‚‚‚“It looks like a little bomb has gone off in a childƒ‚‚‚„s throat,ƒ‚‚‚ says Ravi Elluru, MD, PhD, advanced pediatric airway, ear, nose and throat doctor at Dayton Childrenƒ‚‚‚„s. ƒ‚‚‚“You can see the indentation in the esophagus where the battery was and a lot of blackened scar tissue around it.ƒ‚‚‚ Dr. Elluru has had to reconstruct the airway of a child who swallowed a button battery. %0
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Comedian Michael Blackson @ Dayton FunnyBone
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Woman Begs Husband Not to Kill Her in 9-1-1 Call
TROY -- Police shot and killed Al Pickett, 52, Tuesday night after they say he stabbed his estranged wife multiple times.Baby I'm dropping the charges you don't have to do this, said Anita Swartz, 38.Throughout the 911 call you can hear Schwartz screams laced with her bagging her estranged husband Al Pickett not to kill her.I told everyone I'm going to work my marriage out with you baby, she said.Where Al Pickett used to live, the door is almost completely kicked in. Neighbors say his wife got a restraining order against him after she had to call 911 on him numerous times.It started with two loud thuds. I guess it was him kicking in the door and her screaming. Then it went silent then she started screaming again, said Jadelynn Steele neighbor.Neighbors say their daughter called police after Pickett stabbed Swartz. This was pretty sad because the young daughter had to witness what happened to her mother, said neighbor Mary Lou Craig.When they arrived around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, Pickett was standing outside armed.Put the gun down, put it down then you hear one gun shot, followed by 3 more, said Steele.Pickett died at the scene after police shot him nearly 10 times in the torso.When they shot, the stray bullet went into my granddaughter's apartment, said Craig. It went through the window and to her couch. I had a grand-baby there that was sleeping.Despite close calls, no one else was hurt in this incident.Swartz had no words for our cameras, but neighbors say this is a tragic end to an apparent domestic violence story that has been going on for a while.As thin as our ceilings and walls are, you can hear plain as day, they're screaming at each other and stuff, said Joshua Steele.Pickett's wife was treated and released from the hospital.Because this is a police involved shooting, the Ohio BCI is taking over this shooting investigation..Connect with ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Wale Aliyu on Facebook and Twitter.
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Woman Fed Up With Bed Bugs Gets Revenge with Apartment Management
DAYTON -- A woman fed up with bed bugs, takes it out on her landlords, by spreading the bugs inside her apartment's management office. It's bad. It's real bad. We have to sleep on the floor! The woman said, explaining conditions inside her apartment. She doesn't want to be identified. They crawl everywhere. Upstairs. Downstairs. She said she and her 7 year old son have been living with the disgusting insects for nine months. We stay up at night. I'm so paranoid about it. They look like big red ticks. They are flat. Sometimes when they are itty bitty, they are white. Almost see through. The woman and her son live at Mount Crest Apartments. She said the complex's maintenance crew has sprayed several times, but she says the bugs are still a problem and management won't help her anymore. She had to throw out all her furniture, which cost her several hundred dollars. She said to get her point across, she put the bugs in a plastic container and went to the management office and spread them around, inside the building. I got fed up. I took the bed bugs to the office and I gave them back what they gave me. ABC 22 / FOX 45 NEWS tried to contact Greater Dayton Premier Management, the company who owns the apartments. The company said they wouldn't comment on the matter. The woman could face charges of vandalism and criminal mischief, if approved by the county prosecutor. Those charges seem a little harsh to Anthony Mooty. I understand how she feels. Mooty said he gets why the woman is frustrated. He's dealt with the nasty blood sucking bugs before They are hard to get rid of. And they eat you up at night while you trying to sleep. He said. The tenant said she is taking her son out of the infested apartment as soon as possible, but before she moves, she wants to get her revenge one more time. Before I leave, I will probably take some bed bugs to the office and spread them around again, because I don't think they got my point. Earlier coverage:DAYTON -- A tenant at the Mount Crest Court Apartments is accused of throwing bed bugs around the management office when she was upset about her recurring pest problem.Dayton Police say the apartment personnel told them that the tenant came into the main office yelling and swearing about her bed bug problem. They said she then threw a bowl of bed bugs all over the office and said, Now you will see what's it's like to live with bed bugs.Police spoke to the tenant, who said she never took the lid off the bowl of bed bugs.An apartment employee said her apartment was treated for bed bugs on January 2 and January 23, February 20, March 13 and April 20. The exterminators gave the apartment the all clear after that and the tenant was reportedly told by management that if bugs returned to let management know and the exterminators would be called back in.Apartment management estimates the cost of exterminating the office at $150.The Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office is expected to contact apartment management about filing a charge of criminal mischief.
