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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 07/09/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Portsmouth, OH 07/09/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: "[...] I'm the founder of a small, non-profit hospice in Wilmington, Ohio. [...] I'm sure you are aware that DHL is closing that airpark in Wilmington. We will lose 8,600 jobs. [starts to cry] Will you call for Senate hearings to investigate the DHL-UPS joint venture, which could be an antitrust issue? [...] We're just small people trying to live a life. And I want to be able to keep our nonprofits alive. Thank you." JOHN MCCAIN: "I have been briefed, and I know about this situation. [...] This is a terrible blow. Um, if there's an anitrust implication that's associated with this, I certainly would seek a thorough investigation [...] We are in a period of transition to a global economy. That is of no consolation to anyone who is losing their job. [...] But we have to offer them an opportunity to get the education and re-training programs so they can re-enter the job market. MCCAIN: "[...] I've got to look you in the eye and give you some straight talk; I don't know if I can stop it or not. Or if it will be stopped it. [...] In fact, some more straight talk: I doubt it. Ok? But I am for a thorough examination of this situation. [...] MCCAIN: "In the meantime, there are manufacturing jobs that have been lost all over the state of Ohio, and it's been a terrible trauma and we have got to give people another opportunity. And you do that by going to the community colleges and saying: design education and training programs that are designed for the local job market and implement those programs. The private programs today do not work. They are total failures. MCCAIN: "[...] But I also want to make a commitment [...] if someone has a high-paying job, particularly an older worker, and that worker has to take a low-paying job just to survive [...] that we would subsidize, with some of this job training money that's being wasted, that worker's salary [...] while they're undergoing their re-training and education programs. MCCAIN: "[...] I believe in free trade; I believe that it's important to the economy." LABEL: JM OH 7-9 (SD#25) GHBST-ClipD To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: PART 1: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/p19rscjggc PART 2: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/yam70yw8o8 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ru61oy2o0w
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Garrison Keillor on St. Paul: ABC 09/02/08
Garrison Keillor on St. Paul, MN "ABC World News" 06:55pm Commentary TOPIC: St. Paul, Minnesota, RNC TRANSCRIPT: GARRISON KEILLOR: [...] Just a little river town here. Used to be a railroad town. This was really the distinguishing feature, the Mississippi [...] It dominates the geography of the city. [...] There's nothing really extraordinary about St. Paul. Though, as you walk around you see that it's a very well-loved city [...] It's a college town, so we will get this flood of new blood and ambition and goofiness that keeps the town interesting. As well as these immigrants groups [...] Somali and Ethiopian people who have settled here. [....] winter, which is not that cold here. But we have a reputation for cold, which keeps away slackers and Texans and people who are looking for lifestyle, which we don't really have here. [...] This is a culture of do-gooders, of people who are interested in the common good. [...] So it's a good place for a political convention [...] LABEL: Garrison Keillor on St. Paul 09-03-08 18.55 (LR#45)
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John McCain: Saddleback Forum 08/16/08
John McCain Saddleback Civil Forum Lake Forest, CA 08/16/08 TRANSCRIPT: RICK WARREN: "First, you've made no, no doubt about the fact that you are a Christian. You've publicly said you're a follower of Christ. What does that mean to you? And how does faith work out on a daily basis, what does it mean to you?" JOHN MCCAIN: "It means I am saved and forgiven. And we are talking about the world. Faith encompasses not just the United States of America, but the world. Can I tell you another story real quick?" WARREN: "Sure." MCCAIN: "The Vietnamese kept us imprisoned in conditions of solitary confinement or two to three to a cell. They did that because they knew they could break down our resistance. One of the techniques that they used to get information was to take ropes and tie them around your biceps, pull your biceps behind you, loop the rope around your head and pull your head down between their knees and leave you in that position. You can imagine it's very uncomfortable. One night I was being punished in that fashion, all of a sudden the door of the cell opened and a guard came in. A guy who we called just a gun guard, he just walked around the camp with a gun on his shoulder. He went like this and then he loosened the ropes. He came back four hours later and tightened them up again and left. The following Christmas, because it was Christmas day we were allowed to stand outside of our cell for a few moments. In those days we were not allowed to see or communicate with each, although we certainly did. And I was standing outside for my few minutes outside my cell and he came walking up. He stood there for a moment and with his sandal on the dirt in the courtyard, he drew a cross. We stood there, a minute later he rubbed it out and walked away. For a minute there it was just two Christians Worshiping together, I'll never forget that moment." LABEL: JM CA 08-16 (KF#8) CLMPX - ClipB To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/3k88icpe3p To download the full campaign event, VISIT:https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/vvvla4i2r2
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John McCain: Factory Tour 08/04/08
John McCain Factory Tour of National Labeling Company Lafayette Hill, PA 08/04/08 TRANSCRIPT [b-roll: McCain tours, sees project asks questions
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John McCain: Press Avail 08/01/08
John McCain Press Avail Panama City, FL 08/01/08 TRANSCRIPT: REPORTER: "Senator, can you explain why you and your campaign manager have specfically said that Obama played the race card with his comments the other day? And can you elaborate when you said you fought for equal rights for your entire life, what specifically you've done focusing on improving the lives of African Americans?" JOHN MCCAIN: [looks uncomfortable] "Oh I, uh, first of all, um, [long pause] the- the first question-- you said, why am I--?" REPORTER: "What it is--when your campaign manager--and you reiterated that you backed Davis in saying he played the race card." MCCAIN: "I think his comments were clearly, were clearly with the race card. Because of what he said. Everybody can read his remarks and, in fact, his campaign retracted those remarks. So, I think it's very clear. And I was very disappointed, I was very disappointed at his comments. [...] So let's move on. "I've supported legislation time after time that would provide equal opportunities for all Americans. I have supported lower taxes. I have supported increases in educational benefits. I have supported hundreds of pieces of legislation, which would help Americans obtain an equal opportunity in America. I am proud of that record, from fighting for the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday in my state to sponsoring specifica legislation that would prevent discrimination in any shape or form in America today. And I am proud of that fight. I'd be glad to give you the legislative record of my efforts." LABEL: JM FL 08-01 (KF#6) SKAG - ClipA
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John McCain: NAACP Speech 07/16/08
John McCain NAACP Speech Cincinnati, OH 07/16/08 Let me begin with a few words about my opponent. Don't tell him I said this, but he is an impressive fellow in many ways. He has inspired a great many Americans, some of whom had wrongly believed that a political campaign could hold no purpose or meaning for them. His success should make Americans, all Americans, proud. Of course, I would prefer his success not continue quite as long as he hopes. But it makes me proud to know the country I've loved and served all my life is still a work in progress, and always improving. Senator Obama talks about making history, and he's made quite a bit of it already. And the way was prepared by this venerable organization and others like it. LABEL: JM OH 7-16 (JR#61) S -- Clip C To download a hi-res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/p8fiedo0sk To download the full event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/8s1o8thwc0
