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Arlo Guthrie, "Deportee"
This video is meant to demonstrate by music + images that the immigration problem isn't new, but has a long history. This video takes no political position concerning immigrants or immigration, but is meant to honor Woody's song, Arlo's singing, and the many immigrants who have worked, suffered, been deported, etc. This is just a slide show using Woody Guthrie's classic song as sung by his son Arlo and public domain (I believe) images; hopefully this will not violate any Fair Use copyright guidelines. All music performed by Arlo Guthrie, video/music collage edited/created by Dulcimerea.
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Morrowind Theme on Mountain Dulcimer
This is the main theme from "Morrowind"(Bethesda softworks), one of The Elder Scrolls series of computer games. It's hard to imitate an orchestral piece with the dulcimer, an insrument that has only three notes, which are D, A, and DD (a "unison" of two strings tuned to the same note and played together.) The scale of frets is diatonic, not chromatic, so each octave has only 8 rather than the 12 of a chromatic scale. (note the wide spaces between certain frets.) Fortunately, however, the Morrowind melody is pure and simple, although no less beautiful because of it, and can be played on a diatonic scale with no need for the missing semitones. Hope you all enjoy this version. (It still needs a little more practice.)
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Mrs. McGrath and the Tin Soldiers
The tragic life of Mrs. McGrath and her son Ted. Recording by Pete Seeger. Accompanied by a photocollage of toy soldiers, people dressed like toy soldiers for fun, and other images which seem to show, sadly, how much we, as a species, seem to love war. Although the song was written about one particular war, it applies to all wars. Remember Wilfred Owen's words from the war that was to end all wars, world War One: "The old lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori." Note: the "Mrs McGrath" image is actually of a Frenchwoman (I think the painting is by Degas), but it seemed to fit. Apologies to art, war, naval, and other historians, because there's defintely some poetic license used in this little film. Other images do not fit the times of the song, being from other times, wars, or armies; but war is war. This song apeaks to today because of the high percentages of amputees, on all sides, in the current war in Iraq: a situation resulting directly from the U.S.A.'s illegal invasion and occupation of that country under the misguided (at best) "leadership" of George W. Bush. May this war end soon.
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Music in the Campgrounds 3: Jo Ann Smith
Part 3 features the beautiful autoharp playing of Jo ann Smith, playing at the Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance festival in Winfield, Kansas, September 10, 2005.
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Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion town01 theme on dulcimer
12:02 PM 12/31/2008 The original file from which I arranged this dulcimer version is fromBethesda Softwork's "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion" The original's file path is: Oblivion/Data/Music/Public/town01.mp3 . The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion has a magnificent soundtrack, and this is just one of many individual musical themes from the game. The original Oblivion version of town01.mp3 is in the key of D minor; this version on mountain dulcimer is played in B minor. Note: This adaptation for dulcimer was played from memory, and varies somewhat from the original chord and melodic pattern. It's not 100% musically accurate. Please refer to Bethesda's original version for musical accuracy.
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I've Just Seen A Face / Loose Gravel
A great bluegrass version of the beloved Lennon/McCartney song, by Loose Gravel is: Dustin White- Guitar, Vocals Josephine Micehner- Fiddle, Vocals Beau Bailey- Banjo, Dobro, Vocals Josh Bailey- Mandolin, Vocals Chris Sublette- Bass, Vocals plus Andy _? , sitting (standing) in on bass. Filmed at Stage 5 at the 2005 Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. September 2005.
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Garden of Mysteries by Freyda Epstein
"Garden of Mysteries" by Freyda Epstein and Acoustic Attatude, from the album "Midnight at Cabell Hall". photographs by Gib Sosman
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Daniel Prayed  Red Clay Ramblers Merchants Lunch 1977
The only time I ever saw the Red Clay Ramblers, in September of 1978. They were performing at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. The only one of their songs I remembered, later on, was "Daniel Prayed". I had made a little monaural battery-powered late Seventies cassette, which was still legal inside the fence, and it was just enough so to speak to keep a dream alive, but was a terrible recording made at a distance with distracting noise from the festival, sounds of people walking and talking, the cotton-candy machine and the rootop concession trucks air conditioners and probably humming area lights not to mention the music and applause coming from two other stages operating at only a marginally greater distance from the little C-cell-powered recorder. It is from their album Merchant's Lunch, which was released in I think 1977 (?) . Over many years that followed, I never heard them or the song again, until the YouTube era, when I heard the Ricky Scaggs and Patty Loveless version. As much as I like that version, I still hoped to hear the song the way I first heard it. A few months shy of forty years, I found it. And here it is just in case anyone else has ever waited for a song to show up for forty years. Obviously it was out there all along, but some people are slower than others. I say it's a classic and illustrates forms, styles, variations, traditions and so forth of American folk music.