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Could You Escape From The Zombies?
COLUMBUS -- Have you ever had a nightmare of being trapped in a room with a zombie? Morning Meteorologist Chris Mulcahy and Reporter Hilary Zalla lived that nightmare at Room Escape Adventures in Columbus. The two of them were stuck in a room with a chained zombie and they had an hour to escape. Only a third of the groups who enter make it out successfully. So, how did Chris and Hilary do? Watch and find out. For more information on Room Escape Adventures, click here roomescapeadventures.com.
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Fake Service Dogs
XENIA -- Breaking the law to take their pets almost anywhere. Dozens of local folks fake owning a service dog and it's hurting people with real disabilities. 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia trains service dogs and their new owners. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs are allowed to accompany their disabled owner in restaurants, schools, even go onto an airplane without any additional fee. We have a right to bring our service dogs in public but the public also has a right to not have our service dogs interfere with them while their in public as well. So a service dog has to have impeccable manners, said the organization's CEO, Karen Shirk. But there's a problem, due to lax government regulations, a lot of people fake owning a service dog. There are numerous websites where you can buy a service dog vest and ID for just a couple bucks, and you don't even need to show proof that your dog got any type of training at all. It's like faking a disability by being in a wheelchair. You don't do it. People are disabled, they can't help it. If they need a dog, don't fake like you need to have it, said Aleesha Debler of Centerville. We were stuck on a bus with a fake service dog that was growling the entire time and I was terrified, Shirk added. In reality, there are no specific requirements for service dog licensing, certification, or training. Service dogs don't actually have to wear a special leash or vest either. The ADA also makes it unlawful to require proof of a disability. All those rules are supposed to protect people with disabilities, but many times it doesn't. Shirk says because there are so many untrained, fake service dogs walking around, some business owners tend to give the real ones a hard time, which makes basic tasks, like shopping, more difficult for a service dog owner with an actual disability.
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Family Catches Santa on Surveillance Video
EAST DAYTON -- One family woke up to a bigger surprise than just presents from Santa. Their home surveillance cameras actually caught the big guy and Mrs. Claus on video!'Twas the night before Christmas and while the three Albrektson kids nestled snug in their beds, the Claus' make their way to their door.We got up this morning and checked the cameras and found Santa and Mrs. Claus coming through the front door, proud Dad Chris Albrektson said about the sighting.Excited doesn't even begin to describe what the Albrektson kids felt once they got a sacred glimpse of the ultimate gift giver.Aw man, I was speechless. I was just so excited! 8-year-old Christopher Albrektson beamed.The whole operation wasn't caught on camera, but the boys have some ideas about the delivery process.The reindeer I think had to be on the ground, on the porch, 5-year-old Gavin determined about the missing creatures.But with all the presents Santa delivered, the best part of their day was seeing the guy who made it all happen. Making this quite possibly the best Christmas ever.On a scale of 1 to 10? 100! Christopher shouted.