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John McCain: Town Hall 10/10/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Lakeville, MN 10/10/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: Look, I'm very enthusiastic and encouraged by the incredible enthusiasm that's here this afternoon. And, and the support and the real incredible volunteers and people who've been doing so much for us. And I think it's really good. And I have to tell you that I think a big part of the reason frankly is because the Governor of Alaska has ignited a lot of people as well in this campaign. MCCAIN: But, so, and we want to fight and I will fight. But we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments. I will respect him and I want [crowd boos] no, no. And I want everyone to be respectful, and let's make sure we are. Because that's the way politics should be conducted in America. So let's [crowd cheers] make sure we're all respectful. Now, I don't mean that has to reduce your ferocity. I just means it's gotta be respectful, okay? [indistinguishable yelling] And I would say that 99 and 44/100 of every person that's come to my town halls has been respectful, and I'm proud you're here and I'm grateful for it. And I appreciate your enthusiasm. LABEL: JM MN 10-10 (EW#24) RZZ - ClipA To download a high-res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/2arzg3sv5r To download the full campaign event, VISIT: (Part one) https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/j4zzk1joex (Part two) https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/y7xvgni4zi
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John McCain: Rally 10/28/08
John McCain Rally Hershey, PA 10/28/08 TRANSCRIPTION: JOHN MCCAIN:I'm an American and I choose to fight. Don't give up hope, be strong, have courage and fight, fight for a new direction in our country, fight for what's right for American, fight to clean up the mess of corruption, in-fighting, and selfishness in America, fight to get our economy out of the ditch and back in the lead, fight for the ideals and character of a free people, fight for our children's future, fight for justice and opportunity for all, stand up to defend our country from its enemies- stand up, stand up, stand up and fight. America's worth fighting for. Nothing's inevitable here, we never give up, we never quit, we make history- we don't hide from history. Now let's go win this election and get this country moving again, thank you and God bless you and God bless America. Thank you. Thank you. LABEL: SP JM PA 10-28 (JR#73)C - ClipF To download a high resolution version of this clip, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/71dpy5rnyz To download the full event, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/3zsg8xy45y
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Mitt Romney: Speech 1/12/08
Mitt Romney Speech to Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit Livonia, MI 1/12/08 TRANSCRIPT: MITT ROMNEY: [...]I'm gonna get a chance to talk to the Detroit Economic club on Monday, I'll bore them at greater length than you, talking about what things we have to do. But let me underscore this, if I'm president of the United States, I'm not just gonna be aware that Michigan is hurting, I'm not just gonna be aware that jobs have been going, I'm not gonna say "Well, it's too bad, those jobs are gone, they're just gonna be gone forever." When do they stop, by the way, I was just at the Willow Run Plant-- 200 people announced, layoff for those people just today. When does it stop, are we going to lose the entire domestic automobile industry and just be aware of it, or are we going to take action to say "enough anvils being thrown at the backs of the automobile industry"- like cafe requirements that of course help the foreign manufacturers [...]or energy taxes that make it more difficult for Americans to compete. Look, they don't call it "America Warming" they call it "Global Warming" and so you don't put burdens on us and let places like China not have to carry their fair share. If I'm President of the United States, I'm not gonna rest if Michigan's still in pain. I'm gonna make sure that we do everything in our power to strengthen the economy in Michigan, because Michigan is personal, and Michigan, as Michigan goes, so, in some respect does go the Nation. LABEL: MR MI 1-12 (GR#55) GHIK - ClipA To Download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/l036tgvldm#MR_MI_1-12_(GR#55)_GHIK_-_Clip To Download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ggtncy5kor#MR_MI_1-12_(GR#55)_GHIK_-_comp
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John McCain: Town Hall 08/12/08
John McCain Town Hall York, PA 08/12/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: I want to say a word about nuclear to you. And I'm very familiar with Three Mile Island, and I'm very familiar with Chernobyl. But I'm also familiar, as I hope you are too, that we've been sailing Navy ships around the world for 60 years with nuclear power plants on them, and we've never had an accident. We've never had a serious accident! So we need to store spent nuclear fuel, and we need to reprocess. [...] So we, we can! We can! You know, you pick up the paper and you listen to these various pundits and all that, and they says we can't solve the nuclear problem, we can't reprocess, we can't store it; we can't develop a electric car that'll take someone 200 miles or 100 miles before you have to plug it in. We can't. Everybody's saying we can't. That's not America! America's a country that has met and overcome every challenge we have ever faced, and we can do this one. We have the ability, innovation and the technology that we will become independent of foreign oil. LABEL: JM PA 08-12 (JR#65) CK - ClipA - LS To download a high-res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/r5fjb6gdkz To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/hq77i4rnl6
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Phyllis Schlafly: Speech 02/09/08
Phyllis Schlafly Speech Washington DC 02/09/08 TRANSCRIPT: PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY: There are three classes of people that are attacking our sovereignty today. The first of those is corrupt dictators around the world who hate and envy us; we know that and we dont need to spend time talking about that. But the second group that is working against our sovereignty is a cult of people in this country who are working for world government and they do this openly . . . now the people who are working for world government and against sovereignty are now trying to build the United Nations into a vehicle for world government . . . now theres a third group of people who are working against our sovereignty and that is the multinationals who want open borders, who want the free movement of goods, capital and people across national boundaries . . . they find the boundaries simply get in the way . . . LABEL: PS DC 2-9 (JC#106) CZZ - clipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/26yj3v8ero To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/tj4tzj798g
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Bill Cunningham: McCain Speech 02/26/08
Bill Cunningham McCain Speech Cincinnati, OH 02/26/08 TRANSCRIPT: BILL CUNNINGHAM: "[...] the media. The Stooges for the New York Times. CBS, the Clinton Broadcasting System. NBC, Nothing But Clinton Network. The All Bill Clinton channel, ABC. And the Clinton News Network at some point, is gonna peel the bark of Barack Hussein Obama! That day will come! Then you'll know the truth about his business dealings with Resco, when he got sweetheart deals in Chicago, and the illegal loans that he received. "At some point the media will quit pickin' sides in this thing and maybe start covering Barack Hussein Obama the same way they cover Bush, the same way they cover Cheney, and the same way they cover every republican. I'll look forward to that day when truth comes. I look forward to that!" LABEL: JM OH 2-26 (JC#111) ACRKG - ClipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/wyepsp95ws To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/2z92gh7wo4
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John McCain: Rally 09/05/08
John McCain McCain/Palin Rally Sterling Heights, MI 09/05/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: This is an economic issue. This is a climate, uh, an environmental issue and this is a national security issue. [scattered applause] It is something we as Americans can do, and, my friends, we'll drill, uh, new wells offshore and we'll drill now. [cheers and applause] We'll drill now! We'll drill and we'll get a new supply of oil. [chants of "drill baby drill"] I don't know, I don't know who thought of that one but that's a very popular one. LABEL: SP JM MI 09-05 (EW#16) ACVGU - ClipO To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ogmkdqro5n To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/2zvex294vu
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John McCain: Town Hall 09/22/08
John McCain Town Hall Scranton, PA 09/22/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: [...] I think you said you were gonna [give a $5,000] deduction for people's health care. Well, my health care is like $18,000 a year. [Where am I going to get] the other $13,000? JOHN MCCAIN: Well, first of all, if you have $5,000 refundable tax credit, then you--and you are able to go around any place in this country, which you are not allowed to do so today, I think you can find a much less expensive health insurance policy-- Number one. Number two: If you have a condition that we call chronic condition or pre-existing conditions, then we're gonna have to provide Government Approved Programs, which means that we will have to have the federal government and the state [...] government contribute and make significant financial investment in providing those people, who cannot get health insurance, affordable health care who have [...] chronic and pre-existing conditions. LABEL: JM PA 09-22 (JR#68) SAG - ClipB - LS To download a high-res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/4t39zqqzox To download the entire event, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/rz2r0qx6zz
