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Welcome to Baby Diamond 82!!
Just a quick welcome to my channel go add me on msp at babydiamond82
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I was given FREE golf balls!! One has glitter!
I was at a park and given free golf balls by some old men! One is glittery and one is matte! No shine!!
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9 November 2018
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How to play guitar on a pair of JEANS!
Easy step to step guide on how to play s guitar using an old pair of jeans You will need a pair with a tightning strap on them
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A really cool 2 ingredient butter slime NO GLUE NO BORAX AND NO CLAY!!! Uk ingredients aswell!!
This is a really easy way of making butter slime with no glue no borax and no clay!! 2 ingredients you can buy locally and cheap
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Awesome cartoon dance
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Just dance Swish Swish by Katy Perry
Starting my bestie Paige
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