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L A  and the hanger rat
Hi viewer's, This is footage of one of our founding members from B.R.M.F.C. flying a free flight rubber powered model indoors, actually I think the model is flying itself, maybe I should say he is launching a free flight model indoors, its only luck and a bit of fine tweaking on the rudder that keeps these little beauties in a circuit hold your breath and hope the flight goes without an accident, this is flight at it most fundamental level, you really have no excuses if your not flying a model, you can have one of these for the price of a sheet of balsa, a sheet of tissue and a rubber band, and they are a challenge to fly properly but I'm sure they can be satisfying once mastered. Hope you enjoy the flight.
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Pawnee build.
Hi viewers,this plane was built a few years back from Airborne Magazine plans,it has a 2.2 m span and is covered in Sig coverall,it weighs about 11 pounds and is powered by a .90 sized super tigre g90. it flies OK,but could be lighter.its 4 channel no flaps,Im using an old hitec focus 4,it's been so reliable that I just don't want to change to another.Sorry the pics are out of sequence but its late and I cant be bothered now,
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Vacuum forming RC Corby Starlet canopy
Hi viewers, this is a video I made of the process of vacuum forming a canopy for an rc plane, I thought I would share the techniques I use as it could inspire you to build one yourself, or at least it could be useful in deciding which way to go if you want to build you own machine to suit your purposes, hope you enjoy the video : )
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rc spitfire B.T.
This is my rc spitty its a 64 inch span from B.T. plans.fixed gear and no flaps as you can see, 4 channel, bear essentials.it was built in 97 and has had about 25 flights.I would recomend this model for a first spitfire, it flys well, lots of fun.
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SLIDE SHOW,Twin Cities Flybaby build 2
Build SLIDE SHOW number 2 of a Bowers Flybaby,I acquired the plans from E/Bay,a template was cut from sheet aluminum and used to cut the wing ribs to keep them a consistent shape,then all the ribs were stacked together and sanded as a block,this method creates a very regular shaped wing,if you are familiar with this plan you will notice I have omitted some of the sheeting on the fuselage,this has been done to keep the weight out of the tail and to keep the overall weight down to attain a lighter wing loading,this has the benefit that a smaller or efficient engine can be used as well as the fact that a lighter load creates a lower kinetic energy type situation,which reduces stress on the air frame,it also increases the climb rate and decreases the stall speed.I hope you enjoy the slide show and are inspired to build from plans or from scratch.
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Fox Moth No2
Hi views This is footage of the 1/4 scale Fox Moth built and flown by one of the B.R.M.F.C. members, in this video the model has only had two or three flights, it flew perfectly from the start and was being prepared of the world scale champs, some of the final details were completed after the footage was taken, hope you enjoy the movie!
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Jim LeRoy  R.I.P.
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,you are viewing images of the late Jim LeRoy putting his Bull Dog Pitts through its paces. We sometime underestimate the danger of the occupation these guy are in and not long after this airshow Jim was killed in a tragic air show crash in America,he landed the aircraft and it wasn't the impact that killed him but he wasn't able to free himself before fire destroyed the aircraft,a sad ending to a great pilot,I have a new respect for these pilots and appreciate that they risk it all to entertain us.
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Hanger Rat
Hi viewers, here is some footage of one of our members trying to break the sound barrier, unsuccessfully, but seriously this is a rubber powered plane built by one of our club members, it weighs nothing and as you can see floats around like a feather on the breeze.
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Blue Superb Fairy Wren
Hi viewers. This is a couple of male Superb Fairy Wrens, as u can see they are very bright and colourful little fellows. YOU'VE GOT TO LIKE THESE CHIRPY LITTLE CHAPS.
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1/5 th Scale CUB at B,R,M,F,C.
Hi viewer, This is a 1/5 scale Cub that I built last year from Dan Smith plans, the plans are modified for a two piece wing for ease of transport, as you can see it flies like a breeze, you can get the plans free on line, hope you enjoy the show, happy skies.
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Hawgle in a spin
Our favorite flyer puts the little Hawgle in a spin,The end.
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Australia day fireworks
Australia day fireworks at lake Wendouree,Ballarat,Victoria,Australia.
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Incipent spin
Hi viewers, LA is demonstrating an Incipient spin, you can see clearly that the ailerons are having the opposite effect in this situation, this is caused be an asymmetry in lift, as the wing with the aileron up is less stalled than the other, quite often it is a case of being in a situation you are unaware of, and things can go wrong when you are pulling back on the controls to hard, this is actually a very good example of why wings have wash out although it wouldn't help in this situation as the descending wing is stalled and that is what you want to avoid, also aileron drag can have an effect. you learn something new every day. If you stop learning you are headed for grief.
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Shed build action 1
Some time lapse shed building action with Jason,Shane and the lads constructing a Eureka sheds and garages shed, These guys really know there stuff and make short work of it,they had the shed to lock up stage in five days,great job fellows,I cant praise them enough.