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John McCain: Town Hall 10/02/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Denver, CO 10/02/08 MCCAIN: I do believe that there are many occasions where the nature of the media is to exaggerate things and perhaps not be as accurate as we would like them to be, but let me say very seriously, I think that one of the biggest causes of this problem was not so much the media. In fact, I don't think that the media was responsible for what happened at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. I believe that there was, in all seriousness, I love to bash the media all the time, but the point is the beginnings of this crisis were such a corrupt system in Washington that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac basically got completely out of control. Their executives got exorbitant, huge amounts of pay packages. Meanwhile, they encouraged all this risky behavior in the real estate market and the crisis built larger and larger and meanwhile, members of congress--not just lobbyists, but members of congress were complicit in not trying to rein in--not only not trying to rein in, but encouraged this kind of behavior and that I really believe was the major, catalytic factor in bringing about the crisis that we are in, which, as you know, has spread and that combined with the greed on Wall Street--in all due candor, I cannot blame that on the media. I have to blame that on failure to oversight [sic], failure of transparency, a failure of congress and watchdog agencies to enforce existing regulations that exist and it's a failure, frankly, of many of us in congress--many members of congress. By the way, I proposed two years ago legislation that would have reined in Fannie and Freddie. I said that this was gonna get out of control. So, again, a serious answer--I'd love to blame the media. I'll blame them for a lot of other things, but not on this one. LABEL: JM CO 10-02-08 (RAD#10) USG - clipH If youd like to download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/kxhb4jon0y To download this entire event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/6inobo11u2
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/28/08
Sarah Palin Rally Shippensburg, PA 10/28/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: Senator Obama said that- he said that he regretted that the Supreme Court hadnt been more radical. And he described the courts refusal to take up the issues of redistribution of wealth as a tragedy. And he also said he regretted that the Supreme Court didnt break free from the essential construction of constraints that were placed by the federal founding fathers there in the Constitution. Thats a quote. So you have to ask, is this a suggestion that hed want to rewrite the founding document of our great nation to accomplish his goals? And what does that say about his ideas on future Supreme Court justices? Now that tape that was revealed, thats Obama speaking in of those rare moments when the real ideology starts to come through. And it makes you wonder how they pulled that out of them. SP PA 10-28 (JR#75) GI - ClipA To download a high-resolution version of this clip, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/9qbd3u6hmz To download the full event, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/iang8xxxl6
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 01/15/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Ypsilanti, MI 01/15/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: "I would just like to know if you would ever start drilling in Alaska. . ." JOHN MCCAIN: "Not in ANWR nor in the Everglades, nor in the Grand Canyon nor off the coast of Florida, nor of the coast of California unless those people wanted it done. Just like I won't touch Michigan's water supply unless the people of Michigan wanted it. That's a fundamental federalist principle I have . . . if the states and others want to have drilling off their coast, such as Louisiana does then that's fine with me. We're doin' a great deal off Louisiana. The people of California don't want to and as a federalist, I will respect that as well . . . this happens to be one of the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world and I would preserve it . . . but to think that ANWR drilling is somehow a solution to our incredible need for energy is just frankly not in keeping with reality . . ." LABEL: JM MI 1-15 (GR#62) KCIG- Clip B To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/xenr3yt0co To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/e9mdhqbk04
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John McCain: Saddleback Forum 08/16/08
John McCain Saddleback Civil Forum Lake Forest, CA 08/16/08 TRANSCRIPT: RICK WARREN: "Lets deal with abortion. I as a pastor, have to deal with all the time. Every different angle, every different pain, all of the decisions and all of that. Forty Million abortions since Roe v. Wade. Some people, people that believe life begins at conception would say that's a holocaust for many people. At what point is a baby entitled to human rights?" JOHN MCCAIN: "At the moment of conception. [Applause] I have a 25-year pro-life record in the congress, in the senate, and as President off the United States I will be a pro-life president and this presidency will have pro-life policies. That's my commitment, that's my commitment to you." LABEL: JM CA 08-16 (KF#8) CLMPX -- ClipC To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/n5lxujiafu To download the full campaign event, VISIT:https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/vvvla4i2r2
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John McCain: Town Hall 08/20/08
John McCain Town Hall Las Cruces, NM 08/20/08 TRANSCRIPT: AUDIENCE MEMBER: Senator McCain I truly hope you get the opportunity to chase Bin Laden right to the gates of hell and push him in as you stated on your forum. I do have a question though. Disable veterans, especially in this state have horrible conditions, their medical is substandard. They drive four hours one way to Albuquerque for a simple doctors appointment which is often canceled. Our VA hospital is dirty it is understaffed, it is running on maximum overload. The prescription medicines are ten years behind standard medical care we have seven hundred claims stacked up at the VA office in Albuquerque some of them are ten and seven years old waiting to be processed in the mean time these people are homeless. My son is an officer in the Air Force, and I am a vet and I was raised in a military family. I think it is a sad state of affairs when we have illegal aliens having a Medicaid card that can access specialist top physicians, the best of medical and our vets can't even get to a doctor. These are the people that we tied yellow ribbons for and Bush patted on the back. If we don't reenact the draft I don't think we will have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell. JOHN MCCAIN: Ma'am let me say that I don't disagree with anything you said and thank you and I am grateful for your support of all of our veterans. LABEL: JM NM 08-20 (EW#15) CRKD - ClipB - LS To download a higher-resolution version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/haktdz1v3d
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John McCain: Remarks 09/23/08
John McCain Remarks Strongsville, OH 09/23/08 TRANSCRIPT: LABEL: JM OH 09-23 (JR#70) GZZ - ClipA
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 07/07/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting 07/07/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: "I see a person with a funny hat on that says Vietnam Veterans, so I'd love to recognize you first, sir." [...] QUESTIONER: "Senator, veterans and all Americans admire your service [...] but we know that you voted against—well, actually you didn't vote on the GI bill and you spoke out against it. We understand you have a difference on that but we [...] haven't heard an explanation of why you voted against your colleagues' proposals to increase health care funding in 2004, [2005], [2006] and [2007] when we had troops coming back from two wars." MCCAIN: "[...] I have great respect for Sen. Webb and I appreciate his efforts. [...] The problem that some of us had [...] was that there were studies that showed that we didn't have incentives for people to become career military people. [...]" MCCAIN: "With that all I can say is, I don't know what you're pointing to but I've received every award from every major veterans' organization in America—I've received every organization in America their awards—but sir I don't know what you're referring to [...] But the reason why I have a perfect voting record from organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and all the other veterans service organizations is because of my support of them. But you can go ahead and respond if you want to. Go ahead." QUESTIONER: "You do not have a perfect voting record by the DAB and the VFW; that's where these votes are recorded. And the votes were proposals [...] by your colleagues in the Senate to increase health care funding of the VA in 2003, [2004], [2005] and [2006] for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. And you voted against those proposals. I can give specific Senate votes, the numbers of those Senate votes right now." LABEL: JM CO 7-7 (SD#24) GIDT-ClipF To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/m6z0m6u4g0 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/hdbm4ntw0w
