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My Lawn Mower to Outboard Franken Motor Conversion
I had a 7.5 hp Sears Gamefisher outboard engine that I received in a trade awhile back. I had to rebuild the carburetor to get it to running. Our first trip out the piston gauled and left us stranded. I could not get a replacement piston so the wheels in my mind started turning.
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Economical Fuel Lift Pump Replacement for the Dodge Cummins 5 9 Diesel Engine
I found an economical fuel pump on Ebay for my 2000 Dodge Ram dually with a 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel. I am not sponsored by Herko Automotive. I just wanted to share this so I might help someone else out.
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Kershaw Volt II vs the Kershaw OSO Sweet
Two great knives anyone would be proud to own
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Rendering Lard on the Wood Stove
We rendered the fat from the two hogs we raised and slaughtered. We ended up with 14 quarts of lard and 3 quarts of cracklins. Thanks for watching.
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Real Life Story and Why I Carry a Firearm Pt 1
This is the first part of a series of videos I have done explaining and telling about a tragic part of my life and how it has affected myself and my family as well as the way I now view gun control. I consider these videos as a type of self therapy as well as long awaited answers to many questions that friends, family and neighbors in my community have or have wanted to ask me. I invite everyone to watch this. I know others may have different opinions or have even heard different versions. This is all truth so help me God. Ron
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Dehydrating Figs and Making Fig Wine
Our fig tree producing like crazy this year. We have given figs to everyone that would take them. We have made preserves as well as canned and frozen some. Now I have dehydrated some for the first time and made some fig wine.
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Rendering Lard Again
A shorter video of rendering this years lard. Thank's for watching!
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WBRC FOX 6 Absolutely Alabama "The Alabama Wagon Train Final Ride"
This is a news video that Birmingham Fox News did on the Alabama Wagon Train's Farewell ride. I have scouted for and taken my family on this ride for years.
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Our SHTF Dietz Lanterns
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Look What Came in the Mail Today
This a reply from the Alabama State Attorney Generals Office about a complaint I filed concerning the City of Haleyville misunderstanding of the States firearms laws. http://bamacarry.org/
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Trip to the Amish
Take a ride with me as I go to Ethridge Tn. to shop in the Amish community. Ethridge is about 10 miles north of Lawrenceburg and about 80 miles north of where I live.
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Mule Riding in the Bankhead National Forest from the Thompson Creek Trailhead
A buddy and I decided to take our mules for a ride into the Bankhead National Forest Sipsey Wilderness Area. We entered at the Thompson Creek Trailhead for a 15 mile ride. Thank's for watching!
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How Many Rounds do You Carry in Your Weapon
There are a handful of States that believe they have the psychic ability to tell how many rounds are needed to protect ones self and family in case of an attack. I wonder how many rounds protect them?
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A gift from my aunt. Her wood burning cook stove.
My aunt gave me her old wood burning cook stove. I just got it home and wanted to make a video of it before I began restoring it. It is a Quick Baker by the Jacobs Mfg Co. Made in Bridgeport Alabama.
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Cleaning our hogs  WARNING GRAPHIC!
Showing just a little bit of our hogs we had to clean back in February after they escaped during feeding. They were wild when caught young and had no intentions of ever being penned again. As you can see I try to include the kids in this so one day they need to do this they will be able to.
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Dehydrating Bullets
Just figuring out a way to dry some shell casings that were nasty and needed some extra tlc
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Refinishing the Wood Burning Stove
I hope I have refinished my wood burning stove for the last time. It has been on the back porch for awhile but now ithas found a place in the house.
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My Laundry Detergent Recipe
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Our new flag pole
I just wanted to show off our new flag pole and flags.
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My Top Bar Bee Hive
www.biobees.com is where I downloaded the free plans to build this hive
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Winston County Alabama Sheriff Rick Harris Briefly Discussing New Gun Laws
Winston County Sheriff Rick Harris discusses The new Firearms law changes taking effect in Alabama August 1st 2013. Come see him speak August 6th at the North West Bama Gun Rights Meeting in Haleyville, Al.
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Big Sky Overhead Gun Rack
My Big Sky overhead single gun rack installed in my 2000 Dodge dually. Thanks for watching!
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Disapointments on the Homestead
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A Horse, a Mule and some Southern Rock
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The Manly Way of Cleaning the Bath Tub
The Art of Manliness cleaning the bath tub funny
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Century Arms RAS47 An American Made AK 47
This is my Century Arms RAS47 American made AK-47 I purchased from Alabama Title and Pawn Haleyville, Al. They are a great bunch of Guys and a gal that I'm glad to call friends. Eric Haris did a great job refinishing the stock to give it that Russian look. Check them out. Of course they are an ffl dealer and their prices and service are great! https://www.facebook.com/Alabama-Title-Pawn-424721680949187/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
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The Cowboy Prepper
I am also on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CowboyPrepper
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Prepping for the Next Year.... Saving Seed
Myself and the baby rode down to the garden this evening to pick seed pods. Prepping for the next years garden is very important.
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Setting the Scope on the Truck Gun
I went down to the range with the Glenfield/Marlin 30a 30-30. I was surprised how much difference there was between 150 grain and 170 grain bullets.
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Day three Of the NWA wagon train to Winfield mule day
This is day three of the wagon train after the Mississippi wagon train joined us. We had 30 wagons this day.
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The Open Holster Silent Protest
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2013 NW Alabama Wagon Train from Mt  Hope to Winfield Mule Day
Ride along with me as I drive my horse and mule 93.5 miles to the Winfield, Al. Mule day. It was a great time with friends and livestock. Thanks for watching!
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Northwest Alabama Wagon Clubs Wagon Train From Mt  Hope To Winfield's Mule Day  2012
This several short videos I have put together of our wagon train that left Mt. Hope, Al. September 17th, 2012 to travel 5 days and about 80 miles to Winfield, Al. for mule day. It was a great ride.
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My Horse Mule Buggy Wreck
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My WASR-10 Ak-47 Before and After
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yard sale finds.wmv
Here are my prepper finds from the community yard sale that was this weekend. I am going to use the automatic dog feeder to feed our pigs in.
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How A Modern Day Wagon Train Works
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Cheap brass cleaning fail
I clogged up several 223 cases trying to save money on cleaning media for my tumbler. Live and learn
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2012 Spring Update and a John Deere Manure Spreader at Work.wmv
I thought I would give y'all a spring update around our farm. The stalls needed cleaning and the new corn field needed fertilizer so it was a win/win with the help of our neighbors John Deere manure spreader.
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Working With Spring Honey Bee's Part 1
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First Time Shooting A Grease Gun
Steve Turner getting to shoot a grease gun for the very first time. He told us he had a picture of an uncle of his in WWII sitting on a bench with a grease gun beside him and has always wanted to shoot one ever since.
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Winston County Sheriff Rick Harris View on the Second Ammendment
Having a little fun on range day at the Winston County Firearm Familiarization Course with the Sheriff and a 45 caliber Grease gun
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Look What I Found This Morning
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Repairing the Keltec 380 P3AT Handgun
Replacing the magazine catch on my Keltec 380 P3AT
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2013 Winfield Al  Mule Day Parade
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First deer of the season 2011
Here's a video of my first deer of the season. I shot it with my SKS with Silver Bear hollow point ammo.
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Mule Day! Winfield, Al. Sept. 22, 2012
Mule day parade at Winfield, Al. Sept. 22,2012
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