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Two fat men and an aerochute
Two fat men and an aerochute,well not that fat This footage is from a couple of years ago when a friend offered to take me up in his aerochute,so it was up with the sparrows and down the paddock for some aerochute action,we were in the air before I knew it and wow that was a awesome ride,its nothing like being in a 747,you can smell the sea breeze coming from the coast,its much more like being a bird I guess,what a view,the world dose look very different from 800ft high, Thanx again Roddy that was cool.
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The ten footer 2
RC Plane with ten foot wingspan. 44 years old,powered by a Enya .60 4c. Scratch built from balsa wood,covered in tissue and doped. Built and flown by a member of the B.R.M.F.C. Hope you enjoy the movie.
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R.C. cessna 195
Giant scale Cessna 195 flying at Hamilton.
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1/4 scale Corby Starlet
Hi viewers,you are watching my 1/4 scale Corby Starlet,it has a 54 inch wingspan and is powered by a Saito 4 stroke,it is a great little plane to fly,although its a bit tricky to land,and the wooden wheels don't help,they are the only thing I could find that would fit in the wheel pants,u can probably tell by the noise they make when they hit the run-way, it would probably fly better if it had a lighter wing load,I plan on building a 3rd scale one at some stage in the future,I like it that much. anyway I hope you enjoy the movie and have a merry Christmas or holiday 2012.
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Shoestring Racer at B.R.M.F.C.
Hi Viewers this is a Shoestring racer flown by one of our members on Australia day 2014, this sporty little machine is piloted by one of our most experienced flyers, as you can see he greased it on for a perfect landing, he doesn't know how to land any other way. we call him Ice man, ironic, because it is 100 degree in the water bag today, I have been trying to get some good footage of him for a while but he flies that fast I just cant keep him in the view finder, any way I hope you enjoy this short video.
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WW1 Albatross
Hi viewers,you are watching footage of a highly detailed scale model of a WW1 German fighter called Albatross,flow by the builder,this aircraft has competed in many scale events an has won many awards for its scale detail.
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Who is this handsome devil at the controls,oh its just little old me,tearing up the sky with my built from Brian Taylor plans,Spitfire. What can I say that hasn't been said already,well,this is old footage from a couple of years back,I was never really satisfied with the finish on the model and it would have to be classed as stand off scale as it has scant detail,but it flies and flies reasonably well once in the air,so I am happy and don't have to worry to much if I bingle it,although that is not part of the plan. It has been in storage for a while but the other day I got It out and dusted it off,a few things that looked a bit strange before have been altered slightly like the shape of the cowl,its still not right but it doesn't matter because I am building a fifth scale one with retracts and flaps,I have built the lower half of the fuse and have all the wing ribs cut out,I don't rush these things so it might take some time to complete,I intend to stay a lot closer to the original plan this time and may add more detail.StayTuned!
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3D Giant scale
HI viewers, one of the club members at B,R,M,F,C, doing some 3D flying on a Sunday morning, this plane is a monster and has a 200cc 2c engine, to be that close to it when it is hovering is very impressive and you really get to appreciate the power of the thing, hope you enjoy the show.
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B.R.M.F.C. Display Day 2011
Matt confusing the crowd."is it an aeroplane or a hellicopter?" seriously though this is Matts 55cc Yak,at our annual display day,he makes it look so easy.
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the famous L.A. SPECIAL.
The famous L.A. thrills the crowd with his death defying act as he defies the laws of gravity before your very eyes. Marvel at his prowess behind the controls of the mighty flying machine. OW THE HUMANITY! Hope you enjoy the show.
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R.C. Corby Starlet .
This is my Corby Starlet, its 1/4 scale and I think the span is about 48inchs or 1200 mm,so the full scale is obviously not a large aircraft, built from plans,it has a .50 2c in it. Great little sunday flyer. Sorry about the quality of the production of the footage, movie maker I am not.
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Bristol Bulldog landing failure
Proof that we are all human and even the best of us can sometime get it wrong. Luckily there were lots of experts around to determine what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future. There was no major damage on this occasion just a bit of a deflated ego.
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Hi viewers,you are looking at a slide show of some of the BRMFC members planes, on any Sunday morning this is what you will see at our club,lots of models,lots of flying and the occasional bingle.
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Fly Baby Canon 27 8 2013
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Eddie VanHalen Solo
Hi viewers, you are watching footage of Eddie VanHalen preforming at the stone festival Sydney, they put on a superb show, and I must say how impressed we where with the band, after all this time they still sound awesome, Eddie is not the young kid that he used to be, but you can tell preforming brings back the smile to his face, he's still that young kid when he is up there on the stage, Dave and the rest of the guys did a good job, I suppose doing a few live gigs keeps them in condition, because it looked like pretty hard work for Dave toward the end of the show, but he didn't disappoint and gave his best and it was appreciated by all, it was a long time coming for me and it was the right decision to go and see them, what else would you be doing on the weekend, same ole, same ole, well we had an awesome weekend in Sydney, its up there with the best of the road trips I've done, the only disappointment was missing noise works, one of my faves maybe some other time, hope you enjoy the show, sorry the quality is not so good we were a long way from the stage.