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John McCain: Speech 08/09/08
John McCain Speech Las Vegas, NV 08/09/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: Though victory in Iraq is finally in sight, a great deal still depends on the decisions and good judgment of the next president. The hard-won gains of our troops hang in the balance. The lasting advantage of a peaceful and democratic ally in the heart of the Middle East could still be squandered by hasty withdrawal and arbitrary timelines. And this is one of many problems in the shifting positions of my opponent, Senator Obama. With just three months to go before the election, a lot of folks are still trying to square Senator Obama's varying positions on the surge in Iraq. First, he opposed the surge. Then he confidently predicted that it would fail. Then he tried to prevent funding for the troops who carried out the surge. Not content to merely predict failure in Iraq, my opponent tried to legislate failure. This was back when supporting America's efforts in Iraq entailed serious political risk. It was a clarifying moment. It was a moment when political self-interest and the national interest parted ways. For my part, with so much in the balance, it was an easy call. As I said at the time, I would rather lose an election than lose a war. Thanks to the courage and sacrifice of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and to brave Iraqi fighters the surge has succeeded. And yet Senator Obama still can't quite bring himself to admit his own failure in judgment. Instead, he commits the greater error of insisting that even in hindsight, he would oppose the surge. Even in retrospect, he would choose the path of retreat and failure for America over the path of success and victory. Behind all of these claims and positions by Senator Obama lies the ambition to be president. What's missing is the judgment to be commander in chief. In short, both candidates in this election pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference is that I intend to win it first. LABEL: JM NV 08-09 (LF#7) ACZZ - ClipB To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/xg0oqcci2o To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/yal6re33pj
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Rudy Giuliani: Federalist Society 11/16/07
Rudy Giuliani Address to The Federalist Society Washington, DC 11/16/07 TRANSCRIPT: RUDY GIULIANI: "We learned from them and the we made them work in the biggest city in the United States, with, by far, the biggest welfare problem. And if it could work in New York, it can work anywhere. [small laughter] It can . . . when we first started, there was great consternation, great fear, great worry that it would work. But we stuck with the basic principles of it: workfare, accountability, a jobstat program . . . the end result was 640,000 people removed from the welfare rolls [applause]. One of the proudest days I had as mayor of New York City was changing the name on the door of the welfare office. We took down the sign that said Welfare Office and we put up a sign that said, New York City Job Center." LABEL: RG DC 11-16 (AM#1) ZZ Clip A To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/130yb4qqxs To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/a0j7orrul1
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 09/21/08
John McCain Straight Talk Town Hall Scranton, PA 09/21/08 TRANSCRIPTION MCCAIN: "You know, I don't know why it is that, and I'm sure you know, but I still don't know why it is, there's only one ethnic joke that can be told in American politics and that's Irish jokes. And I don't know why that is, but it just is a case. So here's the joke. There's a bar in Philadelphia empty, one guy down on either end of the bar. Finally, one guy gets up, goes down sits down to the guy next to him in the bar and says, where you from? He says, I'm from Ireland. He says, really? He says, I'm from Ireland too! He says, well let me buy you a drink. He says, no let me buy you a drink! They're buying each other drinks, back and forth, and the guy says, well where you from in Ireland? He says, I'm from Dublin. He says, no, I'm from Dublin too! Really? Back and forth, and finally the guy says, where'd you go to high school? He says, I went to St. Mary's. He said, you couldn't have gone to St. Mary's, I went to St. Mary's. Wow! They're buying each other drinks, a lot of commotion, and a guy walks into the bar, sees all the commotion down there at the end of the bar and says to the bartender, he says, what's going on down there? The bartender said, it's just the O'Reilly twins getting drunk again." To download a high resolution version of this clip, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/4jxemkzb5d To download footage of the full event, click: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/rz2r0qx6zz
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John McCain: Employee Town Hall 08/11/08
John McCain Employee Town Hall Erie, PA 08/11/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: . . . what are your plans for your first ninety days in office? JOHN MCCAIN: Um, to call Tom Ridge to Washington from whatever vacation he is taking and get him down there and get him to work. [laughter turning to applause]. Well, I think we all know that the president's first obligation is to ensure that our nation is safe and that means getting your national security team together, look at the challenges that we are facing. And if you ever need any more affirmation that we live in a very dangerous world, then, my friends, look at the events that are just transpiring in Georgia as we speak. Um, to make sure that this nation is safe, that's the first priority of any president and first responsibility, and I know we all know that but you have to state the obvious. And the other thing, I could give you a laundry list of the things we have to address but I think that's all got to be associated with one, fundamental mission and restore trust and confidence in government, therefore inspire confidence in America again. 84% of the American people think that the country's on the wrong track. Congress has a 9% approval rating. Now, you get down to 9%, you're down to paid staffers and blood relatives. [laughter] You can't get much lower, uh, than that. And that means a promise to reform government, to restore prosperity. In other words, reform the way we do business. Why. Can't. We. Republicans and Democrats, knowing that Social Security is going to go broke, sit down together, Republican and Democrat and fix it? Or, are we going to pass it on to the next generation, which will then be, uh, a much, much bigger problem than it is today? Same thing with Medicare. The same thing with a number of issues that out of control spending has laid on future generations. So we've got to reform and reform and reform. When Tom and I first came to the congress, Social Security was just about to go broke. There was a commission, headed by Alan Greenspan, and it came up with a proposal to fix Social Security. Tip O'Neal, the Liberal Democrat from Massachusetts, Ronald Reagan, the conservative president from California, sat down together and they came up with a fix for Social Security. Now, it wasn't forever. Nothing is forever in America. But we have to have Republican and Democrat standing together and saying we're going to fix the problems that affect America. But obviously our first priority has got to be to restore our economy. As I mentioned earlier, jobs and jobs and jobs and jobs and that to me is our greatest priority. LABEL: JM PA 08-11 (JR#64) GKH - ClipD - LS To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/uklqt7250r To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/jknb2nu8c1
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Bill Platt Warms Up Crowd: McCain/Palin Rally 10/08/08
Bill Platt, GOP Chair of Lehigh County Rally Bethlehem, PA 10/08/08 TRANSCRIPT: BILL PLATT: And think about how youll feel on November 5th, if you wake up in the morning and you see the news that Barack Obama, that Barack Hussein Obama is the president elect of the United States of America. [Crowd Boos] [] One more comment, perhaps you heard about this. To put things in perspective, I like to use this a lot. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is a socialist. We all know the problem with socialists. This year Senator Sanders was voted the fourth most liberal Senator in the United States of America. Ahead of him, in third, was the Democrats candidate for vice president, Joe Biden. And at number one, most liberal Senator in the United States of America, was you guessed it, the ambassador of change, Barrack Hussein Obama. [Crowd Boos] LABEL: JM PA 10-08-08 (RAD#12) UVSG ClipA If youd like to download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/86pgs1inkl To download this entire event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/lbexvr3u6j