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UPDATE: 20 Year old Heroin Addict Whose Story We've Been Following, Clean for 60 Days
DAYTON -- A mother and daughter duo in the miami valley are spreading hope, now that the daughter is drug-free after a long battle with a heroin addiction. "I feel 100% better, it's awesome to not wake up sick everyday. It's been a long time - probably about four years since I've felt this good," said a hopeful April Erion via Skype from Florida. Her mother's name is Lori. "I don't want to cry, but she's beautiful, she's really beautiful," Lori said, full of emotion. The 20 year old has been clean now for about 60 days. Heroin was her drug. "There's nothing in the eyes... there's just nothing there," Lori said referring to when April was high. "And today they're just full of life, really full of life, and excitement and they glisten." We introduced you to the Erions in early April, when Lori had April arrested after she was stealing from her to buy drugs. She talked to us in May strung out, and again in June. Two months ago, April had enough, and found a treatment center in Florida. "It's nice not to have a trigger every time I drive down the street," April explained. Not that it's been a picnic. One day she really wanted to use, but immersed herself in treatment. "It's just so awesome to have a support network like they have down here." That very network is one Lori would like to set up in the Miami Valley so people can recover closer to home. She's already started Families of Addicts, which a weekly support group, and she would like to build a recovery community here. "Talking about it out in public like this, having my meetings, and developing the community like they have here, there," Lori explained. "She really supports me a lot and helps me out with the stuff I need to do and I'm really grateful for her every single day," April said. So while the two get in a great visit, they are both very hopeful for the future. "It was really hopeless, I didn't think there was help anywhere. I thought rehab is rehab is rehab, I said I've already been it's not going to work," April said. "But the grass is really greener on the other side, you just have to really want it. And you have to be willing to work for it."
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FAMILY 411: Minimalist Christmas
DAYTON, OHIO -- Still don't have that perfect gift for Christmas? A nationally known author and speaker says there are better ways to put meaning into the holidays. Dayton native Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have a national following. They just released their fourth book and will start on a 100 city speaking tour in a few weeks.Millburn says, I spent most of my life trying to chase happiness by purchasing things.He doesnt anymore. The two now call themselves The Minimalists. After his mother died, Millburn says, I just started getting rid of things that were getting in my way. I kind of didn't know what was important in my life.Getting rid of stuff and living with only what you need is their mantra, and they've started a movement. Before Josh ended up on a national stage he volunteered at The House of Bread, which feeds people 365 days a year. He says, I was just looking for a way to contribute. Melodie Bennett works there, and she says it can be a very changing experience for people.Julie Tom brings her daughters Lauren and Emma to volunteer there. I feel like we need to think beyond ourselves. 17-year-old Lauren says shes learning about being thankful, especially during this season to realize what I have and what other people don't have. 13-year-old Emma says it makes her feel grateful. People who come to the House of Bread are thankful just to be fed. Bennett says, We never open and our dining room is empty.The gift of contribution is one way to put meaning into Christmas. Charities would like you to be flexible and come when they need you, not just fitting them into your busy schedule. It's even nice to call ahead to find out what types of donations they need.And that good feeling you have DURING the holidays? They need you to keep that spirit, and keep volunteering AFTER Christmas.Heres another way to put meaning into the holidays. Millburn says, I think we gift experiences as opposed to stuff. He advises staying away from door buster sales which trick you into spending more, consumption, just for the sake of it. The first Christmas when he took on that philosophy some friends were skeptical, but he told them, I'd love to give something that's really meaningful. You know, go and get a Christmas tree together. How amazing is that? Millburn says your presence is the best present, and that presence still has meaning even when the holidays are over.You can find out more about Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nikodemus, along with the Minimalist movement at their website www.theminimalists.com
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What Your Nails Are Saying About Your Health
