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Are You Looking For A Ranger? '80s dating video montage spoof
If you look longingly at Ranger IPA, you’re not the only one. Now you can meet the Beer Rangers behind the legendary hoppy IPA and fall in love all over again. Wherever you are, there is a Ranger waiting to be found – on tap, in the craft cooler, in your neighbor’s garage. Go to newbelgium.com or #FindaRanger. For more dating needs, check out the inspiration behind our Ranger video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bomkgXeDkE (All the Rangers in this video are real New Belgium Beer Rangers and co-workers/employee owners. New Belgium Brewing 100% employee owned.)
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Slow Ride Sessions with Dr. Don TRAILER #GoSlowMo
On a quest to help people slow down, one session at a time, Dr. Don and his mobile couch provide the necessary reprieve for those caught up with the fast pace of life. Dr. Don’s unconventional insights and a 6-pack of Slow Ride Session IPA pedal this web series at the perfect pace. Enjoy going slow, on a couch! Watch for more Slow Ride Sessions at YouTube.com/NBBfilms and NewBelgium.com/SlowRide #GoSlowMo
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Behind every Ranger is a Ranger (New Belgium Ranger IPA)
New Belgium's Beer Rangers pour, protect and partake in every state you can find New Belgium beer. Their commitment to employee ownership ensures you'll always get the best of Ranger IPA. Music by Matthew Kowal — find the track here: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-kowal/new-belgium-behind-every-ranger Watch more Ranger videos, meet the Rangers behind the Ranger, and win a trip to New Belgium Brewing to brew a beer with us: http://nbb.beer/FindaRanger
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The Hop Burp I Rampant EP3
Rampant IPA gets most of its wonderful hop flavor from a technique known as dry hopping. That's when our brewers add hops into cool, fermenting beer. When the beer hits the 98.6 of your body it's the warmest the hop oils have ever been. Mix that with the carbonation and things are bound to get a little weird. That explains why your burps come back hoppy after drinking a hoppy beer. It's science (I think). This short film should explain it a little better. Film by http://geoffshelton.com Music credits: - Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com) - Amazing Plan - Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
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Foeder Build Time Lapse
You need wood barrels to make wood aged beer. We just got some new ones. Here's the process of construction.
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Zealots of Zag Episode 2: Fermentare, a beer concerto
New Belgium Brewing invited Johnnyrandom to create music from found objects -- think mash tuns, the bottling line, wood barrels, glassware and New Belgium cruiser bikes -- at the brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. The result of those 800 unique sounds and over 30 hours of recording is Fermentare, a call-and-response concerto between bike spokes and beer glasses. Stream and download the song at www.newbelgium.com/fermentare
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The Art of Blending Sour Beers at New Belgium
New Belgium's wood cellar blender Lauren Salazar and wood cellar manager Eric Salazar talk about the art of making and blending sour ales.
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New Belgium's On a Bike Spoof 09
New Belgium Brewing spoofs On a Boat with On a Bike for their final Bike-in movie of 2009. Bryan Simpson Directed. Starring Jeff Kurtenbach, Tyler Foos, Matt Furlong, Brandon Weaver, Tanya Victor, Marie Kirkpatrick, Monica Walker, and Cody Reif. All work at New Belgium. Lyrics written by Jeff Kurtenbach and Matt Furlong. Music Composed by Brandon Weaver.
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History of New Belgium's Sour Program
Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert reminisces about the origins of New Belgium's sour beer program, which started in the late 1990s.
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Zealots of Zag Episode 1: Johnnyrandom at New Belgium Brewing
Johnnyrandom makes music from found objects. We invited him to New Belgium Brewing, and this is a look at what he found. Be inspired, and get ready for his brewery concerto, Fermentare, coming this summer.
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About the Chopaderos
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Ranger IPA
New Belgium Ranger IPA, Pour, Protect, Partake.
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Acidification of foeders at New Belgium
New Belgium's wood cellar blender Lauren Salazar discusses the microbiology that creates the flavor and mouthfeel of sour ales.
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The Hemperor HPA: The Story
A brand-new chapter in hoppy beers begins now. Meet The Hemperor HPA.