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 07/11/08
John McCain Town Hall Hudson, WI 07/11/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: "We haven't done enough. We have not done enough. And I'm committed to making sure that there's equal pay for equal work. That there is equal opportunity in every aspect of our society. And that is my record and you can count on it." LABEL: JM WI 7-11 (SD#26) YKHB-ClipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/rgkzy978co To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/pjaxw0ts8o
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Mike Huckabee: Sermon at Gateway Church 11/25/07
Mike Huckabee Sermon at Gateway Church Bellentine, SC 11/25/07 TRANSCRIPT: MIKE HUCKABEE: I realized that the military wasnt kid stuff. Its the real deal. Less than two years ago I went to . . . most of the Middle East to visit Arkansas National Guard Troops . . . I was reminded that the word war is anything but kid stuff . . . just a few months ago I had the opportunity . . . to go visit Walter Reed . . . and I realized how serious war can be . . . when our guard soldiers would become casualties the most painful thing I had to do was to call their families . . . LABEL: MH SC 11-25 (MB#3) P - ClipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/qszz1szguk To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/kimaoc2fyq
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John McCain: Town Hall 08/12/08
John McCain Town Hall York, PA 08/12/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: For those of us who are headed into military service, how will our benefits look for the next four years? JOHN MCCAIN: Pardon me? QUESTIONER: For those of us headed into military service . . . how are things going to look for us for the next four years? MCCAIN: . . . in the end of the next four years we will be largely out of Iraq and we will be out because we have one [cheers] not because of a date for withdrawal. We will have won in Iraq [ovation becomes standing]. But that withdrawal will be based on conditions on the ground, not according to a set date for withdrawal [applause]. That's the important point here. Now, one of the big differences between myself and Sen. Obama is that Sen. Obama said the surge wouldn't work, voted not to fund the men and women who were serving and fighting over there. He said it wouldn't work, couldn't work and incredibly, still fails to acknowledge that the surge succeeded. Remarkable. And, he hadn't been there in over 900 days. And he gave a speech announcing his policy before he left. Before he left. That's hard to believe. [grumbling] So,there is a significant difference between myself and Sen. Obama. He wanted us out by last March, his original plan. The surge has succeeded. Gen David Petraeus is one of the great military leaders in history [applause]. And the men and women, like you sir! [points at questioner] are the bravest, most professional, best trained and best equipped we've ever had in the history of our military and I'm proud of you [applause] and I can't tell you how proud I am to be in your company. And finally, let me say again, we have succeeded. It's not, we are succeeding, we have succeeded and we are winning. And we have other challenges. And my friends, if we had had this conversation two weeks ago, we probably wouldn't have consumed the beginning of our conversation about a little country that most Americans had never heard of. My point is, we live in a dangerous world, we live in a world where we're not sure what's going to happen around in the future and it's hard to see around the corner of history. But, I have been in wars, I know how to win wars, I hate war, no one hates war more than the veteran because no one feels more keenly the loss of a comrade than the veteran. So I will, at the end of four years, bring the peace. Bring the peace to America. Thank you. LABEL: JM PA 08-12 (JR#65) CK - ClipD - LS To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/3lg5d2lkx5 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/hq77i4rnl6
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John McCain: Nuclear Power Plant Tour
John McCain Nuclear Power Plant Tour Newport, MI 08/05/08 TRANSCRIPT: PROTESTER: Fermi 3 would pose the same sorts of environmental risks that present and past nuclear plants do. There's of course a long standing controversy about the exposure to low level radiation over long periods of time. But beyond that, there's still the threat of catastrophic accident. And what we've seen as with the Davis Bessi incident in March of 2002, the catastrophic accidents are still very much a possibility. And in fact the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission testified before Congress in April of 85' a year before the Chernobyl accident and what the NRC told Congress was that the crude statistical probability of another major accident at a US nuclear plant was 45% over a period of 20 years given 100 reactors operating. So we're operating 104 reactors in this country and we're getting close to the 30th anniversary of the 3 mile island accident. So I would say using the NRC's own testimony to Congress in April of 85', that we're at a point where another major accident is imminent. That could be at Fermi 2, Fermi 3 when its constructed, or any one of the reactors now operating in the country. Specific health concerns? Well, cancer. Kevin you want to chime in here? KEVIN CAMPS, BEYOND NUCLEAR: There are multiple proposed uranium mines in the peninsula of Michigan. And as we've seen from the Navajo, Pueblo Indian experiences in the South West, Native Americans bare the brunt of the health damage from uranium mining. And that's the very first stage of this nuclear nightmare. These nuclear power plants are making high level radioactive waste for which there's no solution. Again the targeted dump sites are Native American land, the Peshoni land in Nevada. They're targeting reservations to park this stuff on indefinitely. There's routine radiation emissions from all nuclear power plants, including this one. Back in 1994, 1995, they released a huge volume of radioactive water into lake Erie after an accident. This plant, the Fermi 1 melt down, the classic book is the We Almost Lost Detroit. We've seen from Chernobyl that a meltdown can wipe out an entire region of a continent and that's the risk that's taken with these older reactors like Fermi 2 and then the new reactors are going to have bugs that have not been worked out yet. Chernobyl was a brand new reactor when it exploaded and burned. 3 mile island was a brand new reactor. There's unseen bugs that we may find out about when one of these reactors has a meltdown. So there's tremendous human health concerns, ecological concerns, the entire nuclear fuel chain. LABEL: JM MI 08-05 (LF#2) K - ClipB To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/l0n62n80n8 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/m31h74t0cg
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John McCain: Town Hall 10/10/08
John McCain Town Hall Lakeville, MN 10/10/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: Ma'am, if you're going to walk up like that, I'm not going to give you the mic. I'll give you the mic. QUESTIONER: "Let me ask you a question, [?...] I can't trust Obama. I hear [?] about him. He's a terrorist. He's not?" [McCain shakes head] MCCAIN: No ma'am. He's a decent, family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. And that's what this campaign is all about. He's not. Thank you." LABEL: JM MN 10-10 (EW#24) RSGBbZZ - clipJ To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/v0j1mdx7u0 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: (Part one) https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/j4zzk1joex (Part two) https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/y7xvgni4zi
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John McCain: Town Hall 08/12/08