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bounce and go.
Glens big Cessna 195 doing a bounce and go around,apparently this plane is a bit of a hand full but Glen is a very experienced flyer and has it all under control and completes the flight with beautiful landing,well done Glen.
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The ten footer
This is the Big ten footer flown at the B.R.M.F.C. field at Yendon, The model is powered by a Enya .60 4 stroke. it is 44 years old and was scratch built by one of our members who also designed the model, the model has seen a few improvements over the years,it was initially powered by a .35 2 stroke but was not powerful enough to start from the ground so it had to be hand launched.its original configuration was rudder only. enjoy the show.
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Twin engined rc plane
Twin engined rc aeroplane powered by two o,s, 45s 4c
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Little Hawgle
Hi Folks,this video consists of footage from 2006 before we had the carrier deck run way,our favorite flyer,who would like to remain anonymous to protect the guilty,is putting his little Hawgle through its paces ( a Hawgle is a cross between a Hawk and an Eagle in case you didn't know ) anyway have a Winfield,sit back and enjoy the spectacle before your eyes.
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Aerobatic RC plane at B.R.M.F.C.
Another of Mats 3D aerobatic scale giants
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p40 rolls in
all aileron and no rudder and this is the result , torque and prop wash all contribute to this type of incident but rudder instead of aileron could have been the saviour, In ww2 more pilots were killed in spins and stalls than actual combat. that's a stat that would make you reconsider that occupation, at least rc pilots don't get killed they just take a hit to the ego. we get to carry on after our mistakes.
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Shed building action 3
The final installment of the Shed building action series of videos,Thanks to Jason,Shane and the boys and also to John from Eureka sheds.
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bristol Bulldog launch
R.C. Bristol Bulldog taking off at the B.R.M.F.C. field some footage of my piper pawnee built from airborne plans as well. this is a typical sunday morning gathering at the field.
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The Ten Footer,dead stick landing
Hi viewers , this dramatic event took place on the 28th 6th 2013 at the B,R,M,F,C, Club field, luckily a camera man was there to catch the action as it unfolded before his eyes, no one was hurt luckily but I suspect some sheep in the paddock will need to have therapy for post traumatic stress disorder, Ow the humanity!, The pilot of the aircraft was unharmed and walked away from the mangled wreckage with only a bruised ego and a dislocated gimbal finger, he is said to be recovering from the ordeal and will after a short stay in a rehabilitation centre make a full recovery, according to an unreliable sources. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from those intrepid aviators with their planes in the sky and their feet on the ground, Hope you enjoy the show.
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Extra 300
A brilliant display of flying by the pilot of this Extra 300 at Avalon airshow 2007,I must thank him for putting on a good show.
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P40.up close and personal
Getting up close and personal with the P40 Kitteyhawk at Avalon. Hope enjoy the show.
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Gypsie moth.
Gypsie Moth R.C. Aircraft superb scale model built from scratch,highly detailed.
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The TWIN returns
A club celebrity puts on a wonderful display for the crowd of on lookers.here is a couple of touch and goes and a few close ups,he really has those motors in sync,this is his own design built back in 92,traditional build up of balsa tissue and dope,no not marijuana!,we are from a time when a dope head was someone that built models in a poorly ventilated room,but seriously his is a superbly built model that is a credit to the builder,who wants to remain anonymous.
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The OUTSIDER rides again
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,I have some terrible news,the OUTSIDER is on the run,I would advise you to lock all you doors and windows as he has been known to thrill,please do not approach the outsider in-case he looses control.he is packing a 4 banger and is capable of using it,he has done it before and caused mayhem among on-lookers,people have had to be revived as a result of the shock and aw that the outsider has been known to unleash in the sky,so save your selves people,if you see the OUTSIDER run for your life.
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F1-11 Landing at Avalon.
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The Ten Footer returns
Hi viewers, the ten footer is back to thrill the crowd, so hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride partner! yeehar!
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The Twin
Start up of the Twin from Bach in 2014, The master an his machine, this aircraft was capable of doing all stunts on one engine, including rolls, loops, inverted flight, you name it, and had not had one incident since the day it was built in 1992, sadly this is from a bye gone era. Happy trails, until we meet again.
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Slide show,an update on some projects and some build progress.
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The boys in blue
The boys in blue in their whirly bird have apparently been trying to track down a Koala bear suspected of dealing in quantities of mind altering gum leaves, the offender has been spotted as high as a kite, if you see the offender stay clear as he has been said to have made an offensive grunting noise which can cause shock and anxiety to the public, as you can see this is a very serious matter which calls for all the technology at the disposal of Mr Plod and associates, luckily we were there with a camera to record all the action as it happened, if you have any information about this rough Koala please ring crime choppers so they can be seen to be upholding the law, this is not a joke :( and if you are seen smiling we will arrest you on the spot for gratuitous displays of happiness. over and out.
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