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Golem Double Prince deck for Arena 8 and 9! Ice Wizard is here, too!
This is the best deck I think I have played with! I love it so much!
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Fifa Mobile - Goalkeeper goal!
Barovero ftw
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Clash of Clans - Worst attack ever?
This strategy was always working for me. Little did I know, my giants and wizards decided to split, and even the stupid king was a feckin bastard. Oh well. Misplaced heal spells is not my motto ya know?
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Extreme Clash Royale challenge
Music: In Hall Of The Mountain King, Kevin Macleod. Hope you guys enjoy this one. I was struggling to make it. Join our clan Invasion TM
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Being a bhop pro #2 (ft. Earrape)
I didn't try much with this earrape that much right. Oh well.
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Cancerous and random video
I'll be doing videos again
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How to Beat Sabrina in FR/LG
Sorry for the crappy quality! I promise I'll improve for the next video. No, I am not lazy, I just don't wanna waste a whole week on making a single video. **IMPORTANT!** When I made this video, I didn't beat Sabrina yet. My Pokemon were leveled up high because I used the VS Seeker whenever it was possible. Tip: Use the VS Seeker at all the Routes in the South of Lavender Town (they lead to Fuschia.) Tip 2: Use the VS Seeker at the top of the Cycling Road hill (at the start of the Cycling Road). Tip 3: Or, you could just grind in the Power Plant. You can also find very good items there, so I recommend to clean up the whole place. Tip 4: HM04 will be really good against Sabrina. She uses Psychic Pokemon, and the main weaknesses of these Pokemon are their Physical Defense stats. Strength is a very strong Physical Attack move, so... Yeah.
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Why you should NOT overcommit a push (Clash Royale)
I 3 crowned him after this. He only ended up dealing 600 damage because he send the Balloon when I was pushing, luckily i stopped him with spear goblins
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Lumberjack ecks dee dee dee dee!
Today I'll show you what I got from the legendary chest. Hahaha
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Guess what? Look at that
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Fifa Mobile - FAIL!
After I dribbled thru the whole pitch with my goalkeeper and scored, I wanted to do the same thing, this time on cameras. It didn't go as planned...
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The worst FUT draft ever? (83 ovr rating, 11 chemistry, 94 ovr)
I tried to make a really stupid silly draft. Here it is... oh god.
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Best method for sniping at lower levels: Fifa Mobile 18
From zero to hero! Best sniping filters for gold cards
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Being a bhop pro #1
I took the challenge of playing bhop pro... See what happened afterwards! I'm a noob, to be honest.
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