John McCain Town Hall York, PA 08/12/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: I want to speak briefly to your about the issues that are at stake in this election and about the events that took place this week. And we have to be serious for a few minutes . . . as you know, over the past several days, we have seen that international aggression is tragically not a thing of the past. We thought we'd put a lot of that behind us in the 20th century but we see it rearing its ugly head in the 21st. The small nation of Georgia has been subject to Russian attacks that threaten its very existence. Americans . . . may wonder where Georgia is, or why we should care . . . it's after all a small and remote and obscure place but history is often made in remote, obscure places . . . Georgia itself, my friends, has a long and remarkable history . . . it's been part of the grand sweep that compromises western civilization . . . their history hasn't been easy. Through the centuries, it's seen invasions and attacks . . . the were part of the Soviet Union . . . and were able to achieve their independence when the Soviet Union disintegrated . . . they're at a strategic crossroads. There's a pipeline, an oil pipeline, Baku-Tblisi and Ceyhan. It brings oil from the Caspian to points west and traverses Georgia. That's the very pipeline that the Russians tried to bomb. And I don't have to tell you about the price of oil and disruption of oil supplies. In this country, it's that little country, a country's territorial independence, integrity and sovereignty, NATO countries reaffirmed at their summit in April that terrible violence has occurred. On Friday, Russian tanks and troops moved through the Roki Tunnel, across an international recognized border and into the Georgian province of South Ossetia. Two years ago, I traveled to South Ossetia, my friends, and we went through this barricade . . . there was this huge billboard and it said, "Vladmir Putin, our president." Have no doubt about Russian ambitions in this area. The Russian government stated it was acting only to protect Ossetians and yet on Saturday, it's bombing campaign encompassed the whole of Georgia . . . yesterday, before the weekend ended, Russian troops drove the Georgians out of South Ossetia and stepped up their offensive in the region of "Kabkazia" [Abkhazia]. Abkhazia is another area that the Russians have controlled in violation of Georgian territorial integrity and Georgia asked for a cease fire and Russia responded by bombing the Tblisi airport . . . in 2006, I visted Senaki and reviewed the Georgian troops who had served with honor beside American soldiers in Iraq . . . President Medvedev has stated he has halted the offensive but reports indicate that Russian military forces have continued attacks . . . Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that Russia seeks regime change in Georgia . . . it's the responsibility of the leading nations of the world to ensure that history continues to reform and make progress towards respecting the values and security of all free people. This is the situation in Georgia as we meet here . . . the impact of Russian actions goes beyond their threat to a Democratic Georgia. Russia has used violence against Georgia to send a signal to any country that chooses to assciate with the west and aspire to our shared political and economic values. My friends, we learned at great cost the price of allowing aggression against free nations to go unchecked . . . we must stand in united purpose to ask the Russian government to withdraw its troops from Georgia. There must be an independent, international, peacekeeping force in the separatist regions . . . and we must make clear to Russia leaders that the benefit they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the value of stability and peace for that world. [applause] . . . I know from speaking this morning to the President of Georgia . . . who I have known for many years, that he knows that the thoughts and prayers and support of the American people are with that brave little nation . . . he wanted me to say thank you to you . . . [applause] . . . I told him I know I speak for every American when I told him that today, we are all Georgians. [applause] . . . the energy crisis that we're in derives in part from the fact that we get much of our energy from that part of the world. The small nation of Georgia has an oil pipeline that delivers oil from the Caspian sea to other markets . . . another reminder that we get serious about our energy crisis and stop sending $700 billion a year overseas [applause] to countries that don't like us very much and stop this massive transfer of wealth. [standing ovation] LABEL: JM PA 08-12 (JR#65) CK - ClipC - LS To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/8qvjjag589 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/hq77i4rnl6
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John McCain: Media Avail 08/13/08
John McCain Media Avail Birmingham, MI 08/13/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: [...] You said that heightened security for the Baltic states and Poland might be in order. Can you talk a little bit more about what shape that might take? JOHN MCCAIN: Well, [pauses] when I say that I, I think that we need to make sure that our NATO allies are work closely with us. I think it's important that everyone recognize throughout the world that in the NATO alliance, an attack on one is viewed as an attack on all. But I, I don't think we're gonna reignite the Cold War here with Russia. I think this is a very serious situation. But I don't see this as a return to nuclear standoffs, et cetera et cetera. I want to have a dialogue with the Russians, I want them to get out of Georgian territory as quickly as possible. And I am interested in good relations between the United States and Russia. But in the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations. And we, we will decide in subsequent days as whether degree of provocation and what, who was right and who was wrong. But you cannot justify the extent and the degree of the Russian intervention in Georgia. [...] So my point is that all of us show solidarity together and do whatever we can to make sure that behavior in the 21st century is one of respect for the sovereignty and independence of nations. And that includes the country of Georgia. That's what I meant by that in my response. Yes, sir. Yes, maam. LABEL: JM MI 08-13 (JR#67) CZZ - ClipC - LS To download a higher-resolution version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/lhfq5md6md
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Sarah Palin: Rally 09/06/08
Sarah Palin Rally Colorado Springs, CO 09/06/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: [...] A man with such strength of heart understands people, and the problems that we're all facing these days. He understands what to do about job losses and high energy prices and mortgage failures, the problems faced by hard-working, middle-class Americans--all of us! And that's why John McCain has been calling for years to reform things and cut bureaucracy, even at the lending agencies that our government supports. The fact is that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--they've gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers. (cheers) The McCain-Palin administration will make them smaller and smarter and more effective for homeowners who need help. LABEL: JM SP CO 09-06 (LR#1) USGK - ClipB - LS To download a higher-res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/npgy0yczhk To download the full event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/j4f1fro32i
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/17/08
Sarah Palin Rally West Chester, OH 10/17/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN BOEHNER: I got to meet Governor Palin in Alaska back in July when I took ten of my colleagues to Alaska on our American energy tour. We went up there to look at the North Slope, and the Governor was kind enough to invite us for dinner one night in Anchorage. I can tell you that sitting across the table from her, over the course of not three hours I found the Governor to be smart, energetic, engaging, and most importantly she gets it. LABEL: SP OH 10-17 (LS#15) clipA If youd like to download this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/nr64lhv5jx To download this entire event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/i42c1kne63
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McCain: Speech 05/27/08
John McCain Speech Denver, CO 05/27/08 TRANSCRIPT: [McCain was interrupted for the THIRD time by anti-war demonstrators. Demonstrators were a man and a woman asking about the war in Iraq. They were soon removed from the event] MCCAIN: "Thanks my friends. Thanks. This is ah. . . , this may turn into a longer speech then you anticipated. And oh by the way, I will never surrender in Iraq my friends. I will never surrender in Iraq. Our American soldiers will come home with honor." LABEL: JM CO 5-27 (GR#85) UABC - Clip D To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/awobqtg8w8 To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ahhkrm9wko
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McCain: Town Hall Meeting 12/29/07
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Merrimack, NH 12/29/07 TRANSCRIPTION JOHN MCCAIN: "Now we've got the cables. We've got talk radio. We've got the bloggers. I hate the bloggers. "We've got all kinds of sources of information." LABEL: JM NH 12-29 (JC#45) ACHFK-ClipD To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/jund54tgkg To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/yawb00h0k4
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/08/08
Sarah Palin Rally Bethlehem, PA 10/08/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: Now what does that have to do with anything? LABEL: JM PA 10-08-08 (RAD#12) UVSG Clip Hot If youd like to download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/xa987glhqu To download this entire event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/lbexvr3u6j
