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A Practical OKR Primer
Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are appearing in general business literature, but it is hard to get a vendor-neutral perspective on what they are. I have taken a number of images from the web to construct an overall summary.
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Build Your Performance Measurement (Balanced Scorecard) in Just Five Days
All organizations need effective performance measurement and management processes - in some places these are called "balanced scorecards" - in others, dashboards, BI , etc. This YouTube shows an overview of how you can build a performance measurement solution in just five days... or in five easy phases. This is based on the over 3,000 projects we have worked one - some of which have been profiled by Drs Kaplan and Norton over the last 20 years.
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Building the Human Resources Performance Measurement Scorecard
Brett Knowles, a long time thought leader in performance measurement, provides an overview of his powerful workshop to aid you in building your HR scorecard.
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Examples of Good and Bad Strategy Maps
Brett Knowles walks you through some of the key features of both good and bad strategy maps based on 25 years of experience in all sectors and from around the world. Included are examples from Drs Kaplan and Norton's books as well as countless other real maps.
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Strategy Mapping Overview
Produced at the request of 12Manage.com, this video walks you through a primer on Strategy Mapping
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Simple Balanced Scorecard / Strategy Map Cascade
Cascading Strategy (and strategy maps) fits a simple framework based on understanding the dynamics of each strategic objective - is it mandatory, contributory or discretionary to each of the cascaded strategic entities/maps. This vignette takes you through the simple framework with some examples.
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Typical Strategic Objectives by Perspective in the Balanced Scorecard
This review by Brett Knowles reveals the common strategic objectives seen within each of the balanced scorecard perspectives.
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The Perspectives in a Public Sector Strategy Map / Balanced Scorecard
Brett Knowles walks you through the differences between a private sector and public sector (NGO, etc.) strategy map. This review is based on work at the federal, state/provincial/ regional/ city and agency level.
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Characteristics of Great Strategy Maps
Brett Knowles walks you through some of the great strategy maps his organization has built over the last 30 years and shows some of the winning features that they exhibit.
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Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness
This You Tube takes you through a quick version of best practices in the design, alignment and execution of a strategic approach to Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness. We have used this approach for large and small pharma sales organizations around the world with great results. Brett Knowles, a thought leader in Performance Measurement and Management talks us through. Learn more at pm2Consulting.com
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Cascading Strategy Maps/Scorecards to Personal Accountabilities and Compensation
Team and personal accountabilities and compensation should be linked to strategic intent and priorities to ensure the most effective use of your personnel. This vignette provides a brief overview of how this linkage works and how it might look for a team or individual. More can be learned at pm2Consulting.com
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Bank Scorecard Case Study
This longer webinar walks you through the mechanics of building a scorecard, surfacing the measures, linking the strategy to what people do, and establishing the right management practices.
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Lead and Lag Measures
Some interesting points that you have not considered when thinking about lead and lag measures.
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Building the Strategy Map
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Translating Strategy into Action
An overview of how we can capture strategy at DES and translate that into the action (processes and projects) that we need to do to be successful.
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Strategic Objectives in the "Learning and Growth" (Enablers) Perspective
The "Learning and Growth" perspective of the Balanced Scorecard can be thought of as the foundation or Enablers for the rest of the strategy. There are some common Strategic Objectives that are often seen in this perspective. Brett Knowles takes you through a conversation of what objectives we commonly see in this perspective.
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Using Best Practices to Build your Risk Register
The problem with the "traditional" method of building your risk register is that it is vulnerable to the memory, experience-base and knowledge of your leadership team during the interview process. The process revealed here by Brett Knowles provides you with a powerful alternative method that leverages the knowledge and best practices from around the world.
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Lead Lag
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Gamification of Business
An overview of the eight key steps to gamifying your organization.
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Executive Decision Making - The Five Phases
In order to establish a trustworthy management system, Leadership needs to develop their information system to satisfy the five covenants of strategic management capability. More can be learned from http://www.pm2Consulting.com
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Example Business Sustainability Strategy Map
Here it is! At last - a working example of what a company's Sustainability Strategy Map might look like.
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How to Engage Employees
What does research tell us about how to engage employees? This quick overview is the second in a three part series in which Brett Knowles explains why the gamification of business drives huge performance gains for those organizations that implement it.
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Example Business Sustainability Strategy Map with Future Fit Goals
Brett describes the sustainability strategy map for a first-time stakeholder and then shows how it is populated with the Future-Fit 21 Business Goals.
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Pharmaceutical Case Study
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Performance Measurement in Government - the MDOT Balanced Scorecard
Delivering performance measurement solutions to government has never been more important - and easier. This three minute overview shows how the Michigan Department of Transportation built their performance measurement solution with the help of Brett Knowles and pm2Consulting.