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Music in the Campgrounds 5; The O'brien Family
Part 5 Two songs by the O'brien Family Band at Stage Five: first one featuring Maura's yodeling, and then "The Battle of New Orleans". (slightly incomplete.)
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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (Wilco) Guitar fantasia / variation
"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" is a song by Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, and also the title of a 2002 documentary by Sam Jones. I first heard it in the form of Ruby Jane Smith and Trevor LaBonte's beautifully done version. It's a stunner. It's such a simple song- only three chords. Usually three-chord songs bore me but there is something about this one. So one day I sat down on the porch to fool with it, as a guitar instrumental, and recorded this long improvisation.
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Recently a line of a Trapezoid song came to mind, but I couldn't remember the rest of it and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I remembered their 1985 NPR concert I recorded off a car radio and found the old tape. The band: Lorraine Duisit, Freyda Epstein Ralph Gordon Paul Reisler with Howard Levy (harmonica) Composed by Lorraine Duisit, and on her album, "Hawks and Herons".
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Love at the Five and Dime for Mountain Dulcimer
"Love at the Five and Dime", sometimes called "Dance a Little Closer to Me" by Nanci Griffith. In the old days there used to bewere called dime stores or five and dimes,or sometimesThe Five and Ten. You could actually buy something for a nickle or a dime, even a penny. (I don't recall ever seeing any dancing girls in there, but it was the Fifties.) So the setting for this popular and beautiful song is just right for pure Americana romance. Rita and Eddie will live on forever, dancing to the radio late at night.
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MitC Preview 2; Loose Gravel, "Orange Blossom Special"
"The Orange Blossom Special", performed by Loose Gravel at Stage 5 in the Pecan Grove at the Walnut Valley Festival in 2005. Dustin White- Guitar, Vocal Josephine Michener- Fiddle Beau Bailey- Banjo Josh Bailey- Mandolin Andy __ - Bass (Dustin said he was sitting in; the usual bass player for the band is Chris Sublette.
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Music in the Campgrounds 12; Carp Camp, Mary Jo Smith, more.
This scene opens with another song from the Carp Camp. Then the film goes back in time to the Sept. 10 GPDA festival, with Mary Jo Smith and two other super performers (I'll need to get their names, and update), the first singing the beautiful "Rosedale Fair" and the second playing a "Bill MUN-roe tune", the classic "Jerusalem Ridge."
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Hamish by Richard and Mimi Farina
My arrangement, done from memory. I haven't heard the recording for 35 years, and didn't want to look up the original and get confused with an accurate version... so call this a variation; but it's close. "Hamish" the song was named after a man named Hamish Henderson, and the Farinas did this song on an LP I had when I was first learning some folk music. After making so much wonderful music, and writing his novel, Richard Farina died at age 27 in a motorcycle crash, and the world lost a good man and good musician, so this recording is in his honor and memory.
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"An Old Irish Waltz" from UNUSUAL MUSIC with slideshow 1
"An Old Irish Waltz" I first heard this melody in 1981 on a PBS video about the Philadelphia Folk Festival from the 1960's. I do't know who was playing it. As I recall it was done on a hammer dulcimer; if so, rather unusual for the Sixties. The recollection may be incorrect. This is my own arrangement, played from memory about ten years after hearing it only once, so may vary considerably from any other versions. I think it is what is called a traditional tune, and supposedly Irish. It sounds Irish enough, so Irish Waltz will do. The recording itelf was done on one of the early ministudio cassette decks, a Tascam PortaOne. The original was on 1/8" cassette, and layered with several tracks recorded one after another on different instruments, as part of a homemade cassette "album" named UNUSUAL MUSIC, of which three hundred physical copies were made. I still have about a hundred! It was a home, late-night project and very amateurish but the crudity of it actually provides certain overtones and other effects that I like. Nothing like a little feedback when you don't know where to go next. Thanks to Steve Mason of Lawrence, Ks, luthier and musician extraordinaire, for the use of the PortaOne, although for all I know he may have regretted it after hearing my music. Just kidding. Home recording has really changed since then. The instruments involved in the various songs are mountain dulcimers, (McSpaddens) steel-string guitar (Sigma DR28), early generation Roland digital piano, and a ping-pong paddle (no arches) mandolin made by Flatiron. This is hopefully the first of a series. The pictures are random selections from my own world around here.
