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Taranov Swarm and Bee Lessons
A Taranov Swarm and a bee day at Shortgrass Apiaries
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Wedge shaped top bars
How to make top bars for a Kenya Top Bar Hive with a built in wedge, on a table saw. This video is for information only and what you do with it is not my responsibility.
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The big cut out
A large Bee cut out which had to be done at the beginning of fall so the hive was packed with bees.
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Hive Bodies made from scavenged 1x4
How to build hive bodies with scavenged 1x4 is for information only, what you do with it is your responsibility.
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1st  Dead out 2015
Cleaning out a winter kill dead out hive.
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Crappy Bottom Boys
Crappy Bottom Boys sing Mountain Doo at Puerto Viejo, Mazatlan Mexico
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Home Made Mesophillic Starter
How to make your own Mesophillic culture from butter milk.
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Cutout inspection
Inspecting a cutout hive for queen and brood. When the cutout was done we didn't find the queen and must have vacuumed her up.
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Caragana Swarm
We found these girls hanging about at around 3 pm. They appeared to have just arrived.
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Mikes Birthday April 17 2012
Mike has a small Birthday party at morning coffee in Mazatlan
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Making Fruit Leather
I use the left over pulp from making apple juice to make fruit leather.
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Hive Status
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Semi Eps Boxes
My attempts at making boxes covered with Styrofoam to eliminate wrapping hives for winter. There is a company that makes a Styrofoam box called EPS.
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How I Feed Back Honey To A Cut Out
How I feed honey back to a cut out after I put them into a hive.
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Canning Chickens From Last Year's Crop
Canning chickens from last years crop to make way for this year's crop of chickens.
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Baby Swarm
A very small swarm clustered up on my Mini Top Bar swarm traps. Not much of a swarm but the queen is useful at this time of year for making a split.
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First Pollen
The girls bringing in the first pollen of 2016 on face palm Sunday. I traced it back to a stand of Siberian Elm.
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Apple Cider Vinegar
Making your own organic Apple Cider Vinegar is simple.
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second swarm
There must be a novice beekeeper in the area because I'm catching primary swarms that aren't mine. this is the second one in as many weeks.
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Feb 08 2016 And They're Alive!
We had a really nice day today and the girls came out in force.
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La Aventura
Trip to Petaca in the Sierra Madres, Sinaloa Mexico
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Confessions  of  a  Grandfather
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First Pollen 2018
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Feed Back Feeding Trays
My honey feed back trays. With these I feed back broken honey comb from cut outs.
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Kyranna Blaze
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Swarms 1,2,3
We caught these 3 swarms during August of 2018 and this is what they look like now in October 2018.
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Fermin Let It Be
Fermin is a talented guitarist, playing his music in the "Plazuela Reforma" in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
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Swarm Turns Into A Cut Out
We missed this swarm moving into the wall by 20 minutes so we had to cut them out.
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Grandma's  Hands
Jaksyn sick with a cold being fed soup by Grandma. Music is by Kristy Lee and I make no claim to it. She's good look her up on YouTube or here http://www.last.fm/music/Kristy+Lee
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Bear as lion king
Bear the crazy Cur Dog as the lion king. The music is from the lion king and I make no claim on it.
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First Swarm June 27 2018
This is the first primary swarm that showed up here. I can only surmise that a novice Beek has moved some hives into my area. At first I thought it was one of mine but after checking my hives I concluded that they are not.
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Making Apple Juice With My Cider Press Made From Re-purposed Materials.
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Thursday Robin Factory
Every year adult Robins raise a bunch of baby Robins, so we've taken to calling our little acreage"The Robin Factory." Here are a few short videos from Thursday morning August 17th 2017.
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V Marion Cut Out
My nephew and I cut out a bee hive in a garage wall 3 feet over from where my wife and I cut one out last year.
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Fermin Dust In The Wind
Fermin is a talented guitarist, playing his music in the "Plazuela Reforma" in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
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Makie Swarm
I was called out to capture a swarm and it turned out to be an exposed hive.
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Fermin 3
Fermin is a talented guitarist, playing his music in the "Plazuela Reforma" in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
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Fermin 5
Fermin is a talented guitarist, playing his music in the "Plazuela Reforma" in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
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Harvesting Corn
This is how we process our extra corn from the garden. The music is Buckaroo by the late, great Buck Owens and I lay no claim to it.
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Chicken scratching bee buzz
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Fermin is a talented guitarist, playing his music in the "Plazuela Reforma" in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
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3 Swarm morning
Three swarms close together one morning.
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Pump house Swarm Trap
Built in swarm trap in an old pump house on a neighbors farm. I took 2 swarms out of it last year and 1 this year so I decided to build frames in instead of cutting out comb every year.
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trump mueller
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