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Charlie Craven - Jujubee Midge Tutorial
Charlie Craven ties one of his favorite patterns for us. His famous Jujubee midge.
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Issue 1 Long Video Preview - Lakewood Camps
In this long Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, we take a look at one of America's coolest hidden gems, Lakewood Camps. Lakewood is an enchanted place in Middle Dam, Maine on the Rapid River, that has really take care to enhance the quality of your fishing as well as the quality of your stay.
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So Fly Magazine Issue 1 Giveaway Interview with Lefty Kreh - TFO 10' 3wt. BVK
Lefty Kreh talks with So Fly Magazine about his new BVK line and about his experience designing rods for several companies including Temple Fork Outfitters. He talks about the great quality control, design, and breakage strength in their new BVK line, and a little about the state of fly fishing. Enjoy!
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Issue 1 Short Video Preview - In the Fly Box w. Charlie Craven
In this short Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, Charlie Craven, the owner of Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado and one of the world's best fly tyers, tells us a little bit about his shop and the unplanned success of his website www.charliesflybox.com.
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Issue 1 Short Preview - Quality Control at the Umpqua Factory
In this short Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, Riley Cotter, shows us one cool part of the operation at the Umpqua Headquaters, Quality Control. See what sets Umpqua flies apart from the rest, and makes them the fly fishing industry standard.
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Umpqua - Bulk Material Inspection
Umpqua quality controls through every step in their manufacturing process, from pounds wood duck hide to the single feathers and hairs placed in their flies.
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Umpqua - Finished Fly Quality Control
Here we see how Umpqua handles their quality control after the flies return to the factory. It's important for them to check the finished products and ensure they match the pattern of their Royalty tyers exactly.
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Tocks Island Dam - Most Pressing Issue Facing the Delware River today is Hydro Fracking
Although the Dam was never build and much of the environment around the river was preserved, there are other pressing issues that face the Delaware river today.
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So Fly Magazine Issue 1 Quick Promo - Quality Control at the Umpqua Headquarters
A quick look at the insanely high fly tying quality control standards at the Umpqua Headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
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Tocks Island Dam - Flood Control Issue Not Dead
Although the Dam is dead, the flood control issue in New Jersey is not. Every time there is a flood, the dam the Delaware River chatter starts again.
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New Belgium Brewing Company - Brewing Process
Michael Bussmann describes the high tech brewing process that has developed from two old kegs and some dairy equipment. New Belgium Brewing Company now brews 100's of thousands of kegs of beer and brew 365 days per year.
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Heaven in Maine - So Fly Magazine Issue 1 - Segment 1
An introduction to the partners and friends who make up So Fly Magazine. We take a trip to Lakewood Camps on the Rapid River in search of giant Brook Trout, great fly fishing, and good times.
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So Fly Pre Launch Promo 2 - Lakewood Camps Quick Shots
Some quick shots of So Fly Magazine's look at Lakewood Camps and the Rapid River in Middle Dam Maine.
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Tocks Island Dam - Environmental Impacts (Water Polution)
If built, the Tocks Island Dam would have been subject to a lot of siltation, water pollution and draw down effects. It could have created a nasty environmental picture.
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Quality Control - About Umqua's Founder Dennis Black
Short clip from Issue 1 of So Fly Magazine at the Umqua Factory in Louisville, Colorado.
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Cutthroat Anglers - Aesthetics Really Make it Pop
The visuals magnetize a great local shop.
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Issue 1 Short Video Preview - Quick Look Inside at Cutthroat Anglers
In this short Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, we take a quick look inside Cutthroat Anglers, on of the premier shops in Colorado and one of the coolest fly shops we have ever been in.
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Umpqua - Royalty Program Changed Your Local Fly Shop Selection
A brief description of how Umpqua changed the way every local fly shop's fly tying materials, and fly box selection looked with their royalty program.
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Tocks Island Dam - Shad Migrations
Any Dam built on the middle or lower Delaware river would most certainly block the migration of many fish species including the imperiled North American Shad.
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So Fly Magazine Issue 1 Quick Promo - Quick History of New Belgium Brewery
Michael Bussmann, an employee owner of New Belgium brewery tells a quick version of the amazing history behind the New Belgium brewery and Fat Tire beer.
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Issue 1 Short Video Preview - Quick Tour at The New Belgium Brewery
In this short Issue 1 preview of So Fly Magazine, we get an amazing tour at the brewery of one of our favorite beers, Fat Tire. We learn the history of the New Belgium Brewery, and get an inside look at some of the progressive corporate policies at New Belgium, which include trading beer for fly fis
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Cutthroat Anglers - Great People
Great people with a ton of knowledge are what really count in a good local fly shop.
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So Fly Magazine Issue 1 Quick Promo - Look Inside Cutthroat Anglers
A quick look inside Cutthroat Anglers, located in Silverthorne, and one of Colorado's finest local fly shops.
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Tocks Island Dam - The Dam actually helped preserve the Delaware River Valley
The land bought or taken by the US government and used to create the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area actually helped preserve the natural beauty in the Delaware River Valley.
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So Fly Magazine Description
From the Somerset Fly Fishing Show, Justin Massimo describes all the great features you get with a So Fly Magazine subscription. The world's first all HD video, instantly and universally consumable online Fly Fishing magazine. Watch top quality Fly Fishing content in full HD on any of your iOS or Android devices. Join the evolution.
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New Belgium Brewing Company - Mortgage the House
In an incredible act of faith Kim Jordan told Jeff Lebesch that they should mortgage their house and start brewing beer. New Belgium Brewing Company was born.
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Late Night Website Work
Julian, Kristin and Justin work early (6am) into the morning getting the So Fly Mag website ready for launch.
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New Belgium Brewing Company - Incredible Growth
They went from a few old kegs and hold dairy equipment to the third largest craft brewery in the country.
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New Belgium Brewing Company - Epiphany
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