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New Belgium Brewing: Team Wonderbike, Bike More
Bike More Drive Less. Join team Wonderbike! www.followyourfolly.com/folly_wonderbike.html
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Born on a Bike Seat
Jeff Lebesch, New Belgium Co-founder and inventor of Fat Tire Amber Ale, talks about the inspirational journey he took on his bicycle through Belgium in 1988. Jeff returns to Belgium in March of 2008 with 21 New Belgium employees to relive some his adventures and epiphanies.
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Fat Tire and Friends Collabeeration pack (full length)
Inside the pack: * Allagash Fat Funk Ale * Avery Fat Wild Ale * Hopworks Fat Sour Apple Ale * Firestone Walker Fat Hoppy Ale * Rhinegeist Fat Pale Ale * New Belgium Fat Tire Ale This year is a very special one for New Belgium: It’s our 25th anniversary. To celebrate this lofty occasion, we’re crisscrossing the country to crack open bottles of Fat Tire with our brewing friends, and then they’re cracking open bags of malts and hops to design their own commemorative spin on the old favorite. The result is the Fat Tire & Friends CollaBEERation Pack, an anniversary present to our fans, featuring new spins on Fat Tire from friends Firestone Walker, Avery, Allagash, Rhinegeist and Hopworks Urban Brewery—plus a couple of original Fat Tires for good measure. So join us in celebrating a quarter-century of craft beer this year, and taste your way through this special 12-pack.
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New Belgium Brewing teams with Detroit Bikes for 25th Anniversary Cruiser
For the first time ever, New Belgium Brewing is producing its coveted special edition cruiser bikes in the U.S., using Detroit Bikes, a Detroit-based bicycling manufacturer and North America’s largest bicycle producer. Just in time for warmer weather the bikes are now hitting the streets through New Belgium fundraisers, giveaways and as one-year anniversary gifts to New Belgium co-workers. The partnership has created new manufacturing jobs in Detroit with the company doubling its workforce from 20 to 40 employees.
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Packaging's B shift does the Harlem Shake
This happened in the bottling hall. The boys on overnights made their Harlem Shake tribute just for you. Creation credits to Soren and company.
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Citradelic Tangerine IPA presents Fallss by Bayonne (LIVE)
Bayonne performs Fallss live in Austin, Texas. Brought to you by New Belgium Brewing's Citradelic Tangerine IPA. To download the free single, visit www.newbelgium.com/citradelic
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Tour de Fat: Bikes, Beer and Bemusement
Back for it's 16th year and better than ever, Tour de Fat will hit 10 cities in 2015 with bikes, beer and bemusement, all to benefit local nonprofits in those cities. Stay tuned for the 2015 schedule at http://www.newbelgium.com/Events/tour-de-fat.aspx
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New Belgium and the History of Sour Beer
New Belgium brewmaster Peter Bouckaert talks about the history of sour beer.
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Stress Trivia! I  Rampant EP4
Bitterman covers the country wide playing his favorite game, Stress Trivia! This film features some of the best bars and people in the whole US of A. Get ready for great beer knowledge and super great shenanigans... Film by http://www.GeoffShelton.com
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New Belgium Brewing Company | Alternatively Empowered
Check out what's been brewing at New Belgium lately!
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Fat Tire Ale Pairs Well With Choppers (30)
Fat Tire Ale from New Belgium Brewing pairs well with the custom bike choppers being built by the Chopaderos bike club. For a chance to win the Fat Tire Experience and ride with the Chopaderos at Tour de Fat 2014 in San Diego, visit http://NewBelgium.com/FatTireExperience
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Oakspire Bourbon Barrel Ale from New Belgium Brewing
A limited-edition collaboration between New Belgium and Knob Creek, Oakspire is a unique bourbon barrel ale aged with bourbon-steeped oak spirals and char from inside the barrel. Smooth notes of toffee, vanilla and caramel wrap up with a pleasantly warm finish. Oakspire: Where innovation meets tradition. More: https://www.newbelgium.com/beer/oakspire
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New Belgium Snapshot Wheat raw materials and lactic blending process
New Belgium's affinity for sour beers led to the in-process blending of lactobacillus to pucker up Snapshot's base. An extra step to acidify and beautify and get this beer ready for its close up.