UNDATED -- It's amazing what your nails can tell you about the inside of your body. Tiny specks or ridges can mean something serious is going on inside. Your nails can tell you things you never thought possible. "There's a lot of different simple small things that seem very minor but they can tell a lot about the inside of their body," said Dr. Matt Bakos, Dermatologist. Dr. Bakos sees at least one person every day with a nail issue. "Any time you have any kind of skin finding that just doesn't go away after a few months probably should be an indicator that you should have it looked at," said Bakos. "There's I would call them horizontal lines and they're just bent down in the middle," said Timothy Eardly "They've been different like that for about five years." Eardly reluctantly shows us his thumbnails. "Dr.'s thoughts were that maybe there was something wrong inside of me my gizzard was broke or something like that and it was revealing itself through my fingernails," said Eardly. As he jokes about his nail situation, he feared it could have been something serious but was relieved to hear just how simple it was to fix. "He said ti was a nervous tick. He said sometimes it gets better, or mu thumbnails will heal, but only if I stop picking at them," said Eardly. But not all nail conditions are that simple. "Skin cancer, melanoma, and even rarely a systemic internal problem such as liver disease heart disease pulmonary disease, connective tissue diseases such as lupus. and other medical conditions," said Dr. Bakos. What might look like harmless red or white specks on your nails, could mean something more sinister. "Liver disease and kidney disease often present with red or white marks on the nails itself," said Dr. Bakos. Melanoma, while known as a skin cancer can show up on your nails. "Brown or black ban going down the entire length of the nail," said Dr. Bakos. What's happening inside of you, like serious lung or heart disease can appear on your nails as well. "They can get what we call clubbing or enlargement of the tips of their fingers," said Dr. Bakos. And those ridges, long, white lines down the length of your nails... "I actually did look that up a couple weeks ago," said Fillerst, "I noticed it wasn't as smooth they're not like that but I googled what causes that." "An indication of dry nails or as a common part of the aging process you get long longitudinal ridges or little lines going down the length of the nail and that's something we see on a routine basis. It's also something that we see if they're constantly in wet work, uh, dishwashers, people that wash their hands a lot it's a common finding as well," said Dr, Bakos. While some conditions are simple and easy to fix it's not something Dr. Bakos recommends ignoring. "There's a lot of different things that could indicate something more serious so it shouldn't be something that should be blown off," said Dr. Bakos. Dr. Bakos says a good rule of thumb is any time you see something different about your nails... You should get them looked at to be on the safe side.
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TONIGHT AT 11: Fake Service Dogs Cause Probl
DAYTON -- Seeing more service dogs while out and about? Maybe it's because you can pimp your pup with legit looking for vests for cheap. But fake service dogs are bad for disabled and bad for business. Alexandra Lewis investigates why getting away with the deception so easy and what it means for folks who really need them. "I couldn't do a lot of things without her," Huber Heights Elena Duncan says passionately at Bob Evans Thursday (November 20th). A battle with lime disease left Duncan with brain damage. "Now I can't regulate my heart or when I stand up for a long period or sometimes even for a few minutes," Duncan explained. One-year-old Freya helps Elena with her balance and gives her the courage to fight her PTSD. Freya is a service dog. Her patches and vest are a sign that she's on the job, and her 'get in free card' to any establishment. But sniffing out real from fake is not easy. And more and more folks are taking advantage. You can buy the official kit for about a $150 online and not provide any info about you or your dog. But if impostures don't want to shell out that much, they can go cheaper. We took a quick stroll on eBay and found a vest for $17.99. Our next step was to test it out. We took our faux service dog to Lily's Bistro in the Oregon District. No one seemed to mind. "I just thought you were training it. So it was very cute," Duane Myers of Washington Twp. said after finishing his lunch. Next we hit Dot's supermarket in Dayton. One of the store managers barely took a second look. "I hadn't seen them that small before but I know they train them at any stage," Rick Roach, Dot's Supermarket, said. We called the eBay seller from New Jersey. "They have disabilities. They're not people who have money. Money is not a disposable thing," David Kurzman, Clarksburg, NJ, explained via phone on Monday. Kurzman says he barely makes a profit and sells vests to help those in need. "How do you know that they don't have bad intentions? You don't. You honestly don't," Kurzman added. "Is there cases where I've had people who didn't need it buy from me? Absolutely. But I didn't knowingly sell it for that reason." Due to privacy laws staff can only ask two questions: 1. Is the service dog required because of a disability? 2. What work or task has the dog been trained to do? Any other questions are a violation could land a business owner in deep trouble. Because of the thousands of sellers like Kurzman, anyone can turn a pet into working dog. "You don't have to prove anything. So it's making it harder for people who need the animals because people are taking dogs in places who aren't behaving," Duncan explained Thursday. It is a federal crime to use a fake service dog, but enforcement is extremely hard because of privacy laws.