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John McCain: Speech 11/05/03
John McCain Speech to Council on Foreign Relations Washington, DC 11/05/03 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: "[...] There has been a rise in al Qaeda activity along the border. There has been some increase in U.S. casualties. I am concerned about it, but I'm not as concerned as I am about Iraq today, obviously, or I'd be talking about Afghanistan. But I believe that if Karzai can make the progress that he is making, that -- in the long term, we may muddle through in Afghanistan." To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/vapsj8j4sw
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Dinesh D'Souza: Speech - CPAC 02/09/2008
Dinesh DSouza Speech CPAC Washington D.C. 02/09/2008 TRANSCRIPT: DINESH DSOUZA: Lets shift gears and talk now about morality. And I want to address head on a very common argument, often shared by conservatives, that religion is the source of the crimes of history. Now as in the past, its religion thats to blame. Like a lot of bogus arguments, it does contain a molecule of truth. What is the molecule of truth? The molecule of truth is that the Islamic radicals do what they do in the name of religion. Listen to the Bin Laden videos, were doing this in the name of Allah. God commanded us to do this. But there is no equivalent today on the Christian side. Theres no Christian Al-Qaeda, theres no Christian Hamas, or Hezbollah. Theres no Christian state, now, run along the lines of Iran. [] Do you see whats going on here? A specious attempt to create a moral analogy that really doesnt exist. But I go further, and ask you this question, why are the Israelis and the Palestinians fighting? Are they actually fighting about religion? Or the Israelis go, we think Moses was the greater profit. The Palestinians go, we think it was Muhammad. Thats not what theyre fighting about. Theyre actually fighting about land. In Kashmir, theyre fighting over a territory. Even in Northern Ireland, theyre not fighting over the Eucharist, or transubstantiation, theyre fighting over which group of guys gets to rule that country. [] Now I want to look very briefly at history because I consider myself a reasonably educated guy, and if you were to come to me in three years and say, Dinesh, how many people were killed in the Salem Witch Trials? I would say, you know, I dont know exactly, but you know its clearly an important episode in American history we all read Arthur Millers play, the Crucible in college. I dont know, hundreds, maybe thousands? Ok, Dinesh, how many people were killed in the Inquisition? Well, that was a little bit of a biggie, it lasted for 350 years, it was particularly notorious for Spanish inquisition. I dont know, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions? Well, theres now a big scholarship on all of this. And if you go and look at it, read for example Henry Kamens multi-volume study of the inquisition, hes considered the leading authority on the subject. You will find out that the Spanish inquisition, over a period of 350 years, killed fewer than 2,000 people. Now, Im not a math major but by my count, thats about six guys a year. Does this qualify as a world historical crime? What about the Salem Witch Trials? [] You see, number of people killed in the Salem Witch Trials was precisely 18. 18! Well, I agree thats 18 too many, or 2018 too many, but come on, while the atheists are crying crocodile tears over the crimes of religion committed 200, 500, or in the case of the crusades, 1,000 years ago, crimes that quite frankly, are not repeatable today. Were not exactly going to have the Crusades in Fresno. So these are the myths of historical times. And yet, while the atheists are inconsolable about all these great offenses, they ignore, they downplay, they rationalize, they try to cover up the vastly greater crimes of atheist regimes committed, not in some ancient past, but in our own lifetime, in living memory, and theyre still going on. People say, you know, youre clearly talking about Mao in China, and the Nazi regime in Germany, and Stalin, and so on. Well ok, the big three, if you want to focus on them, yeah its true. Very interestingly, in the narrow space of five decades, these three regimes were able to exterminate something in the order of 100 million people. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, were not even talking about a junior league atheist like Pol Pot. He doesnt even make the top tier. He kills about 2 million in about three years. And then we have to add Chauchesku, and Virposka, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, the list goes on. My point is, there is an ocean of blood and a mountain of bodies. LABEL: DS DC 2-8 (JC#102) PRSZZ clipA If youd like to acquire a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ik7p1kekp5#DS_DC_2-8_(JC#102)_PRSZZ_-_cli To download the entire event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/4rs76321b7#DS_DC_2-8_(JC#102)_PRSZZ_comp
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John McCain: Town Hall 08/20/08
John McCain Townhall Las Cruces, NM 08/20/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: You know yesterday Senator Obama got a little testy on this issue. He said I'm questioning his patriotism. Let me be very clear: I am not questioning his patriotism. I am questioning his judgment. I am questioning his judgment. Senator Obama's made it clear he values withdrawal from Iraq above victory in Iraq. Even today, with victory in sight, over and over again he's advocated unconditional withdrawal, regardless of the facts on the ground and he voted against funding for troops in combat after he said it would be wrong to do so. He's made these decisions not because he doesn't love America, but because he doesn't think it matters whether America wins of loses. I'm going to end this war and I'm going to bring them home with honor and victory, leaving Iraq secured as a democratic ally in the Arab heartland. That's what I'm going to do. JM NM 08-20 (EW#15) CRKD - ClipE- LS
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John McCain: Media Avail 08/01/08
John McCain Media Avail Panama City, FL 08/01/08 TRANSCRIPT: REPORTER: Thank you Senator, just back to the problems we're facing in the economy. As you know, earlier this week the government announced that we are running a half a trillion-dollar deficit. How does that, given that news and given the bleak situation we're in, how does that square with your pledge to extend, continue, make permanent President Bush's tax cuts and to balance the budget eventually? JOHN MCCAIN: Because I believe firmly, and I am convinced that lower taxes is important, particularly in very difficult economic times. I think one of the best examples I can give you is capital gains. Senator Obama wants to increase capital gains. History shows since 1960 when Senator Kennedy said we would lower capital gains taxes, every time we've lowered capital gains taxes there's been an increase in revenue. That's a historical fact. I think that is the worst thing you can do, is raise peoples taxes in very difficult economical times. So it renews my commitment to keeping taxes low and letting people keep more of their hard earned salaries, wages and profits. And whatever happens in the economy, I think it can only harm it by increasing taxes. So if we don't keep taxes low, we can turn this serious situation we have economically into a worse situation." LABEL: JM FL 08-01 (KF#6) SKAG - ClipH To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/0zdmn2agst To download the full campaign event, VISIT:https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/gvxcsc0zjs
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/22/08
Sarah Palin Rally Green, OH 10/22/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: On November 4th, its going to come down to what we believe in. Its going to be what we believe in thats reflected in that vote. What John McCain and I believe in is what Ronald Reagan believed in. We believe in the forward movement of freedom, and not the constant expansion of government. And we believe that the best of America is not all gathered in Washington, DC. It is found here, its found in the kindness and the goodness and the courage of everyday hard working Americans. It is here. And we believe in the promise of this country, in all the opportunities that we wish for ourselves, and for each other and for our sons and daughters. And we believe that America is not the problem, America is the solution. We may not be a perfect nation, but we do learn from our mistakes, and we are that beacon of hope for all who seek equality and freedom and opportunity. And we still believe that America is that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan used to speak of. LABEL: JM SP OH 10-22 (LR#15) - ClipC To view a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/68p3fcq46d To view the full event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/mt4p69rjfx
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/28/08
