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Get to know Augusta, Georgia!
With a $1.8 billion impact locally, we're proud to be part of Augusta, GA, and proud to attract the best students, faculty and staff to our city. We are all a part of Jaguar Nation.
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Augusta University Campus Tour
Follow us as we introduce your to our campus; Summerville, Health Sciences, Medical Center, even the Children's Hospital of Georgia.
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Natalie's story: Shining a light on suicide prevention
Dr. Leslie Lesoon, a physician assistant in Augusta University’s department of neurosurgery, lost her daughter Natalie to suicide on Jan. 27, 2015. To help others who are struggling, Lesoon formed Natalie’s Light, an organization with the goal of helping prevent suicide through awareness.
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Match Day 2013
Match Day at MCG is always great fun. These amazing medical students are headed to medical centers and hospitals across the nation to become great doctors!
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College of Dental Medicine
Learn more at http://www.gru.edu/dentalmedicine/!
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Stop in the Name of Germs Music Video
The Neuroscience Department of GRU made a music video about hand washing.
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Happy Holidays from Augusta University!
Happy Holidays from Augusta University!
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Meet Augusta University
History, Health, Business, Cyber, Humanities, Athletics all come together to be Augusta University.
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The Medical College of Georgia MATCH DAY 2016
Match Day at MCG is always great fun. The 2016 theme was childhood heroes. Our heroes are the amazing medical students that are headed to medical centers and hospitals across the nation to become great doctors.
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MCG Match Day 2014
Match Day at MCG is always great fun. These amazing medical students are headed to medical centers and hospitals across the nation to become great doctors!
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Clinical Laboratory Science
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Augusta University Jazz Ensemble to play in China
The Augusta University Jazz Ensemble will head to China in May 2016 to perform during the 60th anniversary celebration of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The trip was organized and paid by the Augusta University Confucius Institute.
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Augusta University: Beyond Boundaries
Augusta University's strategic plan begins with the cardinal points on our compass: education, research and scholarship, clinical care, and outreach and economic development. From these points, it provides a course that will guide us as we continue to discover the true potential of this great university and its health system. Learn more at: http://www.augusta.edu/about/planning/strategicplan/
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Student Life
There's a LOT you can be involved in - from Greek life to intramurals, to anything else you'd want in college life! Check out more at http://www.gru.edu/students/SLE/index.php
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Radiation Therapy
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This might be your first—and last—chance to see a total solar eclipse
On Monday, Aug. 2, the CSRA will experience a total solar eclipse. Columbia, South Carolina, seventy miles to the east of Augusta, will fall squarely in the path of totality—the darkest point of the moon's shadow. Watch Dr. Joseph Newton, director of the Nuclear Science Program at Augusta University, explain why it's worth your while to witness this (potentially) once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon firsthand. B-roll and Photo credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio
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Identity In Depth
Learn the methods behind the new Augusta University branding.
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Is ISIS a state? Augusta University Explains (Part 3 of 4)
Dr. Craig Albert, assistant professor of political science at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, explains that although ISIS is not a state recognized by the international community, it still functions as a state. Video by Arthur Takahashi and Nick Garrett | JAGWIRE NEWS
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Move In Day - 2016
Our freshmen are excited about Move In Day and starting their college careers. Welcome to Jaguar Nation Class of 2020!
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The School of Computer and Cyber Sciences
Explore the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Augusta University.
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The Extra Mile (Documentary Trailer)
Pardon Ndhlovu, an Augusta University alumnus and volunteer assistant coach, will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He is more than just a runner, though. His story will inspire you.
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Marriage of Figaro at Augusta University
The American Opera and Musical Theater Institute at Augusta University presents Marriage of Figaro.
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Student talks about studying at GRU (soon to be Augusta University)
David Chyan, a second-year pre-Dentistry student from Atlanta, explains why he chose Augusta University. Video by Arthur Takahashi | GRU NEWS
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The Extra Mile - Pardon's Journey
Pardon Ndhlovu, Augusta University alumnus and volunteer cross country and track and field coach, made it to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. But what defines him is not the 26.2 miles he will run at the marathon in Rio. What defines him is "The Extra Mile."