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Bittterman Goes Sailing! I Rampant EP5
Another day at the office, Bitterman was sent to a pirate ship to give out samples of Rampant Imperial IPA. Shenanigans ensue... Thanks to San Diego's http://www.pirateshipadventures.com for all the hospitality! Film by http://www.GeoffShelton.com Music Credits: "Clenched Teeth" - Kevin MacLeod - http://www.incomptech.com
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New Belgium Slow Ride Sessions 1: First Date   #GoSlowMo
On a quest to help people slow down, one session at a time, Dr. Don and his mobile couch provide the necessary reprieve for those caught up with the fast pace of life. Dr. Don’s unconventional insights and a 6-pack of Slow Ride Session IPA pedal this web series at the perfect pace. Enjoy going slow, on a couch! Watch for more Slow Ride Sessions at YouTube.com/NBBfilms and NewBelgium.com/SlowRide #GoSlowMo
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Skinny Dippers White Salmon Condit Dam
Join some tough skinny dippers celebrating the tearing down of the Condit Dam on the White Salmon river.
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Long Table Farmhouse Ale: About the style
The longer the table, the more room for friends. This season, our new Long Table Farmhouse Ale is the best excuse to pull up a chair with your closest companions for a few rounds. An ode to the bucolic, table-friendly Belgian saison, we’ve added a delightfully new hoppy spin to the style, creating a sip that whisks a taste of the tropics into the Old World. Traditional grains of Munich, pale malt and rye lend a wash of toasty, spicy bread, while exotic Nelson Sauvin and citrusy Chinook hops buoy the juicy fruit flavors of our Belgian yeast. So gather around and get ready to hoist this spritz complex farmhouse ale amongst the company of friends. More at http://www.newbelgium.com/beer/detail.aspx?id=df0dbe25-6ae0-4255-871e-063d391450d5
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Tour de Fat Fort Collins 2009
"Just the Highlights" - Turn it up! 12,000 people in the Bike parade, 15,000 people total. The 99th Tour de Fat, the 10th annual in Fort Collins. Thanks to everyone for coming out. We raised about 70k for local biking advocacy. Ride on! If you were in the Bike Parade tag yourself! Shot and edited by Adrian M Glasenapp
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Ediza Ferris, a New Belgium cruiser bike and a WHOLE lot of pizzas
Back in the summer of 2015 we ran a little competition called #MakeNicZag. We asked Fat Tire drinkers to send in interesting and/or quirky activities for Nic (former intern and the person writing this description) to complete while riding a New Belgium cruiser bike. We then chose our favorite — which ended coming from Ediza Ferris — and gave her a bike. Much thanks to Ediza for coming up with the idea and making it happen. Check out her blog at www.healthygirlfashion.com Directed, shot and cut by the Deka Brothers Produced by Michael Manasseri Production sound mixer: Mark Haygen Production Assistant: Jaden Eller Music: Thibault Chaumont Sound Edit & Mix: Spencer Hall flux-cap.com dekabrothers.com
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Rolle Bolle summer seasonal ale from New Belgium Brewing (extended cut)
A delightful summer ale for easy sipping and a classic Belgian yard game for easy enjoyment, Rolle Bolle is how we roll. Brewed with monk fruit and soursop, this beer pours a brilliant blonde, with a fluffy, white head. Earthy and tropical tones carry the aroma and the taste follows accordingly. Rolle Bolle's hint of tartness is backed with the citrus bite of Cascade and Centennial hops. Oats add some creaminess to the mouthfeel, and it finishes dry and clean. Time to get in the yard, crack a bottle and start rolling. Learn more at NewBelgium.com.
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New Belgium's Tour De Fat
Grab your bike and slip into your alter-ego because New Belgium's philanthropic cycling circus Tour de Fat is hitting the road for its seventh season! Costumes and decorated bikes reign supreme as the participants come for a casual ride, good music and entertainment, then stay, of course, for the beer. Amid the hoopla, Tour de Fat also raises money for local charities. Admission to the Tour de Fat is free. All profits from beer sales go to local non profit organizations.