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Building a Strategic Risk Scorecard
Risk must be related to strategy and strategic priorities to be of any use. This YouTube reveals an ingenious method of linking strategy, process thinking (lean/six sigma) and performance measurement to create the first ever Strategic Risk Scorecard. Brett Knowles, developer of over 3,000 scorecards in every sector and around the world, has applied his deep pragmatic experience to this Balanced Scorecard issue.
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HR Department Example of Gamification of Business
This is a simple explanation of applying game-mechanics (design for people) to a "knowledge working" department, such as Human Resources.
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Selecting Leading Risk Indicators
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Creating your Risk Categories
Brett Knowles explains how you can use existing measurement and risk structures to reveal a broad set of possible risk categories for your organization.
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A lean/six-sigma approach to surfacing measures... Input-Transformation-Output
Using this trick that is shown by Brett Knowles of pm2Consulting, you can find a way to measure anything in your organization, using existing indicators.
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Nike Sustainability Strategy Map & Scorecard Case Study
An example of how to make a Sustainability Strategy Map and Scorecard. *Caveat: This case study is created entirely from case-studies published by The Natural Step and information taken from Nike’s current corporate web site. Nike has not seen or endorsed this presentation. This presentation does not represent Nike’s formal position or strategy on sustainability.
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How to Build the Employee Scorecard (Executive Summary)
Brett Knowles provides us with an Executive Summary of how to build an employee scorecard. This vignette answers the question of what are the primary components and what they capture. Stay tuned for a detailed explanation in the next you tube...
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Strategy at the Center - Strategy Mapping
Capturing an accurate and clear view of stratgy and startegic priorites is critical. This vignette reveals best practices in startegy mapping as the way to meet this need. More can be learned at www.pm2Consutling.com
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The Top Ten Business Risks
Brett Knowles of the RiskScorecard.net organization reveals what research tells us about the significant risk areas that most ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) solutions should consider.
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Cascading Balanced Scorecard and Information Layout Changes and Time Lines
As the strategy gets cascaded down the organization, the type, timelines and layout of information needs to change. This short vignette illustrates how that cascade works and the impact on metrics and reports. Learn more at http://pm2Consulting.com
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Indicator Vs Measure
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Finding your Organization's Risk Footprint
An organization's risk footprint is created by strategy and actions - in this video Brett Knowles explains how these factors work together
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City Scorecard & Dashboard Case Study
An overview of the City of Edmonton work completed by the City with Brett Knowles and the pm2 Consulting team. This YouTube reviews our RapidScorecard (tm) methodology and some of the deliverables.
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Performance Management in Public Sector - Private Sector Partnerships
Increasingly public sector - private sector partnerships are being used to deliver products and services to tax payers and system users. In this You Tube Brett Knowles of pm2Consulting illustrates how build measurement and monitoring solutions to ensure the partnership delivers on the agreement across the public and private sector organizations.
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Weighting Strategy Maps - Perspectives - Public Sector
This is quick video to show how you can facilitate a leadership team in weighting their strategic perspectives.
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How to Build a Risk Scorecard
In this webinar Brett Knowles explains how to use your Balanced Scorecard, strategy and existing metrics in combination with your risk register to build a strategic risk scorecard.
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Creating the Cause and Effect Arrows in a Strategy Map
One of the most important, and most certainly the ignored , element in Balanced Scorecard's Strategy Maps are the arrows. In this informative YouTube Brett Knowles explains the important role of arrows and how to correctly add them on your strategy map.
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Anaplan Agile Planning
This is Brett Knowles' portion of the "Unstoppable Planning Tour: 2015"....Agile Planning. In the video Brett takes you trough an overview of Agile Planning and then the five best-practices you can do to migrate your planning process to become an agile planning process.
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An Overview of How to Weight a Strategy Map
Organizations must communicate strategic priorities to their employees and stakeholders. The best way to do this is through a strategy map.
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Key Concepts in Cascading Balanced Scorecards and Performance Measurement Solutions
We all know that as strategy cascades and radiates around organizations, it changes, but how do we make sure our performance management solutions correctly reflect those changes? This YouTube by Brett Knowles reveals a few of the core principles in making cascades effective.
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The HR Scorecard: 5 of 7
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DRAFT Strategy Map
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Overview of the Strategy Model
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Performance Measurement in Banking IT Departments
The IT function has always been difficult to measure. This webinar overviews some of the award-winning approaches used by Brett Knowles and the pm2 team to effectively measure the performance of Banking IT functions through balanced scorecards, risk scorecards, human capital plans, reward system and BI.
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