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Griswold Hotel Demolition 1969 Groton Connecticut
In the late '60's Pfizer bought the Griswold Hotel property and had the hotel torn down. This compilation of clips was copied from a videotape made from the original 8mm film reels. The Griswold was said to be the largest wood-framed structure on the East Coast. Whether or not that is true, it's a fact that it was a huge building. To see what the hotel looked like in its prime, check out the link below, which will take you to an original Griswold Hotel brochure- "The Finest Summer Resort Hotel in America"- at http://www.town.groton.ct.us/depts/parksrec/docs/griswold.pdf
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Music in the Campgrounds 2; Teresa Bachman
Part two begins with some random video of folks playing in the road in the Pecan Grove. Next is the GPDA fest in Winfield, with Teresa Bachman singing "My Old Cabin Home".
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All the Tired Horses
A dreamy version on mountain dulcimer without the lyrics. Anyone can sing along, that's what's so nice about this lovely Bob Dylan tune.
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There's a Destruction, by Reverend Gary Davis; piano interpretation.
Well. This is not a holly-jolly Christmas song, but not devoid of hope, either. One verse goes sort of like this: So there ain't no use in moaning No there ain't no use in crying Just keep your house in order and prepare yourself for dying And keep old _____ behind you and Jesus on your mind. ---------------- Learned (and played from memory now) from a recording by Eric Lugosch.
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My Name is Death (Robin Williamson) Insrumental
This song has a wonderful haunting melody, although the lyrics are stark, they too are beautiful as poetry: I am the question that cannot be answered I am the lover that cannot be lost But small are the gifts of my servant the soldier For Time is my offspring- pray, what is my name? My name is Death, cannot you see? All life must come to me. Oh, cannot you see? And you must come with me You must come with me. "I'll give you gold and jewels rare And all my wealth in store- All pleasures fair, If I may live but A few short years more." Oh Lady, lay your jewels aside No more to glory in your pride Tarrying here, there is no way Your time has come that you must away And you must come to clay. ------------- -Lyrics and melody: by Robin Williamson and The Incredible String Band. Instrumental arrangement by Dulcimerea.
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Mike Schwartzburg and Dick Warkins, "Little Kids"; Climax Festival 1984, McLouth, Kansas
R.I.P. Dick Warkins and Mike Schwartzburg In the summer of 1984, Doug Dubois, a local (Lawrence, Kansas) musician, craftsman, and folk music devotee, organized the second annual acoustic music/bluegrass/folk music "Climax Festival". The first Climax festival, in 1983, was named the "Climax" festival because it was held in the very small town of Climax, Kansas. The 1984 festival was on a rural property near McClouth, Kansas, but was also called the Climax Festival, because "Climax", in addition to its other virtues*, was somewhat easier to spell than "McLouth". It was a small festival, but rich in talent, with a few dozen musicians and a few dozen "support" troops, and kids. An album's worth of songs was recorded, using reel-to-reel tape, as this was before digital music technology and also just before portable "ministudios" were available. "Little Kids" is performed here by Mike Schwartzburg, guitar and vocal, and Dick Warkins, mandolin. At the time, Mike mentioned the name of the song's author, but I've forgotten it; so if anyone knows, leave a comment. The video part is a slideshow of some of my own photographs. I would have liked to make a slideshow of the musicians but don't have photos of them. Dick passed away on Oct. 26, 2017. Mike passed away on Dec. 12, 2017. They brightened the lives of many people over the years with the music they played. *For example, people began to ask each other if they were going to Climax, which led to interesting discussions about music, and probably other things. -Gib Sosman
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WALK AWAY (Matt Rollings/Phoebe Hunt)  as a mountain dulcimer instrumental
Here is a cover of a beautiful song composed by Phoebe Hunt and Matt Rollings. . Here I play it as an instrumental on the mountain dulcimer. The original song which inspired this instrumental can be found, as sung by Phoebe Hunt, in several different versions, here on YouTube. Thanks Phoebe for your songs. They're just magic.