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Greater Lengths -- Employee Stories -- Aimee
Aimee moved to Los Angeles 11 years ago as a transplant from Boston, determined to explore on a bike seat a vast city built for cars. More than a decade later, she’s the founder of the L.A. Explorers Club, a group of local cyclists with a similar thirst for discovering the overlooked, colorful treasures of the city; places tourists would never venture, nor your average local.
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New Belgium Loves Asheville
Over two years ago we broke ground on our second brewery, located in Asheville, NC. Take a look at some of the stories that brought us all the way from the first shovel-full of dirt to the now completed brewery.
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The artists that helped to build New Belgium Asheville
We set out to pair with local artists when we drew up the plans for our Asheville brewery. Now, two years after construction began, the brewery is complete. Watch the vid to see how local artists wove their work through our new brewery.
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One Big Hoppy Family  I  Rampant EP8
At New Belgium Brewing we love our fans more than anything. More than phone booth time machines, more than vibrating pants, more than having a robot best friend. Hard to believe, yes, but we love them more than that. Our fans are our family. So we wanted to do something to commemorate our special family by making a family of great beers. And since beer is incapable of being happy, we made it hoppy, which is pretty darn close. Our hoppy beers are a family, a hoppy family, one, big, hoppy family. Film by http://www.GeoffShelton.com Music credits: "My Ukelele" by Jon Steinmeier http://www.http://jonsteinmeier.wordpress.com
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Clips Beer and Film Tour 2014 trailer
In its 5th year, the New Belgium Clips Beer and Film Tour is a beer-toting, film-traveling, nonprofit-benefiting show that travels coast to coast. See if we're coming to your city: http://www.newbelgium.com/Events/clips-beer-and-film/cities.aspx We took our love for beer and fans and put them together in this one-of-a-New-Belgium-kind event. You'll get to try our most esoteric beer offerings and pair them with inspiring short films created by fans. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds from beer sales benefit a local non-profit who are working to improve your community. The Clips Beer & Film Tour has raised nearly $370,000 for local organizations, and 35,000 people have sampled beer and watched films. We've also diverted 85 percent of event waste from landfills. Fans of our Lips of Faith beers know these unique brews are not always easy to find. There will also be your favorite New Belgium classics and you can try them in 3oz samples, or a 12oz pour. Served up by our local beneficiary volunteers, there's plenty of beer fun to be had with our other traveling tricks and contests. Plus, local vendors will be serving food. When the darkness engulfs us, the films start rolling and you get to cozy up on your blanket or chairs and enjoy the show. So, find the city nearest you and support your community by coming out and drinking beer!
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Fort Collins TDF 2012
All the fun of the Fort Collins Tour de Fat boiled down to 1 minute and 15 seconds...
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Something Good
New Belgium's own Tour De Fat Impresario Matt Kowal, wrote and performed "Something Good". Bryan Simpson, New Belgium's Maestro of Video, directed the shoot. Visit www.thereals.net for more of Matt's music.
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New Belgium Tour de Fat Fort Collins 2009 (short)
See you tomorrow!
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The Glass That Gives from New Belgium
Some science around the New Belgium globe glass...
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G. Love + New Belgium: Peach Porch Lounger Ale
Beers and front porch lounging with G. Love means peaches, hominy grits, molasses and lemon peel, all funked up with pale and biscuit malts in a saison for sipping. In three-part harmony enters a healthy dose of Brettanomyces to bring tropical, citrus flavors and bold, sweet nose. This foot-stomping beer pours a glowing orange under a fluffy, white head and grooves all the way to its dry finish. G. Love and New Belgium together, making sweet beer and music. Directed by Adrian M Glasenapp. Featuring G. Love and Michael Bussmann.
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New Belgium Sour Ales—Oaken History
New Belgium's wood cellar blender Lauren Salazar talks about the history of aging beer in oak vessels.
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After years in the archive we have re-released our Tinkerer commercials to coincide with the US Pro Challenge. This time, fresh new soundtracks from Fort Collins' own Fierce Bad Rabbit and Tour de Fat perennial fave, Sean Hayes. Enjoy!
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Greater Lengths -- Employee Stories -- Aaron
Part photographer, part mountain adventurer, Aaron is exactly what every transplant to Colorado dreams of becoming: A true backcountry mountain explorer.
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