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Local Motorcycle Club Helps Girl Live Her Dream of Riding a
MIDDLETOWN -- A little girl's dream fulfilled. It's all thanks to the Knights of the Inferno Firefighter Motorcycle Club. Riding a motorcycle is a dream for so many. "She's always wanted to ride a motorcycle since we're in the club," said Ginger Hollon, Faith Akers mother. And it's a dream for 11-year-old Faith Akers, but she has spinal muscular atrophy. "She's not able to because she's not able to hold her balance on the motorcycle," said Ginger. Her parents, president and first lady of the Middletown chapter of Knights of the Inferno Firefighter Motorcycle Club. It's their organization who made Faith's dream a reality. "That is so cool Mommy. (cries) Thank you guys," said Faith. "She was just such a special person. She makes everybody in the room just smile," Mark Caylor, State President, KIFFC. "I got a motorcycle," said Faith, "Feels like I got my own vehicle." Faith takes off. "She's the street boss," said Gary Hollon, Faith's stepfather, "Everybody knows Faith in the neighborhood." And throughout her parents' interview makes a few cameos. "This is just absolutely unbelievable. And when they told me they wanted to do this for her, I could not believe it," said Ginger. A small gesture for a little girl that's not only leading the pack but inspiring the whole group. "They all told me that she has touched their hearts so much and that feels so good for a mom to hear that their daughter's really done something that touched somebody so much that everybody would come together and do this for her," said Ginger. The motorcycle club is now starting a new program called "Wheels of Faith." Faith is now the groups ambassador and they plan to do something like this every year for a child in the community.
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Couple Claims They Were Barricaded from Home b
WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A couple residing on Yankee Street claims they had been barricaded from their home after refusing to pay for a construction project they did not sign off on. "In June, when it flash flooded in Dayton our creek flooded and it washed our bridge away," said homeowner Emily Clark. The Clarks share the bridge with their neighbors, as a shared driveway entrance. After the flooding, Emily Clark says they agreed with neighbors on a $12,000 bridge replacement, then an $18,000 bridge replacement, that were both approved by the Montgomery County Engineer's Office. The Clarks claim their neighbors backed out of both plans and instead hired an engineer and had a $30,000 replacement bridge built without their consent. "We told them the day the bridge went out we don't have much money, we're a young family," said Emily Clark. Clark says spending $15,000 for half of that bridge would put them in debt and drain their bank accounts. "Their lawyer sent us an email saying they would be barricading us so we can't drive home until we give them $15,000," she said, "So they're holding our house hostage until we pay them their $15,000 ransom." Emily took pictures of the barricades blocking she and her husband from accessing the driveway to their home, that continued after the bridge was built. "We had to park on the grass a lot of the times and then just hike through snow and ice and mud and cold and rain to get home, over an acre," Emily said about the issue. The Clarks claim to have an easement that allows them and their guests equal access to the driveway, bridge included. Legal counsel has become involved to represent each neighbor, and Clark said police have been called to the home on multiple occasions to keep the peace. "Zoning finally sent them a letter saying you can't have all that stuff in your front yard you need to remove your debris," said Clark. "January 16th, we finally had to tow their vehicle and move all the barricades just so we could get to our home," she added. The Clarks say even after all the hassle and controversy, they want to sell their home, but fear foreclosure or bankruptcy before then because of growing legal fees and threats by their neighbors to sue in civil court. When our reporters tried to speak with the Clark's neighbors, they did not answer their door or their home phone, and their attorney said he could not comment on the case. The Clarks say plans submitted to the Montgomery County Engineer's Office to build a separate driveway were denied. The Clarks have a GoFundMe account to help them out of their situation.
