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Fiat Spider, Gary's 1969 Fiat 124 Sport Spider
Gary was kind enough to give us a walk around of his award winning 1969 Fiat 124 Sport Spider!
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1967 Austin Healey at the Muck
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1976 Fiat Spider engine build up and installation 1/2
Steve screwed up. He was about to lose faith in his fantastic car! The SoCal Fiat group rallied around him, with the help of www.FiatSpider.com.... We had some fun wrenching, ate some good food, teased each other relentlessly... Fiat people are the best! Love ya Steve! just happy to help!
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Fiat 124 Sport Spider Carpet installation
Time to install the carpet kit I got for Christmas!
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Cal Poly Pomona Formula Hybrid Test day
California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, The 5th ranked public undergraduate engineering program in the nation (US News and world report 2009) has entered the fray in a brand new racing series. Formula Hybrid SAE. In its first year, Cal Poly scored an impressive 15th place world wide. We are missing the second year of racing, for two reasons. One, California is broke. Two, we didn't get started early enough in private fundraising to make up the difference. Regardless of where the socialists want to spend our money, we will march on. This video was taken February 15th 2010, in the K-lot at Cal Poly Pomona. We progress, we continue to move forward.... we will make our car even more competitive! Cal Poly Pomona will lead the way.
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1976 Fiat Spider, engine build up and installation 2/2
Part 2 of 2 Installation and starting the motor for Steve's 1976 Fiat Spider!
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Fiat 124 driving tour of Long Beach
Basically just an excuse to show off my Fiat!
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Fiat Spider SuperbowlStrut part 1 HD
The SoCal Fiat group had so much fun at the TurkeyTrot, that we decided to do it again! enjoy!
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Austin Healey Club outing Feb 12, 2009
The Southern California Austin Healey Association got together for a tech session and a canyon run. I didn't film the tech session, but got some great video of the drive. Part one is the gathering, and the freeway drive to get to the canyon. They were kind enough to allow a Fiat Spider to join them for the drive :) Enjoy part 1, Part 2 will be up soon! And go see Alan play his song featured here in his first YouTube music video! http://www.youtube.com/user/JackVrooder
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fiat carpet part 2
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Fiat Spider SuperbowlStrut part 2 "the drive" HD
Part 2 in HD! sorry for the delay, I had some memory issues... meaning I forgot to do it in HD.. lol
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Austin Healey Club outing2
The southern California Austin Healey association got together for a tech session, and a canyon blast... meh if you didn't read part one you aren't reading this... lol an Austin Healey is the coolest car to ever come out of Britain, and the Fiat Spider is the coolest car to ever come out of Italy. Everything else is either crap, or completely over rated... thereby overpriced.
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Fiat Spider SoCal Turkey Trot 2008.mp4
A group of monkeys, who love turning wrenches, and driving their cars far too fast for public roads got together this November... for a turkey trot through the local mountains!
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Muckenthaler Concourse D'elegance part 2
Muckenthaler car show part 2! Ryan's Garage continues the walk around at the 2009 Muckenthaler car show in Fullerton Ca
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Sunsets, Daphnie and the Fiat.wmv
My messy house, the new Spider lounge in San Dimas, and my two loves.. The dog and the car... Enjoy!
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Muckenthaler Concourse D'elegance
Some of the nicest cars in Southern California. The cars seen in this part are as follows: 2 Antique tow Trucks Model T Mynerva Frazier/Nash Peugot 402 1941 Chevy Convertable De Soto Streamliner Chrysler Model 77 Cadillac V16 Packard Hudson Super 6 "Woody" Cadillac 2 door V16 Roush Shelby Cobra 427 Bugatti Veyron 1911 Benz 1983 Tiffany Turd AMX Buick Special Datsun 240z 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider 1970 Alfa Romeo Guilia 1974 Fiat 124 Sport Spider Ghia 450SS
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Hemi cuda, Mad Max, 160 mph, dragon slayer
I bumped into "Chip Winston" outside of a liquor store next to a laundry mat in La Habra California. His car was so interesting, that I had to stop and chat. When I asked if I could interview him for YouTube... he responded with an enthusiastic "Hell yes!" lol Here it is.
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