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Match Day 2018
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Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership Campus
A look at how the AU/UGA Medical Partnership was formed and functions today featuring interviews with campus administration, students and volunteer faculty.
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African American History Month 2016- Hallowed Places in Augusta, Ga.
In celebration of African-American History Month, Augusta University Historian-in-Residence, Dr. Lee Ann Caldwell, discusses Springfield Baptist Church and several other locations of African-American historical significance in a new video titled “Hallowed Places.” Other locations included in Caldwell’s list of Hallowed Places: Paine College, Augusta’s private historically black college, and Shiloh Orphanage, a community orphanage founded by leaders of the African-American community.
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MCG 2017   Med School Lifestyle Study
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Dental Hygiene
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Dr. Joseph Hobbs - 50th Anniversary of MCG Desegregation
Dr. Joseph Hobbs shares his story on being a black student at the Medical College of Georgia.
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Day of Service 2017
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Augusta University Conversations: Dr. Elna Green
Dr. Elna Green, a nationally recognized expert in southern and women’s history, joined Augusta University on July 1 as the new dean of the Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.
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Snoop Dogg plays golf at Augusta University
ICYMI Augusta University got a surprise visitor last week. Snoop Dogg and Seema Sadekar played golf together on the Forest Hills Campus.
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Physical Therapy
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President Ricardo Azziz takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Dr. Ricardo Azziz participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today in response to Georgia State University President Mark Becker and ALS Clinic Director Michael Rivner. He passed the challenge to Augusta Mayor-elect Hardie Davis, Clayton State University President Tim Hynes, and GRU Chief Business Officer Tony Wagner. The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting that video to social media, donating to ALS, and then nominating others to do the same, in an effort to raise ALS awareness. Please join us in the fight against ALS. Find out more at: go.gru.edu/alsclinic
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Georgia to invest $50M in cyber range facility in Augusta
Augusta University President Brooks A. Keel, PhD, discusses the impact that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's $50-million-dollar investment in a cyber range facility will have in Augusta, the state and the nation. On Jan. 11, 2017, Gov. Deal unveiled his plan to build a state-of-the-art cyber facility in Augusta to train the next generation of cyber soldiers.
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Augusta University - GenCyber Teacher Camp
Local teachers and Augusta University education majors learn about cybersecurity during the College of Education's inaugural GenCyber Teacher Camp. Jagwire | by: Nick Garrett
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How will the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center affect Augusta's economy?
Dr. Simon Medcalfe, associate professor of Finance and Economics, sat down with the Jagwire team recently to discuss the potential economic impact of bringing a $50 million construction project to downtown Augusta.
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Developing a Critically Appraised Topic (CAT)
Guide for Phase 2 Medical Students in the EBM Module.
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What Makes Us Unique
For more information, check out our Department of Physical Therapy at http://www.gru.edu/alliedhealth/pt/.
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Meet your 2014 Orientation Leaders!
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How to Install Avidemux
A tutorial from Augusta University's College of Education on how to install Avidemux. Download the software here: http://avidemux.sourceforge.net/download.html. And, as always, remember to visit the Augusta University Center for Innovation and Community Engagement for more ideas about innovation in education, counseling, kinesiology, and more! Visit www.augusta.edu/education to learn about our programs, centers, and labs.
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Augusta, Georgia: An aerial view of the Savannah River
Augusta University lives and thrives in beautiful Augusta, Georgia.
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Happy New Year, Jaguar Nation
As we step back to look at everything we've accomplished in 2016, we're incredibly proud. Now we move forward into a new year as we continue our commitment to changing the world one paw at a time. Happy New Year, Jaguar Nation! Continue to make us proud in 2017.
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Augusta University student interns in D.C.
Jessie Edge, political science and sociology major, talks about her experience interning with Sen. Johnny Isakson's and Rep. Rick Allen's offices in Washington D.C.
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Start Up Weekend Augusta University 2016
Students visited campus to see all that Augusta University has to offer.
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