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The One-time Medley (filename:porch piano improv 003)
It's the One-time Medley because I couldn't play it twice. It would be a new river. instrument: Radio Shack MD-1160
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Dulcimer improv on porch Thanksgiving 2013 11282013
This isn't a named tune although elements from various tunes may be heard within it.It was just practice, and starts out erratically and then warms up. Lately I've been discovering the dulcimer can make more sounds than I had ever given it credit for. Usually it is too noisy outside for recording dulcimer but yesterday afternoon when this was recorded the town was more quiet than I can ever remember hearing it during the daytime.
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"An Old Irish Waltz"
"An Old Irish Waltz" is- I think- the actual title, not the genre. If memory serves... I heard this song, played as an instrumental, possibly on hammer dulcimer (?) in a documentary about/from the Philadelphia Folk Festival, late 1960's (?) (further research needed)
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Testing vintage Rockwell )Rockwell/Delta)  "Contractor's Special" 10" table saw
A friend came by the other day and quite unexpectedly sold me this saw, in a few pieces, for 22 dollars. Basically it was fine, and everything was there that should be. After some minor cleaning and assembly, and replacing the old all-steel blade with carbide, I cut a piece of old lumber. The last few seconds show how much dust is put in the air from even one short cut. The sound is the best part... almost like a jet engine.
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JOHN PEARSE Mary Faith Rhoads FOREIGN LANDER traditional WVA Fest WInfield KS Circa 1982 x264
In 1982 or maybe 1981 John Pearse and Mary Faith Rhoads came to the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. In those days it was possible to bring in a battery-powered monaural tape recorder and so I got some bad recordings of some very good music. Sorry for the poor sound quality. The cassette has been gathering dust for more than thirty years and it was lo-fi to begin with. But the song and John's performance were worth saving. I suppose a "foreign lander" is a soldier, or maybe a trader, who has to commute to work, so to speak- and doesn't get back for about seven years, usually. But the girl waits for him. Who knows why. It's a song. Anyway, by then, she finally eighteen, and they live happily ever after, and some of you are probably their great-great-great-great grandbabies. . Of course, the lovebirds in the song are dead by now, but it was true love while it lasted. R.I.P. John Pearse, whose music lives on. and his guitar strings.
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Trapezoid Three Forks of Cheat (Album)
"Three Forks of Cheat" by Trapezoid Rounder Records 0113 1979 (or 1978) Musicians: Ralph Gordon Stuart Light Tina Liden-Jones Paul Reisler Sam Rizetta This album just gets better and better. Absolutely beautiful.
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They Love Each Other by Kind Soul 2018
"They Love Each Other" by Kind Soul 2018 -- Bradford Hoopes on baby grand piano & Tim O'Brien on upright bass
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Incredible String Band First Girl I Loved original album version
"First Girl I Loved (Robin Williamson). Original audio. From the Incredible String Band's album, "The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion".(1967) The original album track has been somewhat obscured by a similar, but distinctly different recording prevalent on YT. I believe the album version is the best, and should be the "version of record" (so to speak). This video is posted as a public service.