Sarah Palin Rally University Park, PA 10/28/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: And Joe the Plumber, he said to him it sounds like socialism. [cheers] So that was bad enough, in fact it was so troubling that in a recent interview Joe Biden tried to deny that his running mate actually believed in spreading your hard earned money around. But, now we know that this is actually a long-held view of Barack Obama's. Just the other day a tape was revealed from an interview back in 2001. This tape turned up. There he was talking about, even back then, the need for, quote, "redistributive change." And Sen. Obama said that he regretted that the Supreme Court hadn't been more radical and he described the court's refusal to take up the issues of redistribution of wealth as a tragedy. [boo] And he said also, he said that he regretted that the Supreme Court didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by our founding fathers in our constitution. [boos] So, with that, is that a suggestion, he'd like to rewrite the founding document of our great nation to accomplish his goals [boos intensify] and what does that say, what does that say about his ideas on future supreme court justices [shouting] but that was his quote. There he was, Barack Obama speaking in one of those rare moments when the real ideology starts coming through and it makes you wonder, how do they pull that out from him? It's almost like the interviewer was Joe the Plumber himself. [laughter and cheers] Sometimes in politics it's those candid little moments that give us the whole picture. That's what says it all. But the ideological commitment to spread your wealth around has been tried in other societies and the only thing it ever spreads is scarcity and poverty . . . LABEL: SP PA 10-28 (EW#28) GRS - clipB To download this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/8lsseqamne#SP_PA_10-28_(EW#28)_GRS_-_clip To download the full event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/voq70mtygo
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 01/27/08
John McCain Town Hall Lady Lake, FL 01/27/08 TRANSCRIPT: MCCAIN: "[...] I told people the truth. My friends, tell people the truth whether they want to hear it or whether they didn't want. What they want to hear or what they didn't want to hear. I went to New Hampshire, and we had 101 town hall meetings my friends, and we told them things they didn't want to hear. I went to Michigan and told them those old jobs aren't coming back. People didn't like that. New jobs are coming to Michigan, in the form of hydrogen cars, and hybrids, and electric cars and the technology that's there. Detroit is going to lead America again. I went to South Carolina and I said, my friends, those old textile jobs aren't coming back. But the BMW plant is there, and the Michelin plant, and the government of South Carolina encourages businesses' investment, and the economy is starting to get better. My friends, I told them the truth. And I'm going to tell you the truth. There's one fundamental principle. Before I earn your vote, I have to earn your respect. I want your respect. And then I think I can earn your vote. And my friends, we may disagree from time to time on a number of certain issues. But I'll never let you down." LABEL: JM FL 1-27 (JC#92) ADHGR - ClipD To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/gigyszv40w To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/x8n3872hww
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John McCain: Nuclear Power Plant Tour
John McCain Nuclear Power Plant Tour Newport, MI 08/05/08 TRANSCRIPT: JIM HARRIS: My name is Jim Harris and I'm President of the utility workers union America Local Number 223. I represent the 220 working men and women inside the Fermi facility. Well, we want to make sure that the message from organized labor and particularly utility workers unions is John McCain, John McCain is not right for Michigan. We want to make the message as well as utility workers and organized labor supportive of nuclear power but John McCain's policies are bad for Michigan in relation to economic policy and working families. Well we've got as with any organized organization we have members who have a variety of different political beliefs. We're educating our members on what his policies are. The union with the strong support of our membership endorsing Senator Obama so we believe a majority of our members feel the same way. They have not seen benefits of the current administration as far as their paychecks go and their benefits go and they're ready for a change. LABEL: JM MI 08-05 (LF#2) K - ClipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ssxmlramjc To download the full campaign event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/m31h74t0cg
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Sarah Palin: Town Hall Meeting 09/17/08
Sarah Palin and John McCain Town Hall Meeting Grand Rapids, MI 09/17/08 TRANSCRIPT: QUESTIONER: Governor Palin, there has been quite a bit of discussion about your perceived lack of foreign policy experience. And I want to give you your chance, if you could please respond to that criticism, and give us specific skills that you think you have to bring to the White House to rebut that or mitigate that concern. PALIN: Well, I think because Im a Washington outsider that opponents are going to be looking for a whole lot of things that they can criticize and that they can try to beat the candidate here, who chose me as his partner, to try to tear down the ticket. But as for foreign policy, you know, I think I am prepared and I know that on January 20th, if we are so blessed to be sworn into office as your president and vice president, certainly well be ready, Ill be ready. I have that confidence, I have that readiness, and if you want specifics with specific policies or countries, go ahead, and you can ask me and you can play stump the candidate if you want to. But we are ready to serve. LABEL:JM SP MI 9-17 (LR#7) FIJ - ClipB To view a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/xaovaodb3v To download full event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/q2lv64or2i
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John McCain: Speech 01/07/08
John McCain Speech Nashua, NH 01/07/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: "[...] I believe this nation faces the transcendent challenge of the 21st century in the form of radical Islamic extremism. We are in two wars. We are in a greater struggle that is going to be with us for the rest of this century and my friends, I believe that I have the experience and the knowledge and the judgment [sic]. These young people that are in this crowd, my friends, I'm going to be asking you to serve. I'm gonna be asking you to step forward and serve this nation in difficult times. And I know you'll respond as every young generation has in the past. I know that the young people I see in front of me represent America's greatness. I am optimistic about the future of this country, I believe I can lead it. I think it's still a shining city on a hill." LABEL: JM NH 1-7 (JR#24) A-ClipA To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/rndqbjjsww To download the full campaign event, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/c51c6w48w8
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Sarah Palin: Rally 10/25/08
Sarah Palin Rally Des Moines, IA 10/25/08 TRANSCRIPT: SARAH PALIN: John and I will adopt the all of the above approach to meet America's great energy challenges. Yes. [crowd cheers] Those hundreds of billions of dollars being re-circulated here in America-- that means harnessing alternative energy sources, like the wind and the solar and the biomass and the geothermal -- and the ethanol! And we'll develop clean coal technology. And we'll drill for the billions of barrels of oil that we have right now warehoused underground, including our resources offshore. We will drill here and drill now. And now's when you chant 'Drill baby drill.' Drill baby drill. [Crowd cheers, chants "Drill baby drill!"] Drill baby drill. [crowd continues chant] Drill baby drill and mine baby mine. It is for the sake of our nation's security and of course our economic prosperity; we need American energy resources brought to you by American ingenuity and produced by American workers. Yes! LABEL: SP IA 10-25 (SD#36) GKI - ClipA2 To download hi res clip, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/iaekfnnhn9 To download full event, VISIT: https://issuealliance.box.net/shared/z726v383jf
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John McCain: Town Hall Meeting 07/15/08
John McCain Town Hall Meeting Albuquerque, NM 07/15/08 TRANSCRIPT: JOHN MCCAIN: "I've suggested a long time ago a League of Democracies and it's very clear that Russia and China and especially Russia will veto significant measures, which would impact the behavior of the Iranians. And I regret that. And I regret some of the recent behavior that Russia has exhibited [...] including reduction in oil supplies to Czechoslovakia after they agreed with us on missile defense system, et cetera." To download a high res version of this clip, VISIT: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/ozkz1fx44w
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