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Valentine's Day: Internet Romance Scam Alert
DAYTON -- As Valentine's Day approaches love is on the minds of many, especially for those who are single. But if you go looking for love on the web, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has a warning about scams. Since 2013 90 people in ohio have been scammed by internet love. In the last year - 5 of those unsuspecting women were from our area. Con artists typically meet their victims online through dating websites or social networking. They communicate for a few months through email, instant messaging, or phone calls, and eventually ask the victim to send money using wire transfers or prepaid money cards DeWine says the average reported loss in Ohio is about $22,000. The highest reported losses are hundreds of thousands of dollars. Good news - it's relatively easy to protect yourself: 1. Research your online interest through internet searches even a background check. 2. Be very skeptical of requests for money 3. And never ever send money to someone you've only met online!!!!
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Quick Change Scammer Caught on Tape
WAYNESVILLE -- It's a sneaky crime, tricking cashiers out of cold hard cash, but a quick change scam has business owners in Waynesville scratching their heads. There are some other quick change scams that we are aware of but that one I wasn't prepared for, said Josh Patrick, owner of Pat's Place. The con was caught on camera in his store. The video shows a customer enter the store, pick out a soda and some chips, then pay for them at the main register using a $50 bill. Then he asked Patrick, who was working the register at the time, a lot of questions.Just asking questions, asking questions, asking questions, he said. Keeping my mind focused on what he was saying opposed to what he was doing.After the questions, Patrick says he turned his head for just a moment, and the suspect pocketed $20 of the $46 he was given in change.He said that I short changed him, of course. So he put down the same fan of money I gave him and sure enough I got out another $20 from the register and gave it to him.Police in Waynesville say Patrick's store isn't the only place the suspect has recently scammed.Every once in a while we get these quick change artists coming into town, Waynesville Police Chief Gary Copeland said.Not far from Pat's Place, BB Carryout caught the same man on their security tape working the same con. We do believe there may be other jurisdictions he had made contact with and maybe done the same thing to, said Chief Copeland. BB staff said the suspect used the same technique at their store; using a $50 dollar and asking lots of questions.Police managed to connect the suspect to a vehicle but say it appears that vehicle was stolen.Now that he's seen how it's done, Patrick says he's on the lookout for other scammers. I'm sure if I would have said let's watch the video I'm sure he would have bolted right away, he said. Anyone with information on the scammer's identity is asked to call Waynesville Police at 513-897-8010.
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Citizens Guard Armed Forces Recruiting Center
HUBER HEIGHTS -- Under current policy, most military members stationed in the U.S. cannot carry weapons to defend themselves or others. Some lawmakers want to change that. In the meantime, local citizens are helping to protect our recruiting officers. Robbie Redcross is one of those citizens. The retired police officer say's he'll remain outside the Huber Heights Recruiting Center with a gun strapped to his waist for as long as he has to. Redcross has been out there during business hours, since Saturday. He says he's willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing his own life, in order to make sure the men and women inside, are safe. "I'm not here for a spot light. I'm not here for a soap box. I'm just here to protect these guys and take some of the heat off my guys from the police department," Redcross said. And, he's not the only one. Other retired law enforcement officers, veterans, and citizens have approached Redcross, wanting to do the same. It's a gesture, Veteran Cameron Barberi says is appreciated. "The fact that there there doing that, it shows that the people haven't forgotten those that have already defended them," Barberi said. Both men say they want the law to change and to see military members inside, have the ability to bear arms. Until then, Redcross says he's not leaving and he'll remain there. "Until they can take care of themselves," Redcross said. One local politician is trying to change that law. Senator Joe Eucker has proposed a bill that would permit active military members with military ID and proof of firearms to obtain a CCW permit. Eucker says it's a step in ensuring that our military members are given every resource to protect themselves and our country.
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