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Ring Them Bells mountain dulcimer May152018
"Ring Them Bells" by Bob Dylan This fine mountain dulcimer was made in 1989 by McSpadden (The Dulcimer Shoppe). It was awarded to me for winning first place in the 1989 National Mountain Dulcimer Contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. -------------- I never noticed this song until I heard Sarah Jaroscz sing it. --------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This arrangement of Dylan's composition is approximate, and does not match the actual pattern of the song or the phrasing of the lines, but is meant as an interpretation. ----------------------------------
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September 11, 2001, World Trade Center Twin Towers PROOF OF EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITION CHARGES
NOTICE: It is VERY important to READ ALL of this information, until you UNDERSTAND it. It is not difficult. It is mostly common sense and simple "one plus one equals two". Comments on another site about this video have convinced me that the text information accompanying my video has NOT been read by all viewers. Therefore the video is consistently misinterpreted. SO READ the information PLEASE. If you don't read it carefully, you probably WON'T BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHY this video shows proof. If you HAVEN'T read it, please don't write a comment. It will surely miss the point. Thank you. (Added to description on June 10 2013): The flying black material shown in the clips is generically called "geotextile". In his book "Demolition Experts: Life Blowing Things Up", Mark Beyer writes: "Next, demolition experts wrap each post with chain-link fencing to control large chunks of debris. Finally, each post is wrapped in geotextile fabric to restrain small rocks from flying outside the building. "Because linear shaped charges do not create much flying debris, H-beams often have a simple plywood box strapped around them. Demolition experts wrap geotextile fabric around the plywood box as an added protection." (source: Google Books search) In the series "The Detonators", examples of both processes can be seen: DYNAMITE or sometimes bundled DET CORD is used to explode columns made of concrete with interior steel reinforcing bar. LINEAR SHAPE CHARGES are used to cut H-beams, box beams, I-beams, or steel plate. A shaped charge works very differently from dynamite or det cord. It creates an extremely high velocity, extremely high pressure jet of incandescent copper in vapor or "plasma" form. This moves at about five miles per second, which speed could take it to the moon and back by tomorrow afternoon, that is how fast it is. Shaped charges would have been the ones used for the core columns, since the Twn towers had structural steel frames, not steel-reinforced concrete frames. There is a world of difference between the two types, so they require different demolition solutions. The flying thing in question is its geotextile wrap. The same material can be seen in numerous commercial demolition videos and photographs. It looks like a black doormat or one of those rubber fatigue mats. The demolition guys on "The Detonators" call it "Geotech" or "Geotex". -------------------------------------------------------------- (This description added 12/04/2012. Original description removed. My comments in the thread below refer to the original) Here is an explanation of this video. (December 4 2012) 1. The opening scene (as well as the part at the end) comes from one of the archival NIST FOIA 9/11 videos. It can also be seen at /watch?v=oTx20dzVMtE .It shows an ejection of air, or air, smoke, dust, and debris. The thing to notice happens quickly. Look for the black object being ejected. This object has been the source of some confusion. It has been theorized that it is a piece of clothing or even a body. It is neither. 2. The center of the video shows some scenes from videos made by CDI, Inc., of known, acknowledged demolitions- the first of an apartment building, and the second of a bridge. In the clips of the demolition of the apartment building, numerous black objects remarkably similar in both appearance and behavior to the black object seen at the beginning (and end) of this video can be seen at the forefront of the demolition "squibs". In the bridge demolition video, it can be seen that the demolition charges are wrapped in some black material, which goes flying when the explosive is triggered. If A is the black object seen in the beginning, and B represents the black objects seen in the apartment demolition, and C represents the flying black pieces which wrap the explosive charges on the bridge, it is not at all difficult to see that, in all likelihood, A= B= C. CDI, Inc. was hired for the 9/11 cleanup job. It should be noted that CDI is a demolition company, not a debris cleanup company, although cleanup is part of their own demolition jobs. If you can't understand what this video shows, watch it again until you do, and THEN comment, if you wish. Hostile and purposely ignorant comments will probably be removed. Thoughtful responses will be kept. Thank you for watching.
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George Rock Mel Blanc, Spike Jones and His  City Slickers  Chicken song George Rock and Mel Blanc
Hilarious clip from Spike Jones All Star Revue 1951-1952. Starring George Rock ("All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth") and "The Man of Thousand Voices", Mel Blanc.
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Chain Saw Stupidity
How to never trim a tree. It could have been a disaster. I didn't plan on falling, and was lucky. So if someone asks you to cut a tree by using a chainsaw up on a ladder, suggest a tree service with a bucket truck. It's not worth the $$ to do it thisaway.
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Love at the Five and Dime- Dulcimer instrumental
A mountain dulcimer instrumental of Nanci Griffith's very beautiful song. Some notes are stretched a litle out of tune, because the dulcimer is tuned down a fourth and the strings are at much lower tension.
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Music in the Campgrounds 4; PoDank String Band
First a vignette of the Corona Beer Box Baby, then The PoDank String Band guys introduce themselves, and are filmed playing on the road again. Note: Almost everyone plays on the road there. It's part of the everchanging experience of "living on Winfield time".
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Children of Darkness, Children of Light; A Mystery
"Children of Darkness": words and music by Richard and Mimi Farina, circa 1966. Performed by Janette Michaels, Gib Sosman, and Deborah Pine; Climax Festival 1984. "Children of Light": selections from one season's photographs. The flowers, birds, insects, sunrises and sunsets, which exist, managing to remain beautiful through Man's times, time after time, of darkness. "The Mystery" is how this can be. note: Richard Farina's first name is misspelled as "Richad" in the credits.
