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Eggs are beasts!!
Try to squish it. Just try it. Sometimes it works, and you can break an egg, but this is something that it can be quite interesting to watch. This channel is a random video channel, can be anything. And can be uploaded at random times, so do not expect it to be super awesome. I have this channel for fun as a hobby that I can upload stuff. follow me on instagram.: alendevline
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levan polka: unplanned Dance
I find it funny. OK?! I also did not plan it to dance. just wanted to express myself this way, and did not checked how sound would be, turns out quite odd and interesting. special thanks to: Nightcore - Ievan Polkka (Remix) ✕ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk7jEdItpso Who did better job and had more views. I just want to have my channel as random as possible. Hence the music is one of them. I almost lost my mask in the middle of the video. still practicing ok?
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вступление 4 правила о бизнесе (Russian) или рассказ о том как можно чтото начать
начало. моя цель помочь разобраться в бизнесе . бесплатно. одно но ... думаю всем будет понятно что и как.. посвящается тем, кто хочет чтото начать. Beginning. My goal is to help understand business. All Free. But ... Instagram: alendevline website: alendevline.com (free publishing)
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10 rules of (a better) business or I am on a Tank!
And now for something completely different... Life is like a tank, so here are 10 useful tips to follow that dream of yours... Think you can do better? Good... Always follow your dreams and have some rules as well so it will be easier to navigate through a hard game mode calls life. Follow me on Instagram: alendevline or subscribe here for more better videos. I am finally figured out that background is most important thing above all, it may boost my channel, it may not, but it clearly helps for those who got tired of watching me in my tiny apartment room.. Thank you all who follows me on instagram and thank you all who watches me here on wonderful platform call youtube ...
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small news (3min long) Bi lingual. (English and Russian)
(English) Hello, once again, I found out that all of my videos gaining some traffic. so I decided to throw in what am i actually going to talk about on my channel. 3 min long... привет, еще раз, я увидел что мои роики просмотрели и вроде как есть интерес так что я решил выставить еще одно 3m видео чтобы уточнить о чем я буду говорить
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4 rules of a good startup. Or a short story of how to follow your dream better.
join me on instagram: alendevline go and watch this movie as a homework: wolf of wallstreet This episode is short one as well. due to the fact that I prefer to keep it short and straight to the point. Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what would you like to know next on my channel. I am still learning but it seems that you are still interested in my videos. I may not encourage you to subscribe but at least watching it is good enough for me. Thank you and best of luck...
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Introduction to new series. (Hotline Miami - No commentary.)
Greetings anyone who will watch my videos. This series will cover two topics, short gameplay of a specific game without any specific order. And second topic is actual talk about life, and other stuff. Game: Hotline Miami 1. Out on Steam. No plan no script, only fun and some silly seriousness. 0:28 - gameplay (little commentary) 25:54 - introduction
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лестница для бизнеса или рассказ о том что такое лестница в бизнесе
бесплатная информация... всегда приятнее чем платная.. подписывайтесь на канал youtube и instagram : alendevline подпишись на patreon
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value ladder or a small story on how to grow your BNS better
in this topic i am showing you how you should work around your potential clients. Follow me on instagram: alendevline Follow me on patreon for free books and other information: Alex Tkachev (that is my real name) Also don't forget to subscribe and follow here on youtube for future videos.
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