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Dreaming Kitten
Turn it up loud...
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Music in the Campgrounds 15; DeWayn Brothers
Part 15 has two songs by the Dewayn Brothers with Jamie Ferland, Mike West, Kirk Rundstrom, etc. See "MitC preview; Dewayn Brothers with Jamie Ferland" (uploaded 11-21) for more info.
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Last Train From Poor Valley  (Norman Blake) on dulcimer
A great old Norman Blake song, played as an instrumental
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I learned "Beulah Land" from a 1960's Mississippi John Hurt album. The song has words: I have a mother a brother, a sister, in Beulah Land, way beyond the sky. This song probably has many variants both musically and lyrically, but the theme is universal. This variation or interpretation of this good old blues is played on a 20-year-old left-handed Sigma, (a copy of the Martin herringbone D-28) tuned to open D major, which makes a chord pattern identical to an open E but doesn't put as much tension on the strongs. Filmed by frelight in my back yard here in the land of not-Oz.
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The other night I saw the Murray Lerner film of Bob Dylan singing this song and remembered what a great melody it is so decided to try it on dulcimer as an instrumental. ============================= IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last. But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast. Yonder stands your orphan with his gun, Crying like a fire in the sun. Look out the saints are comin' through And it's all over now, Baby Blue. The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense. Take what you have gathered from coincidence. The empty-handed painter from your streets Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets. This sky, too, is folding under you And it's all over now, Baby Blue. All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home. All your reindeer armies, are all going home. The lover who just walked out your door Has taken all his blankets from the floor. The carpet, too, is moving under you And it's all over now, Baby Blue. Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you. Forget the dead you've left, they will not follow you. The vagabond who's rapping at your door Is standing in the clothes that you once wore. Strike another match, go start anew And it's all over now, Baby Blue. by Bob Dylan Copyright ©1965; renewed 1993 Special Rider Music Lyrics courtesy of http://www.bobdylan.com/#/songs/its-all-over-now-baby-blue
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Margaret's Waltz
Folk melody, unknown origin. I learned it from Don Gillette (in KC) who played it as a hammer dulcimer tune. This is an experimental cyber-duet, with the first track (mountain dulcimer) recorded, then played back on the computer while a second film (this one) was made playing along with guitar.
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Brown recluse spider attacks wasp vlc 2014 08 03 12 33 50 08
This morning I knocked a paper wasp down with a broom, and it fell on a table. In lass than half a second, a brown recluse spider ran out and attacked the wasp. . It took about fifteen seconds to get the camera, So this is only the last part of the battle. Then I smashed them. This particular spider was medium size.with some growing left to do. Mature brown recluse spiders are somewhat larger, and darker brown. Note: This clip has been enlarged (zoomed) and also slowed down to 50%.speed to make it more viewer-friendly.
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Hey, Paula  (for mountain dulcimer)
Not just Sixties, but early Sixties. Definitely one of the sappiest Sixties love songs, but Paul and Paula earned a place in history with this tune, which means so much to so many of us, and brings back such nice memories. The idea was to try and get the dulcimer to sing the words. Even if I didn't succeed, everyone knows the words anyway.
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TRAPEZOID "Malice Towards None" (John Hendricks)
Trapezoid was (in 1982) Lorraine Duisit, Freyda Epstein, Ralph Gordon, and Paul Reisler. From their 1982 Flying Fish album, "Another Country". "Malice Towards None" composed by John Hendricks.
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Music in the Campgrounds 7; Jonny Palmer
Part 1 Jonny Palmer and the Muddy River Revival Band, September 2005, Winfield, Kansas.
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Barbara Browning Sosman In Memoriam
Remembering my beautiful sister, Barbara Browning Sosman (1944-2017). The slide show was made from a random selection of old photographs taken from 1944 up into the 1960's. The music is "Hold Me Before I'm Gone Forever" , a very sweet song by Minneapolis singer-songwriter Reina Del Cid.
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Moon River  once more,   dulcimer, 11/06/2013
The room (at a friend's hand-made house) had better acoustic qualities, and the camera was closer, than in the previous version, and maybe shows off the subtleties of the dulcimer's tone a little better.
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